BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1936


Chapter 1936 – Divine Spiritual Force

Everyone was silent due to the heavy mood. They felt that their situation wasn’t going very well. If the True Dao Sect deals with them, the Great Realm of Cultivation would be finished.

Looking at Zhang Feng and the others, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, there’s no need to look so down. There are too many possibilities. If the True Dao Sect really wants to deal with us, why would they send two disciples to provoke us? They would have eliminated us directly and nobody would have said anything. The True Dao Sect could also expel the Great Realm of Cultivation with just a few words. It might be that those two disciples were just laughing at us, nothing else.”

Zhang Feng and the others also thought about what happened. The True Dao Sect was a true powerhouse in the True Spirit Realm. They could deal with the Great Realm of Cultivation with just one sentence. It doesn’t need their disciples to provoke anyone.

The Soaring Dragon Realm wasn’t the Great Realm of Cultivation. Even the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t dare say that they could deal with the small sect with just one sentence. That would make all the small sects turn against the Black Tiger Gang. In turn, this would be disadvantageous to the gang’s future.

On the other hand, the True Dao Sect could claim that they could deal with the Great Realm of Cultivation with just a few words. Moreover, nobody would dare tell them off. This was because every cultivator present in the Soaring Dragon Realm wants to enter the True Spirit Realm. And if they want to enter the True Spirit Realm, then they couldn’t offend the True Dao Sect.

While Zhao Hai and the others were flying away from Shangshan City, the two disciples of the True Dao Sect returned to the sect’s branch office. As soon as they entered the branch, the two immediately went to a meeting room. Inside the room was a person. This person was wearing warrior clothing and had a blade on his back. He looked very sturdy.

If Zhao Hai saw this person, he would immediately recognize him. This person was Lin Ling who took Zhao Hai to the Soaring Dragon trial. He was still dressed the same way as when he met Zhao Hai. His unsheathed blade still made people afraid.

The two disciples went to see Lin Ling. When they entered the room, the male disciple said, “Brother Lin, you were wrong this time. After we provoked Zhao Hai, he just turned around and left. Such a person doesn’t seem to be fit for your sect’s cultivation methods.”

The female cultivator nodded, “Brother Lin, you’re respected in the Tyrant Blade Sect. The people you have brought into the sect all turned out to be geniuses. Your reputation in finding talents is very good. I don’t think you should risk it this time.”

When Lin Ling heard the two, he couldn’t help but frown. Then he said, “Zhao Hai just accepted your provocation without a single reply? That’s not right. It’s not his personality. Brother Feng, Sister Xiu’er, did you show any flaws?”

The two people Lin Ling was talking to were inner disciples of the True Dao Sect. The man was named Feng Lingyun while the woman was named Luo Xiu’er. The two of them grew up in the same place and later joined the True Dao Sect together. However, the two of them weren’t lovers, just good friends. Later, when the two were out on a trial, they were plotted against. After being rescued by Lin Ling, the three became good friends. The Tyrant Blade Sect that Lin Ling belonged to was also one of the 81 top sects of the True Spirit Realm. It was similarly powerful and had a good relationship with the True Dao Sect, which allowed the three to have a close relationship.

Zhao Hai has been in Lin Ling’s eyes for a long time. He also knew that Zhao Hai had entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. After getting word that Zhao Hai had come to the Shangshan City, he immediately asked Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er to provoke Zhao Hai. He wanted to see what kind of reaction he would have.

Lin Ling knew Zhao Hai’s whereabouts because of the Mist Pill Sect. The Mist Pill Sect wasn’t only good at alchemy. Their intelligence network was also very famous in the True Spirit Realm. The Mist Pill Sect has shops in almost all corners of the True Spirit Realm. Therefore, in addition to pills, the Mist Pill Sect also sold information. However, the information they sell weren’t very important. They never leaked any secret information about sects.

Lin Ling also has friends in the Mist Pill Sect. A friend of Lin Ling passed him Zhao Hai’s location.

The Tyrant Blade Sect that Lin Ling belonged to has a very high requirement for a cultivator’s temperament. A blade is a tyrant of a hundred soldiers. No matter what kind of blade, it would always have a domineering aura. But being a tyrant wasn’t just about being domineering. One needed the courage to fight no matter who the enemy was. It was the courage to fight to the death. Therefore, whenever the Tyrant Blade Sect accepted disciples, they didn’t care about aptitude. What they wanted from the cultivator was their temperament.

