BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1957


Chapter 1957 – Yin Yang Elders

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the gazes directed at him. He knew how rare it was for someone to rent a place to stay in Hengdao City. So it wasn’t surprising that people were interested.

After some time, the female cultivator on the counter recovered. She looked at Zhao Hai and replied, “Mister is looking for a residence? Please go to the second floor. The second floor is dedicated to renting houses in the city.”

Zhao Hai nodded and expressed his gratitude. Then he went towards a nearby staircase. When he disappeared, the first floor was full of activity. The cultivators were shocked to see Zhao Hai looking for a residence in the city. They knew very well what it meant to have a residence in the city. Not only would it ensure safety, this also means that the person who rented the residence was rich.

Very few people from the lower realms rent places in the city. To them, this was nothing more than burning money. A day was a hundred spirit stones. This meant that ten days would cost a jade essence. Jade essence was very valuable for those in the lower realms. Only a few people would dare spend this much money on a residence.

Because of this, everyone was startled when they heard that Zhao Hai was going to rent a residence. This meant that he didn’t mind spending a lot of money. 

When Zhao Hai arrived at the second floor, he immediately noticed the lack of people. There was a counter with two old cultivators sitting down. Both of them looked bored to the point of being sleepy.

Hearing footsteps, the two cultivators opened their eyes. When he saw the two cultivators staring at him, Zhao Hai paused for a moment before walking towards them.

Although the two cultivators were old and looked senile, Zhao Hai could see killing intent on their eyes. Zhao Hai was sure that these two were stronger than Lin Ling. It seems like the Tyrant Blade Sect still attached great importance towards the Soaring Dragon Realm. Otherwise they wouldn’t have sent these two people here.

When Zhao Hai paused and then resumed talking, the two old cultivators stared.

As he arrived at the counter, Zhao Hai immediately greeted them, “Seniors, my name is Zhao Hai, I want to rent a place in Hengdao City. Is that possible?”

One of the two cultivators nodded, “Of course. What kind of residence does little senior brother want to rent?”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Seniors, I’m not worthy of being called little senior brother. Just call me Zhao Hai. I was able to get insights while I was doing a task, so I want to find a place to seclude myself. I wonder if seniors have places you can recommend?”

When the old cultivators heard Zhao Hai, they laughed. Then one of them said, “Then let us congratulate you in advance. There are a few residences that are in quiet neighborhoods. However, these residences are separated into grades. The lowest is a small room located in a region of the city with the weakest spiritual force. The rent is quite cheap, one jade essence per month. There’s a better one worth 2 jade essences per month. If you want more, there’s a room that’s rich in spiritual force and is well decorated. It’s three jade essences per month. Naturally, we have a high-quality residence. Not only is it rich in spiritual energy and luxuriously decorated, nobody would also come and disturb you. If you want to rent it, this old man can give it to you for 6 jade essences per month. You also need to deposit one month of rent. So which residence do you want?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I want a high-quality residence. I’ll rent it for a month first.” Then he waved his hand and took out six jade essences.

The old man received the jade essences and then looked at Zhao Hai, “I didn’t expect you to be a rich man.” While talking, he put away the jade essences and took out a jade token. After giving it to Zhao Hai, the old cultivator said, “Go downstairs with this jade token. Someone will then lead you to your residence. That residence will be yours for one month. We don’t care how many people you let in. But if you want to use that residence for business, you have to come to us to report.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he took the jade token and then left.

When Zhao Hai went downstairs, one of the old cultivators said, “Senior Brother, this kid is quite good. Is that Zhao Hai that Lin Ling mentioned? He’s a perceptive one. Lin Ling’s eyes for talent are really good.”

The other cultivator smiled and said, “That kid became wary when he saw us. We didn’t even move. We completely hid our killing aura but he was still able to feel it. That’s not easy to do.”

The first cultivator nodded, “Although this kid doesn’t seem to have any killing aura, the fact that he’s very sensitive to it means that a lot of people have died in his hands. That kid Lin Ling said that Zhao Hai was an army commander back in the lower realms. It would be good for us if he joins the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

The other cultivator agreed, “From time to time, absolute talents would appear in the Soaring Dragon Realm. People here are tempered by battles and are sometimes stronger than those trained by our sect. Those little guys back in the True Spirit Realm aren’t murderous enough. They only play with their blades with no intention of killing. What a joke. We need to talk to the sect master about this.”

