BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1932


Chapter 1932 – Bandits On The Road

Zhao Hai and the others were currently flying. Everyone was in a happy mood. People were happily talking with each other. This was because their travel to the cave has been very productive. Not only was the cave secure, it was also very beautiful. They were happy thinking that it would be their future base.

Although he was also happy, Zhao Hai was still wary of the surroundings. The others have lowered their guards a bit because of their happiness. 

All of a sudden, Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. He waved his hand to stop everyone. When Yuan Ba and the others saw Zhao Hai’s hand signal, they immediately stopped talking and halted. They began to prepare for a battle.

Looking at a part of the forest, Zhao Hai said, “Friends, you’ve been waiting there for a long time. Why don’t you come out and talk?”

Yuan Ba and the others’ expressions changed. This was because they didn’t sense another person. They expected to encounter a beast in this place, they didn’t think that it would be another person.

With Zhao Hai’s words, more than 20 people came out of the forest. These people were wearing green robes. More importantly, all of them had green hair.

Seeing these people, Yuan Ba’s complexion changed, he whispered, “It’s the Tree Demon Race. No wonder we weren’t able to detect them.”

Upon hearing Yuan Ba, everyone became even more careful. They have heard about the Tree Demon Race. The realm they came from was called the Tree Demon Realm. As soon as you hear the name, one would know that the Tree Demon Race was the absolute ruler of that realm. The Tree Demon Realm was completely covered with trees. It was in those forests that the Tree Demons cultivate.

However, these Tree Demons weren’t known for their love of trees. The reason they were famous in the Soaring Dragon Realm was because they were effective bandits.

The Soaring Dragon Realm was abundant with forests. And the Tree Demons were the strongest amongst the trees. Because their main bodies were trees, they can effectively hide inside a forest. As long as a cultivator passed them, they wouldn’t be polite. They would block the way and take everything they have by force.

When the Tree Demons are in the forest, their combat strength would be enhanced. And beasts would find it hard to locate them. Because of this, Tree Demons hardly participated in the defense against a beast tide. This allowed them to safely develop. By this point, the Tree Demon Race has become a huge power in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Nobody in the Soaring Dragon Realm liked meeting the Tree Demons. Running into them means that you have bad luck. It was because of this that various cultivators would send information about Tree Demons back to their sects. They were being listed as dangerous entities.

Looking at the Tree Demons, Zhao Hai said, “Friends, why are you blocking our way?”

The Tree Demons looked very arrogant. The one at the front looked like he was in his thirties and had a beautiful green mustache. As the Tree Demon touched his mustache, he smiled and said, “Are you a child? Our Tree Demon Race stopped you. What do you think will happen next?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Tree Demon and said, “I still have to persuade you. It’s better for you to not provoke people you can’t afford to offend. Otherwise, not just you, the entire Tree Demon Race would have an unfortunate time.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Tree Demons couldn’t help but stare, then they laughed. The lead Tree Demon smiled as he pointed at Zhao Hai and said, “Hahaha. After so many years, I finally met someone more arrogant than me. Hahaha. Interesting. Kid, since you made me laugh, I decided that after I kill you, I will personally absorb your body.”

The most abhorrent thing about the Tree Demons was that after they killed a cultivator, they would absorb the cultivator’s flesh and blood and turn it into nourishment.

Zhao Hai looked at the Tree Demon and then smiled as he said, “There are a lot of people who want to kill me, but none of them succeeded so far. Let’s see if you’re the lucky one.” Then with a wave of his hand, hundreds of immortal-level Undead appeared behind him. At the same time, the trees in the forest ruffled with the wind. Then the green lines that originally connected to the Tree Demons were transferred to Zhao Hai’s hand.

