BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1946


Chapter 1946 – Surrounded By Danger

As the battle continued, the casualties on both sides increased. The 3 million beasts have lost more than hundreds of thousands in the last four hours. As for the defenders of the city, its losses surpassed 150 thousand. It could be said that both sides suffered a lot.

But in this chaos, the most remarkable group was Zhao Hai’s team. From the beginning, they haven’t lost more than ten people. This caused them to be the center of attention.

It must be known that Zhao Hai’s location was now the most violent region in the battle. Even with such violent attacks from the beasts, Zhao Hai and the others were still able to minimize their losses. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Cultivators could no longer be seen in areas around Zhao Hai’s group. This was because the other cultivators had already been wiped out by the beasts. And when the surviving cultivators noticed that the beasts were specifically aiming for Zhao Hai’s group, they immediately left the area. This caused Zhao Hai’s team to be the only target of the beasts. Unfortunately, the beasts were unable to devour Zhao Hai and the others.

Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er were naturally able to notice this. They organized reinforcements multiple times to help Zhao Hai’s group deal with the beasts. But in the end, these reinforcements were beaten back by the beasts.

Zhao Hai could also see the situation they were in. These beasts attacked them not because of instinct, but it was because Hu Wang and Xiang Que were ordering them to wipe out Zhao Hai. The two beastmen were fully intent on dealing with him.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to hold off on releasing his Undead. He needs to have an ace he could use when there’s no other choice left.

The attack of the beasts seems to be unending. Moreover, each and every one of them were extremely violent. This created pressure not only towards Zhao Hai’s group, but also to the entire Shangshan City.

Feng Lingyun wasn’t a fool. Seeing Hu Wang and Xiang Que’s actions, he understood that they wanted to kill Zhao Hai. This made Feng Lingyun more eager to guarantee Zhao Hai’s safety.

Feng Lingyun agreed to Lin Ling recruiting Zhao Hai for the Tyrant Blade Sect. This meant that Zhao Hai was now someone from Lin Ling’s side. Even if the True Dao Sect has no relationship to Zhao Hai, Lin Ling and Feng Lingyun were very close friends. Feng Lingyun couldn’t allow something to happen to Zhao Hai. And with the good relationship between the Tyrant Blade Sect and the True Dao Sect, it would be good for the True Dao Sect if the Tyrant Blade Sect were to gain a talented disciple. Therefore, no matter what, Zhao Hai couldn’t fall in Shangshan City.

Thinking of this, Feng Lingyun took out his communication token and adjusted the formation inside. This communication token was similar to a mobile phone. But instead of numbers, there was a formation inside that one could set to communicate with a certain person. It was much more complicated compared to dialing numbers.

Looking at Feng Lingyun’s action, Luo Xiu’er asked, “Who are you calling?”

Feng Lingyun’s communication token hasn’t connected yet, so he answered, “I’m calling Brother Lin. Zhao Hai is in danger and we can’t make a move. With Brother Lin, we can head out and fight Hu Wang and Xiang Que. This would cause the beasts to retreat.”

Luo Xiu’er nodded and no longer said anything. At this time, the communication token connected. Lin Ling’s projection was seen. He had a confused expression as he asked, “Lingyun, what’s wrong? Why did you call me at this time? Are you finished over there?”

Hearing Lin Ling, Feng Lingyun immediately shook his head and said, “We’re not finished yet. Brother Lin, if possible, we need you to bring over some help. Our situation isn’t doing well. Hu Wang and Xiang Que are commanding the beast tide. Before the battle, I sent Zhao Hai out to scout and he managed to offend the two of them. Now, they’re targeting Zhao Hai, sending beasts to attack him continuously. I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold on.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Ling’s complexion changed. Then he nodded and said, “Alright, once we’re done here, I’ll immediately bring people over. Before that, nothing can happen to Zhao Hai. Even if you make a move, do it. I’ll bear the consequences.” After he finished speaking, Lin Ling turned off the communicator.

Feng Lingyun couldn’t help but stare at his communication token. After some time, he turned to Luo Xiu’er and said, “Xiu’er, did you hear that? Did he say that I would make a move? He’s that desperate to defend Zhao Hai?”

Luo Xiu’er nodded, “From what it looks like, yes. However, Zhao Hai should be fine for some time. So it’s better that we don’t take action. Otherwise, we would have a hard time explaining to the sect. I reckon Brother Lin will arrive soon.”

Feng Lingyun nodded and said, “Alright, you pay attention here. I’ll make these fellows work harder. Really, why do these people get weaker and weaker? They’ve been pressured by the beasts, aren’t they ashamed?”

After he said that, Feng Lingyun pushed the cultivators to fight against the beasts. Meanwhile, Luo Xiu’er directed her people towards where Zhao Hai was. Although she didn’t make a move, her actions were very obvious.

Seeing this, Hu Wang’s expression changed. Xiang Que’s face was also quite ugly. He said, “It seems like they’re preparing to protect Zhao Hai. Will they make a move once Zhao Hai is in danger?”

Hu Wang replied, “Even if they have no intentions before, they might do it now. Zhao Hai’s ability is just too strong. If it were me, I would protect him even if I violate the rules. Didn’t you see? Feng Lingyun called someone. He should have asked for help.”

Xiang Que snorted, but he couldn’t do anything. This was because he didn’t have any means to enter Shangshan City. Even if he made a move against Zhao Hai, he had no way of breaking Shangshan City’s shield.

Hu Wang looked at Zhao Hai’s defense and frowned. He was thinking of ways of dealing with him.

