BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1939


Chapter 1939 – Stop Comparing To Him

Zhao Hai looked at everyone’s expression and smiled, “Don’t worry. Although I haven’t been to the True Spirit Realm and don’t understand its people, I know that the True Spirit Realm wants to find talents in the Soaring Dragon Realm. They would sell raw materials at a very cheap price but sell finished products for a premium.”

Zhang Feng and the others didn’t understand much of what Zhao Hai said. However, Yuan Ba nodded and said, “The Team Leader is right. In the Soaring Dragon Realm, raw materials are quite cheap compared to finished products.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Actually, I suspect that they’re doing this intentionally. It might seem like they’re squeezing the people from the lower realms by selling finished products for a high price, but this also meant that cultivators from the lower realms would be forced to look for alternatives. The cheap price of raw materials would force people to create their own artifacts and pills. With this process, those with talent in refining artifacts and crafting pills would surface. I think pill-makers and artifact refiners are still valued in the True Spirit Realm judging by how much the Serene Formation Sect paid for the portable transmission formations.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng and the others were stunned. Zhao Hai just mentioned the purpose of bars and restaurants, now he explained the purpose of the Soaring Dragon Realm’s prices.

Yuan Ba frowned and said, “It seems like we need to take note of these things when coming to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Otherwise, we won’t be noticed by the large sects.”

Zhang Feng and the others nodded. At this moment, Zhao Hai said, “Alright, let’s think about that later. We’re here to drink and eat some food.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took the chopsticks and ate some of the dishes on the table. It must be said that the food in the tavern was quite good. However, compared to the food in the Space, it was still far behind.

This was the first time Zhang Feng and the others ate in their entire lives. In the past, they drank spirit wine and ate some medicinal plants, but they haven’t eaten cooked food before. 

The group clumsily held the chopsticks as they took some of the food. It took them a while before they managed to pick something up. But as they ate more and more, their speed of eating increased.

Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything. Actually, the food in Mist Pill Tavern was very good. Of the six dishes, two were meat and four were vegetarian. All of them were cooked masterfully. The meat dishes were made with fish and a kind of beast meat. The vegetarian dishes were made with common vegetables.

These dishes were very common to Zhao Hai, so he just tasted them and then stopped. Instead, he asked Zhang Feng and the others to eat more. He just drank his wine as he looked at them happily eating the food.

Before long, the dishes were eaten clean by Zhang Feng and the others. They put down their chopsticks with an expression of yearning on their faces. When they looked at each other, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I didn’t expect these things to taste so good. Little Hai, let’s come here more often to eat.”

Zhang Feng became more and more fond of the tavern. You can eat good food here and also learn about the customs of the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “We’ll return here later. Right, it’s time for us to return. We still have to buy liquor for everyone.” After he said that, Zhao Hai turned around and said, “Waiter! We’re paying!”

The waiter immediately ran over, then he gave Zhao Hai a bow before saying, “Mister, how is the food? Did you like it? It’s 100 spirit stones for everything. Thank you for your patronage.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “How much is a jin of this wine?”

The waiter quickly answered, “It’s one spirit stone per jin. This wine is the best we have in this shop. It’s higher priced than the wine outside, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he turned to Yuan Ba and said, “Yuan Ba, give him a jade essence. After paying for our meal, we’ll use the remaining money to buy wine.”

Yuan Ba nodded, then he gave the waiter a jade essence and said, “Just like what the Team Leader said. This is for our meal, and the rest is for wine.” The waiter nodded, then he took the jade essence and went back.

Zhao Hai paid attention to the jade essence that Yuan Ba took out. It was a square green jade with ten centimeters on each side. If this was placed in the Great Realm of Cultivation, then it would be considered as top-tier cultivation material. But in the True Spirit Realm, it was only used as currency. One could see from this how different the two realms were.

Before long, the waiter came back. In his hand was a spatial bag. He handed the spatial bag to Yuan Ba and said, “Everyone, this is 1 thousand jin of wine. Our shop owner wants to thank you for your patronage, so an additional 100 jin was given. I hope you’ll come here more often in the future. Also, please take out your jade cards. Because this is your first time in the tavern, you will be awarded with 10 impression points.”

