BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1964


Chapter 1964 – Nine-winged Cloud Centipede

Zhao Hai looked speechlessly at the Two-headed Rock snake for some time. Then he laughed. He found that the Two-headed Rock snake wasn’t doing this on purpose. This snake was different compared to other snakes of its kind. Although it was very powerful, it didn’t give out a ferocious aura.

At this time, the Two-headed Rock snake discovered that Zhao Hai was laughing at them. The left head said, “Why are you laughing? Are you mocking us?” As it said that, Zhao Hai felt the entire aura of the snake change. If the snake was like a clown before, it was now emitting the aura of a true beast.

Zhao Hai wasn’t frightened by this. Instead, he smiled faintly and said, “No, I’m not mocking you. I think that you’re interesting. Because of that, I decided that I won’t kill you. I’ll make you my subordinate instead.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the heads of the Two-headed Rock snake couldn’t help but freeze. Then the two heads showed an angry expression as the left head roared, “You want to subdue us? That’s a great insult to us. You will regret it!”

After it said that, the snake charged towards Zhao Hai. When the two heads spoke to each other, it seemed like they had different personalities. But when they attacked, they were very well coordinated. Their understanding of each other was stellar.

With an intention, Zhao Hai received the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp. These two weapons were very lethal. If he used the stamps to attack the Two-headed Rock snake, then they might be reduced to nothing. Because of this, Zhao Hai received the two stamps and used liquid silver against them instead.

This time, Zhao Hai used his full strength. He displayed the full capability of his divergent abilities. At the same time, he used liquid silver to perform the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades.

Dang! Zhao Hai slashed the body of the Two-headed Rock snake with his blade. However, he couldn’t break through its tough scales. Only a faint mark was left behind on the snake. This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai’s attack was weak. Instead of slicing through, Zhao Hai’s blade caused the snake’s body to turn crooked. The Two-headed Rock snake roared in pain. Then it used its tail to swipe at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai slapped the tail away. At the same time, the earth beneath them turned into stone locks, trapping the Two-headed Rock snake. However, the Two-headed Rock snake didn’t care about this. A sneer appeared on the left snake’s head. Then with a flick of its body, it got out of the stone lock.

Zhao Hai criticized himself for being a fool. The Two-headed Rock snake was an earth-element beast. Naturally, it has the ability to control the earth. It should be its innate divergent ability. It was idiotic to use the earth to trap it.

However, Zhao Hai quickly changed his approach. The Two-headed Rock snake felt the cloud and mists around them change. It seemed like it was becoming heavier and heavier. This wasn’t a change brought by gravity. Instead, it was because the mist was now under Zhao Hai’s control.

But the Two-headed Rock snake wasn’t weak. It slammed the ground with its tail, causing the surrounding gravity to change. Zhao Hai immediately felt the pressure. He couldn’t help but admire the Two-headed Rock snake. He didn’t expect this guy to have this much fighting experience. He was now wondering why it didn’t participate in the beast tide.

Zhao Hai soon erased these wandering thoughts from his mind. He quickly attacked the Two-headed Rock snake which also attacked him. A person and a snake proceeded to go into a brawl.

Compared to other immortal-stage beasts, the Two-headed Rock snake was definitely stronger. Zhao Hai didn’t have the ability to defeat it in a short time. However, the Two-headed Rock snake also couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai. It was a scene where neither side wanted to make a compromise.

The more they fought, the more happy Zhao Hai became. With the Two-headed Rock snake being as strong as him, Zhao Hai’s fighting techniques were becoming more and more polished.

The Two-headed Rock snake was more surprised. It didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so strong. This Two-headed Rock snake was a special variant of Two-headed Rock snakes. It was stronger and was also fast aboveground. Most beasts wouldn’t be able to do anything to it. The snake didn’t expect to run into an opponent like Zhao Hai.

It was unlucky for the snake to meet Zhao Hai. If the snake met other cultivators, they could just retreat underground. Then nobody would be able to find them. Zhao Hai was different, he also has an earth-element divergent ability. If they went underground, they weren’t confident that they would be faster than Zhao Hai. Because of this, they didn’t have any means to escape.

The man and the beast fought for two hours before the Two-headed Rock snake began to be at the disadvantage. Zhao Hai knew that it was time to reel in the net. When the Two-headed Rock snake was unprepared, Zhao Hai summoned a large number of Undead. The Undead held the snake into the ground as Zhao Hai made a thick chain using liquid silver.

With Zhao Hai and the Undead joining forces, the Two-headed Rock snake was soon dragged into the Space and subdued. 

Now that the Two-headed Rock snake was subdued, Zhao Hai would have a powerful helper later on. In addition to the Two-headed Rock snake’s strength, Zhao Hai also liked its personality. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bother subduing it.

Upon leaving the hill of the Two-headed Rock snake, Zhao Hai flew towards the location of the cloud iron ores. But before he could arrive, he needed to pass through one last region. The region was called the Double Bee Mountain.

Double Bee Mountain acquired its fame because of the Double Sting Bee. This Double Sting Bee was a rare metal-element beast. The Double Sting Bee has two sharp stingers. One of the stingers can be shot towards the enemy while the other would stay in the bee’s body all the time. The stingers of the bee were covered with poison. Even if cultivators don’t get killed by the poison, they would still undergo immense pain for several days. The poison would also be very hard to remove from the body. It would become a hindrance to a cultivator’s cultivation.

Because of this, both beasts and cultivators never went to Double Bee Mountain. Double Bee Mountain doesn’t only contain one or two bees, but tens of thousands of them. Their offensive strength was also very powerful.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this. He was least affected by enemies that rely on numbers. Although he can’t release beasts or Undead from the Space, he believed that the bess couldn’t cause him any harm. And the bees would be one more addition to the Space. 

