BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1912


Chapter 1912 – Heavenly Demon Holy Child

Mo Like looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, then he said, “Is Mister joking? What kind of business would be good between the Heavenly Demon Realm and your Great Realm of Cultivation?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Commander Mo Like seems to have misunderstood. I don’t represent the Great Realm of Cultivation. The business involves just me. There’s no relationship with the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

Mo Like couldn’t get a grasp on Zhao Hai’s words. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, are you joking?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m definitely not joking. I want to ask Commander Mo Like to make a report on behalf of this Zhao Hai. I came here with good intentions.”

Mo Like looked at Zhao Hai for some time, then he nodded and said, “I believe Mister. I’ll go and make a report. With Mister status, you wouldn’t resort to using underhanded methods. All of you, stop being impolite to Mister Zhao Hai.”

The Heavenly Demons complied. All of their gazes turned into curiosity as they looked at Zhao Hai. Although the Heavenly Demon Army has been dismissed, being a commander of the army wasn’t a low position. Just like in the Great Realm of Cultivation, finding immortal experts was easy but finding a good commander was hard. Therefore, Mo Like’s position was quite high up in the Heavenly Demon Realm.

The Heavenly Demons became polite towards Zhao Hai. They were also aware of Zhao Hai’s identity and more importantly, his strength. If they offended Zhao Hai, then he might use his Undead army to attack the Heavenly Demon Realm. And war was the last thing the Heavenly Demons wanted at this time.

After bringing Zhao Hai to a waiting room, Mo Like quickly went to the main hall of the Sacred Demon Sect to look for the commander-in-chief of the Heavenly Demon Army.

The commander-in-chief of the Heavenly Demon Army was one of the candidates to become the Sacred Lord of the Sacred Demon Sect. He was given the title of Holy Child and his name was Mo Zhentian. He’s a famous talent in the Heavenly Demon Realm. Not only was he an immortal Heavenly Demon, he was also capable in battle as well as command. It can be said that he has the highest status among the other Holy Children of the Sacred Demon Sect. His status was so high that even his failure to invade the Great Realm of Cultivation didn’t affect his standing in the sect. This was because everyone understood that if it weren’t for Mo Zhentian’s command, then nobody would have been able to return from the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Additionally, not only did Mo Zhentian’s position not get affected by the war with the Great Realm of Cultivation, his chances of becoming the Sacred Lord increased instead. Among the several Holy Children of the Sacred Demon Sect, his influence was the strongest.

Mo Like went to Mo Zhentian’s residence and said, “Reporting to the Holy Child, the Great Realm of Cultivation’s Mister Zhao Hai is here.”

Mo Zhentian’s voice was heard soon after, “Zhao Hai arrived? Come inside and speak.” Mo Like complied and then entered the residence.

The cave residence was enormous. Inside the cave was a meeting hall where Mo Zhentian sat down like a Demon King. In his hand was a jade slip. It could be seen that he was dealing with some matters. But after Mo Like entered, he shifted his gaze towards him.

Mo Like gave a salute. Mo Zhentian waved his hand and said, “Alright, what’s going on. Why did Zhao Hai come to the Heavenly Demon Realm? Does he want to fight us?”

Mo Like shook his head and said, “Replying to the Holy Child, Mister Zhao Hai says that he’s here to discuss business.”

Mo Zhentian frowned and asked, “Business? What kind of business does Zhao Hai want?”

Mo Like replied, “Zhao Hai said that he wants to do business with the Heavenly Demon Realm. He also said that this has nothing to do with the Great Realm of Cultivation. Holy Child, do you want to see him?”

Mo Zhentian thought for a moment and then said, “We’ll see him. With his strength, we can’t afford to offend him. Right, inform the other Holy Children and immortal experts. Let them come and meet Zhao Hai with me.”

Mo Like complied and then turned around to deal with the matter. Before long, several Heavenly Demons arrived in Mo Zhentian’s residence. These Heavenly Demons were special, they looked closely like humans. The only thing that differed with them were their eyes. 

After the group sat down, a 30-year old looking Heavenly Demon looked at Mo Zhentian and said, “Zhentian, why did you suddenly call us over? I heard that a cultivator from the Great Realm of Cultivator arrived?”

Mo Zhentian nodded and said, “The person who arrived is Zhao Hai. All of you should know how fierce he is. However, he said that he didn’t come over to fight us. He said that he came to discuss business. I had Mo Like invite him over. I want to see what he wants to sell.”

Another Heavenly Demon who looked less than 20 years old pouted and said, “I really want to see if this Zhao Hai is as formidable as you said.” 

Mo Zhentian looked at the Heavenly Demon and didn’t say anything. This Heavenly Demon was called Mo Potian. He was the youngest Holy Child of the sect. Not only was he the youngest, he was also the most talented. And because of his talent, he was extremely arrogant.

