BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1930


Chapter 1930 – Receiving The Task

The female cultivator opposite Zhao Hai and the others saw that they were looking at the screen. She stood up and smiled at Zhao Hai as she said, “Hello sir, are you here to pick up a task?”

Zhao Hai also smiled at the female cultivator before he replied, “Yes, but I have to trouble you. I just entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. I would like to know what I need to do to accept the task.”

The female cultivator was stunned when she heard Zhao Hai say that this was his first task. But she immediately recovered and replied, “Congratulations for coming to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Mister, I can make you a jade card here. The jade card will record your identity as well as the tasks that you have completed and your impression points. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai quickly replied and said, “Alright. I’ve troubled you.” The female cultivator smiled and said, “There’s no need to be polite.” Then she turned around and left.

Seeing that the female cultivator was about to get his jade card, Zhao Hai quickly said, “Please wait a minute. I came here with ten other people to accept the task. Please give them jade cards as well.”

The female cultivator paused when she heard Zhao Hai. Then when she looked behind him, she saw several people standing behind Zhao Hai. She nodded and then turned around and left.

At this time, Zhang Feng, who had been silent all this time, said, “We’re taking the task to find jade stalactite milk?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yes, we’re going to look for it. And as long as we find a cup of jade stalactite milk, the task would be complete. If we find a few more, all of us might complete the task.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan Ba interjected, “Mister, jade stalactite milk isn’t easily found. Although there’s no dangers in the area where jade stalactite milk is collected, we might encounter danger while looking for them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll look for it slowly.” The reason Zhao Hai was so sure was because the task to collect jade stalactite milk had already been taken by Tie Zhantian. Moreover, Tie Zhantian and the others were able to complete it. 

The place where Tie Zhantian and the others found the jade stalactite milk has a hidden cave that has more stalactite milk. It was just that Tie Zhantian and the others weren’t able to find it. It was left untouched until this time. The amount of jade stalactite milk in that hidden cave was enough for ten people to complete the task. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to take this opportunity to complete it.

Before long, the female cultivator returned with a pile of jade cards. Then Zhao Hai and the others began to fill the cards with their information. It was like an identification card. But instead of a picture, it has a full three-dimensional projection of their body. 

After receiving their completed cards, Zhao Hai and the others took the task. Once all of them were finished, they went out of the Mist Pill Sect branch.

When they were outside, Yuan Ba couldn’t help but ask, “Mister, do you have a plan?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Follow me. I want to complete this task before the day ends.” Then he led the group outside the city.

Once the group exited the city, Zhao Hai became more cautious. He lowered the altitude of his flight and also slowed down. 

In fact, it wasn’t only Zhao Hai who did this, Yuan Ba was the same. From the experiences he gained, he knew that he had to be careful while venturing out of the city. He knew how terrifying the Soaring Dragon Realm could be. People say that the older the rivers and lakes are, the more timid they would be. This wasn’t random talk. Those who stayed in the Soaring Dragon Realm for a longer time knew that.

Yuan Ba doesn’t know where Zhao Hai got his confidence. But he soon understood after seeing Zhao Hai take out a jade slip from time to time. As he looked at the jade slip, Zhao Hai would look at the surroundings and change his direction accordingly.

This means that Zhao Hai has a map of the Soaring Dragon Realm. This map should be from the Black Tiger Gang. In fact, having a map of the Soaring Dragon Realm wasn’t unusual for the sects. Everyone would send maps back to their sects to help those who would come after. Yuan Ba and the others also have their own maps.

Each sect’s map has their own hidden locations. After all, different people go to different places. And in the Great Realm of Cultivation, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Black Tiger Gang has the most complete map of the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Zhao Hai stopped from time to time, always being careful. After three hours of flying, Zhao Hai and the others finally reached a remote hill. The hill was full of rocks. These rocks were the most common bluestones which have no value. Because of this, not even cultivators from the lower realms would come here. Even beasts wouldn’t come here.

After landing on the hill, Zhao Hai walked around for some time to calculate the position before going to the southeast part of the hill.

