BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1937


Chapter 1937 – Meeting Tree Demons

Feng Lingyun smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t expect Brother Lin to find someone with divine spiritual force. No wonder you wanted to take him in. If those fellows in the sect knew, they would certainly place more importance to him. They might even try snatching him from you.”

Lin Ling smiled and said, “Brother, you can’t tell anyone. If you do, then I will turn my back on you.”

Feng Lingyun waved his hand and said, “Brother Lin can rest assured. I still have a sense of decency. As long as Zhao Hai is in the territory of the True Dao Sect, I promise to look after him and prevent any sect from recruiting him.”

Lin Ling nodded, “Alright, then this Brother will thank you. Once this fellow gains experience, I’ll lead him to the Tyrant Blade Sect. Brother Feng, Sister Luo, I still have something to do. I’ll invite you two over for drinks later.”

Feng Lingyun smiled and said, “Alright. Then I’ll expect a drink from you next time.”

Lin Ling cupped his fist towards the two before leaving. Looking at Lin Ling’s back, Feng Lingyun turned to Luo Xiu’er and forced a smile as he said, “I didn’t expect Brother Lin to find such a person. He’s even an ascendant. That kid has demonic talent.”

Luo Xiu’er smiled and said, “Forget it. You’ll only be envious if you think too much about it. Just help Brother Lin look after Zhao Hai. Otherwise, Brother Lin will deal with you the next time we meet.”

Zhao Hai was completely unaware of this conversation. Although the Space has mapped Shangshan City, Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare try mapping the branch office of the True Dao Sect. These places should be extremely sensitive towards surveillance. If he tried to monitor the sect branch, then he would trigger an alarm formation.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know what kind of alarm formation it was, but it should be very sensitive. If he tried to release liquid silver, it wouldn’t be able to escape this formation. Because of this, Zhao Hai has no eyes inside the branch offices of the sects in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Only Wulong City’s branch office was mapped. This was because Zhao Hai himself had entered inside.

Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the ginseng region. The reason it was named ginseng region was because this was the place where the original people of the Soaring Dragon Realm used to raise ginseng. They planted ginseng in this region in the past, but left it behind. Now, ginseng grows naturally in the region, making it a site for ginseng digging. It also became a location for newcomers to go.

But don’t think that the region for raising ginseng wasn’t big. In fact, it was a vast region where ginseng grew. There’s a breed of bird called the ginseng bird. It was said that once you hear the song of a ginseng bird, then someone would find a ginseng. This bird especially likes to eat ginseng fruits. The bird’s excrement aided in spreading ginseng seeds to the surroundings.

As the ginseng bird flew all around the region, the area in which the ginseng grew expanded. By this point, nobody knows how big the ginseng region was. People only knew that a lot of ginseng could be found in this area.

Zhao Hai looked at the forest in front of him. Then he turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, let’s go on our own for a while. However, don’t go too far away. Let’s make sure that we can fly over in a short time. This is not a safe place.”

Zhang Feng and the others nodded, then they all scattered in the forest. Zhao Hai also flew towards the forest. Actually, Zhao Hai knew where the ginseng were. This was because Tie Zhantian and his team took the same task before. But during their time, they clashed against the Tree Demons. In that battle, Tie Zhantian’s team lost 5 people. Zhao Hai also took these people to the Space.

However, the area that Tie Zhantian and the others explored wasn’t very big. Although Zhao Hai knew that there was ginseng, the level of ginseng he found weren’t very high. Zhao Hai wouldn’t even grace these ginseng with his gaze. What he wanted were top-grade ginseng.

The Soaring Dragon Realm was very rich in spiritual qi. This made the ginseng found here to be universally better than in the Great Realm of Cultivation. A 20-year old ginseng in the Soaring Dragon Realm was as effective as a 100-year old ginseng in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Although the ginseng he found was considered good in the Great Realm of Cultivation, Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to find ginseng that was top-quality. Perhaps Zhang Feng and the others would be ecstatic if they found a 100-year old ginseng, but Zhao Hai wouldn’t. He knows that there are older ginseng present.

As the group moved forward, they kept in touch using their communication tokens. It must be mentioned that it was quite strange that there were almost no beasts in the ginseng region. Beasts might be seen here and there, but they weren’t common.

After flying for about an hour, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. Then he knit his brows and took out his communication token before saying, “Everyone, be careful. There’s danger in front. Begin gathering around me.” As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng and the others immediately gathered. Fortunately, everyone was quite close to each other. It didn’t take long for them to group up.

Zhang Feng looked at the front. Naturally, he couldn’t see anything. They were flying inside a forest. There were no paths they could follow. Their sight was also blocked by the trees. Additionally, their spiritual force was suppressed in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Because of this, they couldn’t scan too far. 

But even if Zhang Feng didn’t discover anything, they knew that Zhao Hai did. Zhang Feng was confident with Zhao Hai, so he turned his head to Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, what did you see?”

“There’s a beast in front. It’s a very powerful beast. We need to be careful.”

Hearing this, Zhang Feng and the others became more serious. They knew how strong Zhao Hai was. If Zhao Hai said that it was a formidable beast, then this beast certainly wouldn’t be weak.

Zhao Hai led the group slowly forward. Then at this moment, there was a loud roar from the front!

“Ao!” The roar sounded like a wolf’s howl. However, this howl was louder and more penetrating than an ordinary wolf’s. Most importantly, the howl carried an overwhelming pressure that slammed towards Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed, then he turned his head to Zhang Feng and said, “This beast is stronger than I thought. Let’s head east. We’ll pick a few ginseng and then let’s immediately head back.”

