BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1917


Chapter 1917 – Vitality

Rage, destruction! Zhao Hai was currently barraged with these emotions. If his soul wasn’t stable, he might have transformed into a madman.

Strangely enough, even after adjusting his emotions until he could no longer hold on, he still couldn’t fully integrate with the fire. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused.

Zhao Hai was certain that his emotions were now raging. He was emitting an aura that wanted to destroy everything. This was the emotion of fire. But why did the fire still repel him?

Zhao Hai knew that worrying right now would take him nowhere. He can only calm himself and understand the nature of the fire in front of him. He wanted to see if he missed something.

Before long, Zhao Hai discovered that although fire carried destruction and violence, it also brought vitality. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t understand why this was the case. Shouldn’t fire be the embodiment of destruction? Why was vitality present?

Since Zhao Hai didn’t understand, he couldn’t make his emotions embody vitality. This made him different from the fire, which caused his failure to integrate with it.

Zhao Hai thought about why there was vitality present in fire. He imagined himself as fire that existed when the heavens and earth first opened. This fire burned everything and raged for many years, destroying everything in its path. All living beings were burned as soon as they touched it. None of them survived.

However, in the burnt remains left by the raging fire, vegetation began to grow. Moreover, compared to before, the vegetation was more lush. Animals soon appeared, then humans came after them. Humans hunted the animals and cooked them in the fire, making food. Finding out that cooked food tasted better, humans collected firewood to feed to the fire, making it burn all year round. The fire also brought warmth to the humans. And with the nutrition given by cooked food, the humans were able to fend off any enemies. With the benefits brought by fire, humans were able to develop a civilization. Every step involved fire.

People learned to rub wood together to make fire. Then people started farming the burnt lands, fought wars with weapons forged with fire, invented gunpowder, then went to space in rocket ships. All of these things couldn’t happen without fire.

Vitality! This was vitality! Fire that brings vitality. Fire destroys so that nature could reset. This was vitality brought by fire. The true purpose of fire!

Zhao Hai finally understood what vitality was. There was also a hint of vitality in his emotion. This time, the fire didn’t reject him. Then Zhao Hai began integrating with the fire.

Rampage, destruction, warmth, rebirth. These were contradictory states that balanced the essence of fire. Fire destroys everything, but it could also bring warmth and new life. This was the true nature of fire.

Zhao Hai was completely immersed in understanding fire. He felt that he was the fire and he could feel everything about it.

Although fire could bring warmth, it was also very dangerous. There was no time where humans claimed that they had complete control of the fire. Humans could use various means to control fire, but they won’t dare get too close to it. It was a contradictory relationship. This was people’s attitude towards fire.

Zhao Hai felt that he had become fire itself for a very long time. Feeling that he understood everything about it, he slowly came to his senses. His consciousness returned to his body. Then when he opened his eyes and looked at the timer, he couldn’t help but stare.

While he was integrating with the fire, Zhao Hai felt that decades had passed. But when he looked at the timer, he realized that he had been communicating with the fire for ten days.

Zhao Hai immediately thought about thinking speed. The thinking speed of plants was very slow, a blink of an eye for a plant was ten days in reality. On the other hand, fire was very fast. It was so fast that what felt like decades was only a few days outside.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then waved his hand, extinguishing the fire. Then he had Undead clean the pile of firewood before he returned to the villa.

Laura and the others were in the villa. When they saw Zhao Hai return, they were shocked. Laura looked at Zhao Hai in confusion and asked, “Brother Hai, why did you return quickly? Did you fail?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I succeeded. Fire makes your thinking speed very fast. I thought I spent dozens of years, but it has only been ten days.”

Laura and the others nodded. Cai’er said, “Young Master, how do you feel right now? When you communicated with the tree, you gained some benefits. What about now?”

