BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1940


Chapter 1940 – Urgent Notice

Actually, it’s not that those in the Soaring Dragon Realm didn’t understand, even common people in the Great Realm of Cultivation were aware. There was no point in comparing Zhao Hai to any genius, it would just ruin their future.

Nobody could achieve what Zhao Hai did. If a genius wanted to take Zhao Hai as a rival, then they would slowly be demoralized and degenerate into mediocrity. This wasn’t something that sects wanted to see.

By this point, the entire Great Realm of Cultivation knew how demonic Zhao Hai’s talent was. Nobody could compare to him in a million years. Therefore, everyone made sure to not compare themselves to Zhao Hai. In fact, Zhao Hai’s entry into the Soaring Dragon Realm caused a lot of geniuses to be happy to the point of being unable to sleep.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the screen. There was a small conflict happening. It was the Perfection Shops in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

When Zhao Hai was still in the Great Realm of Cultivation, the Perfection Shops were in absolute security. Nobody dared to have any ideas towards it. Even the nine super sects would give the Perfection Shop face. But two days after Zhao Hai entered the Soaring Dragon Realm, some people in the Great Realm of Cultivation could no longer hold their greed and started to make noise in the Perfection Shops.

Zhao Hai knew that these people were trying to test the bottom line of the Perfection Shop. For this, Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t show any mercy. He had Laura and the others command the Undead to teach those people a lesson.

It didn’t take long before the fight ended. All troublesome cultivators were killed by the Perfection Shop. Then immortal experts from various sects came forward to find fault with the shop, judging them for using lethal force against the troublemakers. However, the Perfection Shop wasn’t polite and used immortal-level Undead to fight against the immortal experts. At the same time, the shop showed their hundreds of immortal-level Undead to make everyone understand that they couldn’t do whatever they want even if Zhao Hai went to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Even if Zhao Hai was gone, the Perfection Shop still had enough strength to deal with everyone.

Although the fight wasn’t finished, Zhao Hai believed that nobody would dare move against the Perfection Shop after this.

Seeing the immortal-level Undead defeating the enemy, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head as he sighed and said, “Those fellows are really impatient. They can’t even wait for more than two days. Really disappointing.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but smile. They knew that Zhao Hai was just teasing the enemies. No matter what kind of noise those fellows made, they wouldn’t have any chances.

At this time, Cai’er opened her mouth and said, “Young Master, the positioning disc and the armor has been reconstructed. We can make them. Here is the list of materials” Then she handed a jade slip to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai read the contents of the jade slip and then nodded, “Alright, I’ll have everyone buy the materials tomorrow. Hahaha. I didn’t expect that you can also get impression points in this way.”

At this time, Cai’er frowned and said, “Young Master, the Soaring Dragon Realm’s atmosphere isn’t quite right recently. The beasts seem to be more active. Something is about to happen.”

Zhao Hai knitted his brows and said, “You mean, a beast tide is about to come?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “It’s very possible. Let’s see if there will be an alarm in the Soaring Dragon Realm in the next few days. No matter what, the beasts in the Soaring Dragon Realm have been more active recently.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said,”Brother Hai, if a beast tide appears, what will you do? Will you join the battle or stay in the base? The base’s situation is very good. It’s impossible for the beasts to discover it. Even if a beast tide happens, it will be fine.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That’s not good. We can’t hide in the base. We will need to join the battle in the cities. Although we cannot obtain impression points, it will be a good opportunity for the sects to observe the cultivators of the lower realm. This is more important than impression points. So when the alert for a beast tide arrives, we will help in the fight.”

Laura nodded, “I thought the same thing. Everything in the Soaring Dragon Realm is a trial for cultivators. If you don’t participate in defending against the beast tide, it would be disadvantageous. But where to participate is also a problem. Brother Hai, you can’t participate if it’s in Wulong City.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Wulong City is too small. Not to mention safety, there’s no powerful sect in it. If we fight, it should be in Shangshan City.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “So you’ve already thought about it. That’s good. Brother Hai, almost everyone has returned. You should go out and show yourself.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he went out of the Space and walked out of his residence. When he went out, he found that everyone had returned. The cultivators were now excitedly talking with each other. When Zhao Hai came out, everyone gave him an enthusiastic greeting.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then waved his hand, causing everyone to stop talking. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “We’ve had a bountiful harvest today. Our Great Realm of Cultivation now has money to spend. And with money, you must learn how to spend it. Today, I asked Yuan Ba to buy everyone wine to drink. Yuan Ba will also give everyone money. Every one of you will receive a jade essence. This money is for buying food and wine, not for buying equipment. The money for buying equipment will be given separately in the future. Understood?”

Zhao Hai’s words caused everyone to be stunned, then they all cheered. Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and ordered Yuan Ba to give everyone some liquor to drink to their heart’s content. Now, everyone was convinced with Zhao Hai being the team leader. Nobody dared to look down on his abilities anymore. His position in the base has been fully cemented.

Besides his money making ability, another reason everyone was quickly convinced by Zhao Hai was because of his prestige in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Nobody from the Great Realm of Cultivation doesn’t know Zhao Hai. Their sects repeatedly told them how powerful Zhao Hai was. They might not be fully convinced before, but after seeing Zhao Hai’s prowess, they completely believed what they heard.

The next morning, besides distributing tasks, Zhao Hai also gave Yuan Ba a list of materials to buy. And all of these things must be bought as soon as possible.

Yuan Ba naturally wouldn’t delay. He immediately went to Shangshan City to buy. Compared to Wulong City, Shangshan City has more materials that could be bought.