Zhang Feng and the others nodded. They could also feel the pressure. The pressure was terrifying. Although they have reached the immortal stage, their pressure was a child’s toy compared to the one they felt from the howl. Therefore, none of them dared to stop.

The group retreated about ten kilometers back before making a detour eastwards. They were all careful along the way. The pressure of the beast caused them to be vigilant.

Zhao Hai knew very well what kind of beast they just encountered. The beast they met was indeed a wolf-type beast. The wolf was covered in silver fur. There was also a half meter long sharp horn on its head. The wolf was three meters long and one meter high. The wolf was lying under a huge tree. But beside the wolf was a ginseng plant. From what it looked like, the ginseng was a thousand years old. It seems like the wolf was waiting for the ginseng to be mature. Then it would eat it to improve its cultivation.

And because of this, when Zhao Hai and the others were approaching, the silver wolf immediately howled to warn them. Zhao Hai could see that the wolf wasn’t only at the immortal stage. Zhao Hai still doesn’t know how the levels above the immortal stage were divided. But Zhao Hai was sure that he had no chance of winning against the silver wolf with his current strength. Therefore, he made the decision to retreat.

Even though Zhao Hai and the others were now out of danger, Zhao Hai was still very careful. At the same time, he had liquid silver expand the detection range. Now, he was aware that there were true monsters in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

After going eastwards for an hour, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. This caused Zhang Feng and the others to stop as well. All of them were paying attention to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ve lucked out. Someone helped us pick all the ginseng. Let’s go get it.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng and the others were stunned. All of them looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. Zhao Hai smiled at them and elaborated, “There’s a group of 10 Tree Demons half an hour away from us. We also have 10 people. We’re going to be bandits this time, snatching their things.”

Zhang Feng and the others’ expressions lit up. Although they met Tree Demons the day before, all of the Tree Demons were dealt with by Zhao Hai’s Undead. From Zhao Hai’s words, it seems like he wants them to fight the Tree Demons. And instead of being afraid, they were excited.

Zhang Feng and the others haven’t had a lot of chances to fight as immortal experts. If they don’t have any experience, then they wouldn’t be able to progress. Moreover, they entered the Soaring Dragon Realm to enter the True Spirit Realm. They knew that even if they succeeded, they would still have to fight. It would be better to gain experience in the Soaring Dragon Realm first.

With such thoughts, everyone was looking forward to the fight. Seeing their appearance, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He just smiled faintly and waved his hand, leading Zhang Feng and the others forward.

Within half an hour, they felt the presence of the Tree Demons. All of them immediately charged. The Tree Demons also welcomed their attack.

Although the Tree Demons felt the approach of Zhao Hai’s group, they found that those approaching them only had ten people. They were also a team of ten. It was ten against ten. It seems like both sides were even. But Zhao Hai knew that the Tree Demons had an advantage inside the forest.

This time, Zhao Hai wasn’t going to seal the ability of the Tree Demons. He wanted Zhang Feng and the others to experience the full strength of the Tree Demons.

Zhao Hai knew that he couldn’t protect Zhang Feng and the others forever. It’s better to let them experience the things they would eventually experience. Otherwise, Zhang Feng and the others would become flowers grown in the greenhouse. And these types of people wouldn’t survive for long in a chaotic environment.

Both sides quickly closed in on each other. Ten kilometers, five kilometers, one kilometer. Now, the two groups could see each other. The Tree Demons were still dressed in green robes and had green hair. Their green hair has become the symbol of the Tree Demons.

When the Tree Demons saw Zhao Hai, they wanted to stop and say a few words of nonsense. But Zhao Hai and the others had no intentions to talk. They even increased the speed of their charge. For a long time, the Tree Demons have always robbed others. Seeing Zhao Hai’s group intending to rob them, the Tree Demons felt that they had lost face. They no longer intend to exchange a few words. Both sides immediately took out their weapons.

When the battle began, Zhao Hai understood why so many people dislike meeting Tree Demons in the forest. The combat methods of the Tree Demons were very strange. A huge tree appeared from the bodies of the Tree Demons. This was their dao avatar. The tree fell to the ground and its roots connected to the surrounding trees. Then the spiritual qi absorbed would be sent to the Tree Demon, increasing their strength.

Zhao Hai hasn’t seen this form of combat before. The last time he met Tree Demons, he directly shut off this ability. He didn’t give them any opportunity to use their dao avatars. Now, upon seeing what’s in front of him, Zhao Hai knew how terrifying the Tree Demons could be. However, this terror was relative. To Zhang Feng and the others, the Tree Demons might be threatening. On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t terrified by them.

There was a divergent ability that Zhao Hai hadn’t used for a long time. At that time, he hadn’t comprehended magic and the path of a cultivator. Naturally, his offensive strength was worse than it is now. At this time, Zhao Hai didn’t use any of his abilities nor did he release his dao avatar. He just used a divergent ability to fight against the Tree Demon in front of him.

Zhao Hai knew that the weakness of the Tree Demons was his metal-element divergent ability. Metal overcomes wood. Therefore, his metal-element divergent technique could restrain beings of the wood-element. Fighting Tree Demons, Zhao Hai only has to use this divergent ability, nothing else.

The Tree Demon that fought against Zhao Hai discovered a problem as soon as they clashed. He defended properly and didn’t give Zhao Hai a chance to wound him. However, Zhao Hai was relentless. His attacks got more and more violent. The Tree Demon could only desperately defend. He has no strength to fight back.

Zhao Hai increased his intensity once more. This was because he discovered that Zhang Feng and the others weren’t having a good time. He wanted to end his own fight quickly to support them.


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