BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1909


Chapter 1909 – Rapid Development

When he heard this news, Zhao Hai was speechless for some time. He couldn’t help but think that the world was devolving the more he progressed. The Soaring Dragon Realm has worse living conditions compared to the Great Realm of Cultivation. Cultivators in the Soaring Dragon Realm were reduced to becoming a weak and vulnerable group.

Although Ouyang Yu was present, his help towards Tie Zhantian and the others was limited. He already joined the Jade Sword Sect, so he was restricted by the rules of the sect. It was emphasized by the Jade Sword Sect that its disciples weren’t allowed to help those who entered the Soaring Dragon Realm from the lower realms.

If Ouyang Yu helped Tie Zhantian, then it wouldn’t be only him who would be punished. Tie Zhantian and his group would also be expelled from the Soaring Dragon Realm. Therefore, even if Ouyang Yu wanted to help them, Tie Zhantian and the others wouldn’t dare receive it.

Tie Zhantian’s team has yet to enter the central regions of the Soaring Dragon Realm. But as they proceed, the more troubled they become. This was because the beasts they came across were becoming stronger and stronger. 

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head. He now understood why the Soaring Dragon Realm only accepted immortal experts. This was because anyone below the immortal stage wouldn’t be able to survive. The beasts in the realm were just too strong.

But this also strengthened Zhao Hai’s intentions to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. He already reached a near invincible level in the Great Realm of Cultivation. It was time for him to enter a more advanced realm.

Zhao Hai ascended because he wanted to see what a higher realm looked like. But now, Zhao Hai doesn’t have the same thought. He wanted to ascend because he wants to go to the highest level. He wanted to know how strong this highest realm was.

Zhao Hai was like the people on Earth. When they look up at the starry sky, they would think about the vastness of the universe. If the universe has an end, what would it be like? If the end of the universe exists, then what was on the other side? Zhao Hai also wanted to see the peak of the universe where he was sent to.

By this point, Zhao Hai has become proficient with his divergent abilities. But he has yet to combine his abilities with his techniques. Once this was achieved, his combat strength would increase by several folds.

The Universal Processing Machine has also been very busy lately. Using Zhao Hai’s battle with Tu Qian as a starting point, it was unifying Zhao Hai’s divergent abilities and techniques to create forms of combat that suited Zhao Hai. 

While Zhao Hai was in seclusion, the Great Realm of Cultivation entered a period of calm. The nine super sects were thoroughly behaved. Moreover, with their biggest piece of worry removed, the nine super sects were focused on accumulating immortal experts to be sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Although most of the immortal experts of the nine super sects have lost their qualifications to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm, they still have some experts that they could send.

The only issue for the nine super sects was that the experts they could send were too small. There were less than ten people available. Naturally, the nine super sects were more aware of the dangers in the Soaring Dragon Realm than the Freedom Alliance. Therefore, they weren’t in a hurry to send their experts over.

However, the nine super sects were aware that the Freedom Alliance had already sent out their experts. They couldn’t help but be anxious. They used all of their resources to get people to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm.

It’s clear that the Freedom Alliance was deliberately stimulating the nine super sects. However, the super sects were bound to suffer. Because they were too greedy before, they were having troubles this time.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Alliance was doing quite well. Tie Zhantian was able to establish contact with Zhang Feng using the summoning token. Naturally, only the Black Tiger Gang knows this. The other sects would get their news from jade sword messages. This allowed the people in the Great Realm of Cultivation to know about the situation in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

The Freedom Alliance was doing very well. But the development speed of the other sects couldn’t compare to the Black Tiger Gang. After all, the Black Tiger Gang prepared itself before the Heavenly Demons attacked. In addition to the benefits they obtained as well as getting the original territory of the Hundred Flowers Valley, the development of the Black Tiger Gang was extremely fast. Cultivators from all over the sect were breaking through one after another.

Territory, strength, resources, manpower, the Black Tiger Gang has all of these. As long as it was given enough time, it would certainly become the strongest sect in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

The Great Realm of Cultivation has entered a period of recovery and progress. While all of this was happening, Drinking Elephant Mountain by the Jade Belt River still had the 100 thousand troops that were guarding the war monument. They were keeping the incense lit as well as keeping the place clean.

