BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1914


Chapter 1914 – One Year Dream

As Zhao Hai was resting inside the Space, Laura walked to his side and leaned on him as she said, “Brother Hai, I’m sorry I made you go to the Heavenly Demon Realm. I didn’t expect those guys to make a move against you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine, everything went well in the end. I also found how I fare against an immortal expert. Haha. Now, even without the Undead, I can fight against immortal experts. This is very good. Moreover, I was able to make the Heavenly Demons do business with us.”

Laura nodded and then said, “Brother Hai, we plan to open our stores in the ten realms at the same time. The name of the stores would be the Perfection Shop. What do you think?”

“Perfection shop? The name’s very good. In any case, this is your matter. There’s no need to ask me. But don’t tire yourselves too much, it’s not worth it.”

Laura nodded and said, “Don’t worry, we’re just doing this to get rid of our boredom. We won’t exhaust ourselves.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll return to the Heavenly Demon Realm three days later to settle this matter. Then I’ll go into seclusion. You can deal with the business yourselves. Remember, prioritize your safety.”

Laura smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there haven’t been any problems for over a year. Moreover, nothing in the ten realms can threaten us. You can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded. To be honest, the Soaring Dragon realm was more difficult than he imagined. The people and the beasts were stronger than he thought. As for the people in the Great Realm of Cultivation, none of them could pose a threat to Zhao Hai. This became more apparent when he used his new combat technique. He could now defeat immortal experts on his own. Zhao Hai can now walk unhindered in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Even if he didn’t reach the immortal stage, he wouldn’t need the Undead to help him.

However, Zhao Hai has no thoughts of becoming an overlord. What he must do right now was to help the Black Tiger Gang preserve its position. Only then could he be assured of going to the Soaring Dragon Realm and the True Spirit Realm later on.

Pursuing a higher realm of cultivation was Zhao Hai’s ultimate goal.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye. When Zhao Hai arrived at the Heavenly Demon Realm, Mo Zhentian and the others were already waiting for him. Naturally, they accepted Zhao Hai’s proposal. At the same time, they gave several shop locations for Zhao Hai.

The reason Zhao Hai asked Mo Zhentian and the others to decide on the location of the shop was to let them understand that he was really intending to do business.

Surprisingly, the locations Mo Zhentian and the others gave Zhao Hai were quite good. Some of them were even located in large sects. This was something that Zhao Hai didn’t expect.

Zhao Hai didn’t make Mo Zhentian and the others’ efforts in vain. He gave the astrolabe with the Heavenly Demon Realm’s map to them as payment. The astrolabe wasn’t very useful for Zhao Hai. If he wanted, he could make a duplicate at any time. Only in the hands of Mo Zhentian and the others would the astrolabe be utilized to its potential.

Mo Zhentian and the others were very grateful towards Zhao Hai. Although the Sacred Demon Sect held sole control over the Heavenly Demon Realm, having the map would make handling the realm easier in the future.

Now that the matters in the Heavenly Demon Realm have been dealt with, Zhao Hai returned to the Great Realm of Cultivation and then rested in the Space. Then after looking at the Soaring Dragon Realm for two days, Zhao Hai prepared to go into seclusion once more.

This time, Zhao Hai plans to communicate with the universe using his divergent abilities. This would provide him a path towards the immortal stage.

Zhao Hai was aware that this wasn’t an easy task. Communicating with non-living beings was very difficult. Communicating with the tree already made Zhao Hai’s thinking very slow, and that was a living being. If Zhao Hai communicated with stones or metals, the sensation would become even more sluggish. If Zhao Hai guessed correctly, these non living beings would take a very long time to integrate with.

For this seclusion, Zhao Hai came fully prepared. He told Cai’er that if necessary, she would forcibly wake him up. Zhao Hai was afraid that he might stop thinking altogether and might not wake up.