Zhao Hai wasn’t opposed to Yuan Ba going to Shangshan City. He also wanted to see if Yuan Ba was going to be targeted by the True Dao Sect. If Yuan Ba suffers any misfortunes in Shangshan City, then this means that the True Dao Sect has evil intentions towards the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Zhao Hai also told Yuan Ba about this matter. Yuan Ba also didn’t flinch. He knew how crucial this was for the entire Great Realm of Cultivation.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s group still has to do some tasks. By this time, people were beginning to rotate. Besides the newcomers who would do tasks, the others began to take turns guarding the camp.

The positioning disc was also put to use. Everyone brought a secondary disk with them. This would give them a further guarantee to their safety.

The task that Zhao Hai and the others would do this day was in the mines. It was a task issued by the Flame Mountain Sect. They were going to look for a fire-resistant ore. This ore cannot be used to refine artifacts. However, it was useful for making stoves or forging platforms.

The source of this ore was also very unusual as it was on an active volcano. This volcano would erupt once in a while. Therefore, the task carried a certain danger.

Naturally, the most dangerous part of the task wasn’t the volcano itself. Living inside the volcano were fire-element beasts known as the fire scorpion. This beast not only had immortal-level strength, their attacks also carry fire poison. Even immortal experts wouldn’t be able to easily expel this poison.

Fire scorpions loved living inside active volcanoes. Although they don’t appear in huge groups, a fire scorpion can be a threat to a team of ten. This was because in addition to being a fire-element beast, the fire scorpion also carried a bit of the earth-element. They would hide in the earth to attack its enemies. In active volcanoes, it was quite hard to detect fire scorpions.

The active volcano that Zhao Hai and the others were going to was far away from Shangshan City. They had to take a transmission formation to Hengdao City(Horizontal Blade City). Then from Hengdao City, they would fly towards the active volcano.

Zhao Hai and the others arrived at Wulong City very early. They didn’t immediately go to Shangshan City. They stayed for some time to wait for information from Yuan Ba. They wanted to know how Yuan Ba would be treated in Shangshan City. If Yuan Ba was alright, then they would go to Shangshan City. But if Yuan Ba notices something wrong, then they would have to give up on the task because this means that the True Dao Sect has ideas on them. They would have to find a place to hide as soon as possible.

After waiting in Wulong City, Yuan Ba sent a message to Zhao Hai, telling him that nothing happened in Shangshan City. Yuan Ba also finished buying the materials. Zhao Hai felt relieved. Then he led Zhang Feng and the others to the transmission formation to head towards Shangshan City. Then using Shangshan City’s transmission formation, they went to Hengdao City.

Just as Zhao Hai and the others appeared in Hengdao City, a grating alarm sounded out. This caused Zhao Hai and the others to stare. Then they saw cultivators of the city heading towards the city walls.

Zhao Hai remembered Cai’er words last night and frowned. His expression changed as he said, “It’s not good. The beast tide has begun.” Then he led the others towards the city wall.

When they reached the city walls, they found that a lot of cultivators were already gathered there. Everyone was looking outside. Zhao Hai also flew up but found nothing.

While Zhao Hai was focusing, he felt a burst of red light flashing on his jade card. Zhao Hai picked up the jade card and read the urgent notice, “Due to the recent abnormal movements of the beasts, it is suspected that a beast tide is coming. Everyone is not allowed to leave the city to do tasks. Everyone needs to stay inside the city to get ready to fight against the beast tide. If you leave the city, you will have to deal with the consequences.”

Looking at the notice, Zhao Hai relaxed. Then he looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Let’s go to the transmission formation plaza and return to Shangshan City. Have everyone stay in Shangshan City. When the beast tide arrives, we will help defend.”

Zhang Feng and the others naturally wouldn’t decline. Although they brought portable transmission formations, it has limitations. If the place they were going to was blocked by a defensive shield, the portable transmission formation wouldn’t activate. And since the beast tide was coming, the defensive shields of the cities were activated. They could only use conventional transmission formations to travel.

The reason for this weakness of portable transmission formations was the level wasn’t good. More importantly, energy patterns on portable transmission formations were different. This caused portable transmission formations to have this disadvantage.

While Zhao Hai and the others were using the transmission formation to return to Shangshan City, they didn’t notice that someone was paying attention to them. And this person was Lin Ling.

Lin Ling was optimistic about Zhao Hai. This was the reason he asked Feng Lingyun to test him. This time, Zhao Hai’s task took him to Hengdao City so that they could go to the active volcano. Actually, Hengdao City was established by Lin Ling’s Tyrant Blade Sect. As soon as Zhao Hai arrived, Lin Ling immediately knew. Therefore, he has been paying attention to Zhao Hai’s movements in the city. He also heard what Zhao Hai said. Hearing that Zhao Hai and the others were returning to Shangshan City, Lin Ling nodded. He didn’t stop Zhao Hai. After all, he was aware that Zhao Hai was now the Team Leader of the Great Realm of Cultivation. He has to think about the well-being of his people.

After returning to Shangshan City, Zhao Hai immediately sent a message to Li Mu, making everyone go to Shangshan City. The situation of Shangshan City was the same as Hengdao City. Cultivators were also flying towards the city walls. They couldn’t see the beasts yet, but they wanted to be the first ones to see the beasts when they attacked.

Zhao Hai wasn’t as curious as the others. Not long after he sent the message, Li Mu and the others arrived at Shangshan City. As soon as they received the urgent notice, Li Mu and the others entered Wulong City. Originally, they planned to fight the beast tide in Wulong City. But because of Zhao Hai’s orders, they changed their location to Shangshan City.

Seeing everyone arrive, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “Since a beast tide is coming, we cannot do any tasks in the next few days. Although we’re familiar with Wulong City, it’s too small. Therefore, I had everyone come to Shangshan City. We will help with the battle here.”


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