BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1925


Chapter 1925 – Immortality

Mental state was very important for cultivators. After Zhao Hai reached the transcending tribulation stage, his cultivation speed began to slow down. This has a lot to do with his mental state. Zhao Hai was very aware of this. However, cultivating the mental state was very difficult. One has to go out and experience things constantly.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to communicate with everything before he would go out and get experience to improve his mental state. Only then would he seriously consider breaking through to the immortal stage. But he didn’t expect that communicating with the Space’s fertile soil would improve his mental state. Now, his mental state is much better compared to before. This would bring great benefits to his future cultivation.

Zhao Hai sobered up as he withdrew his consciousness. He could feel the huge energy contained in the fertile ground in front of him. This energy was powerful and pure. No wonder plants grow quickly when placed in it. 

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then returned to the villa to relax for a few days. He also felt the changes to his mental state. In the past, Zhao Hai might react to certain events that happened in front of him. But now, his thoughts stayed as stable as a mountain.

After relaxing for several days, Zhao Hai communicated with the wind. His final goal would be the wind bead.

The wind bead was a natural treasure that could control the world’s wind. It could also provide Zhao Hai with the ability to control the wind, similar to what Bubble could do with water.

Zhao Hai rarely used the wind bead because there was no need for it. He was strong enough that he could bulldoze any problems that the wind bead might be able to solve. But this time, Zhao Hai wanted to use the wind bead to scan its thoughts. 

Not long after Zhao Hai connected with the wind, he immediately felt the wind’s speed. Moreover, the wind contained the feeling of freedom and elegance. Zhao Hai hasn’t felt it on other things.

This caused Zhao Hai to be more curious about the wind. Fortunately, the thinking speed of the wind was quick. It took Zhao Hai a year all in all to communicate with the wind, and that includes the wind bead.

After communicating with the wind bead, Zhao Hai finally understood the true nature of wind. This also gave him the benefit of being fast. His movement techniques became harder to predict. His enemies would find it hard to track him during battles.

A year later, Zhao Hai used his divergent abilities to communicate with other materials that he thought could benefit him. After that, he adjusted himself for his final session of communication.

Zhao Hai already decided that the Hundred Spirits Tree would be the last thing he would communicate with. Moreover, this wasn’t just a sudden thought. Zhao Hai had a premonition that a successful communication with the Hundred Spirits Tree would propel him directly towards the immortal stage.

After a year of adjustment, Zhao Hai finally reached his best condition. He decided that it was time to communicate with the Hundred Spirits Tree.

Zhao Hai attached great importance to this communication. The same was true for Laura and the others. All of them decided to leave Zhao Hai alone. After all, the Hundred Spirits Tree was in front of the villa.

Zhao Hai appeared in front of the Hundred Spirits Tree and looked up at it. After he let out a long breath, he put his hand on the tree and muttered, “It’s your turn, old fellow. I hope you can give me a pleasant surprise.”

After he said that, a green light emerged from Zhao Hai’s body. Then his body melded into the Hundred Spirits Tree. After that, he began to communicate with it.

As soon as he sent his consciousness over, Zhao Hai was stunned. He felt that the Hundred Spirits Tree seemed to be waiting for him. Zhao Hai didn’t understand what this meant. Initially, he thought that he misunderstood. But soon he found that his feeling was right. The Hundred Spirits Tree was indeed waiting for him.

Zhao Hai was confused. But he quickly resumed his communication with the Hundred Spirits Tree. And when Zhao Hai’s thoughts connected with the tree, he suddenly felt an explosion, and he appeared in a special place.

There seems to be a huge egg in this place, and it was surrounded by fog. Zhao Hai was standing motionless inside the egg. Then as he tried to extend his hand, the surroundings began to shake.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stop. However, he discovered that he couldn’t stop his action. It was as if he was moving on instinct. And this instinct was pushing him to move.

Before long, Zhao Hai could feel his body stretch a little, and then it shook along with the surroundings. Zhao Hai took a step forward. And when he made this step, he felt a loud explosion. The fog disappeared as an extremely dense amount of spiritual qi appeared around him. Following that, there were countless stars that appeared.

Zhao Hai finally understood where he was. He was actually sent to before the beginning of the universe, to the primal chaos. His movement caused the primal chaos to change and break, starting the birth of the universe. He went through a process of the universe’s creation.

Zhao Hai was still confused as to what was going on. But he could now feel that there were countless creations around him. These creations were the stars, planets, and planes that formed around him. He seems to be able to see all of them clearly.

The universe developed nonstop and life began to appear. Along with life were various beings, and then cultivators appeared soon after that. Planes with a science and technology civilization appeared as well. Zhao Hai had seen it all. Zhao Hai could feel that it has only been a year since he began. The universe seems to play like a fast-forwarded video, allowing Zhao Hai to see the development and changes that were happening to it.

While Zhao Hai was enthralled, he suddenly discovered the scene in front of him shrink quickly. It was as if he was zoomed out.

Then Zhao Hai noticed that the universe that he was looking at was just a fruit, a small fruit that was hanging on a tree. This tree was very huge and there were countless other fruits hanging on it. The universe that Zhao Hai was looking at was one of the many universes hanging on the tree.

