BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1933


Chapter 1933 – Moving Bases

Just as Zhao Hai was handing his task over, Yuan Ba went to the Mist Pill Sect’s trading counter to sell the jade stalactite milk. This was a very common thing in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Each task has a certain requirement that needs to be met. If you meet the requirements, then you’ve finished the task. As for the excess, you can sell it or keep it.

Because of this, transactions like Yuan Ba’s were common. This didn’t cause the Mist Pill Sect to be offended. Conversely, the Mist Pill Sect was happy to obtain more jade stalactite milk.

Yuan Ba sold the bottle of jade stalactite milk for about 10 thousand spirit stones. Moreover, all of them were high-grade spirit stones.

It might seem like Zhao Hai and the others were at a loss. The cups that they handed in could almost equal the bottle that Yuan Ba sold. But don’t forget that they were also rewarded with pills. Each one of them received five medicinal pills. If all of them were valued together, the pills would certainly fetch more than 10 thousand spirit stones.

After selling the jade stalactite milk, Zhao Hai and the others left the Mist Pill Sect’s branch hall. While walking on the streets of Wulong City, Zhao Hai turned to Yuan Ba and said, “Yuan Ba, how much do those portable transmission formations cost?”

Yuan Ba could understand Zhao Hai’s thoughts. Hearing the question, he smiled bitterly and said, “Mister, let’s not think about that right now. Although we gained 10 thousand spirit stones, it’s not enough to buy portable transmission formation. One portable transmission formation costs 100 thousand spirit stones. The large-scale portable transmission formation that we use costs 1 million spirit stones. We can’t even afford to sell it. In order to afford the large-scale transmission formation, we started saving from the time of Team Leader Tie Zhantian. And we were only able to buy it a few years ago.”

Zhao Hai thought for a while and said, “You guys wait here. I have something to get from the base, I’ll be back in a while.” After saying that, Zhao Hai disappeared.

Looking at the place Zhao Hai vanished from, Yuan Ba couldn’t help but be envious, “Mister is really lucky. He doesn’t need portable transmission formations. He can go wherever he wants.”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, since Little Hai promised a portable transmission formation to us, he will definitely complete it. He isn’t someone who reneges on his promise.”

Yuan Ba nodded. At this moment, Zhao Hai returned. As soon as he appeared, Zhao Hai took out a few jade slips and handed them over to everyone while saying, “You go buy the things listed on these jade slips. The sooner you buy them, the better. By the way, if the spirit stones aren’t enough, sell the remaining bottle of jade stalactite milk.”

Yuan Ba and the others couldn’t help but be confused. As he read the jade slips, Yuan Ba stared. This was because there weren’t a lot of things inside the jade slips, only ten items. There were metals, jade, and other materials. They weren’t difficult to find.

Yuan Ba looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, why are we buying these things?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t ask too much. Go buy them quickly. After we purchase the items, we’ll go back to the camp. Then we’ll immediately relocate.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone began to feel energized. Then Yuan Ba took Zhao Hai and the others to the trading market of Wulong City.

This trading market was a piece of land allocated by the True Spirit Realm for the lower realms. People of the lower realms could erect stalls in this area to sell items. Sects from the True Spirit Realm also opened stores to sell artifacts, pills, and other materials.

All kinds of products were being traded in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Ores, medicinal plants, and various other items could be traded. There were also True Spirit Realm shops that sell medicinal materials. The True Spirit Realm also encourages services such as refining artifacts or making pills. Making pills and artifacts was crucial to cultivation. If you can refine artifacts and make pills, the True Spirit Realm wouldn’t be jealous for stealing their business, they would even award you with impression points.

The trading market of Wulong City was located at the west district square. The square was quite large, enough for a thousand stalls to be set up. And lined up on the edges of the square were shops that belonged to the sects of the True Spirit Realm. People from the lower realms could only open stalls and not shops.

Most lower realm cultivators set up stalls to sell medicinal herbs or metal ores. They also sell services. Their goal for setting up stalls was to gain more spirit stones.

Naturally, the things here aren’t comprehensive. Generally, people would only sell a few things. Some people would even sell just one thing. You can buy items with spirit stones or try to trade with the seller. There were also people who set up stalls to exchange items; they didn’t want spirit stones.