The other cultivator nodded. Then the two no longer spoke. They closed their eyes and returned to their drowsy state.

When Zhao Hai left the second floor, he couldn’t help but let out a long breath. Although he knew that the two old cultivators wouldn’t treat him unjustly, Zhao Hai’s heart was still pounding hard. The pressure he felt from the two was enormous.

A cultivator was already waiting for Zhao Hai when he descended from the second floor. It was a young cultivator less than 20 years of age. One could still see a trace of naivete on his face. However, this cultivator wasn’t weak and has achieved the immortal stage.

When Zhao Hai came down, the young cultivator hastily stepped forward and bowed, “Mister, you have rented a residence. Please show me your jade token.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then gave the jade token to the young man. After looking at the jade token, the young cultivator nodded and said, “Mister, please come with me.” Then he led Zhao Hai to the side of the hall.

Those on the first floor were looking at Zhao Hai once more. Most of those on the first floor only heard of people renting residences in the city, but they had never seen a person doing it. Naturally, they were curious about the residence. Some of them followed Zhao Hai out of the hall to see what kind of residence Zhao Hai rented.

At this time, on the back part of the Tyrant Blade Sect’s Branch Hall, Lin Ling and Xiang Ying were sitting. In front of them was a cultivator. Lin Ling looked at the cultivator and said, “You said Zhao Hai rented a residence? And it’s the highest quality residence?”

The cultivator nodded and said, “Yes. Zhao Hai rented the best residence. The Yin Yang Elders dealt with the transaction.”

Lin Ling nodded, “Did the Yin Yang Elders say something about him?”

The cultivator shook his head, “The elders didn’t say anything. However, they commented on Senior Brother Lin. They said that you have good eyes.”

Hearing this, Lin Ling was happy. He looked at Xiang Ying and said, “Brother, what do you think? I wasn’t wrong. Haha.”

Xiang Ying smiled and said, “Senior Brother Lin, your eye for talent is very famous in the Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai being praised by the Yin Yang Elders further proves this. Do you think we should recruit Zhao Hai ahead of time?”

Lin Ling thought about it before saying, “We should wait. He just came to the Soaring Dragon Realm. He’s not yet completely suited to life here. Allowing him to enter the True Spirit Realm at this point wouldn’t be any good. He needs to adapt more.”

Xiang Ying nodded, “Alright, but we need to hold on to him tightly.”

Lin Ling smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, he can’t go anywhere else. After the praise given by the Yin Yang Elders, we have to pay more attention to him. We might even need to find Hu Wang and Xiang Que to make sure that they don’t cause any trouble. Little Hai is more of a genius than I expected. We have to be careful.”

Xiang Yin agreed, “We should. Senior Brother, let’s use this opportunity to head out. We need to resolve this matter before Zhao Hai goes out of seclusion. This way, it would be less dangerous for him. What do you think?”

Lin Ling nodded and said, “Alright. But we need to greet the two elders first. Although they came here to temper their minds, it would be impossible to ignore them when it comes to this matter.” Xiang Ying nodded, then the two stood up and left.

Under the guidance of the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, Zhao Hai arrived at a residence right beside the sect branch. It was a single residence with its own entrance and courtyard. Moreover, being near to the Tyrant Blade Sect’s branch hall, it was an extension of the sect’s forbidden area. This meant that no violence was allowed in the vicinity. And most people weren’t allowed to walk the streets outside it.

The young cultivator took Zhao Hai inside the residence. The courtyard wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either. It was a thousand square meters. After the courtyard was a row of three buildings.

The young cultivator stopped and then looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, this is your residence. Please hang your jade token on the front gate. This jade token is a defensive artifact and also has an alarm formation. This will prevent others from disturbing you. If you head out, you can take the token and hang it once you return. If your one month is finished, there’s no need for you to go out. The jade token will record your credits. You can pay your balance once you’re done with your seclusion.”

Zhao Hai gave his thanks to the young cultivator. Then he hung the jade token on the front gate before entering.


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