As his view continued to shrink, Zhao Hai saw a forest filled with the same fruit tree. There were countless fruit trees in the forest and each tree was full of fruit. And not far away from the forest was a simple hut. A man was sitting in front of the hut, wearing farmer’s clothing. In front of him was a dilapidated table. There was a teapot and a cup on the table which the farmer picked up and took a sip from time to time. He looks at the fruit forest with a satisfied smile on his face. He seems to be happy with his harvest.

Then the image suddenly zoomed in. Zhao Hai found that there was a small flower at the farmer’s feet. It was an ordinary wild flower. But when the flower was magnified infinitely, another universe appeared.

One flower, one world. One leaf, one awakening! These words resounded inside Zhao Hai’s mind. Then all of a sudden, his spiritual qi accelerated. The density of his spiritual qi kept increasing as well.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t paying attention to these things at this time. He was completely immersed in his own feelings. He felt that he was the center of his universe. He was the universe and the beginning of the heavens and the earth. He comprehended everything in this universe and made some improvements to it constantly.

The universe became more and more perfect. The first plants appeared. Then there was a small tree. This small tree grew up and got bigger and bigger before finally becoming the Hundred Spirits Tree.

When the Hundred Spirits Tree appeared, Zhao Hai felt another explosion as colors began to appear in his universe. All kinds of lifeforms began to appear. But among these lifeforms, there were no humans. There were only plants and beasts, there was no man.

When the universe was established, Zhao Hai woke up. He found that his consciousness has already separated from the Hundred Spirits Tree. He was also out of the tree and was sitting cross-legged under it.

Zhao Hai stared, he was dazed at what just happened. He knew that he had already broken through to the immortal stage. However, his path wasn’t like the others, his path was the universe!

Throughout the years, no cultivator had the universe as their dao path. This was because they couldn’t comprehend it. They knew too little about the universe. In fact, Zhao Hai was as clueless about the universe as the others. But he was more fortunate, he had something that the others didn’t, the primal chaos root!

The life of a primal chaos root would end the moment the heavens and earth opened. Otherwise, spiritual qi wouldn’t exist. However, Zhao Hai brought the primal chaos root to the Space. The Space has unique laws that belong only to itself. This allowed the primal chaos root to be revived.

This was the same principle as Hu Shan. His lifespan should have ended but he was sent to the Space by Zhao Hai. In the Space, the rules of the outside world wouldn’t apply. This allowed Hu Shan to live beyond his lifespan. The laws of the outside world dictate that the primal spirit root shouldn’t survive, but in the Space, this rule doesn’t exist.

The primal chaos root was revived along with its memories of the beginning of the universe. So when the primal chaos root fused with the Hundred Spirits Tree, the Hundred Spirits Tree was able to gain these memories.

And when Zhao Hai communicated with the Hundred Spirits Tree, these memories were instilled into Zhao Hai’s mind. Although Zhao Hai hasn’t completely understood the universe, he was still able to walk its path. This was a dao path that nobody else has walked on!

Zhao Hai wasn’t in a hurry to comprehend the universe. This was because he knew that he just stepped foot on this path. His foundation wasn’t enough. He was just like a primary school student who just learned how to add one and one to become two. It was impossible for him to learn calculus with his knowledge. 

The memories that the primal spirit root passed onto Zhao Hai were too profound. He simply couldn’t make anything out of them. He was a layman who was just shown the door. He has yet to even touch this door.

Because of the recent promotion of his mental state, Zhao Hai faced this matter in a calm way. If his mental state wasn’t proper, then the memories of the primal spirit root might have caused him to turn insane.

It must be said that the Space was very helpful towards Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai communicated with the plants to comprehend the wood-element, he originally wanted to communicate with the Hundred Spirits Tree last. But later on, Zhao Hai felt that it wasn’t the time to communicate with the Hundred Spirits Tree. Therefore, he had to put it off until the very end. Zhao Hai believed his guts. And because of this, his mental strength has been repeatedly tempered, especially when he communicated with the earth-element.

After communicating with the earth-element, Zhao Hai’s mental state has already reached a new level. So when he finally communicated with the Hundred Spirits Tree, he had the mental strength to obtain the memories of the primal spirit root. He would slowly comprehend this memory in the future, which was very important for Zhao Hai. The memory would act as his guide, quickening his cultivation. When he walks his path, he would no longer have to take multiple detours.

It’s like two people walking at the same time. The first person knows where the end point is and while walking forward, there are people who guide him. On the other hand, the other person didn’t know where the endpoint was, and nobody was showing him the way. He can only blindly walk forward. The gap between the two was very huge.

With the primal chaos root’s memories, Zhao Hai knows the end point and he also has a guide in his path. Other people could only blindly walk their path without knowing where to go and where the destination is.

Although Zhao Hai gained a very huge advantage, his mind remained stable and as steady as a rock. He turned his head to the Hundred Spirits Tree and said, “Old fellow, you haven’t disappointed me. Haha. I’m finally an immortal expert. The wider world has finally appeared in front of me.”

As though it heard Zhao Hai’s words, the Hundred Spirits Tree swayed. Zhao Hai’s mind became clearer. Zhao Hai laughed and stroked the tree’s trunk.

Zhao Hai’s laugh caught the attention of Laura and the others. When they walked out of the villa, they saw Zhao Hai happily laughing in front of the tree. They couldn’t help but think that he had gone crazy.


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