Days went on and a year has passed. This year, Zhao Hai almost didn’t come out of the Space. He has been practicing with his divergent abilities along with his combat techniques inside the Space. This wasn’t an easy task. Fortunately, Zhao Hai has Julie as a sparring partner. This allowed him to digest his new fighting technique. However, although a year has passed, Zhao Hai has yet to fully grasp this new way of fighting.

Zhao Hai went out of the Space several times in this year, but he didn’t get in contact with the people of the Black Tiger Gang nor with the other sects. Whenever he gets tired, he would take Laura and the others out to relax at some remote scenic place in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

This time, Zhao Hai went out of the Space once more. However, he wasn’t going out to play. He came out because the training period of the alliance army was about to begin. This was the first time since the dissolution of the army. Therefore, Zhao Hai has to attend.

When Zhao Hai appeared on Drinking Elephant Mountain, there were already a lot of people present. These people were all from the alliance army. They knew that it was time for the army to train, so they came early. Naturally, among those who arrived was Li Kuangge.

Li Kuangge was the top core disciple of the Giant Axe Sect. After the invasion of the Heavenly Demons as well as the war against the nine super sects, his character has become sturdier. He also matured a lot. This resulted in an increase of his status in the Giant Axe Sect. He was currently slowly taking over businesses of the sect.

Although Li Kuangge was very busy, he still arrived at Drinking Elephant Mountain early. He knew clearly that the earlier he arrived, the earlier he could see Zhao Hai. And he guessed right. Zhao Hai also arrived at the camp early.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge immediately gave his greetings, “Brother Hai, it has been a year since I saw you. I heard that you’ve secluded yourself. I thought that you won’t appear.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “How could I not come? This is the first training of the alliance army. I have no choice but to come. How many people have arrived?” Zhao Hai looked around and saw more people arriving. Almost half of the army was here.

Li Kuangge replied, “More than three million people are here. Everyone was excited to come. In fact, a few people have already begun exchanging cultivation experiences. Although the training hasn’t begun, everyone is in high spirits.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, that’s good. The training isn’t only to gather everyone and train. The most important thing is to let everyone communicate with each other and share their experiences. This way, everyone’s cultivation would benefit. This is the main purpose of having everyone here.”

Li Kuangge replied, “Right. Everyone understood this point. Therefore, they began talking to each other. Moreover, in this year’s time, everyone has made huge leaps in their cultivation. Some of them acquired unique knowledge that they’re willing to share. They haven’t forgotten your instructions.”

Zhao Hai gave an approving nod. However, he felt a bit uneasy inside. He didn’t tell Li Kuangge that after polishing his fighting technique, he found that his cultivation progress has increased by a lot. Zhao Hai believes that he would be able to reach the immortal stage before long. When that time comes, he would have to leave the alliance army. He was already quite attached to the army, so he was reluctant to leave.

However, this was his destiny. This was also his luck, like some rogue cultivators whose cultivation increased after entering a sect. At that time, they would meet the same situation as Zhao Hai. In their case, they would see their relatives die of old age one by one. 

Even without the Space, Zhao Hai would still encounter such situations in his life. And since he has the Space, Zhao Hai would have to get used to saying goodbye to his friends again and again.

However, this feeling quickly disappeared from Zhao Hai’s heart and was turned into nourishment by his Heavenly Demon cultivation method. In fact, this feeling was a type of heart’s demon. If Zhao Hai hasn’t studied the cultivation method of the Heavenly Demons, then this feeling would automatically form a heart’s demon. Although it wouldn’t be a strong one, it would still affect Zhao Hai’s cultivation.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai was able to study the cultivation method of the Heavenly Demons. This way, he was able to erase this feeling and turn it into nourishment, clearing his head in the process.

Afterwards, Zhao Hai asked Li Kuangge about his cultivation this year. Li Kuangge’s progress was very good. Although the Giant Axe Sect was treating him well and even having him handle some of the sect’s business, the sect didn’t think of having Li Kuangge take over the sect. After all, the sect master of the Giant Axe Sect was still at the peak of his life. They could still live for thousands of years. 

Moreover, because Li Kuangge was very close to Zhao Hai, his strength has increased rapidly. Having him handle too many matters might delay his breakthrough to the immortal stage. Therefore, the Giant Axe Sect wouldn’t burden Li Kuangge with too many matters. This allowed him to cultivate properly and achieve great progress.

Three days later, everyone from the alliance army returned to Drinking Elephant Mountain. Then the training officially started.


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