BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1920


Chapter 1920 – Routing The Enemy

Hearing this, Laura and the others stared. Then they all turned their heads to Zhao Hai. Laura quickly said, “Brother Hai, you’re out. How do you feel?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I still don’t know. I’ll find out after fighting. I can use these guys to practice my moves.” Then Zhao Hai moved and rushed towards the enemy.

This time, Zhao Hai would exhibit his divergent abilities along with his fighting techniques. His opponents weren’t immortal experts. They were at the transcending tribulation stage and below. They weren’t a threat at all. As Zhao Hai rushed over, he looked like a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

Zhao Hai’s new fighting technique was truly astonishing. And it was very lethal on the battlefield. Transcending tribulation experts were like paper in front of him. Zhao Hai left piles of corpses wherever he went.

After making a few moves, Zhao Hai found the changes he gained after communicating with the pig iron. His spiritual qi could restrain the metallic weapons of his enemy. This caused any metals that he came in contact with to be affected, weakening them in the process. This may be the change brought by the metal element.

Zhao Hai didn’t release his dao avatar. He just held a long blade in his hand. This blade was made with liquid silver. Zhao Hai killed his way into the battlefield while using his divergent abilities. Every wave he made with the blade, thousands of heads would roll.

The cultivators who attacked the Perfection Shop noticed Zhao Hai, especially the immortal experts.

These immortal experts became curious. They could feel that Zhao Hai wasn’t an immortal expert. However, looking at Zhao Hai, his strength was far above the transcending tribulation stage. The casualties Zhao Hai brought were already quite heavy.

Finally, an immortal expert could no longer bear it and charged towards Zhao Hai. Although immortal experts of both sides would make moves during the battle, they were restrained. After all, a loss of an immortal expert was a huge loss to both sides. This realm doesn’t want to lose their immortal experts while Laura and the others didn’t want to lose any Undead. Therefore, the two sides made an unofficial decision to not use immortal experts.

But with an anomaly like Zhao Hai appearing, the situation has changed. Although he was not at the immortal stage, his strength wasn’t any lower than an immortal expert. In this case, the enemy could no longer watch and sent an immortal expert to deal with Zhao Hai.

Originally, they thought that as soon as they sent an immortal expert, the other side would also send theirs. But they guessed wrong. Laura and the others were fully aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. Not to mention one immortal expert, even if they sent ten, Zhao Hai would still have no problem protecting himself. Therefore, they didn’t send any help towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai could take care of the immortal expert sent by the other party.

Laura and the others knew that Zhao Hai wanted to fight with an immortal expert. This was the only opponent he could test his new fighting technique with.

Because of these considerations, Laura and the others didn’t send the immortal-level Undead to join the fight. Instead, they left the immortal expert for Zhao Hai to deal with.

Zhao Hai was feeling very good. Although his opponent was an immortal expert, they weren’t much stronger than Mo Potian. Back when he fought against Mo Potian, they were inside a room which restricted movement, disallowing Zhao Hai to use some of his moves. But this time was different, he could move all he wanted. After using his new style of fighting, Zhao Hai was able to catch his opponent off-guard, giving him the upper hand in battle.

Seeing that their immortal expert couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai, the enemy became more anxious. Another immortal expert rushed towards Zhao Hai. Laura and the others still didn’t send anyone over. The two immortal experts fought against Zhao Hai for a while before they were once again at a disadvantage.

This surprised the enemy, who sent out another immortal expert. And like before, Laura and the others didn’t send anyone. Three immortal experts besieged Zhao Hai. But without even using his Cosmos Technique, Zhao Hai was still able to hold on against them.

The longer the fight went on, the smoother Zhao Hai’s moves became. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai gained an advantage against the three immortal experts.

The other party didn’t expect this to happen. They directly sent out ten immortal experts to eliminate Zhao Hai. When the three immortal experts were sent, Laura and the others didn’t react. This gave the enemy the idea that they didn’t care about Zhao Hai. Therefore, they became more courageous and thought about eliminating him.

However, they were completely mistaken. As soon as the ten immortal experts were sent out, Laura and the others also answered with a large number of immortal-level Undead.

When the enemy saw Laura and the others sending out their immortal experts, they also sent out their own. Thus, the battle between immortal experts began.

