BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1945


Chapter 1945 – Beasts Attack The City

Hu Wang and Xiang Que didn’t care about any of Zhao Hai’s thoughts. Hu Wang’s attack towards Zhao Hai was no more than a provocation towards Feng Lingyun. He wanted to anger Feng Lingyun and draw him out of the city. Once Feng Lingyun was out, Hu Wang was confident that he could beat him. If he succeeds, the morale of Shangshan City would plummet and capturing it would no longer be impossible.

Hu Wang has no plans to injure Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai was standing on the city wall, behind the protective shield. At most, his fist would hit the shield of the city. He just wanted to frighten Zhao Hai and at the same time gauge the strength of the defensive shield.

However, Hu Wang didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s blade qi to stop his attack. This caused him to be surprised. 

Hu Wang knew very well that Shangshan City wouldn’t just send anyone to scout. Scouting was the most dangerous task in a beast tide. And every time, scouting would be left to cultivators who were being observed by top sects. This would be that cultivator’s hardest trial. If a cultivator can return to Shangshan City, then that means they have an 80 percent chance of joining a top sect.

It was because of this that Hu Wang was annoyed when Zhao Hai escaped. Those who were recruited to top sects were talents among talents. If he was able to kill these talents, he would have less headaches to deal with in the future. Unfortunately for Hu Wang, Zhao Hai was able to survive.

Another thing that annoyed Hu Wang was the fact that Feng Lingyun didn’t take the bait. And by listening to Luo Xiu’er’s words, it seems like they were planning to tenaciously defend. This caused Hu Wang to have a headache.

This wasn’t Hu Wang’s first time attacking Shangshan City. The last time he attacked was 20 years ago. At that time, it wasn’t Feng Lingyun who defended the city. Back then, Hu Wang was very confident in himself, but he lost in the end. He also became aware of the formidable defenses of the city. Because of this, he wanted to defeat Feng Lingyun first before the battle started.

Hu Wang also knew about Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er’s relationship. If Feng Lingyun gets defeated outside the city, then there was a good chance that Luo Xiu’er would head out to help him. This way, both of them would be taken out from the battle. This was the optimum result that Hu Wang wanted, it was a pity that he didn’t succeed.

The Soaring Dragon Realm was no more than a trial field for the disciples of the sects and descendants of the beasts. In this place, both sides could fight with each other with no consideration of their faction’s face. Because of this, Hu Wang was not worried if he killed Feng Lingyun or Luo Xiu’er. But once they returned to the True Dao Sect, he would no longer have this opportunity.

Although Xiang Que was a huge figure, he wasn’t a big dumb idiot. He was aware of Hu Wang’s plans. Seeing that Feng Lingyun didn’t take the bait and was intending to defend inside the city, Xiang Que also felt his head ache. So he whispered towards Hu Wang, “Old Tiger, what do we do now? That fellow didn’t take the bait.”

Hu Wang replied, “What else can we do? We can only attack. They don’t want to head out, but this also means that they cannot move around. Have the children go and play.”

Beast tides and city defense were arranged specifically by the True Spirit Realm to exercise the talents of both sides. Because of this, the defensive shields of the cities were made special. The shield would block attacks coming from people like Hu Shan and Xiang Que who were above the immortal stage. But when immortal stage beings were to attack, the shield wouldn’t stop it. Moreover, if they have no identity tokens or the like, experts above the immortal stage wouldn’t be able to enter the city. Unless the beasts invade the city and destroy the defensive formation, Hu Wang and Xiang Que wouldn’t be able to enter.

With no other way, Hu Wang waved his hand and commanded all of the beasts to attack Shangshan City. Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er also commanded everyone to defend.

Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er were also aware of the rules. The beasts that would attack the city would definitely attack the walls. However, they couldn’t make a move. This was part of the agreement reached by both sides.

But before the beasts could attack the city wall, the cultivators on the wall could counter-attack. Feng Lingyun has no plans to make the beasts reach the city wall easily. Therefore, he commanded the cultivators to stop the beasts from approaching.

Although cultivators have no idea of the underlying matters, they attacked the approaching beasts. All at once, qi attacks flew from the walls.

This wasn’t the first time Zhao Hai observed beasts attacking a city. He knew that these beasts could easily climb the wall and the shields of the city had no effect on them. Because of this knowledge, Zhao Hai had everyone focus on stopping the enemies.

