BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1931


Chapter 1931 – Good Base

Zhang Feng and the others believed what Zhao Hai said. All of them were aware that Zhao Hai ascended from the lower realms. They were also aware of science and technology civilizations. Although they were able to know the capabilities of the snake robot, they didn’t take it seriously upon hearing that it doesn’t have any combat strength. To the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation, strength was everything.

Before long, the sound of metallic friction was heard before the snake robot came out of the hole. Green light came out of the snake’s eyes that formed a projection. Then Zhao Hai and the others looked at the image on the projection.

Upon seeing what’s inside the cave, everyone could no longer calm down. As it turns out, this hidden cave was bigger than the one they were in. It wouldn’t be a problem for tens of thousands of people to move in. Most importantly, there were a lot of jade stalactite milk inside.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, then he said, “Well, it seems like we’ve completed our task. Yuan Ba, I have to thank you this time. Each one of us will take a cup’s worth of jade stalactite milk to hand over to the Mist Pill Sect. As for the rest, we’ll sell it for spirit stones.”

Yuan Ba was also happy with this outcome. In the Soaring Dragon Realm, as long as it was done in a group, everything will belong to the group. The only exception was when the material was needed to complete a task. Some could exchange their share with pills or as spirit stones. 

Zhao Hai waved his hand and used his divergent ability to expand the entrance to the cave. Before long, the entrance to the cave was big enough for five people to pass through side by side.

Inside the giant cave were numerous stalagmites and stalactites that looked like the canines of a beast. On the floor were small pools that were filled with blue liquid. 

As he looked at the jade stalactite milk, Zhao Hai said, “There really are a lot. Everyone, take your share and put the rest away. Yuan Ba, let’s sell half of the stalactites and store the other half. They will have a use in the future.”

Looking at the jade stalactite milk, Yuan Ba said, “Mister, we can just keep them all. Later on, we’ll give it to our newcomers so that they can complete the tasks with ease.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “No, then the purpose of the tasks would disappear. If the Mist Pill Sect finds out about it, then it wouldn’t be good. After these jade stalactite milks are taken away, they would certainly experience some changes. The Mist Pill Sect is an ancient pill refining sect, they should have a way to know when a certain material has been harvested. If they find out that we have been cheating on the tasks, they might be offended.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan Ba stared for a moment before he nodded and said, “Yes, sir, I understand.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand. Everyone took out a cup and collected jade stalactite milk with it. The cups they were using were issued by the Mist Pill Sect. Each cup wasn’t large, it was enough to hold a couple of drops or so. One could see from this point how rare jade stalactite milk was.

Once everyone took their share of jade stalactite milk, Yuan Ba took out two jade bottles and collected the remaining milk. After all the jade stalactite milk were collected, Zhao Hai looked around with his eyes shining as he said, “Everyone take a look around and see if there are any passages to the outside.”

Everyone paused for a moment when they heard Zhao Hai. Then Zhang Feng and the others immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant. They quickly went around the cave to examine it. After a while, Li Kuangge’s voice was heard, “Brother Hai, come and look at this. There seems to be an underground river here.”

Zhao Hai turned his head and immediately flew over. And sure enough, there was a concealed underground river. There was a hole about a meter wide. Then five meters down the hole, one could see flowing water, which made the hole look like a well.

Zhao Hai stretched his hand towards the entrance of the cave and felt that there was a breeze. This means that the cave was ventilated.

Knowing this, Zhao Hai’s expression lit up. Then he said, “Everyone, come over here. I have something to say.” 

Looking at everyone, Zhao Hai said, “What do you think about turning this place into our base? If we seal the hole outside, it would be a fully enclosed space. We can rest here during the night and use a transmission formation to go back to the city during the day.”

Hearing this, Yuan Ba thought about it before his eyes lit up. He replied, “Mister’s proposal is very good. Moreover, after further observation, I could see that the jade stalactites here are still able to produce milk. We won’t collect them, but they should be useful for us. And with such a fully enclosed base, our safety is more guaranteed. It’s also not far from Wulong City. No matter which way you look at it, it’s a very convenient location.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You guys stay here first while I explore the underground river below. If the river can be used as an exit, we’ll move our base here.” Everyone nodded. They were aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. They weren’t worried about him suffering an accident.

Zhao Hai’s figure soon disappeared as he followed the flow of the underground river. The river was actually quite wide. Zhao Hai could feel that the river was over a hundred meters wide and a couple dozen meters deep.

Zhao Hai went upstream first. Because of his water-element abilities, Zhao Hai moved quickly in the water. Even so, it took him nearly an hour before he found the source of the river. The source of the river was a lake. Surprisingly, he didn’t encounter any beasts along the way.

Seeing that the situation was abnormal, Zhao Hai immediately used liquid silver to inspect the lake. He was afraid that powerful beasts were hidden in the lake. If there were powerful beasts, then it wouldn’t be safe to use the river as a passage.

The lake wasn’t big, and Zhao Hai wasn’t able to see any beasts. This caused Zhao Hai to be more confused. He immediately absorbed some lake water. After absorbing the lake water, Zhao Hai immediately understood why the lake doesn’t have any beasts. The lake had no spiritual qi. There was even a hint of poison in it.

It must be known that ordinary lakes have abundant spiritual qi. And the more spiritual qi a lake has, the more abundant it would be in terms of life. There would be more plants in it as well as more powerful beasts. And since there was no spiritual qi in this lake and was even a bit poisonous, it was natural that it wouldn’t have any life in it.