But this wasn’t the end. With a wave of Zhao Hai’s hand, large quantities of Undead appeared. Although these Undead weren’t strong, they held guns and cannons. They caused a lot of trouble for the other party.

The battle continued until darkness. Then the enemy withdrew their troops. They have no other choice than to retreat. Their losses were too heavy. In this battle alone, they lost a hundred immortal experts. Although 100 immortal experts wasn’t a lot compared to the entire realm, such a loss was still painful. Therefore, they had to withdraw their troops. 

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s harvests were quite good. He discovered that he no longer needed to worry about spiritual qi during the battle. The pores of his body could absorb the spiritual qi of the surroundings, allowing him to recover during battle. This meant that he could fight for days on end without being exhausted.

With this battle, Zhao Hai’s new fighting technique has been completed. In this battle, he was able to defeat three immortal experts on his own. This was enough to show how much Zhao Hai’s strength has increased.

On the second day, the various powers sent representatives to negotiate with the Perfection Shop. Knowing that nothing would happen during the negotiations, Zhao Hai returned to the Space.

Naturally, Laura and the others wouldn’t let the opportunity go. During the negotiations, the Perfection Shop was able to gain more benefits. The other party can’t do anything about it. They couldn’t defeat the Perfection Shop, they could only wave the white flag and hope for leniency.

After several days, the matter with the Perfection Shop was finally done. Zhao Hai spent a few days with Laura and the others before resuming his cultivation. This time, he would move on to the next level of metal, which was bronze.

It was very difficult to communicate with bronze. It took Zhao Hai more than a year to communicate with it. In this year, Laura and the others finally stabilized the Perfection Shop in all ten realms. Now, nobody dared to attack the shops.

When it came to ruthlessness, Laura and the others weren’t any worse than Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai was vicious, then his wives were vicious as well. Moreover, after seeing Zhao Hai killing so many people in the past, Laura and the others were already used to bloodshed. Therefore, whenever they found out that someone was having ideas on the Perfection Shop, they would immediately give a thunderous warning.

After resting for some time, Zhao Hai continued to move along the metals in the Space. He went from pure metals to alloys. 

Zhao Hai also discovered that the higher the degree of metal, the stronger the human aspect became. This means the more developed a metal was, the more attention humans gave it. Naturally, the aspect of humanity in these metals would increase.

With human thoughts present in the metals, Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t find any difficulty in integrating with them. It can be said that although Zhao Hai was still communicating with metals for long periods of time, this wasn’t due to the difficulty of communication. On the contrary, metals were the easiest to communicate with so far. It only took a long time because the thinking speed of metals was very slow.

Fortunately, metals were the same as plants. The higher the degree, the faster its thinking process. But even so, it took Zhao Hai 20 years to communicate with the metal element. Now he finally set his sights on his most important artifact, liquid silver!

Liquid Silver’s core was the skeleton staff of the Space. However, this skeleton staff wasn’t made of metal, but a type of crystal. It was very hard but it can transform according to Zhao Hai’s will. It was only later on that metals were added to it to form liquid silver.

Liquid silver was now mostly made of metals. It can be said that all metals in the Space were added to liquid silver. In addition to metal, there were also auxiliary materials added. It was because of these materials that liquid silver was very tough. Zhao Hai wanted to see if he could succeed in communicating with liquid silver. If he could, then it would be a huge help to his cultivation.


The Great Realm of Cultivation underwent a huge change in these 20 years. The nine super sects began to recover their strength. They also resumed sending people to the Soaring Dragon Realm. Although the nine super sects have sent more of their people to the Soaring Dragon Realm, they weren’t able to threaten Tie Zhantian’s position.

Compared to the nine super sects, the development of the Freedom Alliance was much faster. With the support of the Perfection Shops as well as the abundance of manpower, the north entered a golden age. It was only due to the solid foundation of the nine super sects that the two sides remained equal. All in all, the strength of the Great Realm of Cultivation was rising quickly.

Compared to the Great Realm of Cultivation, there weren’t many changes to the Soaring Dragon Realm. However, the Great Realm of Cultivation was beginning to amass power in the realm. Now, the Great Realm of Cultivation has 200 experts in its team. They could be considered as a small power.


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