BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1921


Chapter 1921 – Ten Times Speed

Of the Great Realm of Cultivation’s experts in the Soaring Dragon Realm, 120 of them were from the Freedom Alliance while 80 came from the nine super sects. The nine super sects had been anxious recently. All of the immortal experts they produced were immediately sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm. On the other hand, the Freedom Alliance continued with their plan and sent experts to the Soaring Dragon Realm in an appropriate interval.

In 20 years, both the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects have cultivated several immortal experts. The Freedom Alliance was able to nurture more than a hundred immortal experts. Of these a hundred, 30 belonged to the Black Tiger Gang.

Meanwhile, the nine super sects were able to produce 70 immortal experts in the last 20 years. One could see the depth of the nine super sects’ foundation from this point. The Freedom Alliance couldn’t compare.

A lot can change in 20 years, but there weren’t a lot of changes in the Great Realm of Cultivation. The Freedom Alliance’s army still has 7 million members. However, some of the members of the army had to leave. These experts were one of the best cultivators in the army. The reason they left was because they have reached the immortal stage. After becoming immortal experts, they could no longer take part in the army. However, their departure was only in paper and in name. In their hearts, they were still members of the army.

Of the one hundred immortal experts that the Freedom Alliance produced, most of them were from the alliance army. Seventy immortal experts came out of the alliance army, it was equivalent to the experts that the nine super sects produced.

The immortal experts who left the alliance army knew that their current status was largely due to the help of the alliance army. The amount of experience and insights they gained from the exchanges in the army allowed them to progress in their cultivation in a rapid manner.

Because of this, the immortal experts who came from the first army took it upon themselves to teach in the army for one year. This way, the chain of benefits in the army wouldn’t be broken, but would be enriched instead .

The alliance army also experienced other changes in the last 20 years. All of their members have become important people in the Freedom Alliance. The members of the army became people of status in their sects. They were either powerful experts in their sects or respected masters of their crafts. Most of the members of the army became core disciples of their sects. Even if they weren’t powerful enough to become core disciples, they were inner disciples that were given great importance to. 

Both the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects knew that the alliance army was a force that couldn’t be underestimated. And there was nobody worthy to command this army other than one person. And this person was naturally Zhao Hai.

The incense on the monument on Drinking Elephant Mountain remained lit in these 20 years. The monument has become a holy land for the alliance army.

In these 20 years, Zhao Hai never appeared on the Great Realm of Cultivation. Only the Perfection Shop was doing business on his behalf. However, nobody underestimated Zhao Hai and had any ideas on the Perfection Shop. They knew that even if Zhao Hai didn’t appear, he was still someone that shouldn’t be offended.

Twenty years wasn’t enough to make people forget about Zhao Hai’s name. There’s also the Black Tiger Gang’s monumental rise. Even the nine super sects wouldn’t underestimate the current Black Tiger Gang. Not to mention Zhao Hai’s support, the Black Tiger Gang’s strength had already reached the level of the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai was aware of all these things. Although he didn’t show himself in the Great Realm of Cultivation, he was able to get news regarding the realm from Cai’er.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the alliance army to reach its current height. Now, there were members of the alliance army that entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. They entered the Soaring Dragon Realm before him. But instead of being jealous, Zhao Hai was very happy for them.

Zhao Hai knew his current situation. His delay in progress was unavoidable. His cultivation method required a lot more compared to ordinary cultivators. In the past 20 years, besides the time he rested, Zhao Hai practiced non-stop. Even with the spiritual qi absorption boost that communicating with the plants gave him, Zhao Hai still didn’t accumulate enough spiritual qi to enter the immortal realm. 

Actually, whether he became an immortal expert or not, nobody can shake Zhao Hai’s status in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Even the people of the nine super sects would have to give him respect if they saw him outside.

Zhao Hai has a lot of Undead. In the eyes of the cultivators, he was a butcher, a killing demon. He was someone who could take out a thousand immortal-level Undead with a wave of his hand. But at the same time, the cultivators admired him for his strength.

