BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1975


Chapter 1975 – Two-month Wait

Zhao Hai sat in his residence’s quiet room while looking at a jade slip. This was the jade slip that Lin Ling gave him. Inside was information regarding the realm that Mo Si came from.

Mo Si was from a realm called the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. The realm wasn’t very strong. It was similar in level to the Great Realm of Cultivation, maybe even lower. And like the Great Realm of Cultivation, the Osmanthus Crystal Realm has numerous large and small sects. 

Fifty years ago, the Osmanthus Crystal Realm was given a huge fortune. One of their cultivators in the Soaring Dragon Realm entered the Sword Hegemon Sect. Although the cultivator was only promoted to the outer sect, the recruitment still gave the Osmanthus Crystal Realm huge benefits.

However, this wasn’t the information Zhao Hai cares about. What he wanted to know was the strength of the realm. As long as they weren’t too strong, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let them off.

When the Yang Elder gave Zhao Hai the task of retaliating against the Osmanthus Crystal Realm, he already figured out what to do. The best way to show the power of the Tyrant Blade Sect was to destroy the realm, not Mo Si’s sect, but the entire realm itself.

Zhao Hai has experience with eradicating large groups of people. But after reaching the True Spirit Realm, he knew that he no longer had the ability to do so. Zhao Hai still lacks enough immortal-level Undead to have a terrifying force. However, it wasn’t impossible for him to destroy a realm similar to the Great Realm of Cultivation.

After reading the jade slip as well as asking Mo Si, Zhao Hai understood the general situation of the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. 

Once this was done, Zhao Hai ordered Cai’er to make a large number of low-quality iron blades. These blades would be made simply, but each one would have the tyrant(霸) character on them. 

Cai’er complied and immediately got to work. She knew what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Regarding such an approach, Laura and the others didn’t oppose it. This wasn’t the first time Zhao Hai eliminated a realm. Moreover, after eliminating the Osmanthus Crystal Realm, Zhao Hai would gain more immortal-level Undead. This only brought benefits without any downsides.

Although there was the Universal Processing Machine, having all of the blades built needed some time. Zhao Hai continued to stay in his courtyard without moving for seven days.

Everything went normally in these seven days. The Sword Hegemon Sect also didn’t cause any trouble over their missing disciple. They knew why Wu Pokai went missing, and they also knew that nothing good would come if they made any moves. So they kept silent and remained low-key. They were afraid that the Tyrant Blade Sect would find something out. If the Tyrant Blade Sect knew about the Hidden Dragon Plan, then that would cause a headache to the Sword Hegemon Sect.

The Tyrant Blade Sect was famous for multiple things. Their most famous aspect was their unity, second is their protectiveness of their own, and third was their vengeful attitude. If you offend them, they will chase you down until you die.

No sect in the True Spirit Realm wanted to offend the Tyrant Blade Sect. To others, the Tyrant Blade Sect was a united group of lunatics. If you offend one, then all of them would come at you. There’s no need to mention what they’ll do to lower realms. 

Since the Sword Hegemon Sect was being quiet, nobody knew what happened between Zhao Hai and Mo Si. Moreover, the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t say anything about the matter. This matter will be dealt with by those in the True Spirit Realm, those in the Soaring Dragon Realm have no business in it.

Additionally, the Tyrant Blade Sect was waiting for Zhao Hai’s action. They wanted to know what Zhao Hai would do. However, it has already been seven days but Zhao Hai didn’t do anything. This caused those from the Tyrant Blade Sect to be a bit disappointed.

As the Yin Elder looked towards Zhao Hai’s courtyard through the branch hall’s window, he couldn’t help but ask the Yang Elder, “Brother, what do you think? It’s already been a week.”

The Yang Elder replied, “He might be collecting information. I heard Lin Ling say that Zhao Hai wanted to understand the Osmanthus Crystal Realm more before acting. The kid might be someone who would only move once he grasped the situation.”

The Yin Elder frowned and said, “Even if he’s collecting information, seven days is too long. Why haven’t I seen him make any moves? Is the task too difficult that he can’t complete it?”

The Yang Elder shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be the case. With Zhao Hai’s strength, even if he can’t retaliate on a large scale, he should be able to make a small-scale action. He’s almost invincible if he goes to the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. He shouldn’t have a problem completing the task. I think the kid has other plans.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Then let’s see what he’s planning to do.” After saying that, the two returned to their chairs and sat down.

