BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1958


Chapter 1958 – Origin of the Black Tortoise

When Zhao Hai entered the small courtyard, he looked around and saw nothing inside it. But being clean was better for Zhao Hai, so he didn’t care. The decorations inside the rooms were really good. There were tables, chairs, beds, and cabinets. Moreover, the meditation room was well made.

Zhao Hai also looked at the other buildings and felt satisfied. Then he took his communicator out and called Zhang Feng. Before long, Zhang Feng’s face was seen. Seeing Zhang Feng’s face, Zhao Hai knew that he was currently on a task. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother, are you doing a task?”

Zhang Feng nodded, “I’m currently doing a task. Where are you? Did you find a place?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I found a good residence. It’s residence number 34 in Hengdao City. You can come over if you need anything. I’ll be in seclusion here.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with the base. Just seclude in peace.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Be careful when you do your task. Those two beastmen might cause problems for you.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful.” Zhao Hai ended the call and then went to the meditation room.

Zhao Hai chose to close up in Hengdao City rather than the Great Realm of Cultivation’s base because the spiritual qi in the base wasn’t enough. He was also afraid that he would alarm Hu Wang and Xiang Que.

The reason Zhao Hai was closing up was because he wanted to understand the black tortoise stamp and the vermillion bird stamp. Zhao Hai always felt that he wasn’t able to make full use of the vermillion bird stamp. Obtaining the black tortoise stamp made Zhao Hai aware that he never found the correct method to control the vermillion bird stamp. Being given an opportunity, Zhao Hai would naturally want to capitalize on it.

Moreover, Zhao Hai could feel that the vermillion bird stamp and the black tortoise stamp weren’t ordinary. If he used them well, they would bring huge benefits to him. With this in mind, Zhao Hai decided that he should seclude himself in the meantime.

Also, if Zhao Hai was successful in comprehending both stamps, the effects on the surroundings definitely wouldn’t be small. If a huge noise was made in the base, then it might be discovered by the beasts. Therefore, instead of secluding in the base, Zhao Hai decided to do it in Hengdao City.

As he sat cross-legged inside the meditation room, Zhao Hai took out the black tortoise stamp and placed it on his lap. He closed his eyes and recalled the information that was passed onto him by the black tortoise. He moved his spiritual force according to the method he received. Then he began refining the black tortoise stamp.

This wasn’t an easy task. Treasures like the black tortoise stamp contain countless formations. If you don’t understand them, you won’t be able to make full use of them. If Zhao Hai wants complete control over the black tortoise stamp, then he needs to understand these formations. Then he could use these formations in several methods to fit the black tortoise stamp in multiple roles.

While Zhao Hai was comprehending the black tortoise stamp, the Space was also hard at work. The formations inside the stamp have been collected and were being analyzed. Once these formations were analyzed, Zhao Hai would gain a substantial enhancement in his understanding of the stamp. This would also bring about unexpected changes in the Space.

Zhao Hai comprehended the black tortoise seal for seven days. After seven days, Zhao Hai was finally able to refine the black tortoise stamp. With this, Zhao Hai now has a full understanding on how to use the black tortoise stamp.

However, Zhao Hai still felt that something wasn’t right. As for what it is, he cannot say. When he held the black tortoise seal, he didn’t have the feeling that it was an extension of his arms. Although the stamp could follow Zhao Hai’s instructions, it seems like it lacked consciousness.

Naturally, this consciousness didn’t mean a spirit. But it referred to how holding the tool just doesn’t feel right. You can use it, but it feels uncomfortable in the hand. It was awkward to use.

Zhao Hai wouldn’t use such weapons. It must be known that comfort in handling artifacts has a huge effect on the life and death of a cultivator. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of danger, he would rather not use an artifact he wasn’t comfortable in using.

Therefore, although Zhao Hai could use the black tortoise stamp, he still wanted to know why it feels awkward when he uses it.

Zhao Hai has completely refined the artifact, but it felt clunky. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. This was the first time he experienced this feeling.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes and looked at the black tortoise stamp. The surface of the stamp seems to be carved from blue jade. It was beautiful. But Zhao Hai was certain that this jade wasn’t like other jade he had seen before.

Then a thought came to him. What if he tries to communicate with the jade? When he thought of this, Zhao Hai was stunned. Then he thought about what would happen if he used his divergent abilities to communicate with the black tortoise stamp?

When he comprehended and refined the black tortoise stamp, Zhao Hai used spiritual force, not his consciousness. Both were different from each other. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to connect with the black tortoise stamp because it was a habit he developed for many years. But upon getting the idea, Zhao Hai thought about using his consciousness to communicate with the stamp and see what effect it would have.

This thought became a seed that quickly germinated inside Zhao Hai’s brain. So he quickly acted on it. He closed his eyes and used his earth element ability to communicate with the black tortoise stamp.

