BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1934


Chapter 1934 – Ginseng-picking Task

When he heard Zhang Feng, Li Mu paused for a moment before his eyes turned bright. Then he nodded and then vanished from the cave.

The reason Li Mu’s eyes lit up was because he knew how important it was for them if the dimming of the stalactites indicated that it was dark outside.

In the Great Realm of Cultivation, nobody cared whether it was daytime or nighttime. However, in the Soaring Dragon Realm, nighttime meant danger. The night was the world of the beasts. 

It would be inconvenient if they didn’t know when night and day happened since their base was located underground. It must be known that cities blocked their transmission formations during the night. If the Great Realm of Cultivation doesn’t know the time, then they wouldn’t know when the city’s transmission formations opened.

Although there were items that could tell the time, the items weren’t very convenient to use. This was because these items were made for the Great Realm of Cultivation. The length of the day in the Soaring Dragon Realm was different. If they used their time telling items, then they would have to make calculations before they could get the proper time.

When Li Mu arrived outside, he discovered that the skies had turned dark. Seeing this, Li Mu no longer delayed and immediately used the portable transmission formation to return to the base. He worried that the white light that produced by his teleportation would attract beasts. He might be in danger if he didn’t leave immediately.

Sure enough, three minutes after Li Mu disappeared, several beasts rushed to his location. After seeing that their target was gone, the beasts began to disperse.

Li Mu excitedly reported to Zhang Feng when he returned to the base, “Gang Leader, it’s dark outside. The dimming of the stalactites are synchronized with the arrival of night.”

The others were also happy upon hearing the good news. Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “We still need to see if the stalactites could also tell if it’s daytime. Tomorrow, you’ll have to go out once the stalactites light up. If what we’re thinking is correct, then we won’t have to worry about telling the time. Alright, everyone, take a rest. Also, there’s no need to activate the defensive formation. It’s useless to activate it here. And the fluctuation might attract the attention of beasts.”

Everyone nodded. They knew that what Zhang Feng said was correct. Being in a cave, there was no need to activate their defensive formation. Everyone returned to their residences to rest. Nobody disturbed Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the situation outside. Seeing that Zhang Feng and the others have taken their rest, he turned his head to Laura and said, “What do you think about the cave? Do you want to take a look?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Laura smiled faintly and said, “Of course. But there’s no need for us to go out there. Follow me.” After she said that, she stood up and walked towards the basement of the villa.

Zhao Hai was also curious as he followed Laura and the others underground. When Zhao Hai first discovered the cave, Laura and the others were very envious that they made a similar cave inside the Space. With the current level of the Space, creating a cave was just a matter of thought. Zhao Hai just didn’t know where Laura and the others placed it.

Seeing Laura and the others walking to the basement, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but wonder. Below the villa was the hot spring. Did they turn the basement into an artificial cave?

Before long, the group arrived at the basement. When Laura opened the door, Zhao Hai was able to confirm his guess. The basement of the villa has turned into a giant cave. The size of the cave wasn’t any smaller than the Great Realm of Cultivation’s base. Glistening rocks could be seen everywhere. Moreover, in the middle of the cave was a steaming pool of water. 

Zhao Hai laughed, “This is actually very good. I didn’t expect that you would make the hot springs more attractive.”

In fact, Zhao Hai liked to soak in the hot springs along with Laura and the others. Making the hot springs more beautiful would benefit his enjoyment while using the hot spring.

A night of silence passed. The next morning, Zhao Hai walked out of his residence. He already knew that the stalactites of the base were synchronized with the time outside. When it was dark outside, the light of the base would dim. When daytime comes, the base would also light up. 

When Zhao Hai came out, Zhang Feng and the others also came out. Li Mu already went outside to take a look and saw that it was dawn. Everyone were now looking at the stalactites with excitement.

Seeing Zhao Hai come out, Zhang Feng immediately went to him and said, “Little Hai, we just found out that the stalactites in the cave are synchronized with the time outside. It would dim during the night and become bright during the day.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I know. I just went outside to see. Alright, everyone, please gather around. I have something to share with you.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, everyone immediately grouped up. Zhao Hai waved his hand and a huge pile of discs appeared in front of him. There were complex symbols carved on the discs.

When Zhang Feng and the others saw the discs, their eyes turned bright. They saw Li Mu use these discs to teleport before.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, take one of these disks. This is made using the materials we bought yesterday. By the way, Yuan Ba, I’ll give you a mission. Here are 500 discs, sell them in the city.”

After saying that, Zhao Hai threw a spatial bag to Yuan Ba. With great joy, Yuan Ba caught the bag and opened it. Inside, there were 500 portable transmission formations.

Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Ba and said, “You decide the price, but it shouldn’t be less than 50 thousand spirit stones. There are 50 large-scale transmission formations and the rest are small-scale. We need to sell them off as soon as possible.” Yuan Ba nodded.

Everyone took a portable transmission formation for themselves and inspected it. Zhao Hai took out another spatial bag and threw it to Li Mu as he said, “Li Mu, these are a thousand portable transmission formations. Give them to newcomers to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Remember, if someone joins a sect or returns to the Great Realm of Cultivation, make sure to retrieve them. Don’t let other people take these portable transmission formations.”

