BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1923


Chapter 1923 – Promotion of Mental State

Zhao Hai stood by a pool and looked at Bubble who was floating on it. Bubble was the source of myriad water. Zhao Hai knew this for a long time. However, now that Zhao Hai thought about it, Bubble seems to be incomplete. He seems to be injured and needs to recover by absorbing all kinds of water. While doing so, Bubble was increasing its strength.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know how Bubble became like this, but Zhao Hai didn’t interact with Bubble too much, especially after he arrived at the Great Realm of Cultivation. Zhao Hai didn’t even use Bubble to fight. It can absorb various kinds of water and release them into water-type spirit stones of the highest degree. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t use Bubble.

Zhao Hai doesn’t need to disturb Bubble in order to communicate with him. This communication wasn’t a simple exchange. Zhao Hai could already talk with Bubble either orally or spiritually. The communication that Zhao Hai wanted to do was a deeper kind of communication, integrating his thinking into Bubble’s own. Zhao Hai wanted to feel how Bubble interacts with spiritual qi and why it was called the source of myriad waters.

Zhao Hai already communicated with the other waters before this. The thinking speed of water was very close to human beings. Both low and high-level water didn’t have much of a gap in thinking speed. The emotions contained inside the water tend to change from time to time. It was unlike metal which was practically emotionless. Different waters have different emotions, almost like fire.

Now, the only water left for Zhao Hai to communicate with was Bubble. And since it was subdued by the Space, Bubble was willing to cooperate. Zhao Hai was his master, and it was natural for it to help him.

Zhao Hai sat cross-legged in front of Bubble and began to extend his consciousness. Zhao Hai knew that Bubble wouldn’t resist and would even help him. 

Deeper communication was different from ordinary communication. Zhao Hai and Bubble would integrate their thoughts, making Zhao Hai become Bubble and making Bubble become Zhao Hai. Because of this, Zhao Hai still needed to be careful.

Fortunately, because Bubble was cooperating with him, it became easier for Zhao Hai to integrate his thoughts with Bubble. Bubble was a high-level being, so its thinking speed was quite fast. Although it couldn’t compare to liquid silver, Bubble’s thinking speed was the same as the sun. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

Zhao Hai began to understand Bubble. It must be said, Bubble being the source of myriad water wasn’t wrong. Zhao Hai felt the essence of water the moment he connected with Bubble. He could feel how water could nurture life and destroy it at the same time. Generally speaking, water is the source of life. Its offensive strength wasn’t weak either. Zhao Hai thought that this might be the true meaning of water.

Bubble, being the source of myriad waters, carry a strong sense of the true meaning of water. Zhao Hai could feel the properties of water from Bubble’s body. They flowed like liquid silver, but also different.

The metals in liquid silver were mainly man-made. Meanwhile, the kinds of water inside Bubble were natural. It was created and formed by nature. These waters also carry other things with it, which makes them special.

The spiritual qi inside natural things was purer. And the more Zhao Hai communicated with natural things, the deeper he could understand the dao.

And the dao was what Zhao Hai was comprehending right now. Zhao Hai believes that as long as he comprehends the dao, his power would rise naturally.

Zhao Hai has yet to grasp what the dao really is. To him, the dao was a mountain shrouded in mist. Zhao Hai has only touched the base of this mountain. He doesn’t even know how high the mountain is and what’s inside it. But Zhao was slowly walking up the mountain. And he believed that he would reach the top of the mountain one day.

After a long period of contemplation, Zhao Hai exhaled and slowly opened his eyes. His consciousness has also withdrawn from Bubble. And he now has a deeper understanding about water.