Zhao Hai flew out of the lake and looked at the surroundings. The lake was halfway up a mountainside. After looking at the mountain, Zhao Hai finally understood why the lake turned out like this.

This mountain was very famous in the Soaring Dragon Realm. It was named Yielding Dragon Mountain. According to legend, when the True Spirit Realm discovered the Soaring Dragon Realm, they wanted it to come under their control. However, there was a powerful dragon in the Soaring Dragon Realm. An almighty being from the True Spirit Realm fought with that dragon in Yielding Dragon Mountain. It was said that the battle caused the skies to turn red and the earth to turn black. In the end, the True Spirit Realm powerhouse wasn’t able to do anything to the dragon. However, the demonic dragon was also heavily injured by the battle. Both sides then reached an agreement, allowing the demonic dragon entry into the True Spirit Realm. And if any beasts reach a certain level of strength, they would also be allowed to enter the True Spirit Realm. This allowed the True Spirit Realm to turn the Soaring Dragon Realm into a trial field for the lower realms. At the same time, the beasts of the realm were able to use these cultivators as a catalyst to increase their strength.

For this reason, Yielding Dragon Mountain was very famous in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Currently, the mountain is a kilometer high. But according to legend, the mountain used to be ten kilometers tall. Because of the battle, the mountain’s spirit root was destroyed, turning the mountain into a spiritual void. So even if it was famous, nobody came here.

This was good news for Zhao Hai. This meant that nobody would come to this place, not even beasts. Zhao Hai and the others would be able to use the lake as a safe passageway in case they needed it.

After inspecting the surroundings, Zhao Hai returned to the underground river and went downstream. This time, it took him three hours before he discovered the exit of the river. Zhao Hai was stunned when he saw where he ended up. The exit of the underground river was actually the Soaring Dragon Sea.

The Soaring Dragon Sea was the largest sea in the Soaring Dragon Realm. In the past, a powerhouse of the True Spirit Realm swept it with their spiritual force for a month but they couldn’t find its end. According to legend, nobody can cross the Soaring Dragon Sea. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the underground river to exit to the Soaring Dragon Sea.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. Because of the water quality of the underground river, no beasts should come through it. It was very safe.

Zhao Hai looked around and was satisfied. It was a place not worth paying attention to. It seems like the huge cave was the best base they could have.

Zhao Hai returned to the underground river and swam against the stream. And after two hours, he finally returned to the cave. Don’t think that the distance he traveled was short, the river was actually very long. Yielding Dragon Mountain was thousands of kilometers away from the hill where Zhao Hai and the others were. Meanwhile, the Soaring Dragon Sea was 20 thousand kilometers away. Zhao Hai was just too fast.

Zhao Hai re-entered through the small hole in the cave. Yuan Ba and the others were anxiously waiting for him. As soon as they saw Zhao Hai return, they immediately went to him.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “This will be our base in the future. But if we want to go in and out of this cave, we’ll have to use transmission formations. The underground river can be used as an emergency exit. Alright, let’s set up a transmission formation. After we head out, we’ll immediately seal the entrance to the cave.”

Although everyone didn’t quite understand what Zhao Hai was saying, they didn’t ask further. Several people set up a transmission formation inside the cave. The transmission formation they set up was a large one that allows hundreds of people to move at the same time. This way, those from the Great Realm of Cultivation in the Soaring Dragon Realm can transfer everyone in just two uses.

After setting up the transmission formation, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s go. We’ll equip each other with portable transmission formations in the future so that your safety will be more guaranteed. And it would be more convenient to enter the camp.”

Yuan Ba and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai led the group out of the cave. Once they got outside, Zhao Hai used his earth element ability to close the narrow passage of the cave. After it was sealed, he put the boulder back to its original position and wiped out all of the traces in the surroundings. Only then was he assured.

It must be mentioned that the passage wasn’t narrow. It was almost impossible to discover the cave using spiritual force. Don’t forget that this is the Soaring Dragon Realm. The spiritual force of a cultivator wouldn’t be as effective as the lower realms. This made it more unlikely to find the cave inside. Even beasts of the Soaring Dragon Realm wouldn’t find it, ensuring the safety of the cave.

After completing these procedures, Zhao Hai and the others flew back to Wulong City. The reason Zhao Hai had to choose a safe camp was because that was the best he could do right now. They still don’t have the resources to live inside the city and the Soaring Dragon Realm was very dangerous at night. They don’t only need to guard against beasts, they also have to be wary of other people. The other realms would sometimes target other people and destroy their camps. Therefore, when choosing their bases, every realm would need to consider safety and secrecy.

If a lower realm was attacked during the night, they would have no choice but to defend with everything they have. This was because transmission formations in cities were deactivated during the night. In other words, cultivators would need to successfully defend their base or wait until daytime before relocating to a city where it was safe. Fighting was prohibited in cities and cities could also defend against beast attacks.

There was only one condition where cities activate their transmission formations at night, and that was during beast tides. If a beast tide happens, everyone can seek shelter inside a city. The True Spirit Realm has developed a method to predict beast tides. So before a beast tide happens, people from all realms would be notified.

And if you enter a city during a beast tide, then you would need to obey the city’s rules and help resist against the beasts. If you don’t seek shelter, then even if you die outside, nobody would care.


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