BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1918


Chapter 1918 – True Meaning of Fire

A smoking black volcano spewed a large amount of volcanic ash on the surroundings. Magma also flowed down from the volcano , making the immediate scene look like the end of the world.

Not far away from the crater, a person’s shadow could be seen calmly spectating the volcano’s activity. Then after a red flash, the person flew directly towards the erupting volcano. This person was none other than Zhao Hai. This time, he was planning to integrate with earth fire. Earth fire was a more advanced version of fire. In fact, this was the seventh fire that Zhao Hai would communicate with. Before this, he gradually progressed through various flames. It was only now that he was confident in communicating with earth fire.

The moment he entered the volcano, Zhao Hai could immediately feel the earth fire inside it. Earth fire was naturally hotter than ordinary flames. Earth fire also had the emotions of rage, destruction, warmth, and life. However, the aspect of destruction in the earth fire was stronger than the others.

Zhao Hai immersed himself in this feeling for about seven days before he came out. Then he turned his attention to his next target, yin fire.

Fire was divided into yin and yang. Zhao Hai has been communicating with yang fire before, now he wanted to communicate with yin fire.

Yin fire was completely different to yang fire. Yang fire had the aspect of destruction and revival. Although yin fire also had the aspect of destruction, its nature was different. The destructive force present in yin fire was death. It could kill everything and freeze what remained.

Unlike yang fire which has the aspect of revival and life, yin fire was a purely destructive force. And it was because of this that it represented death. 

While communicating with yin fire, Zhao Hai was somewhat surprised. He didn’t expect yin fire and yang fire to be so different. 

When Zhao Hai began communicating with yin fire, he immediately encountered a rich amount of death qi. The amount was staggeringly high, surpassing Zhao Hai’s expectations. Zhao Hai almost thought that he had died. Fortunately, he has experience with Undead, so he wasn’t too affected by the death qi.

The time Zhao Hai spent communicating with the yin fire was longer. Zhao Hai took half a month before he withdrew his consciousness from the yin fire. Zhao Hai let out a long breath once he was finished. Yin fire was also a type of fire, so he thought that he could easily communicate with it. However, this wasn’t the case. Yin fire and yang fire were completely different. He couldn’t use the methods he used to communicate with yang fire, otherwise he would be in danger.

After stabilizing his mood, Zhao Hai prepared to move on to other fires. In this world, there are also special flames. These flames were higher leveled compared to earth fire. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to communicate with them.

Strictly speaking, yin fire was one of these special flames. Actually, Zhao Hai underestimated the nature of yin fire. After finding out that these special flames were different compared to ordinary fire, Zhao Hai made sure to be careful in his next actions.

Sure enough, Zhao Hai thought correctly. Special flames were different compared to ordinary ones. After Zhao Hai communicated with other types of fire, he realized that these special flames could no longer be regarded as fire. They should be special forms of energy that had the appearance of fire.

It took Zhao Hai six months to communicate with all kinds of flames. Six months later, Zhao Hai decided to rest before going to communicate with two final flames. Because these two flames were very special, Zhao Hai had to be very careful.

Of the two flames, one of them was Tribulation Lightning. After communicating with various types of flames, Zhao Hai understood that Tribulation Lightning was also a type of fire. Therefore, he decided to treat it as such.

The other fire was the most formidable flame that Zhao Hai currently knew. And this was the True Sun Flame.

True Sun Flame could also be called Heavenly Fire. It was the strongest flame in the world. Because of this, Zhao Hai made sure to communicate with it last.

After resting for a week inside the Space, Zhao Hai began to communicate with Tribulation Lightning. The Space also has a supply of Tribulation Lightning. 

When he communicated with the tribulation lightning, Zhao Hai encountered a problem. If he wanted to communicate with the tribulation lightning, then using fire-element abilities wasn’t enough, he also needed to use his lightning-element abilities. Most importantly, he needs to properly adjust his emotions. Tribulation lightning didn’t have the aspect of rebirth after destruction, it had something else. If Zhao Hai couldn’t grasp this emotion, then he wouldn’t be able to integrate with the tribulation lightning.