When he opened his eyes, Zhao Hai was surprised to discover that his connection with Bubbles had become closer. Although Bubbles didn’t fuse with Zhao Hai’s body like liquid silver, Zhao Hai felt that he could already do what Bubble could do. He can also control all kinds of water and absorb them into his body.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai understood how terrifying Bubble could be. Bubble’s main attack involved water. And whether one was a human, animal, or plant, they contained water in their body. Without water, one couldn’t survive. Bubble could suck up all this water, basically dehydrating its enemy. It doesn’t matter how strong they were, as long as they have no water in their body, they would die.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was terrified when he found out about this attack. Anyone subjected to such an attack wouldn’t have a good time. And even if the water couldn’t be extracted, it could still cause chaos in the target’s bloodstream. When the time comes, the enemy would suffer intense internal injuries. 

Zhao Hai also gained this ability. Moreover, since he has liquid silver, he can use liquid silver as a medium to directly affect the enemy’s bloodstream. If the enemy tries to attack him, Zhao Hai could finish them off with just a thought.


Zhao Hai returned to the villa. It didn’t take him a long time to communicate with the water-element. Only two years have passed since he began. As for the outside world, Zhao Hai no longer cared about it. He just took a rest inside the Space from time to time.

Now, the only thing left to communicate with was the earth-element. Zhao Hai attached great importance to this communication. This was because the land was the carrier of all life. If there was no land, then there would be no life. Although cultivators could fly, they would still need to rest. And if they want to rest, then they would need to return to the land. Plants and ores were also crucial to cultivators. Clothes, food, shelter, all of these were inseparable from the land. It was because of this that Zhao Hai left the earth-element to be the last one he would communicate with.

Wood, water, fire, and the metal element were closely tied to the earth. Water might turn into clouds, but it would return to the earth before long. Fire needs coal or firewood to start, which come from the earth. Metal ores were also formed and obtained from the earth. There was no need to mention plants. They have no place to take root in if there was no land. Therefore, Zhao Hai always considered the earth-element to be the foundation of the five elements.

Like the previous elements, Zhao Hai communicated with the most basic type of earth. And just as he thought, the thinking speed of the land was very slow, several times slower than pig iron. However, the land was very calm and serene. This feeling greatly benefited Zhao Hai. He felt that he was facing an old man who saw through a long period of history. And in front of this wise old man, everything seems to be small and insignificant.

As Zhao Hai immersed in this feeling, his mental state also became calm. He felt himself sink into the land, feeling the several tens of thousands of years of history inside. Plants grew and wilted. Animals were born and died. Humans lived entire lifetimes and generations. The sole thing that didn’t change was the land. 

Zhao Hai didn’t know how much time had passed, but he could feel changes happening to him. He became calmer and his spirit became more stable. Even if mountains turn to oceans, his mental state would remain the same. He was the land, and the land was he.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts slowly returned to his body. He didn’t know how much time he spent communicating with the land. He also didn’t know what other benefits he gained. But to Zhao Hai, the promotion of his mental state was already the greatest benefit he could get.

Zhao Hai turned his head to the timer. The time was specially made so that it doesn’t only count the minutes. It also counted the days and years that had passed. And shown on the year denomination on the timer were the characters for 50.

Fifty years. It was a 50-year dream. This was how long it took Zhao Hai to communicate with the land. This was within his expectations. So he smiled faintly and stood up before returning to the villa.

The villa remained the same as well as Laura and the others. To them, it seems like Zhao Hai was just out for several days. They continued to manage their business and did things that they liked. It seems, for them, time didn’t pass inside the Space.

Actually, there were some changes in the Space. But all the changes were to the plants. Laura and the others remained unchanged. To transcending tribulation experts, fifty years was nothing. For the last 50 years, Laura and the others would also check on Zhao Hai from time to time. So in their opinion, Zhao Hai never left them. He was just in seclusion.

Seeing Zhao Hai come back, Laura and the others were happy. Laura said, “Brother Hai, you’re finally out. Sister Meg, let’s have a feast.” Meg nodded and went to the kitchen to prepare.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then said, “How are you doing? Did something happen while I was gone?”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “First Senior Brother Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge became immortal experts. Most importantly, Martial Uncle Tie Zhantian has joined the Copper Body Sect.”


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