If you want to buy items, it would be better to do it in the shops owned by the True Spirit Realm sects. Although the items in their shops were more expensive, the quality was guaranteed. One could also find whatever they want.

Zhao Hai and the others first went around the stalls. They managed to buy several things that they needed. But they weren’t able to get everything they wanted. Therefore, they went to the shops. All in all, their expenses reached just below 20 thousand spirit stones. Yuan Ba also had to sell the remaining bottle of jade stalactite milk.

After buying everything, Zhao Hai and the others went to the transmission formation plaza and returned to their base. Li Mu and the others were also ready. Everything was packed. Even the defensive formation has been taken down ready to be reinstalled in the new base.

Seeing Zhao Hai and the others return, Li Mu immediately went forward to meet them. Then he cupped his fist to Zhao Hai and said, “Army Commander, you’re back. I also told the other teams to buy more of the materials that you asked for. They will be back soon. The tasks have been completed without any problems.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, fantastic. Yuan Ba, you should build the transmission formation towards the base first. Then send a group of people to clean the base. Make sure that you don’t spoil the environment inside.”

Yuan Ba nodded. Then he made the preparations. Before long, the transmission formation was built. Then Yuan Ba led a group of people to head towards the base. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and Li Mu waited for the others to return.

Not long after Yuan Ba left, everyone who went out to do tasks returned. Besides the rewards gained by the newcomers, everything else they gained doing the tasks were sold and exchanged for the materials that Zhao Hai wanted.

With everyone back, Zhao Hai ordered them to go to the transmission formation. Batch by batch, people were sent to the new base. When the final group was transported, the transmission formation square of the valley base exploded. Moreover, the valley collapsed, completely vanishing from sight.

Such a huge sound would certainly lure beasts in. Sure enough, two hours after Zhao Hai and the others left, beasts from all directions went to the valley and examined the area. The beasts thought that people fought in the valley and ended up ruining it. With this information, the beasts turned around and left.

Zhao Hai and the others were currently inside the new base. Upon arriving at the base, the cultivators were shocked. They didn’t expect their new base to be so beautiful. It looked like an underground palace. But this palace was naturally formed.

To be honest, it would be cruel to destroy the cave’s image. Yuan Ba and the others shared the same thoughts. Therefore, when they made the entrance, they made sure to make it as small as possible. This minimized the destruction they caused to the cave.

Seeing the progress of Yuan Ba’s group, Zhao Hai nodded. Then he turned to everyone and said, “Everyone, go and build your residences. We’ll also build a transmission formation to the outside world. Li Mu, begin to build the defensive formation. It would be useful if ever our camp gets discovered. Also, don’t disturb me for a while. Just to what I told you.”

Everyone complied and began to move. Zhao Hai also took all of the materials that he had everyone buy. Then he found himself a spot in the cave and built his cave residence. 

Li Mu and the others didn’t know what Zhao Hai was planning to do. However, they didn’t say anything. Those who were unconvinced by Zhao Hai in the beginning already changed their minds after today’s tasks. This was especially true for the veterans. They were a bit dissatisfied with the tasks that Zhao Hai gave them. But as they were doing the task, they realized that it was actually easy to do. They completed the task in less than a day. Moreover, the rewards were quite generous. This was something they didn’t experience before.

The tasks for the newcomers were even better. They all completed their tasks within the day and received an ‘excellent’ evaluation. They also got full impression points, which made the newcomers feel very good.

Although they were newcomers to the Soaring Dragon Realm, they didn’t come with no knowledge. Various sects of the Great Realm of Cultivation have introductions to the Soaring Dragon Realm. All of them knew how important impression points were. They were also aware of how important task completion evaluations were. Being able to obtain perfect points was absolutely a good matter for them.

Everyone became busy and the camp began to slowly take shape. As everyone was doing their tasks, they suddenly felt the cave turn dim. They looked around in confusion. They found that the shining stalactites weren’t as bright as before. Li Mu looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Gang Leader, what do you think is happening? Why did the stalactites dim?”

Zhao Hai frowned as he looked at the surroundings. Then after some time, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Li Mu, take a portable transmission formation and take a look if it’s already dark outside.”


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