BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1924


Chapter 1924 – Waiting For Zhao Hai

Fifty years wasn’t a short time. Even for the Great Realm of Cultivation, fifty years was quite long. A lot of things happened in these 50 years.

The biggest change in the Great Realm of Cultivation happened in the Black Tiger Gang. With Zhao Hai’s early preparation as well as the support of the Perfection Shop, the Black Tiger Gang became the number one sect in the realm. In these 50 years, the Black Tiger Gang produced 500 immortal experts. This meant that it was producing 10 immortal experts per year.

The reason the Black Tiger Gang was able to produce so many immortal experts was because of the resources provided by the Perfection Shop. With these resources, the talents of the sect were able to get all of the resources they needed to progress.

The Black Tiger Gang has no shortage of manpower. In addition to the absorption of rogue cultivators at that time, the sect also kept accepting people to become disciples. There were also those who were born in the sect and received systematic training since childhood. With this population, it wouldn’t be hard to find geniuses among them.

In the past, the resources of the sect were limited. This also limited the number of talents they could nurture. The rest would have to find a way to obtain their own resources.

But the current Black Tiger Gang was different. The sect was now very rich in resources. After all, the materials that the sect has were provided by Laura and the others. With the Space as a support, those who were stunted in their growth due to lack of materials began to progress in a quick manner. Transcending Tribulation experts who thought that they had no hope in entering the immortal stage began breaking through, increasing the strength of the Black Tiger Gang.

It wasn’t only the immortal experts that increased in number in the Black Tiger Gang. The sect’s transcending tribulation experts also ballooned. Moreover, the sect’s ordinary cultivators were stronger than those in the other sects.

The Black Tiger Gang experienced a comprehensive increase in strength. Zhang Feng also entered the immortal stage during this period. The current Gang Leader of the sect was an acquaintance of Zhao Hai, Hu Huaqian.[1]

Hua Huaiqan was also a cultivator in the transcending tribulation stage who was about to reach the immortal stage. But before he reaches the immortal stage, he has to take over the position of gang leader. At the same time, he was preparing the next generations of leaders for the Black Tiger Gang.

Now, even without Zhao Hai, nobody in the Great Realm of Cultivation would dare offend the Black Tiger Gang. After all, the gang’s strength has already matured. And with the Freedom Alliance’s sect classification system, the Black Tiger Gang was able to win over several sects to their side. These sects became loyal followers of the Black Tiger Gang, short of becoming branch halls of the sect. The Black Tiger Gang was now as strong as the collective strength of the nine super sects.

Besides this, the Black Tiger Gang has another assistant, the alliance army of the Freedom Alliance. The immortal experts of the army have reached an astonishing 700. Besides immortal experts, the army also has plenty of refining masters and pill masters. The strength of the army was enough to keep the Freedom Alliance under control.

The organization of the alliance army hasn’t changed. However, there were some newcomers over the years. These newcomers came from various sects. These sects now regard the alliance army as a training ground for immortal experts.

The nine super sects also developed rapidly in this period. And they continued to send immortal experts to the Soaring Dragon Realm. The experts they sent have already reached 300. The Freedom Alliance also sent experts, around 500 of them. Now, the Great Realm of Cultivation has more than 600 experts in the Soaring Dragon Realm. There should have been 800 immortal experts, but some of them died in battle while some joined a sect of the True Spirit Realm. Therefore, there were only 600 immortal experts in the Great Realm of Cultivation’s team.

Among those who joined a sect in the True Spirit Realm was Tie Zhantian. Tie Zhantian’s talent was actually really good. He was a genius in the Great Realm of Cultivation. The only reason his cultivation was delayed was because he took the position of gang leader. Since his cultivation was delayed, people thought that his talent wasn’t good when he entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. But after several years of observation, the people of the True Spirit Realm found out that Tie Zhantian actually had talent. Because of this, he was taken in by the Copper Body Sect and became an outer disciple.

Now that Tie Zhantian became an outer disciple of the Copper Body Sect, he has gained the qualification to enter the True Spirit Realm. But before he did, he gave Zhao Hai’s token to another immortal expert of the Black Tiger Gang.