There were no paths in the hill and there were rocks everywhere. Zhao Hai slowly walked forward and was soon faced with a huge chunk of bluestone. Seeing the bluestone, Zhao Hai nodded and then inserted his hand into the stone as though it was tofu. Then he lifted his arm up, revealing a hole nearly three meters wide and four meters tall.

Zhao Hai placed the bluestone on the side. Then he turned his head to the others and said, “Let’s head in.” After he said that, he went inside the hole. Zhang Feng and the others hastily followed behind.

In the beginning, the passage was very narrow. Zhao Hai could only move sideways through it. But after some time, the passage opened up into a huge cavern. The cavern was being lit up by a dim light.

Zhao Hai and the others looked around the cavern in a daze. The size of the cavern was beyond what they expected. What stunned them more than the size of the cavern was the beautiful view inside.

Stalactites could be seen everywhere. And instead of being white, the stalactites were blue. When the dim light hit the stalactites, the reflections they gave out made the cave look mystical.

This was something that Zhang Feng and the others haven’t seen before. Even Zhao Hai was stunned by the beauty of the cavern. After some time, Zhao Hai recovered. He turned his head to the others and said, “It’s really beautiful. What do you all think?”

The others also recovered. Hearing Zhao Hai, they nodded. Zhao Hai wasn’t wrong, the cavern was indeed beautiful.

After admiring the view, Zhao Hai said, “Go look around and see if there are any jade stalactite milk.” Everyone complied and began to scour the place.

Zhao Hai was just acting as he looked around. Actually, he knew there was no longer any jade stalactite milk in this place. The jade stalactite milk is in the hidden cave.

Zhao Hai also discovered that Yuan Ba was following him. But he didn’t care and just smiled faintly as he slowly searched the cavern. But bit by bit, he adjusted his position to lead Yuan Ba to the entrance of the hidden cave. Zhao Hai doesn’t want to find the hidden cave by himself. Yuan Ba wasn’t an idiot, if Zhao Hai found the cave, he would definitely be suspicious of him. Therefore, Zhao Hai plans to use Yuan Ba to find the entrance. This way, the situation would progress normally.

Zhao Hai calculated Yuan Ba’s route and sped up little by little. He wants to keep himself from getting in contact with the entrance. He wanted Yuan Ba to be the first to touch it.

This wasn’t a difficult task for Zhao Hai. Yuan Ba was also just following Zhao Hai, not spying on him. Nor would he dare. Yuan Ba just wanted to learn from Zhao Hai so he wanted to be as close to him as possible. And in the end, he was used by Zhao Hai.

An hour passed by and almost every nook and cranny of the cave was searched. But they still haven’t found any traces of jade stalactite milk. Zhao Hai also thought that it was time for Yuan Ba to discover the entrance of the hidden cave.

After another ten minutes, Yuan Ba’s surprised voice was suddenly heard, “Everyone, come here quick. There seems to be another cave. However, it’s being blocked.” Zhao Hai and the others immediately rushed over.

Zhao Hai saw that Yuan Ba had truly discovered the entrance to the hidden cave. The entrance was very hidden. And the hole wasn’t very big.

Zhao Hai looked at the hole and said, “I think we have to take a look inside and see. If there’s no danger, we’ll go in.” The group nodded. Zhao Hai flipped his hand and took out something that looked like a snake. In fact, it was a snake robot. 

It was a snake-shaped robot. Zhao Hai initially wanted to use an Undead creature. However, he discovered that the Soaring Dragon Realm can only accommodate immortal creatures. Zhao Hai doesn’t have any small immortal-level beasts. Instead, he settled on the snake robot. This snake robot was used in science and technology civilizations for rescue operations and underground surveys.

Zhao Hai knew what was inside the cave, but he couldn’t let other people know this. Everyone was curious by Zhao Hai’s actions. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what did you take out? Was that a puppet?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This thing is called a rescue and survey snake. As you know, I ascended from the lower realms. The realm I came from has a science and technology civilization. This is one of the machines that they manufacture. It’s similar to puppets, but they have no combat ability. Its use is very specific. I like to play around with these things in my free time. I happen to have one of these in my spatial bag.”


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