Zhao Hai was stunned by Cai’er’s question. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know yet. I’ll try to find out now.” After he said that, Zhao Hai sat down on the sofa and inspected himself. However, he found that his spiritual qi didn’t change at all. Besides the increase in absorption in his spiritual qi, nothing else has changed.

Zhao Hai opened his eyes. He looked at Cai’er and said, “I couldn’t feel any change. It’s possible that I haven’t gained anything this time.”

Cai’er didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “If there’s no change, then there’s no change. It’s impossible for me to get benefits all the time. Alright, you go take a rest first. I’ll head out for a walk. I’ve been stuck communicating with fire for what I felt like decades. I need to move my body.”

Laura and the others nodded. However, they didn’t take a rest. Instead, they walked outside with Zhao Hai. They knew that Zhao Hai was going to practice his movements, so they wanted to follow along and watch the fun.

Seeing Laura and the others following behind him, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. If they want to follow him, then they could. In any case, they’re his wives. There’s nothing to worry about.

Zhao Hai did some simple movements first. Then he started to use his combat techniques. This time, he didn’t use any abilities. He just went with the movements.

But before long, Zhao Hai felt that something wasn’t right. Even if he wasn’t using his divergent abilities, his attacks seem to be more powerful than before. Moreover, he noticed a destructive force in every attack he made.

Zhao Hai stopped, he was confused about the changes. Then he made more moves and found that he wasn’t mistaken. His attacks do carry a destructive force.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes and thought about the difference in his attacks. After some time, Zhao Hai opened his eyes and laughed.

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, what happened? Why are you laughing?”

Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er and the others and then smiled as he said, “Didn’t you ask me if I got benefits when I communicated with fire? I just found out that my attacks now contained the destructive force of fire. My normal attacks are now more powerful than before.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Cai’er and the others felt happy. With Zhao Hai’s success in cultivation, they returned to the villa and had a small feast.

Actually, they have no need for food at their current level. However, eating a meal together was a good feeling. It gave them a sense that they’re a family.

After eating, Zhao Hai took Laura and the others out to stroll. They checked the state of the Perfection Shops. The Perfection Shop was doing very well. After all, the shops not only sell local materials, but also materials from other planes. One could also order custom-made items in the shop, like artifacts.

Refining artifacts was a risky business. If there was only one set of materials, then failure in refining meant that there wasn’t a second try. In this case, there were risks in looking for refining masters to craft artifacts. Moreover, the success ratio of refining masters wasn’t high.

As for the Perfection Shop, as long as you can accomplish a task, the Shop could ensure a success of refining. The task was considered as payment for refining the artifact.

This isn’t only for artifacts. The Perfection Shop could also concoct pills. Because of such services, the Perfection Shop’s business was very good. It had the best services in the ten planes. Even Heavenly Demons would go to Perfection Shops to do business. Moreover, Heavenly Demons helped maintain the shops. They had no choice, a lot of people depend on the Perfection Shop to eat.

Naturally, Heavenly Demons don’t need to eat. Eating here means that people depended on the Perfection Shops to get rewards. And these rewards could be turned into cultivation resources. 

Zhao Hai and the others went out to check the various Perfection Shops. They even went to other planes to take a look.

Zhao Hai also took this chance to explore the other realms. He was focused on traveling for relaxation.

Although Zhao Hai only secluded for ten days, his thinking went through decades of process. Because of this, Zhao Hai felt mentally tired. It was opposite to the relaxed state he was in when he integrated with the plants.

Laura and the others were also very happy to accompany Zhao Hai around. The group took their time to see various sights in the other realms.

Their travels happened in secret. Zhao Hai has no intentions to alarm others. It would only bring unnecessary trouble.

Besides the Great Realm of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm, the other eight realms don’t know that the Perfection Shops belonged to Laura and the others. They only knew that the Perfection Shops were places to get good materials. Moreover, Perfection Shops did business fairly. If Zhao Hai revealed that they owned the shops, troubles might come. Therefore, Zhao Hai traveled in a low-key manner.


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