BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1915


Chapter 1915 – Special Trees

Zhao Hai accompanied Laura and the others inside the Space for a few days. At the same time, Zhao Hai was looking into Tie Zhantian’s situation in the Soaring Dragon Realm. After that, he prepared for his second round of seclusion.

The Great Realm of Cultivation was doing well, Laura and the others’ business was also doing well. Although Tie Zhantian was suffering in the Soaring Dragon Realm, his situation was stable. There was nothing that Zhao Hai needed to worry about.

Zhao Hai also noticed that his cultivation progress didn’t stop despite staying inside the bread tree for a year. He felt that his current spiritual qi was purer than a year before. The efficiency of his progress wasn’t any less than his normal cultivation.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai discovered that the pores of his body seemed to have opened up, allowing smooth flow of spiritual qi in and out of his body. It was the same as the cultivation method of the tree. This not only made Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi purer and more dense, it also made Zhao Hai’s cells more active. Zhao Hai could also feel his wood-element divergent abilities becoming stronger.

This was a pleasant surprise for Zhao Hai. And since this was pure advantage without fault, Zhao Hai didn’t mind it. Now he was more curious about his other divergent abilities. He wanted to know what benefits they would bring him.

However, before Zhao Hai proceeds to his other abilities, he wanted to perfect his wood-element techniques first. Zhao Hai wanted to communicate with other trees to see what effects they would give.

The Space has a lot of trees that Zhao Hai could communicate with. However, he wasn’t planning to communicate with them as long as he did with the bread tree. If he communicated with them for a year each, his lifespan would run out before he could finish them all.

In the end, Zhao Hai found that communicating with ordinary trees was no longer effective. Zhao Hai’s next target were the more special trees like ironwood trees, bluewood trees, and other trees that were used for refining.

The moment he communicated with these trees, Zhao Hai immediately felt the difference. He could feel that these trees absorb spiritual qi faster and they also have special abilities. Take the bluewood tree for example, it was very helpful to cultivating spiritual force. After Zhao Hai integrated with the bluewood tree, his spiritual force leapt in strength. Then after he communicated with the ironwood tree, his metal-element ability seems to have increased in strength.

Naturally, the most important advantage about integrating with these special trees was the further improvement of Zhao Hai’s ability to absorb spiritual qi. The amount he could take in has increased as well.

After communicating with these special trees, Zhao Hai looked at the time. It has been a year and a half since the time he integrated with the bread tree. This meant that Zhao Hai has been communicating with the special  trees for a year and a half.

A year and a half wasn’t a short time. Zhao Hai was still not used to spending so much time feeling that only a few hours had passed. After communicating with the trees, Zhao Hai moved on to other plants like the Sky Reaching Vines.

These plants could also be integrated with using wood-element abilities. After integrating with these plants, Zhao Hai obtained a lot of benefits. The Sky Reaching Vine allowed his meridians to be more flexible and elongate at will. This caused Zhao Hai to be startled when he tried it out.

After communicating with these plants, Zhao Hai knew that there were two more plants that he wanted to communicate with. One of these plants was the tree of the elves. It was the tree that initially provided spiritual qi to the Space. Moreover, once placed outside, this tree could change the surrounding environment.

The other plant was something that Zhao Hai placed more importance in than the tree of the elves. And this plant was the Hundred Spirits Tree. The Hundred Spirits Tree was the most powerful tree inside the Space.

Zhao Hai integrated with the elfin tree first. The tree was very tall. However, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to enter the tree to communicate with it. Scanning it with his spiritual force was enough.

After Zhao Hai’s spiritual force entered the tree, he felt an incredibly rich amount of spiritual qi. Moreover, the spiritual qi was purer than the one found inside Zhao Hai’s body.

There were also countless passages inside the tree which transported energy from the roots to the canopy. These passages were completely filled with energy. The amount of passages allowed the tree to absorb and release spiritual qi faster. Moreover, the spiritual qi that the elfin tree released carried the wood attribute. But since the concentration of the wood attribute was very low, cultivators wouldn’t feel anything when absorbing it.

Despite the low concentration, the wood attribute gave huge benefits to cultivators. This attribute carried the essence of life that was beneficial to everyone. Absorbing this spiritual qi for a long time would increase one’s lifespan. This might be the reason why the elves live for very long times.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts soon began to meld with the elfin tree. He slowly felt the energy of the tree. He felt the energy being absorbed from the ground and then released with a hint of wood attribute. Then the energy of the surroundings was absorbed and then released down from the root system, changing the soul and making it more suitable for plants to grow. This explains why other plants grew very well whenever an elfin tree was present.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the elfin tree was more complex compared to the other trees. There were special passages inside the tree that seemed ethereal. Whenever spiritual qi passes through these passages, changes would occur to the spiritual qi and sometimes the spiritual qi would be injected with a certain attribute. This was what Zhao Hai paid attention to the most.

After feeling these passages, Zhao Hai drew his thoughts back from the elfin tree.

When his thoughts exited the tree, Zhao Hai immediately looked at the time. Seeing the time that passed, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He suspected that the time displayed was a bit wrong. This was because it was much earlier than he expected.

Zhao Hai communicated with the trees inside the Space for more than two years. Because of this, he could estimate how long it has passed even before looking at the timer.

Today it was different. From what he estimated, he should have taken a month to communicate with the elfin tree. But after he looked at the timer, he discovered that only ten days had passed. He was wrong by a factor of three. This caused him to be surprised.

Zhao Hai frowned and then said, “Cai’er, is this timer broken?”

Cai’er immediately appears beside Zhao Hai. Then after looking at the timer, she shook her head and said, “It’s not. Young Master, this timer is made by the Space. How could it be broken? It’s very accurate.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to the elfin tree and recalled his experience in the past two years. Then he discovered an issue. The higher the tree, the quicker his thinking became. As he moved from the bread tree, then to the bluewood tree and the ironwood tree, and then to the elfin tree, his thinking became faster. 

As Zhao Hai looked at the Hundred Spirits Tree, his heart couldn’t help but get hot with excitement.

The Hundred Spirits Tree was the highest level tree inside the Space. Moreover, one shouldn’t forget that the Hundred Spirits Tree has absorbed the chaos root, enriching itself. Now Zhao Hai wanted to know what it would feel once he integrated with the tree.

However, Zhao Hai controlled his emotions. He didn’t communicate with the Hundred Spirits Tree immediately. He had a premonition that integrating with the Hundred Spirits Tree would give him an unexpected advantage. This was also the reason why he saved the Hundred Spirits Tree until the end. 

Zhao Hai believed in his own premonitions. Any cultivator would rather believe their guts than doubt themselves. The reason for this was because a cultivator’s spiritual force was stronger than ordinary people. Because of this, cultivators have developed their sixth sense. For a cultivator, premonitions were beneficial events. Many times, these premonitions could even save their lives.

Because of this premonition, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately communicate with the Hundred Spirit Tree. Instead, he rested inside the villa. He almost didn’t leave the Space for about two years. He communicated with trees, plants, and even common grass. 

To be honest, when he communicated with ordinary grass, Zhao Hai was surprised by the benefits he gained. Grass was the most common plant in the universe. Grass actually carried a very resilient life force. Zhao Hai discovered that the grass on vast meadows were interconnected through their roots. If one section was damaged, life force would be taken from the entire body to grow the section through the root system. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t see from the other plants. This was an eye-opening experience for Zhao Hai.


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