Everyone responded. They understood what Zhao Hai said. The portable transmission formation was very important for the camp. In the future, there will be more people coming from the Great Realm of Cultivation. If people who leave the Great Realm of Cultivation team take the portable transmission formations with them, then they would run out of portable transmission formations before long. After all, portable transmission formations weren’t cheap to buy.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “I believe all of you have completed the tasks I gave yesterday. However there are more tasks in the jade slips that I gave you. So you can do them now. Yuan Ba, your main mission is to sell those portable transmission formations. Alright, let’s get moving. Remember to return when it’s dark.”

Everyone kept their portable transmission formations and then left. Zhang Feng, Li Kuangge, and the rest of Zhao Hai’s team also grouped up. Yuan Ba wouldn’t be following them today. Yuan Ba knew that he wasn’t needed by Zhao Hai and the others. Moreover, Yuan Ba has his own mission, so he couldn’t go with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s group returned to Wulong City. After Zhang Feng looked around, he turned his head to Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, what task do we take today?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We’ll continue looking for medicinal materials. Yesterday, we looked for jade stalactite milk, today we’re going to look for wild ginseng.”

Zhang Feng didn’t have any feelings about it. He just nodded and said, “Are we still going to the Mist Pill Sect?” Zhang Feng asked this because he knew that the best tasks for medicinal materials were released by the Mist Pill Sect.

Zhao Hai gave a wide smile as he said, “Right, we’re also going to the Mist Pill Sect. However, you have to make preparations. The place we’ll be going to will have a lot of Tree Demons.”

No wonder Zhao Hai was smiling. As it turns out, he wanted to look for trouble with the Tree Demons. Picking ginseng was just a matter of convenience.

The reason Zhang Feng and the others weren’t nervous was because they knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t look for battles without preparations. Hearing that they were going to a place with a lot of Tree Demons, they immediately knew Zhao Hai’s thoughts. Zhao Hai was a vengeful person. The Tree Demons dared to block their path to rob them. If Zhao Hai didn’t deal with them, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be Zhao Hai.

Before long, the group arrived at the Mist Pill Sect’s branch. The female cultivators in charge of issuing tasks were still the same. When the female cultivators saw Zhao Hai and the others, their eyes couldn’t help but light up. To be honest, jobs in the Soaring Dragon Realm were very boring. What Zhao Hai did yesterday aroused everyone’s interest. So when the female cultivators saw Zhao Hai’s group, they were immediately curious. They wanted to see what task Zhao Hai plans to do.

Zhao Hai went to the same female cultivator from yesterday. Seeing Zhao Hai, the female cultivator smiled and said, “Congratulations for yesterday. I didn’t expect Mister to complete the task so quickly. What task does Mister want to take today?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Many thanks, Miss. We’re here to get the task of collecting ginseng.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the female cultivator couldn’t help but frown. As her expression sank, she said, “Mister, although digging for ginseng is good for newcomers, it’s actually very dangerous. Not only are beasts common in the area where ginseng grow, Tree Demons were also spotted in the region. I reckon you have heard about the Tree Demons?”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the female cultivator to warn them. He felt grateful. He cupped his fist and said, “Thank you for the reminder. We’re aware of what you said. But we’re here to take on this task.” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out his jade card and handed it to the female cultivator.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, the female cultivator knew that she couldn’t convince Zhao Hai otherwise. She nodded and received Zhao Hai’s jade card and then recorded the task. After that, she also took the jade cards of Zhang Feng and the others to process.

Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude towards the female cultivator before turning around and leaving the Mist Pill Sect branch. When they reached outside, Zhang Feng smiled and said, “It seems like that female cultivator is very interested in you, Little Hai. She actually reminded us about the Tree Demons. I reckon she isn’t that accommodating to other people.” 

When they heard Zhang Feng, the others also gave Zhao Hai strange looks. They could also see that the female cultivator’s treatment towards Zhao Hai was much better than the day before.

Seeing how everyone was looking at him, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for her to like me. Don’t forget, we just entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. I don’t have any interest in her either. Laura and the others are already enough for me.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “Sister Laura and the others are really unfortunate. They wouldn’t be able to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm unless they enter the immortal stage. Now, they’re separated from you.”

Zhao Hai just smiled. It’s impossible for him to tell Zhang Feng that he could see Laura and the others anytime he wants. He just shook his head and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this. We still need to go to Shangshan City and then walk for three hours from there.”

Everyone nodded and then went to the transmission formation to go to Shangshan City. Although they have a portable transmission formation, don’t forget that one needs to head to a place to remember its coordinates. Zhao Hai and the others haven’t been to Shangshan City before. Therefore, they need to use the normal transmission formation to go there.”

After paying for the transmission formation, Zhao Hai and the others disappeared from Wulong City in a flash of white light. The next moment, the group appeared at Shangshan City. Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but stare as they looked around the city. They didn’t expect the city to be very lively. Its atmosphere was much better compared to Wulong City.

However, Zhao Hai and the others quickly recovered and left the transmission formation. Shangshan City wasn’t an ordinary place. It was a city established by one of the top sects of the True Spirit Realm. The city was ten times larger than Wulong City. The cultivators who went to Shangshan City were also more numerous. It can be said that it was one of the centers of the Soaring Dragon Realm.


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