Zhao Hai wasn’t idle when he commanded the cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation. He was also sending blade qi towards the beasts.

Actually, Zhao Hai has plenty of attacking methods that he didn’t use. But he kept using his blade qi because he knew that people were currently observing him. If he was too eye-catching, it might be detrimental to him.

Zhao Hai’s guess was correct. Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er were paying attention to him. The two were aware of Hu Wang’s strength. Hu Wang was far beyond the immortal stage. A casual attack from him would be lethal to immortal experts. Immortal experts who blocked it would be heavily injured or killed by the shock.

However, not only did Zhao Hai block the attack, he wasn’t even visibly injured. With such strength and talent, it would be impossible for the two to not pay attention to him.

Now Feng Lingyun regretted his promise to Lin Ling. If he didn’t promise Lin Ling, he would have reported Zhao Hai to the True Dao Sect. Recruiting a talent like Zhao Hai would be a huge contribution to the sect. Unfortunately, Lin Ling made the first step.

The battle continued on but the long-distance attacks were beginning to slow down and were replaced by close combat. The beasts were now very close to Shangshan City. Although the walls of the city were very high, a hundred meter high wall wasn’t an issue to immortal-level beasts. It didn’t take long before beasts managed to climb the wall.

The brutal melee finally came. It wasn’t only the ground beasts that attacked, there were also aerial beasts that were attacking from above.

Shangshan City soon became a huge battlefield. Cultivators were also beginning to fall. However, Zhao Hai’s team remained complete as they resisted the beasts.

Zhao Hai observed the surroundings as he was fighting. Before, he didn’t sense anything when he observed the battle. But now, he saw that aside from commanding the cultivators, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er didn’t make any attacks. It seems like they were reserving their energy to confront the two beastmen.

However, Zhao Hai felt that something wasn’t right. The two beastmen didn’t attack. The two sides were clearly against each other but neither of them did anything.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but have some suspicions. But even if his thoughts were real, he didn’t have any means to change them. After all, matters in the Soaring Dragon Realm were decided by the True Spirit Realm. 

The wall where Zhao Hai and the others were located was beginning to flood with beasts. These beasts weren’t weak, so Zhao Hai didn’t have any energy to think about anything else. He commanded his team with all of his strength to oppose the enemy.

The people in Zhao Hai’s team have no doubts regarding Zhao Hai’s ability to command. Zhao Hai was a famous commander in the Great Realm of Cultivation. His commanding ability was more famous than his own strength. Although they didn’t undergo any army training, everyone was a veteran of battles. They have no issues following Zhao Hai’s instructions.

And Zhao Hai didn’t disappoint them. The siege was very bloody and brutal. However, the Great Realm of Cultivation has yet to lose a single person. There might be injuries, but they weren’t heavy. This record caused people to feel jealous. Naturally, this also resulted in beasts attacking Zhao Hai’s group more fiercely.

Unfortunately for the beasts, Zhao Hai army formation was too powerful. He didn’t give the beasts any opportunities to take advantage of. It became impossible for the beasts to eliminate Zhao Hai’s group.

The situation with Zhao Hai’s group also attracted the attention of Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er. The same was true for Hu Wang and Xiang Que. They were somewhat surprised by Zhao Hai’s performance.

The four True Spirit Realm disciples knew that the people of the lower realms rarely developed commanding skills. This was because the lower realms focused more on the individual rather than the group.

The Soaring Dragon Realm not only trained the combat strength of the lower realm cultivators, it also exercised the commanding ability of the True Spirit Realm disciples sent down. Take this siege for example, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er couldn’t act personally. This forced them to use their ability to command the cultivators. This was a skill that they could use when they return to the True Spirit Realm.

The True Spirit Realm was different to the Great Realm of Cultivation. Conflicts between sects in the Great Realm of Cultivation didn’t involve masses of people, so commanding ability wasn’t important. On the other hand, large-scale battles were more common in the True Spirit Realm, which required its talents to be good at command as well.

Feng Lingyun and the others didn’t expect a lower realm cultivator to be so formidable in commanding his people. It was no wonder they were surprised.

The more he observed Zhao Hai, the more regret Feng Lingyun felt. He regretted that he gave Zhao Hai to Lin Ling. On the other hand, the killing intent in Hu Wang’s eyes became stronger and stronger. His resolve to kill Zhao Hai continued to increase.


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