BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1960


Chapter 1960 – Unofficial Disciple

Zhao Hai slowly exhaled and opened his eyes. He looked at the vermillion bird stamp in his hand. He already communicated with it and found the proper way of using it. Only after communicating with the stamp did Zhao Hai know how wrong his usage of it was in the past. He even used the vermillion bird stamp like a brick to smash people. It was a complete waste of the artifact.

The vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp weren’t like bricks that one would use to bash their enemies with. Instead, they were artifacts that held absolute control over fire and water.

Inside the vermillion bird stamp was a world filled with pure fire while the black tortoise stamp had a world of pure water essence. The attacks of the fire and water were much more powerful compared to using Firegod City and Crystal City to smash the enemy.

From what Zhao Hai could see, the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamps were similar to guns that fired water and fire instead of bullets. In the past, Zhao Hai used this gun as a club, it was utterly embarrassing.

Naturally, Zhao Hai knew that the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp were much more powerful compared to guns. These two artifacts were capable of attacking the enemy with the pure essence of fire and water. Average enemies would not be able to block it.

Zhao Hai received the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp. However, he didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he had Cai’er research the new information that he received. He wanted to find the optimum uses of them during battles. 

Cai’er complied and immediately became busy. The reason Zhao Hai didn’t leave was because he knew that he had only secluded for 20 days. He still had 10 days left before he had to leave. So he wasn’t in a hurry.

Unknown to Zhao Hai, at this time, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying arrived at the second floor of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall. They were standing in front of the Yin Yang Elders. Lin Ling cupped his fist and said, “Martial Uncles, I believe you already know about Zhao Hai’s situation. This junior wants to ask for your advice as to what to do next.”

The Yin elder smiled faintly and said, “This time, Zhao Hai secluded because he was able to get a fortuitous encounter. Once he goes out, get in contact with him. Although we cannot recruit him to the sect right now, we can give him some privileges ahead of time. We must make him understand that the Tyrant Blade Sect wants to recruit him.”

Hearing the Yin Elder, Lin Ling stared. Then his expression lit up as he said, “Yes, Martial Uncle. This junior understands.”

The Yang Elder added, “Give Zhao Hai the token of an unofficial disciple. At the same time, tell those who wanted to reach their claws that Zhao Hai is an unofficial disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. If they dared to extend their claws carelessly, then they can’t blame this old man for being ruthless.”

Hearing the Yang Elder, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying’s expressions turned serious. They could feel the coldness behind those words. The two immediately nodded. They didn’t expect the two old men to take Zhao Hai so seriously. This basically guaranteed Zhao Hai’s safety.

Looking at the two, the Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Alright, you can go. Let Zhao Hai gain experience for some time. But find a way to ensure his safety.” The two responded and then left.

Upon going out of the branch hall, Lin Ling turned to Xiang Ying and forced a smile as he said, “I didn’t expect the two elders to take Zhao Hai this seriously. Junior Brother, it seems like we underestimated Zhao Hai.”

Xiang Ying nodded and said, “The most important thing for us right now is to get in contact with Zhao Hai. I think this will be up to you, Senior Brother. You’re the only one who knows him. And I think the kid already has some hints. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to stay in Hengdao City.”

Lin Ling nodded, “With this kid’s craftiness, he must have some suspicions. But that’s alright. Let’s give him an unofficial disciple token first so that he can show it to other people. After he gains more experience, we will recruit him to the sect.”

Xiang Ying replied, “From what I can see, the two elders have already settled on Zhao Hai. Senior Brother, do you think the elders will take him in as a disciple?”

Hearing this, Lin Ling stared. Then his expression turned serious before he gave a nod and said, “I think this is possible. The two elders haven’t taken in a disciple after so many years. With how much killing aura they emit in the past, they were afraid that they might kill their disciple by mistake. But now, after resting for many years, the elders should be ready to take in a disciple. If the two elders take Zhao Hai as a disciple, then this would be a good thing.”

Both of them knew the strength of the Yin Yang Elders. Although the Yin Yang Elders haven’t made a move for many years, their prestige in the True Spirit Realm never waned. If they received Zhao Hai as a disciple, the Tyrant Blade Sect would potentially have another powerhouse in the future.

The two chatted for some time before Lin Ling sent someone to observe Zhao Hai’s residence. As soon as Zhao Hai comes out, he will be notified. 

