BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1963


Chapter 1963 – Cross-Talking Two-headed Rock Snakes

It wasn’t only Zheng Tou, but all cultivators on the left side of Zhao Hai were incinerated upon meeting the flames of the vermillion bird stamp.

Meanwhile, the black tortoise stamp didn’t perform any less. When the white mist hit the cultivators on the right side of Zhao Hai, the cultivators were immediately turned into frozen statues. Then due to their momentum, they fell forward, which caused their bodies to shatter into tiny pieces. 

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk at the sight in front of him. Although he was aware that the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp were formidable artifacts, he didn’t expect them to be this strong. They were able to easily turn seven immortal experts into dust. It was too terrifying.

It was only after some time did Zhao Hai recover. As he received the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp, he muttered, “What a pity, I just lost out on seven immortal-stage Undead.” Also, it wasn’t only the bodies of the immortal experts that were destroyed, the artifacts they had on their bodies were also destroyed. It can be said that they were erased by a mere wave of a hand by Zhao Hai. 

After asking Cai’er if there were other people around, Zhao Hai continued to fly forward. He was still very far from his destination. He couldn’t delay for very long.

Upon knowing that nobody was following him, Zhao Hai used his divergent ability to blitz through the forest. These days, Cai’er has been working on mapping the Soaring Dragon Realm into the Space. At the same time, she was also collecting things for the Space. Because the laws of the Soaring Dragon Realm were exerting pressure, the silver needles weren’t as fast as they should be. There were also a lot of powerful beings in the Soaring Dragon Realm. So to avoid the silver needles from being spotted, the rate in mapping has incredibly slowed down.

Because Zhao Hai was going to a far away place, Cai’er has yet to map the destination. And since Zhao Hai wanted to experience more of the Soaring Dragon Realm, he didn’t use the Space to move forward. Instead, he continued to sneak around using his divergent abilities.

Naturally, since he was using his divergent abilities instead of the Space, Zhao Hai wasn’t very fast. When the sun completely set, Zhao Hai used a portable transmission formation to return to Hengdao City. He was going to continue his trip the next day.

After returning to his courtyard, Zhao Hai asked Zhang Feng if anything important happened. Fortunately, everyone from the Great Realm of Cultivation was doing very well. With the mentality of everyone being changed, they were beginning to take on some expert tasks. But they also made sure to take the relatively safe ones. Therefore, there were no casualties.

Seeing that there were no problems on the side of the Great Realm of Cultivation, Zhao Hai was relieved. Then he went to his meditation room to rest for the entire night. Zhao Hai didn’t dare enter the Space while inside Hengdao City. With the strength of the Yin Yang Elders, they would definitely find out if Zhao Hai suddenly disappeared. 

The night passed without any issue. The next morning, Zhao Hai returned to where he was the day before and continued on his way. It wasn’t until late afternoon did Zhao Hai arrive at his destination.

Zhao Hai has already left the forest and is now in a vast mountain range. This mountain was called the Misty Mountains by the people of the Soaring Dragon Realm. This mountain range has been surrounded by mist for many years. There were also a lot of beasts around the mountain range. Only very few cultivators would dare to come here.

Despite being close to the mountain range, Zhao Hai still had to travel some distance before he could arrive at the place where cloud iron ores were mined. But since it was already getting dark, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on venturing into the mountains. He would wait until the next day before he begins to look for cloud iron ore.

By this point, Zhao Hai’s portable transmission formation could no longer take him directly back to Hengdao City. He would need two teleportations to reach the city. The farthest distance a portable transmission formation could travel was 500 thousand kilometers. Zhao Hai has already flown a million kilometers. So while he was traveling, he found safe transfer points in the middle. 

After resting for an entire evening in his courtyard, Zhao Hai returned to the Misty Mountains. This time, he wasn’t planning on using his divergent abilities to travel. Instead, he took out the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp and carefully moved forward.

The reason Zhao Hai didn’t use his divergent ability was because he found that no matter which ability he used, he would not be able to avoid the beasts. The beasts on Misty Mountain weren’t only above ground. There were beasts in the sky as well as underground. It didn’t matter if Zhao Hai used wood element or earth-element abilities, he would still be discovered by the beasts. 

There were more beasts on the Misty Mountains compared to the forest. Zhao Hai has to be careful. Fortunately, when the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp weren’t used, they would not emit any fluctuations. Otherwise, there would be a lot of trouble for Zhao Hai.