It took less than an hour from the hill of the double-headed rock snake to reach Double Bee Mountain. Once he arrived, Zhao Hai was stunned for a while. He didn’t expect Double Bee Mountain to be so beautiful. The entire mountain was filled with flowers. There were also various fruit trees growing. The fruit trees have already produced fruit, causing the surroundings to smell sweet. 

Now Zhao Hai understood why Double Sting bees protected the mountain. This was because it was very abundant with food. The flowers around were the best source of food for the bees.

Double Bee Mountain was very big and it was completely filled with fruit trees. The fragrance of the fruits and the flowers mixed together to form a unique fragrance. It made people feel very refreshed.

Zhao Hai looked at Double Bee Mountain with glee. Although Double Bee Mountain wasn’t as he expected, it was very good for Zhao Hai. The Space lacked fruit trees. In the future, there will be more fruits to eat. 

At this time, the sound of buzzing was heard. Zhao Hai looked up and saw a dark cloud flying over. His expression turned serious immediately.

This dark cloud was naturally the bees on Double Bee Mountain. Zhao Hai only heard of them before, but now he had seen them. The bees were half a meter long and had yellow and black patterns on their bodies. They looked exactly like enlarged bees.

On the bee’s behind was an exposed needle tip. The stinger flashed a cold light as if it was made of metal.

Zhao Hai didn’t retreat but instead stayed still. When the bees were about 500 meters away from him, they aimed their stingers towards him. In an instant, multiple stingers were flying towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, causing the surrounding mist to roll, stopping the stingers. Then with another wave of his hand, Zhao Hai sent all of the stingers to the Space. The stingers were good for making artifacts. As long as they were processed well, they could become an artifact set.

Seeing that their stingers were ineffective, the bees charged over. Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid and also charged towards the bees.

The offensive strength of the Double Sting Bees wasn’t weak. Their stingers alone were equivalent to an immortal stage expert’s artifact. And with thousands of them present, no cultivator or beast would dare come.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of them. Liquid silver fully enclosed his body. At the same time, Zhao Hai took out a giant net. Every bee that was captured were directly sent to the Space. 

By the time Zhao Hai captured 1000 bees, he had already left Double Bee Mountain. The Double Sting Bees seem to have low intelligence. Seeing Zhao Hai exit their territory, they immediately retreated. This saved Zhao Hai a lot of trouble.

After Zhao Hai sent the Double Sting Bees to the Space, Cai’er immediately started to find ways to breed them. They would be a huge help for Zhao Hai. Before this, most of the things inside the Space cannot appear in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhao Hai lacked a lot of helpers, and the Double Sting Bees could be bred quickly, solving a huge problem for Zhao Hai.

Once Zhao Hai was out of Double Bee Mountain, he was no longer far from the cloud iron mine. However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t the time to let go of his guard. He still has one last obstacle. And this was an obstacle that he needed to pass, and that was the Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes.

The Nine-winged Cloud Centipede was a centipede that lived in groups. Generally, there were tens of centipedes in a group. Each centipede was more than 20 meters long. They have nine pairs of wings and flew very fast. They were also extremely poisonous.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know how powerful the Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes were, but there was a note about them from the jade slip given by the Tyrant Blade Sect. The attack of the centipedes was stronger than ordinary immortal experts. Their carapace was also very tough and was very hard to get through. They were beasts that were difficult to deal with.

However, Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes usually came out at night. They rarely came out during the day. In the past, when cultivators were mining cloud iron ore, they usually came during the day. And once they got the ores, they immediately used portable transmission formations to escape. If they were caught by Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes, then they would not have any chance to escape.

Zhao Hai was unlike ordinary cultivators. He wanted to see how strong the Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes were. Not long after he left Double Bee Mountain, Zhao Hai arrived at the valley where the centipedes were located. Zhao Hai didn’t immediately enter. Instead, he observed the valley for a while. The valley was sandwiched by stone walls with several holes in it. The valley was dark, it was as if there was a void inside. However, Zhao Hai knows that this was a den of Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes.

Scattered on the bottom of the valley were some reddish-brown stones. These stones were of different sizes and were found all throughout the valley. These were cloud iron ores. If cloud iron was added during the refining of an artifact, the artifact would be stronger and be less prone to wear. Because of this, cloud iron was a popular material for refiners.

Naturally, cloud iron wasn’t available in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Cloud iron could only be found in the Soaring Dragon Realm and the True Spirit Realm. Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t think of selling cloud iron to the Great Realm of Cultivation. This was because cloud iron would be very hard to refine in the lower realms. The flames that most cultivators use in the lower realms would not be able to melt the material.

Zhao Hai didn’t alarm the Nine-winged Cloud Centipedes. He moved and arrived at the bottom of the valley. He waved his hand and sent several chunks of ore into the Space.

Just as Zhao Hai sent the cloud iron ores to the Space, he suddenly heard a buzzing sound as several centipedes flew out from the holes on the valley’s walls. These centipedes were quite huge at 20 meters long. They had dark carapaces and slender legs. With nine pairs of wings on their backs, they looked menacing.

Zhao Hai also flew up as he was surrounded by the centipedes. One of the largest centipedes looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I haven’t seen human cultivators for a very long time. They used to come here to die. I didn’t expect to see another human today. Hahaha. Everyone, aren’t you curious about what humans look like? Look, this is a human. Today, we’re going to eat something delicious. Human meat tastes very good!”

The other centipedes screamed with excitement. All of them were focused on Zhao Hai. Looking at the centipedes, Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he took out the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp. Then he said, “If you want my life, then you would need to have the ability to take it.” Then he waved his hand and launched an attack.

This time, Zhao Hai made sure to control the fire and water released by the two stamps. He didn’t want to burn or freeze the centipedes into nothing.


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