BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1959


Chapter 1959 – Getting Attention

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that when he and the black tortoise stamp communicated, the two old cultivators in the Tyrant Blade Sect Branch were stunned. They immediately stood up and went to the window. They were gazing in the direction of Zhao Hai’s residence.

One of the two cultivators said, “Junior Brother, did you feel that? Very pure water essence. What treasure did that kid obtain? How could it have water essence that is so pure?”

The other replied, “Senior Brother, the kid’s previous task is in Moon Bathed Lake. There were rumors that the Moon Bathed Lake has a treasure, maybe the kid acquired it.”

The two old cultivators that rented the residence to Zhao Hai were famed elders of the Tyrant Blade Sect. In the sect, they were called the Yin Yang Elders. But outside, they were known by others as the Demonic Yin Yang Swords.

Just by hearing this name, one would immediately know that the two were experts in joint attacks. These two were also extremely murderous. They were very famous in the True Spirit Realm for their killings, which gained them the name of Demonic Yin Yang Swords.

The two were destined friends who joined the Tyrant Blade Sect at the same time and worshiped the same master. One of them had a gentle nature while the other was fierce, completely opposite characters. Despite this, they became very good friends. Seeing this peculiar situation, their master decided to teach them joint techniques. With this technique, the two were able to cause quakes around the True Spirit Realm for ten thousand years. This was also the time they gained their illustrious title.

But because the two carried extremely heavy killing intent, their cultivation began to be affected. In recent years, they hide themselves in order to temper their minds. In the end, the Tyrant Blade Sect sent them to the Soaring Dragon Realm to rest.

When the two arrived in the Soaring Dragon Realm, they became staff members of the branch hall in charge of renting residences out. In any case, only a few people would rent residences every year. This made the two have a very relaxed life.

The two never expected to meet someone like Zhao Hai. When they first met Zhao Hai a few days ago, they immediately knew that he was special. Because of this, they paid attention to him. They even had someone tell Lin Ling about what they thought, which was an affirmation of Zhao Hai’s qualities.

The two have lived in the True Spirit Realm their entire lives. So they knew of the state of the realm. Any sect, even the Tyrant Blade Sect, needs killing stars. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to terrify others. These killing stars needed to be unforgiving and would seek revenge for a slightest grievance. With such people present, nobody would dare offend the sect.

In the past, the Yin Yang Elders were the killing stars of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Seeing that Zhao Hai was sensitive to killing intent, the two elders knew that Zhao Hai must have killed a lot of people. They wanted to recruit Zhao Hai into the Tyrant Blade Sect to become a killing star of the sect.

Since Zhao Hai went into seclusion, the two elders made sure to pay attention to him. So when Zhao Hai’s residence began emitting pure water essence, the two elders became surprised.

The Yang elder nodded and said, “It’s possible. This kid was able to ascend several times from the lower realms. In addition to his strength, he also has more experience and dared to take risks. This time, he took the task of getting nine core lotus seeds. I think this isn’t his main purpose. His real target is Moon Bathed Lake. The task was just a convenience. The courage of the kid is really big.”

The Yin elder smiled and said, “The amount of courage isn’t important, as long as the cultivator isn’t a coward. Right, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying went out two days ago. They should be coming back soon right?”

The Yang elder coldly snorted and said, “If someone dares to aim their claws at people the Tyrant Blade Sect has settled on, then I won’t hesitate to chop them off. The Tyrant Blade has some promising talents. Lin Ling is quite good, but he needs more experience. We should train him well.”

The Yin elder smiled faintly and said, “We’ll train them when we have the opportunity. We have enough time, there’s no need to be anxious.”

The Yang elder coldly snorted and no longer said anything. However, they still called someone over to pay attention to Zhao Hai’s courtyard. At the same time, they forbade other people from approaching it.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that he had attracted the attention of the Yin Yang Elders. He already received the black tortoise stamp. Now that he has gained full understanding of the black tortoise stamp, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the vermillion bird stamp. Ever since he obtained it, Zhao Hai was unable to make full use of the stamp. This was Zhao Hai’s biggest worry about it, and he has been looking for solutions since.

Zhao Hai took the vermillion bird stamp out. The vermillion bird stamp has already been refined before. But because he has no methods to use it, he couldn’t use the full power and ability of the stamp.

But now, Zhao Hai knew that the only thing he was missing was communicating with the vermillion bird stamp. Zhao Hai now understood that if he wanted to gain full mastery of an artifact, then he would need to use his divergent ability to communicate with it.

When Zhao Hai communicated with the black tortoise stamp, he discovered that as soon as he connected with it, the method of using it would be ingrained into his mind. It was as if it had been there from the beginning. With this experience, Zhao Hai plans to use the same method with the vermillion bird stamp.