Tie Zhantian understood that the token would no longer be of any use to him. But if it was passed on to another, it would offer them great help. In addition to saving his life, they could also contact the Black Tiger Gang from time to time.

The Space has also mapped more of the Soaring Dragon Realm. This would offer great advantage to Zhao Hai when he goes over in the future.

Besides these, there was Li Kuangge. Li Kuangge entered the immortal stage earlier than Zhang Feng. After all, Li Kuangge doesn’t have to worry about the affairs of the Giant Axe Sect. And with the help of the alliance army, he has more opportunities to cultivate than Zhang Feng. But since he has to consolidate his cultivation and also has to teach in the army, Li Kuangge has yet to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhang Feng was the same. He wasn’t in a hurry to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm and just helped the Black Tiger Gang with its affairs.

There was another reason why the two didn’t enter the Soaring Dragon Realm, and that was Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has been in seclusion for a very long time, but he hasn’t entered the immortal stage. He now rarely communicated with the outside world. If it weren’t for the Undead appearing in the Perfection Shops, people would have thought that something happened to him.

Now the two were waiting for Zhao Hai to come out before they entered the Soaring Dragon Realm with him.

Zhao Hai was also aware of their plan. However, he didn’t stop them. He could also feel that as long as he was done communicating with the Hundred Spirits Tree, he would enter the immortal stage.

Upon knowing that Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge were waiting for him, Zhao Hai didn’t delay his cultivation. He rested for a week and then communicated with other types of land.

Zhao Hai would not only communicate with land, he would also communicate with stones, ores, and materials of the earth-element. He’s now communicating with a stone.

It didn’t take long for Zhao Hai to communicate with the stone. Although stones have slow thinking speeds, Zhao Hai already has experience when he communicated with the land. He could understand the stone quicker. In addition to being serene, Zhao Hai also found that the earth element carried the aspect of toughness.

After communicating with the stone, Zhao Hai moved on to communicate with all kinds of ores. Then later on, he communicated with meteors. And then, Zhao Hai communicated with a planet. Zhao Hai thought that it was harder to communicate with the latter. But soon, he found out that it was easier to communicate with meteors which have no life. The difficulty lies in communicating with the planet.

But Zhao Hai succeeded in the end. And when he communicated with the planet, Zhao Hai found that his understanding of the Stellar Transformations Yin-yang art had become deeper. And for his final step, Zhao Hai would communicate with the Space’s fertile soil. 

It has already been ten years since Zhao Hai began to communicate with the earth element. 

Zhao Hai arrived near a piece of farmland and took a clump of fertile soil in his hand. This was the first benefit given to him by the Space, an area of fertile soil that could grow plants quickly. He smelled the soil and couldn’t help but sigh.

If it weren’t for the Space, if it weren’t for this fertile land, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have reached his current height. Zhao Hai was extremely grateful towards the Space.

Sitting on top of the fertile soil, Zhao Hai began to calm his mood. Then he extended his consciousness towards the soil.

Zhao Hai didn’t slow his thinking speed down but instead he sped it up. He knew that the things associated with the Space wouldn’t be low-level. 

And just as Zhao Hai thought, the soil of the Space has a fast thinking speed. It wasn’t any slower than liquid silver. Zhao Hai matched this thinking speed and before long the two integrated with each other.

When he integrated with the soil, Zhao Hai immediately understood why his communication was so smooth. Although Zhao Hai didn’t take command of the soil like liquid silver, it has existed with Zhao Hai for a very long time. Zhao Hai has been personally tending to the soil since the moment he acquired the Space. Therefore, the soil contained a lot of Zhao Hai’s thoughts.

Now these thoughts returned to Zhao Hai, allowing him to communicate with the soil more easily. Only after this communication did Zhao hai realize that the soil of the Space was above the other types of land. Its characteristics were also different. There were plenty of thoughts and emotions in it. Moreover, there were no dark thoughts inside. Zhao Hai felt his mind being cleaned the more he integrated with the soil, making his mind purer, further improving his state of mind.

  1. Hu Liangchen’s grandson.


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