Although the Great Realm of Cultivation enjoyed a rapid development, neither the nine super sects nor the Freedom Alliance dared to fight each other. The reason for this was Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai has enough strength to influence the balance of power in the realm. Whoever dares to provoke him was courting death.

There are good and evil in the Great Realm of Cultivation. But whether one was in the light or in the shadow, as long as you have strength, you would gain respect. It doesn’t matter if Zhao Hai’s methods were good or not, his strength was worthy of respect from everyone.


At this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking of his reputation or other useless things. He was currently preparing to communicate with liquid silver. He rested for a lengthy period of time to reach his optimal state. Although he doesn’t know the results of the communication, Zhao Hai had to make preparations. He never fought a battle unprepared.

Zhao Hai rested for half a month before he was ready to communicate with liquid silver. This communication was very important to Zhao Hai, he couldn’t be careless.

Outside the Villa and under the Hundred Spirits Tree was a floating metal sphere. This metal sphere was cyan in color and had a metallic sheen. But at the same time, the metal sphere looked like a liquid. Once in a while, it would tremble and a ripple would appear on its surface.

Laura and the others were currently looking at the metal sphere. Worried, Meg turned to Laura and said, “Sister Laura, will the Young Master be fine?”

Laura looked at the metal sphere, then she smiled faintly and said, “He should be alright. Liquid silver is Brother Hai’s personal weapon. Moreover, we’re currently inside the Space. The Space wouldn’t do anything that could endanger Brother Hai. You can rest assured.”

Meg nodded, then she turned to Cai’er. Seeing Meg gazing over her, Cai’er also smiled and said, “Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.” Only then was Meg relieved. The group observed the metal sphere for a while before returning to the villa.

Zhao Hai was currently inside that metal sphere, trying to communicate with liquid silver. However, no matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t establish an initial connection. In fact, he couldn’t find any traces of thought inside liquid silver.

Zhao Hai’s thinking speed was now slowed down to the lowest degree. It was even slower than the time he communicated with the pig iron. However, he still couldn’t sense anything from liquid silver. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be confused.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t give up. He returned to his normal thinking speed and then increased it bit by bit. When he slowed his thinking speed, he couldn’t feel anything from liquid silver. Therefore, Zhao Hai thought that the solution might be in the opposite direction. Liquid Silver might have a very fast thinking speed.

Zhao Hai continued to speed up his thinking speed. When he reached the thinking speed he used to communicate with the True Sun Fire, he was still unable to communicate with liquid silver. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be more confused, then he continued to speed up his thinking process.

When his thinking speed was twice that of the true sun fire, Zhao Hai finally felt something from liquid silver. However, liquid silver’s thoughts were still very fast, Zhao Hai couldn’t make any sense from it.

Nevertheless, this discovery caused Zhao Hai to be elated. As long as he detected something, that was already good. Zhao Hai sped up his thinking speed to match liquid silver. Four times the thinking speed of the true sun fire, five times, eight times. Zhao Hai’s spiritual cube began to rotate so fast that it looked like an engine that was going off.

After reaching ten times the thinking speed of the true sun fire, Zhao Hai was finally able to get an initial connection with liquid silver. The speed of this thinking stunned Zhao Hai for a while.

The moment Zhao Hai established a connection with liquid silver, he suddenly felt a warm feeling. This was because he could feel his own thoughts inside liquid silver. It was as if the thoughts were originally his own, but were separated. With this connection, these thoughts seem to have returned to him.

When Zhao Hai integrated with liquid silver, he quietly felt the thoughts inside his weapon. The reason liquid silver became what it was today was because he kept adding metals to it. When he added metals to liquid silver, his thoughts were also added to it. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai felt welcomed when he integrated with liquid silver. It was because these thoughts were originally his.

Zhao Hai not only felt his own thoughts, he also felt liquid silver’s characteristics. Because liquid silver had absorbed a lot of metals as well as having the skeleton staff as its core, it had become the world’s best metallic alloy. Zhao Hai’s communication with liquid silver brought great benefits to him.


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