Zhao Hai has seen the Tree Demons rob others before. He knew the reasons why the Tree Demons were stronger when inside a forest. The Tree Demons can extract the spiritual qi of the surrounding trees to increase their strength. They could even turn the trees into puppets that could participate in the battle. This was an innate talent of the Tree Demons.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t allow the Tree Demons to do this. His wood-element ability wasn’t inferior to the innate skill of the Tree Demons, it might even be stronger. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t give the Tree Demons a chance to use the trees. He used his own ability to connect with the surrounding trees, making it impossible for the Tree Demons to use them.

After the Tree Demons discovered what Zhao Hai did, their complexion immediately changed. They knew what this meant. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so formidable.

While they were in a daze, Zhao Hai’s Undead charged towards the Tree Demons. The Tree Demons resisted with all their might. They tried to use the trees around them, but because of what Zhao Hai did, they couldn’t borrow their strength.

Being unable to use their innate ability caused the Tree Demons to panic. The forest was their advantage, it was their home ground. In it, they would have a complete advantage against their enemy.

But now, their home ground has been taken away from them. The trees were repelling them.

Moreover, the Tree Demons were being besieged by a hundred Undead. There were only 20 of them, it didn’t take long before casualties appeared.

Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t be polite. After killing the Tree Demons, he immediately took them to the Space and turned them into Undead. But when the Tree Demons died, they turned back into huge trees. 

These huge trees became Tree Demons because they gained souls. Now that they became Undead, they returned to their original body. The leaves of their Undead form have fallen off. Their whole bodies also turned bluish-black. There were also green wisps appearing in their bodies from time to time.

Even if the Tree Demons have lost their humanoid form, it didn’t matter to Zhao Hai. In any case, they were already Undead. It was fine as long as their combat strength remained the same.

It took Zhao Hai less than an hour to clean up the 20 Tree Demons. Zhao Hai tried to see if he could communicate with the Tree Demons, but he found that it was impossible. The Tree Demons have gained sentience, they were like people. They have their own thoughts. Wood-element abilities were useless to them.

Zhao Hai wasn’t disappointed. If he can’t communicate, then he can’t communicate. He already communicated with the Hundred Spirits Tree. Compared to the Hundred Spirits Tree, the Tree Demons were nothing.

After dealing with the Tree Demons, Zhao Hai and the others left. They made such a huge move. It’s possible that they would attract the surrounding beasts. When the time comes, they will be surrounded once more. Therefore, they immediately left the area.

Zhao Hai and the others returned to Wulong City and went directly to the Mist Pill Sect. It was still noon, but Zhao Hai and the others were going to hand in the task. It must be known that the length of task completion has some effect on the awarded impression points.

When Zhao Hai and the others walked into the Mist Pill Sect branch, the female cultivator who gave them the task couldn’t help but be stunned. She knew how difficult it was to find jade stalactite milk. A lot of people took this task but couldn’t complete it. But now, Zhao Hai and the others came back not long after they accepted the task. Did they complete it? Impossible!

As the female cultivator was thinking about this, Zhao Hai and the others went to the counter for the task handover. Then they took out their jade cards as well as a cup of jade stalactite milk to give to the Mist Pill Sect cultivator.

The cultivator in-charge of accepting the tasks was an old cultivator. He was also aware that Zhao Hai and the others had accepted the task this morning. He didn’t expect them to return not long after. After receiving Zhao Hai’s cup, the old cultivator put it under his nose before nodding. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Very good. It’s very fresh jade stalactite milk. Young man, good job. It took you just half a day to complete the task.” After he said that, he also received the jade stalactite milk of the others. Then he gave each cultivator 12 impression points and the word ‘excellent’ on the task completion record.

The evaluation on the task completion record was very important. If you complete the task very well, you would be given an ‘excellent’ on your record. The evaluation was divided into excellent, good, medium, and poor. 

A good task evaluation record was proof that a cultivator was outstanding. It would also be easier for a cultivator to attract the attention of great sects. When the time comes, one would be able to join a better sect. To Zhao Hai and the others who want to enter the True Spirit Realm, this was very important. Joining a big sect was much better than joining a small sect.


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