This caused Zhao Hai to wonder for some time. He needed to find out what other emotion the tribulation lightning carried other than destruction.

After careful contact with tribulation lighting, Zhao Hai finally discovered what he was missing. The other emotion contained in tribulation lighting was the emotion of righteousness!

Heaven and earth contain righteousness in it. And the most powerful sense of righteousness was present in tribulation lightning. This allowed tribulation lightning to ward off evil spirits. Zhao Hai realized this when he remembered that lighting was the weakness of ghosts. It was because of righteousness.

Tribulation lightning was the weapon used by the heavens and the earth to punish those who do not abide by the rules. Cultivators who wanted to go against the heavens need to transcend tribulation in order to progress. This was because cultivation was going against the rules of nature. Once a cultivator passes the tribulation, the heavens would deem the cultivator worthy of breaking the rules and allow them to grow stronger. If they didn’t survive, then this meant that they weren’t worthy.

Zhao Hai took a long time to include the sense of righteousness in his emotions. The moment he grasped the emotion of righteousness, Zhao Hai immediately integrated with the tribulation lightning. As expected, tribulation lightning was extremely powerful. After communicating with the tribulation lightning, Zhao Hai could feel the huge benefits he acquired.

When Zhao Hai was done communicating with the tribulation lightning, he found that only a few hours had passed. This was the fastest thinking speed he encountered.

After testing his moves, Zhao Hai discovered that in addition to the increase in the destructive force, his attacks also carried the aura of righteousness. If he encountered anything evil, his attacks would cause more damage.

Although he only communicated with the tribulation lightning for a few hours, Zhao Hai needed to rest for several days to stabilize his spirit. Only when he was at his optimum state could Zhao Hai communicate with the True Sun Flame.

The True Sun Flame was actually the sun. Zhao Hai would communicate with the sun. The sun allowed life to flourish, but it could also destroy anything. It was also an aloof existence that stood above all creation.

For Zhao Hai, communicating with the Sun was the most difficult process yet. This was because the sun carried an incomparably huge amount of energy. Even if was able to establish an initial connection with the sun, he still needed to be cautious otherwise he would be turned into a pile of ash. Zhao Hai still wasn’t confident that the cells in his body could resist the flames coming from the sun.

A month passed and Zhao Hai still couldn’t completely integrate with the sun. This was because the sun contained a lot of emotions such as warmth, eternity, arrogance, aloofness, and others. Zhao Hai hadn’t felt these emotions on the other flames. This made it difficult for Zhao Hai to find any inspiration. It was until two months later that Zhao Hai was able to achieve a breakthrough. However, the level of communication was still shallow. 

Zhao Hai felt that these emotions would have a huge effect on him. However, he wasn’t sure about the exact effects. It was as if there was a curtain that concealed the truth. What Zhao Hai needed to do was to lift this curtain.

Zhoa Hai didn’t consider rushing the process. He knew that the more he rushed, the more dangerous it would be. Although he felt that there was a curtain in front of him, Zhao Hai knew that this was a bottleneck. He only needed a sudden enlightenment to break through. There’s nothing else he has to do other than to wait for this inspiration to come.

Zhao Hai was now calmly understanding the sun. The more he communicated with the sun, the more insignificant Zhao Hai felt. He also felt that communicating with the sun was an exercise for his spiritual force, making it purer. It was a surprise for Zhao Hai.

Sensing, adjusting, sensing, adjusting. Zhao Hai entered a routine. As his senses sharpened, his communication with the sun became deeper. Zhao Hai’s spiritual force also underwent some changes. Naturally, Zhao Hai was unaware of this. He was now fully focused on communicating with the sun. He no longer cared about anything else.

Several months later, Zhao Hai was finally able to fully integrate with the sun. The sun was him, and he was the sun. Zhao Hai slowly felt the experiences of the sun, the highest level of fire.

After a year, Zhao Hai finally separated his consciousness from the sun. Finally, he felt that he understood the true meaning of fire. His spirit also became clear and bright. Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then he flashed back to the villa.


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