A pie fell from the sky! For Zhao Hai’s group this was an unexpected blessing. They never thought that such a good thing would happen. They were given ten impression points for doing nothing. It was incredible. Now, Zhang Feng and the others were completely convinced with what Zhao Hai said.”

After getting their impression points as well as 1000 jin of spirit wine, Zhao Hai and the others left the Mist Pill Tavern. Once they were outside, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but laugh in glee as he said, “I didn’t expect to get such a good thing. Hahaha. This was fantastic!”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yuan Ba, when you sold the portable transmission formations, did you get any benefits? Were you awarded with impression points?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan Ba couldn’t help but pat his head as he said, “Now that you mention it, they said that we can sell them a specific type of artifact. If they reach the standards of the True Spirit Realm, then they will also give impression points. Each person can be given 10 impression points. But only a maximum of 100 people can be given.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. Making artifacts isn’t a problem. Buy two copies of the artifacts that we need to make and bring them to me. Don’t buy the materials yet. I’ll analyze them when we return. Then we’ll go buy the materials tomorrow.”

Yuan Ba nodded, then he turned around and left. Before long, he returned and said, “I bought a set of positioning discs and inner armor. The positioning disc is a set of equipment that could be used by a thousand people. It’s divided into a master disc and secondary disc. There is only one master disc which will be left in the base. The thousand secondary discs will be carried on people’s bodies, so that no matter where they go, the master disc will always locate them. Naturally, this is the smallest type of positioning disk, we can’t afford the bigger ones. As for the inner armor, it’s very good. It costs 100 jade essence. Even if you’re attacked by an immortal expert without any defenses, the inner armor can block the attack.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. These are things we need. Let’s head back to the base. I want to research these things. Then we’ll buy the materials needed to make them.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried at all that he couldn’t make these two things. Even Zhang Feng and the others weren’t worried. Zhang Feng knew about Zhao Hai’s special ability. Meanwhile, the others were confident in Zhao Hai upon seeing his performance in the last two days. His actions and results have completely conquered their hearts.

The group immediately used their portable transmission formations to return to their base. Currently, there were only 200 people left behind in the base. They weren’t there to defend the base. Instead, they were reinforcements in case a team needed support. The person in charge of staying behind was still Li Mu.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s team return, Li Mu immediately greeted them. Then he asked, “Army Commander, you’re back. Did your task go smoothly?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Very smooth. You ask Yuan Ba about the specifics. Yuan Ba, give me the bag.” Yuan Ba complied and handed a spatial bag to Zhao Hai. Then Zhao Hai immediately teleported to his residence.

Seeing Zhao Hai disappear quickly, Li Mu was confused. He turned to Yuan Ba and asked, “What’s with the Army Commander? Did something happen?”

Yuan Ba laughed as he explained what’s going on. As he listened to Yuan Ba, Li Mu became increasingly shocked. Thirty-five thousand jade essence, that was a huge amount. He never thought that they would hold such a large amount of money. And this was achieved by Zhao Hai in just two days. 

Of course, they don’t have as much jade essence anymore. Although they bought the smallest type of positioning disc, it costs 10 thousand jade essence. Then 100 jade essences were used to buy the inner armor. They only have more than 20 thousand jade essences left. Nevertheless, Li Mu was still overjoyed.

As soon as they heard that there would be drinking later on, Li Mu and the others cheered. Before Li Mu could inform those who were doing their tasks, Zhang Feng quickly said, “Li Mu, let’s not be too loud. Little Hai is still researching the positioning disc and the inner armor. Let’s not disturb him. Don’t be anxious to inform everyone as well. They’re still doing their tasks. We can’t distract them. Let’s just get things ready here.”

Hearing Zhang Feng, Li Mu couldn’t help but be embarrassed, “I’m sorry, Gang Leader. I’m just too happy. Our Great Realm of Cultivation has never been so rich. The Army Commander just achieved all of this in two days. Compared to him, I’m still too far.”

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “It’s no use comparing yourself to Little Hai. Not to mention you, nobody in the Great Realm of Cultivation could compare to him.” What Zhang Feng said might sound overboard, but nobody opposed it. Everyone knew that what he said was right.


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