Days continued to pass and the Soaring Dragon Realm was as before. The cultivators in the Soaring Dragon Realm were still living according to their previous ways. But as the days passed, the expression on the Yin Yang Elders’ faces continued to get ugly. This was because Zhao Hai was showing no signs of taking action.

It wasn’t only the Yin Yang Elders who were worried. Lin Ling’s expression became darker and darker as time went on. He didn’t know what Zhao Hai was doing, so he was worried. If Zhao Hai doesn’t get the favor of the Yin Yang Elders, his future in the Tyrant Blade Sect would not be stellar. And this would reflect on Lin Ling.

Originally, Lin Ling wanted to go see Zhao Hai to ask what he was doing. However, when he reached Zhao Hai’s courtyard, a jade token was present outside telling everyone that Zhao Hai was currently closing up.

Seeing this, Lin Ling knew that Zhao Hai didn’t want people disturbing him. Therefore, Lin Ling let it go. He was afraid that Zhao Hai might have experienced an enlightenment. If Lin Ling disturbed Zhao Hai, then he might form a heart’s devil.

Originally, Lin Ling thought that since he had a task to do, Zhao Hai wouldn’t close up for long. But he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to seclude himself for two whole months. All this time, there weren’t any movements in Zhao Hai’s courtyard, which made Lin Ling even more anxious.

Lin Ling has no choice but to be anxious. Seeing the darkening expressions of the Yin Yang Elders, Lin Ling’s heart couldn’t help but skip. He was afraid that the two elders would be angry and kick Zhao Hai out of the Tyrant Blade Sect.

On this day, Lin Ling went to Zhao Hai’s courtyard once more. The door to the courtyard was still closed and the jade token indicating that Zhao Hai was in seclusion was still hanging. As he looked at the closed door, Lin Ling couldn’t help but sigh.

In a depressed mood, Lin Ling returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Xiang Ying sitting down and flipping through a book. It was a real book made out of nailed parchment. It wasn’t very thick. Although jade slips for recording information were also present in the True Spirit Realm, books weren’t obsolete. On the contrary, books were quite precious in the True Spirit Realm. This was because books were made by humans and weren’t printed by machines.

In the True Spirit Realm, great experts would sometimes write their experiences down. Then they would sew the pages together to make a book. In any sect, such books were precious resources. This was because the experts included their aura in their writing. Such books could last for ten thousand years without spoiling. 

Moreover, those reading the books could also feel the aura of the expert that wrote the book. Although jade slips were more convenient for information, it gave very little help regarding comprehension. After all, what was inside jade slips could be read in no less than two minutes. On the other hand, books needed at least two hours to read through. 

Xiang Ying liked reading. Therefore, an aura of a scholar appeared around him. Looking at Lin Ling’s dejected face, Xiang Ying put his book down and said, “Still nothing?”

Lin Ling nodded and said, “There’s not even a sound. I really don’t know what that kid is doing.”

Xiang Ying knit his brows and said, “Zhao Hai isn’t the kind of person who doesn’t know how important the task is. It’s impossible for him to close up for this long. He should have something in mind. Let’s give him a bit more time.”

Lin Ling smiled bitterly and said, “I can give him time, but I don’t know if the Elders could still wait. You should know how short the temper of the two Elders is. Seeing the faces of the elders getting more and more ugly, I have no choice other than to see Zhao Hai every day. If we wait more, I’m afraid the Elders will lose their patience.”

Xiang Ying also smiled bitterly and gave Lin Ling a few words of comfort. Then at this time, rapid footsteps were heard from outside before a voice was heard, “Reporting! Senior Brothers, Dongfang Yu has something to report.”

Hearing this, Lin Ling’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, he quickly said, “Come in.” The man outside walked in. If Zhao Hai was here, he would certainly recognize this person. It was the young cultivator that led him to his residence.

When Dongfang Yu entered the room, he cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brother, I have something to report. Something happened in the Osmanthus Crystal Realm’s Camp. The Sword Hegemon Sect sent someone to spread the news.”

Hearing this, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying stared. Then Lin Ling asked, “What happened?”

Dongfang Yu replied, “I heard that a lot of corpses appeared in the Osmanthus Crystal Realm camp. Moreover, by their clothing, these people were all from the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. The corpses are currently piled as high as a mountain. Also, on each corpse was a blade with the character of ‘tyrant’ engraved on it.”

When they heard this, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying’s complexion changed. Then they looked at each other before disappearing from the courtyard.