Zhao Hai continued to seclude himself in his residence. Although he couldn’t enter the Space, his spiritual force has been in contact with it all this time. At the same time, he was deducing fighting methods using the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp.

For five days, Cai’er was busy calculating the moves that could be made with the two stamps. Actually, she spent most of the time communicating with Zhao Hai about the possible moves he could make. Before long, the methods were slowly being formed.

Five days later, the fighting methods were completed. Then Zhao Hai began to meditate on it. The fighting methods were divided into several forms. The simplest type was Zhao Hai using either the vermillion bird stamp or the black tortoise stamp to fight the enemy.

The second form was coordinating with the two stamps during battle. However, Zhao Hai would only use a blade while fighting with the two stamps.

The third form was Zhao Hai using liquid silver to release the stellar transformation sword formation to trap the enemy and then using the stamps to kill them. With the formation and the stamps working together, the enemy would have no way to fight back.

The fourth form was Zhao Hai using his divergent abilities to fight the enemy with his full power. If Zhao Hai used this form, then this meant that he had run into a very powerful enemy. One that he might risk his life fighting.

Zhao Hai prepared all of these methods in preparation to enter the True Spirit Realm. Once he ascends, he would face enemies much more powerful than himself. It was impossible for him to reveal all of his strength all the time. Therefore, he made a few divisions to hide his capabilities.

Actually, Zhao Hai also needs to be careful in the Soaring Dragon Realm. If he was careless here, then he would suffer greatly.

Five days quickly went past. Because Zhao Hai participated in making his four fighting methods, it didn’t take him a long time to get familiarized with them.

Moreover, the days in the Soaring Dragon Realm were much longer than in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Therefore, five days was a long time for Zhao Hai. The only thing left for him to do was to temper his methods in actual combat.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes when the time was up. He stood up and began walking outwards. Of the residence that he rented, Zhao Hai has only used the meditation room. The other parts of the residence were practically left untouched.

After exiting the courtyard, Zhao Hai took off the jade token by the door. As he was about to go to the branch hall of the Tyrant Blade Sect, the cultivator who brought him to the residence approached him and said, “Mister, Senior Brother Lin Ling is inviting you to the branch hall. I wonder if Mister will agree?”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t know what Lin Ling needed him for, but he still nodded and said, “Of course I agree. Please guide me there.”

The young cultivator nodded and then led Zhao Hai to the branch hall. The two didn’t go to the large building but instead to a courtyard nearby. Standing outside the door, the young cultivator announced, “Senior Brother Lin Ling, I have brought Zhao Hai.”

Lin Ling’s voice was heard from inside, “Let him in.” The young cultivator gestured towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards the cultivator and then walked in.

Upon entering the courtyard, Zhao Hai immediately saw Lin Ling and Xiang Ying. Naturally, he has no idea who Xiang Ying was. But he cupped his fist and said, “Zhao Hai has seen misters.”

Lin Ling looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, we met again. I’ve been paying attention to you. How are you doing? Are you used to living in the Soaring Dragon Realm?”

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Replying to Mister Lin Ling, I’ve been doing quite well. I am starting to get used to life in the Soaring Dragon Realm.”

Lin Lin nodded, then he said, “Zhao Hai, answer me truthfully. Do you know that I’ve been paying attention to you?”

Looking at Lin Ling, Zhao Hai decided to tell the truth. He nodded and said, “I knew. It hasn’t been a long time since I came to the Soaring Dragon Realm but I already received news that someone was paying attention to me. This meant that someone already knew me before I entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. Besides you, sir, nobody else from the True Spirit Realm knows me.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Lin Ling couldn’t help but laugh. After some time, he said, “Alright, you’re quite smart. You guessed right. I have been paying attention to you. I asked you to come over to ask you a question. Zhao Hai, are you willing to join our Tyrant Blade Sect?”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect Lin Ling to ask him this question at this time. But he still nodded and said, “Of course, I’m willing. Joining the Tyrant Blade Sect will be an honor.”

Lin Ling nodded, then he took out a jade token and sent it towards Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai caught the token, Lin Ling said, “This is an unofficial disciple token of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Bring it with you all the time. You will be considered as someone from the Tyrant Blade Sect. But you still need to be observed for some time before becoming an official disciple. You can continue living like before and take tasks in the Soaring Dragon Realm. But you have to remember that you’re already someone from the Tyrant Blade Sect.”


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