When the Heavenly Demons invaded the Great Realm of Cultivation, Mo Potian was closing up to attack the immortal stage. Now that he reached the immortal stage, his arrogance increased once more.

Moreover, Mo Potian always went out of his way to be impolite towards Mo Zhentian. Because of this, he always opposed no matter what Mo Zhentian said. This caused Mo Zhentian to be helpless. He plans to use Zhao Hai to teach Mo Potian a lesson.

At this time, Mo Like’s voice was heard from outside, “Holy Child, Mister Zhao Hai is here.”

Mo Zhentian stood and then walked outside. Then he laughed and said, “I didn’t expect Mister Zhao Hai to come to our Heavenly Demon Realm. Please come in, forgive me for being impolite.”

Seeing Mo Zhentian’s actions, Mo Potian couldn’t help but stare. Mo Zhentian was also a genius who was no weaker than him. Moreover, the Heavenly Demons always thought that Mo Zhentian was more talented than him in command. This was one of the reasons why Mo Potian always went against Mo Zhentian. However, this also meant that Mo Potian knew Mo Zhentian really well. Mo Zhentian’s arrogance was no less than his. But now, Mo Zhentian took the initiative to greet Zhao Hai. Without even seeing Zhao Hai’s face, he already offered polite words. This shocked Mo Potian. This also made him more curious towards Zhao Hai.

Then a gentle voice was heard from the other side, “This Zhao Hai made an abrupt visit. I hope the Holy Child won’t take offense.”

Since Mo Potian didn’t go out, he did see Zhao Hai. But when he heard Zhao Hai’s voice, he couldn’t help but have a good impression of him. There seems to be traces of spiritual force in his voice, akin to a spiritual attack. However, Mo Potian was sure that this wasn’t an attack. This was someone who was able to train their spiritual force to the very pinnacle. Their every action and word would carry a trace of spiritual force. Such people often represented danger, extreme danger.

As Mo Potian was thinking about this, Mo Zhentian entered the meeting hall with Zhao Hai. The others in the hall followed Mo Zhentian out to greet Zhao Hai. Only Mo Potian stayed inside. Now that so many people were coming inside and seeing him haughtily sitting down, Mo Potian couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward.

Fortunately, Mo Zhentian followed up. He smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, let me introduce you. This is Mo Potian. Like me, he is also a Holy Child of the Sacred Demon Sect. He’s a well-known genius in the Heavenly Demon Realm. He reached the immortal stage at a very young age.”

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Zhentian and then at Mo Potian and immediately understood what was going on. He smiled faintly at Mo Potian and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Holy Child Mo Potian.”

Mo Potian coldly snorted and said, “You’re Zhao Hai? You’re quite bold. After killing my fellow Heavenly Demons, you still have the courage to come here. You’re being overconfident.”

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Potian and said, “I have never been overconfident. I never do anything I’m not sure about.” After he said that, he no longer paid Mo Potian any attention. He turned to Mo Zhentian and the others and said, “Everyone, I came here this time to discuss business.”

Mo Zhentian looked at Zhao Hai after sweeping Mo Potian with his gaze. Mo Potian’s expression turned pale. Mo Zhentian couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “Mister is too polite. Mister, please have a seat. I’m curious about what kind of business you want to do with our Heavenly Demon Realm.”

The others also looked at Zhao Hai. They understood what Zhao Hai’s words meant just now. Zhao Hai told Mo Potian that he wasn’t overconfident, and he wouldn’t do anything he wasn’t sure about. This meant that he went to the Heavenly Demon Realm because he knew that he could retreat safely. Zhao Hai also wanted to tell Mo Potian that he wasn’t afraid of him.

Although Zhao Hai was impolite, the other Heavenly Demons didn’t say anything since they knew that Zhao Hai was right. Zhao Hai was capable of summoning more than 100 immortal-level Undead with just a snap of his finger. How could Mo Potian pose a threat to him? Mo Potian was the overconfident one.

After sitting down, Zhao Hai looked at Mo Zhentian and said, “Actually, there’s no need for you to be hostile towards me. The Heavenly Demon Realm and the Great Realm of Cultivation might have a grudge against each other, but where did this grudge come from? It’s because of the Soaring Dragon Realm. Now that the Heavenly Demon Realm and the Great Realm of Cultivation are both qualified to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm, this grudge can disappear. We might have killed people on both sides, but I think there’s no longer any need to fight against each other.”

“Let me tell you the truth. During the trial, I was aware of the location of the Heavenly Demon Realm’s representative. However, I didn’t make a move on them. Moreover, I personally killed nearly 100 people during the trial. I consider this as a favor to you all. If our two realms continue to fight, then we would have a problem during the next assessment. If we cooperate instead, then we would have a bigger chance of keeping our qualifications. Wouldn’t that be better?”


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