When Zhao Hai obtained the vermillion bird stamp, it was seriously damaged. Therefore, he didn’t obtain the proper method to use it. Now that he has the method, he naturally has to act on it.

Zhao Hai looked at the vermillion bird stamp and let out a long breath. The Heavenly Demons living in Firegod City have already been evacuated. Zhao Hai doesn’t know whether something would change when he communicates with vermillion bird stamp. So to avoid any accident to the Heavenly Demons, Zhao Hai moved them away.

The Heavenly Demons of Firegod City have already formed their own tribe. The newborn Heavenly Demons were different from the original ones. The new generation of Heavenly Demons have bodies that are mostly composed of the fire element. Although their cultivation methods were still the same as the other Heavenly Demons, their combat strength was better than the old generation. This pleased Zhao Hai. Naturally, he couldn’t bear to let them suffer any accident.

Firegod City was now empty besides the trees and plants that were cultivated. Zhao Hai didn’t bother migrating them. Although they were good materials, Zhao Hai doesn’t regard them as important.

After inspecting Firegod City once more and confirming that everyone was evacuated, Zhao Hai closed his eyes and adjusted his thoughts before beginning to communicate with the vermillion bird stamp.

Although the vermillion bird stamp was severely damaged in the past, it has been recuperating inside the Space all this time. It has almost recovered to its original state. Artifacts on the level of the vermillion bird stamp could recover by themselves. Because of this, Zhao Hai found communicating with the vermillion bird stamp as hard as communicating with the black tortoise stamp.

To Zhao Hai’s surprise, when he communicated with the vermillion bird stamp, he didn’t feel a wild emotion. Instead, what he felt with the vermillion bird stamp was the feeling of warmth.

The experience of the vermillion bird stamp was similar to the black tortoise stamp. It was also a beast living inside a subspace rich in the fire element. Then the subspace was compressed by the Fire God, eventually forming it into the vermillion bird stamp. Needless to say, when Zhao Hai was finished, he was able to understand the origin of fire. And his control over the vermillion bird stamp has increased.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s communication with the vermillion bird stamp attracted the attention of the two elders once more. The two elders looked towards Zhao Hai’s residence with puzzled looks on their faces. The Yang elder said, “Senior Brother, I could feel pure fire essence from that kid’s courtyard. Something’s not right.”

The Yin elder knitted his brows and said, “He practiced the water element last time, so why would it suddenly become the fire element? Moon Bathed Lake is completely made up of the water element. There is no fire element in its surroundings. Looking at the purity of this fire essence, it shouldn’t be any less than the water essence earlier. What’s going on?”

At this time, a few figures could be seen flying towards Zhao Hai’s courtyard. Looking at the figures, the Yang elder said, “That kid Lin Ling was also alarmed. It seems like his trip has gone well. After Zhao Hai is done with his seclusion, we can have Lin Ling get in touch with him. We can also ask Zhao Hai what happened.”

The Yin elder nodded, then he smiled faintly and said, “That kid’s luck is too good. If the pure water essence before came from a treasure, then the pure fire essence this time should also come from another treasure. This kid isn’t secluding for his cultivation, he wants to refine these treasures. Even if these treasures are placed in the True Spirit Realm, they would still be rare. Who knew that a kid who has yet to enter the True Spirit realm would have two of them. Hahaha. What luck!”

The Yang elder also chuckled and said, “Fortunately, we’re here to isolate the surroundings. Otherwise, this kid will face countless trouble once he arrives in the True Spirit Realm. Even Lin Ling’s warning wouldn’t be able to stop the beasts outside.”

The Yin elder smiled and said, “Alright, let’s just leave the young ones be. Everything will be fine as long as that kid enters the Tyrant Blade Sect.” Then he returned to his seat and resumed his drowsy state.

At this moment, Lin Ling arrived outside Zhao Hai’s courtyard. He looked at the residence with a stern look on his face. On his side was Xiang Ying who had the same expression.

Behind the two were people of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Lin Ling looked at the person beside Zhao Hai’s residence and asked, “Did something happen to this courtyard before this?”

The person from the Tyrant Blade Sect replied, “I felt a very pure essence of water, no less than the fire essence this time. The two elders already ordered that nobody could approach this courtyard. So we’ve been monitoring the surroundings so that nobody could pass through here.”

Hearing this, Lin Ling relaxed. Then he looked at Xiang Ying and said, “So the two elders already know. It seems like it’s a false alarm. But what in the world is that kid doing. How could he make such a huge disturbance?”

Xiang Ying shook his head and said, “At this point, nobody knows. Let’s head back first. Let’s ask the elders what we should do.” Lin Ling nodded and then the two flew towards the branch hall building.


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