If Zhao Hai was indifferent to the provocations of the two without discovering their identity, then this meant that he weren’t suitable for the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Hearing Lin Ling’s words, Feng Lingyun was in a bit of a daze, then he frowned and said, “We aren’t that careless. Look at us, we’re wearing ordinary robes. We had these robes made a while ago. You should know that the True Dao Sect don’t have any clothes like these. He shouldn’t have found out about us.”

Lin Ling looked at the robes of the two and then nodded. Then all of a sudden, his eyes stopped on their sleeves. This caused the two to be puzzled.

Lin Ling pointed to the sleeves and said, “You two, why did you embroider the word ‘Dao’ in your sleeves? Isn’t that telling other people that you’re from the True Dao Sect? Moreover, you’re in Shangshan City. If Zhao Hai replied to your provocations, then he would be a complete idiot.”

Upon hearing Lin Ling, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er couldn’t help but stare. Then they looked at their sleeves and the expressions on their faces froze. They didn’t expect their disguise to have a huge flaw.

Feng Lingyun shook his head, then he smiled bitterly and said, “It seems like the kid you had your eyes on is very good, Brother Lin. He just gave us a glance and immediately knew our status.”

Liu Xiu’er looked at Lin Ling and asked, “Brother Lin, tell me, when did this Zhao Hai get your attention?”

Lin Ling smiled faintly and said, “This Zhao Hai isn’t simple. When I investigated his background, I found that this fellow isn’t from the Great Realm of Cultivation. He ascended from the lower realms. Moreover, he ascended more than once. This meant that he’s from the lowest realms. I also have suspicions that he has divine spiritual force!”

“Diving spiritual force? Brother Lin, are you sure? Is it really divine spiritual force?” Hearing Lin Ling mentioning divine spiritual force, Luo Xiu’er and Feng Lingyun couldn’t help but be surprised.

Lin Ling shook his head and said, “I’m fairly certain that it’s divine spiritual force. In the Great Realm of Cultivation, only divine spiritual force could detect the spirit inspection formation. I’m not even confident in detecting it.”

Feng Lingyun’s complexion changed, “You’re saying that Zhao Hai not only has divine spiritual force, but he could also detect the spirit inspection formation? How is that possible?”

Lin Ling couldn’t explain it, but he elaborated, “It’s true. This round, it was the Tyrant Blade Sect’s turn to evaluate the lower realms. I was one of the participants. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have discovered that Zhao Hai could detect the spirit inspection formation.”

The spirit inspection formation was a very famous formation of the True Spirit Realm. It was famous because it could combine the spiritual force of many people, amplify it, and then release it towards the target. The spirit inspection formation was used to scan entire realms.

Additionally, the fluctuations of the spirit inspection formation was completely different compared to ordinary spiritual force. Ordinary people have no way to detect this transformed spiritual force. Even the True Spirit Realm has to rely on certain methods to detect it. Sects in the True Spirit Realm have a type of radar formation that would detect whether a spirit inspection formation was active. 

If a low-level person wanted to detect a spirit inspection formation, then there was only one way, and that was divine spiritual force. However, divine spiritual force was extremely rare. There are a lot of conditions to form this spiritual force. 

The first condition was a very pure spiritual force. The second condition was to have a rich amount of faith power. The third condition was fulfilling the wish of the deceased, letting their soul fragments to rest. This would induce a harmony between faith power and spiritual force. And once the two combined, they would be strengthened and then become divine spiritual force.

These conditions were very harsh, especially the third one. Fulfilling the wishes of one or two deceased wasn’t enough to induce a harmony of spiritual force and faith power. This was because the soul fragments left behind by a person were very small. A massive amount of soul fragments were needed to fulfill the condition.

But who has the ability to find a large number of dead people and help fulfill their wishes? Most people wouldn’t be able to do it. Because of this, divine spiritual force was very rare.

Nevertheless, the wonders of divine spiritual force were infinite. Although it was another form of spiritual force, it was on a completely new level. It can easily break open any spiritual defense as well as scan the enemy without them knowing. One could even scan things that would otherwise be missed by normal spiritual force.

Most importantly, divine spiritual force has the ability to slowly assimilate spiritual force, turning them into divine spiritual force. Naturally, this process was extremely slow. If there was only a small amount of spiritual force, one wouldn’t be able to notice the change.

Due to the numerous mysteries of divine spiritual force, cultivators wanted to obtain it. But up until the present, only a few managed to succeed. Therefore, upon hearing Lin Ling mention that Zhao Hai has divine spiritual force, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu’er were surprised.


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