Cai’er was also aware of the dangers, so she nodded. After resting for a few more days, Zhao Hai has fully recovered both mentally and physically. Then he began his retreat.

Zhao Hai chose to communicate with a tree first. Since he already has experience with integrating with a tree, this would allow him to control his communication with the tree.

Zhao Hai communicated with a Bread Tree. Bread Trees were very abundant inside the Space. One could almost find it at any corner. The fruit of the bread trees have become the staple food of the people inside the Space. And after the repeated upgrades to the Space, the spiritual force present inside the bread fruits no longer held any impurities. If the bread fruits were placed outside, cultivators would definitely fight to get their hands on it. Meanwhile, it was the most common food inside the Space.

Zhao Hai went to a bread tree. This bread tree wasn’t any different from the others. Zhao Hai just found a random one. Only in this way can he fully understand the nature of bread trees.

Zhao Hai’s body flashed a green light as his body integrated with the bread tree. Then Zhao Hai’s thoughts began to slow down as he synchronized himself with the tree.

The thoughts of the bread tree were very simple, one could call it the tree’s instinct. This was an instinct to grow and bear fruits. Zhao Hai felt himself turn into a bread tree. He could feel the tree’s roots collecting nutrients and moisture from the land and then turned it into spiritual qi before transporting it all throughout its body. The spiritual qi passed through the tree’s branches and then to the leaves before being stored inside the fruits.

Zhao Hai could also feel spiritual qi entering through the tree’s leaves. Then after circulating it, the spiritual qi was released to the air once more. He could also feel a withered leaf falling from a branch and landing to the ground, soon to be turned into nutrients by the land. It was a subtle and slow circulation of spiritual qi.

Zhao Hai immersed himself in this feeling. He could feel that he has no conflicts with the spiritual qi around him. He absorbed spiritual qi and released it. He took something from the Heavens and the Earth and then gave something back. It was a process, a circulation that has no negative effects on the spiritual qi of the Heavens and the Earth.

Although Zhao Hai had the same feeling in the tree back in the Forestsea Realm, that was an unintentional integration and he stopped not long after. It was completely different from Zhao Hai’s current experience with the bread tree.

Zhao Hai felt himself become the bread tree. He could feel what the bread tree felt. It was a marvelous feeling.

After who knows how long, Zhao Hai finally woke up. He slowly separated his consciousness from the bread tree. His body also left the bread tree.

After coming out of the bread tree, he immediately looked at the timer beside the tree. Before entering the tree, Zhao Hai had Cai’er set up a timer outside so that he could sense how much time had passed.

Looking at the timer, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he shook his head as he bitterly smiled. He underestimated the time it took to integrate with the bread tree. He just felt like he was dreaming, but after he woke up he discovered that an entire year has already passed.

After coming out of the Bread Tree, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the villa. He wanted to ask Cai’er how everyone has been doing.

When Zhao Hai returned to the villa, he was stunned. Only Cai’er, Julie, and Meg were inside. Zhao Hai asked Cai’er, “Cai’er, where is everyone?”

Cai’er turned to Zhao Hai and immediately replied, “Young Master, you’re back. Sister Laura and the others were out to manage the shop. But they will return soon. We didn’t expect you to close up for a very long time. How was it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s just like I’m sleeping. How is the business doing?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Cai’er excitedly replied, “It’s doing very well. Right now, across the ten realms, there are about 500 Perfection Shops. Moreover, during this year, the fame of the shops has increased in all realms.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That’s very good. In the future, these Perfection Shops will become a key trading platform among the ten realms.”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “Most importantly, after a year of development, Perfection Shop gained certain influence in each plane. No matter which plane, nobody would dare make a move on the shops. Even without the help of the Undead, nobody dared to provoke us.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he shook his head as he bitterly smiled. He was clear about Laura’s ability. To be honest, if Zhao Hai didn’t take her away, she would have established a commercial empire. This trivial business wasn’t a challenge for her.


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