The reason Zhao Hai knew about all of this was because when he returned to Hengdao City, Cai’er used silver needles to scout the mountains. There were plenty of powerful beasts on the Misty Mountains. The silver needles were even discovered several times. Fortunately, the silver needles can be very small. Although the beasts detected them, Cai’er could make them go underground to hide from sight.

After Zhao Hai took out the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp, he slowly moved up the mountain. Once he entered the mountain, Zhao Hai immediately felt a burst of pressure. The pressure was much stronger than outside. Zhao Hai now understood why the beasts of Misty Mountain were very strong, it should have something to do with this pressure.

Although Cai’er had yet to map the entire Misty Mountains last night, the places that Zhao Hai would go to were already mapped. This allowed Zhao Hai to avoid most of the beasts.

Zhao Hai could avoid most of the beasts, but he couldn’t avoid all of them. Therefore, he could only fight. After walking in the mountain for more than an hour, Zhao Hai reached a small hill. He slowed down since he knew very well that there was a very powerful beast on top of this hill. It was a Two-headed Rock snake.

The Two-headed Rock snake was an earth element beast. Its scales provide very powerful defenses. Its offensive strength was also formidable. It was a famous beast among those in the mountain.

It was precisely because of this that the Two-headed Rock snake occupied a large area in the Misty Mountains. The Two-headed Rock snake was also very territorial. As long as Zhao Hai passes the territory of the Two-headed Rock snake, he would be closer to the area where cloud iron ore could be found. And because there were no other beasts in the Two-headed Rock snake’s territory, it was relatively safe even if Zhao Hai made a lot of noise.

Zhao Hai chose this route because of the Two-headed Rock snake. The snake was certainly beyond the immortal stage, but Zhao Hai was confident of taking it on.

By this point, the Two-headed Rock snake has also discovered Zhao Hai. It quickly threw itself towards the intruder. Because the visibility of Misty Mountain was very low, it was only when the snake was 100 meters away from Zhao Hai did he notice it. The snake had a 50-meter long body and was gray in color. Its body was very thin for its length, only as wide as a bucket. Each of its heads also had two fangs which were clearly filled with poison.

The four eyes of the snake glared at Zhao Hai. Its two blood red tongues consistently flicked out, making a sound every time.

But when the Two-headed Rock Snake saw Zhao Hai, it was surprised. It didn’t attack immediately but instead looked blankly at Zhao Hai. After some time, the left head of the snake opened its mouth and said, “It’s a human, it’s very rare to see a human cultivator here.”

The right head nodded and said, “It’s very rare.”

The left head added, “It’s been a long time since we’ve eaten a human. To be honest, I’m feeling greedy right now.”

The right head said, “You eating a human? Why don’t I remember it? Ah, I see, you want to scare him. But are you sure it’ll work?”

The left head said, “Of course it’ll work. But as long as we don’t tell him. You fool! Did you talk loudly? How would we scare him now?”

The right head replied, “Scaring him is useless. It’s clear that the human is not afraid. I think we should still eat him. To be honest, I want to know what human cultivators taste like.”

The left head answered, “You glutton. What’s good with humans? They don’t have a lot of meat. They don’t look tasty either. I heard that their bodies are poisonous. I’m afraid they would just hurt my stomach.”

An expression of panic appeared on the right head’s face as he said, “Then we don’t eat him. We’ll just leave. He won’t be able to find us anyway. If we run, he won’t be able to catch up to us.”

The left head replied, “You fool. This is our territory. We have no other place to run to. Even if we don’t eat him, we can still kill him. Kill him but we don’t eat him. That’s what we should do.”

The right head nodded and said, “Right, kill him, but we won’t eat him. Let’s leave his body alone. Hey, you’re actually quite intelligent.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be shocked by the cross-talking two-headed snake. He was completely speechless. He didn’t expect his meeting with the famed Two-headed Rock Snake of the Soaring Dragon Realm to be like this. 

At this time, the left head of the snake looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Hey, you. What’s your name? Tell us. Two-headed Rock Snakes don’t kill nameless ghosts.”

The right snake replied, “You’re wrong. Ghosts are already dead, we can’t kill them. You should say that we don’t kill nameless people. But we haven’t really killed famous people. We only killed other beasts!”

The left head snorted and said, “Humph. Even if they become ghosts, they would still die. Therefore, I’m not wrong. Right, starting from today, we need to remember every person and ghost we kill. Later on, when we face other enemies, we can tell them who we killed to scare them off.”


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