Recalling the scene where his fist qi was blocked by Zhao Hai’s blade qi, Hu Wang’s eyes lit up. He thought of a way to deal with Zhao Hai. However, this method could only be used once. If he was unsuccessful, he would no longer be able to use it again.

Hu Wang called a beast over. This beast’s body was strange. It looked like a snake but it had a row of bones on its head. It has a long and thin tail and two plump eyes. It looked sluggish.

Hu Wang called the beast over to his side, gave it a few orders and waved his hand. The beast nodded and then slowly retreated into the forest, disappearing after a while.

Xiang Que was at the side listening to Hu Wang’s orders. He gave Hu Wang a look of confusion but he didn’t say anything. The time they spent together wasn’t short, so Xiang Que was aware of Hu Wang’s abilities. 

Time passed and it has been 20 minutes since Hu Wang gave his order. Then all of a sudden, Hu Wang shouted, “Shameless kid, die!” Then he sent a fist qi towards Zhao Hai.

This fist was sent with full power. A huge golden tiger appeared behind the fist qi as it flew towards the wall where Zhao Hai was. The fist qi didn’t only contain Hu Wang’s aura, it also carried the ferociousness of a tiger. As it traveled, it emitted a terrifying roar that could shake one’s soul.

Luo Xiu’er didn’t care about this attack. She just had disdain on her face. Luo Xiu’er knew that it was impossible for Hu Wang’s fist qi to reach Zhao Hai. Shangshan City’s defensive shield wasn’t only for decoration. Not to mention Hu Wang, even those more powerful than him couldn’t break the city’s shield. There was no need for Luo Xiu’er to worry about Zhao Hai.

But before long, Luo Xiu’er’s complexion changed. This was because she discovered that the formation of Zhao Hai’s team had changed. It seems like they were planning to defend against Hu Wang’s attack. All of them sent attacks towards the approaching fist qi. Meanwhile, the beasts used this opportunity to attack the openings that appeared in the formation.

Luo Xiu’er quickly understood the goal of Hu Wang’s attack. Hu Wang wasn’t intending to destroy the shield of Shangshan City, he wanted to distract Zhao Hai’s group so that their formation would break. Once the beasts enter their formation, Zhao Hai and the others would be in danger.

Just as Luo Xiu’er was about to help Zhao Hai, she suddenly saw Zhao Hai move as if avoiding something. Then he slashed his blade to his left side. Then a bloody red streak was seen not far from where Zhao Hai attacked. A beast soon appeared, roaring in pain.

As soon as she saw this beast, Luo Xiu’er’s expression changed. She remembered that this was the beast that was called over by Hu Wang. This beast could actually turn invisible. Hu Wang sent an attack to distract the cultivators and allow the beasts to destroy their formation. These were just tricks. The real attack was this invisible beast. While Zhao Hai and the others were distracted by the fist qi and the beasts, the invisible beast would attack and kill Zhao Hai.

And evidently, Hu Wang’s plan failed. Although the formation of Zhao Hai and the others were chaotic, Zhao Hai was still able to discover the invisible beast and gave it a severe wound.

However, this didn’t relieve the pressure on Zhao Hai’s group. It didn’t change the fact that their formation has been broken. Now, it wasn’t only Zhao Hai who was in danger, but everyone from the Great Realm of Cultivation as well.

Seeing that it was the right time, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a thousand immortal-stage Undead. The immortal-level Undead immediately attacked the surrounding beasts. The beasts were caught off-guard by the sudden reinforcements. Before long, the formation of the Great Realm of Cultivation stabilized. But in this short disturbance, Zhao Hai’s team lost 20 people.

It was also at this point that the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation discovered that Hu Wang’s fist couldn’t penetrate through Shangshan City’s shield. Upon knowing this information, coupled with their loss of comrades, they couldn’t help but burn in anger. They focused this rage towards the beasts, driving them off the formation and soon after, the walls.

Such a development came as a surprise to everyone. Luo Xiu’er, Hu Wang, Xiang Que, the beasts, and the cultivators couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai’s group. Then their gazes shifted towards Zhao Hai’s summoned Undead.

At this moment, a white light flashed in Shangshan City followed by a powerful aura rising up into the sky. Everyone could feel the air turn thick, then they had a faint feeling of a blade on top of their heads. It was as if they were going to be chopped at any time.

Hu Wang and Xiang Que could also feel this strong aura. The moment he detected this, Hu Wang’s complexion changed as he said, “It’s actually that Lin Ling from the Tyrant Blade Sect. He’s also here? Old Elephant, we’re in trouble. If we don’t leave now, we won’t have a choice later on.”

Xiang Que also felt the powerful aura, so he nodded and said, “Alright, if it’s really that Lin Ling, then we’ll better leave immediately. That guy alone is hard to deal with, then there’s Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er.”

Hu Wang nodded, then he took out a huge horn and blew on it.

WOOO! The bellow of the horn spread to every corner of the battlefield. As soon as the beasts heard the horn, they immediately gave up on the fight and left without stopping. Hu Wang and Xiang Que also disappeared in a flash. But before they left, they gave Zhao Hai a deep look, imprinting his appearance deep into their hearts.

When the beasts retreated, Shangshan City erupted in cheers. The cultivators were naturally happy that they were able to repel the attack of the beast tide.

At this moment, Lin Ling found Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er. Luo Xiu’er no longer went to Zhao Hai seeing that he was no longer in danger. When Lin Ling arrived, he cupped his fist and said, “Lingyun, Xiu’er, thanks for your troubles. This Brother will remember this favor.”

Feng Lingyun smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Lin, you’re just embarrassing me. I didn’t have a chance to help this time. Zhao Hai is alright. He’s strong enough to keep himself and his people safe. His survival has nothing to do with us.”


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