Before long, Zhao Hai discovered that it wasn’t working. As soon as his earth element ability got in contact with the black tortoise stamp, a repulsive force appeared on the stamp. If Zhao Hai hadn’t refined the stamp, then it might have already attacked him.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t understand what was going on. He opened his eyes and looked at the black tortoise stamp. Then he smacked himself in the head upon realizing that he was an idiot. The black tortoise stamp belonged to the Water God, and yet he used his earth element ability to communicate with it. No wonder it resulted in the stamp rejecting him.

This can’t be blamed on Zhao Hai. In the past, he always used his earth element ability whenever he communicated with jade. The black tortoise stamp seems to be made of jade, so Zhao Hai instinctively used his earth element ability to communicate with it. 

However, the black tortoise stamp was filled with the purest water element. There was no place for the earth element technique to cling on to a material of pure water.

After thinking it through, Zhao Hai used his water element ability to communicate with the black tortoise stamp. Unlike last time, the connection was very smooth. The black tortoise stamp didn’t repel him. But now, the thinking speed of the black tortoise stamp wasn’t the same as Zhao Hai. However, since he has encountered this situation before, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious and immediately adjusted his thinking speed to match the black tortoise stamp.

Zhao Hai didn’t slow his thinking speed down. This was because he believed that a high-level artifact like the black tortoise stamp would have a fast thinking speed. Therefore, Zhao Hai increased his thinking speed. And before long, he reached the thinking speed of liquid silver.

When Zhao Hai’s thinking speed was a hundred times the speed of liquid silver, he was finally able to sense something. Even so, his thinking speed was still very slow in comparison. It was like a tractor trying to catch up to a supercar.

Although Zhao Hai hasn’t caught up with the thinking speed of his target, he wasn’t worried. He continued to gradually increase his speed.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately match the thinking speed of the black tortoise stamp because he wanted to slowly feel the emotions coming from it. Only by knowing the right emotions could Zhao Hai better communicate with the black tortoise stamp. This was in line with what he learned over the years.

After so many years of communicating with various things, Zhao Hai knew how important emotion was to communication. If he couldn’t align his emotion to the black tortoise stamp’s emotions, then he would never be able to fully integrate with its thoughts. 

As he felt the emotions of the black tortoise stamp, Zhao Hai was soon able to get in line with it. This wasn’t because of Zhao Hai’s keen sense, but it was because the black tortoise stamp’s emotions were very simple. It was an emotion of peace and tranquility. There were no other emotions. 

Although Zhao Hai was surprised, he soon adjusted his own emotions and communicated with the black tortoise stamp. He then began to feel like he had become a black tortoise. He also began to uncover its origins.

Zhao Hai felt that he was an ordinary being like Bubble. He lived a carefree life in his own subspace. In that subspace, the surroundings were filled with extremely pure water elements. He was living his best life.

Then one day, an incomparably powerful strength intruded his subspace, causing everything inside to vanish. The subspace also became smaller and smaller before totally disappearing. Then the space turned into a stamp. The stamp was held by a man in blue whose face Zhao Hai couldn’t see.

This was the origin of the black tortoise stamp. That man in blue was the Water God. As the Water God was refining the black tortoise stamp, he looked for all kinds of water in the world and added it to the stamp. After many years, the stamp was completed. Then the Water God amassed a large amount of water and compressed it to make Crystal City. And since the black tortoise stamp was made out of compressed subspace, the Water God combined it with Crystal City to make them a pair.

After that were scattered memories about the black tortoise stamp being in a battle. Then the black tortoise stamp lost its memories. The next moment, the black tortoise stamp was already in the Soaring Dragon Realm. The Water God was never found again. Even the spiritual imprint that the Water God left in the stamp has vanished.

After absorbing the memories of the black tortoise stamp, Zhao Hai began to feel a rich amount of water qi around him. The water he felt was purer than when he communicated with Bubble. 

Zhao Hai immersed himself in this feeling. He felt all kinds of water with different properties. Their attributes were different, their movements were different, and their purpose were different. However, there was one common thing about them, all of them were water. It doesn’t matter if it was liquid or frozen, saltwater or freshwater, cloud or fog, medicinal or toxic, all of them were water. The essence of water inside them wouldn’t change. This time, Zhao Hai finally realized the essence of water, its origin.

After some time, Zhao Hai woke up and withdrew his consciousness from the black tortoise stamp. Zhao Hai could also feel that there was now a sense of closeness between him and the black tortoise stamp. Although Zhao Hai didn’t use it, he could feel that the stamp had become part of his body. Before this, he only knew methods to control the black tortoise stamp. But now, using it has become second nature. He can use any function of the black tortoise stamp any time he wants.

Zhao Hai gently stroked the back of the black tortoise stamp. He knew that he had completely refined it. It can be said that his refining of the stamp wasn’t any less than the refining done by the Water God. The Water God created the black tortoise stamp, so his compatibility with it was very high. At the same time, Zhao Hai communicated with the black tortoise stamp and integrated it, making it akin to a part of his body. 

Even if you use a knife well, it was still a knife in the end. You would be more comfortable with your finger than with a knife. This was the difference between Zhao Hai and the Water God. Zhao Hai treated the black tortoise stamp as a part of his body while the Water God only treated it as a tool made for himself.


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