BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1908


Chapter 1908 – In the Soaring Dragon Realm

Zhao Hai has been listening into Tie Zhantian and Ouyang Yu’s conversation. Although he doesn’t know Ouyang Yu, Zhao Hai was curious about him after seeing his genuine interaction with Tie Zhantian.

Looking at Ouyang Yu’s temperament, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be interested in him. Ouyang Yu’s appearance made it easy for him to gain a good impression from other people, and this includes Zhao Hai.

Although the two already finished the jar of wine, they weren’t finished talking. Tie Zhantian talked more about the matters of the Great Realm of Cultivation while Ouyang Yu talked about the True Spirit Realm. Zhao Hai also listened to Ouyang Yu’s stories. After all, he would be going to the True Spirit Realm in the future.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Yu only talked about surface-level matters of the True Spirit Realm. He didn’t talk about other things. The True Spirit Realm was different from the Great Realm of Cultivation. The realm pressure in the True Spirit Realm was very high. Most immortal experts wouldn’t be able to fly the moment they step foot into the realm. Time also passes ten times as fast compared to the Great Realm of Cultivation. With the spiritual qi density of the True Spirit Real, cultivators can choose to not eat and still have enough qi to cultivate. However, since food could give a boost to cultivators, people in the True Spirit Realm would eat.

Since cultivators weren’t able to fly due to the strong realm pressure, they would use beasts if they wanted to quicken their travel. To be honest, the True Spirit Realm looks quite primitive compared to the Great Realm of Cultivation.

High-level cultivators have very long lives. In the Great Realm of Cultivation, a cultivator’s life is at most ten thousand years. Even for races with long lifespans, they would only live up to 15 thousand years. But in the True Spirit Realm, a cultivator could reach 20 thousand years old. Long-lived races could even reach 25 or even 30 years old. This was what attracted the cultivators the most.

Cultivation was a continuous process of going against the heavens to live a long life. Therefore, no cultivator could resist the temptation to live for thousands of years longer. This was the reason why people from lower realms wanted to go to higher realms.

Naturally, this was basic information. Ouyang Yu didn’t say anything about the more important information. Tie Zhantian didn’t ask either. Zhao Hai understood that there were things that Ouyang Yu could say and there were things that he needed to keep secret. Tie Zhantian obviously knew this, hence the reason why he didn’t ask.

Looking at the two people on the monitor, Zhao Hai knew that he already heard all the important information that Ouyang Yu could give. So he turned the screen off and then prepared to seclude himself.

This time, Zhao Hai would close up to consolidate his divergent abilities and have it reach perfect unity with his body. This would enhance his fighting strength.

Zhao Hai has a lot of divergent abilities in his hands. He didn’t pay much attention to them in the past. He would only use his Metal, Fire, Wind, and Earth-element abilities from time to time. As for the others, he doesn’t even know how many he had.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t blindly start cultivating when he began. Especially in the very beginning. It was very hard for Zhao Hai to know where to start. This was because he didn’t know what divergent ability to use. He didn’t know how to consolidate them all.

In fact, Zhao Hai wasn’t going to cultivate this time, instead he was training. He would be using his various abilities. At the same time, he had the space list out all of the abilities he knew. Then he used the scanner to combine these abilities with the techniques he knew. He wanted to know the most suitable method of fighting using the two.

It must be said, Zhao Hai really has a lot of divergent abilities. There were plenty of redundant abilities. Without Cai’er’s help, he couldn’t possibly remember all of them.

What Zhao Hai wanted to do right now was to familiarize himself more with his different divergent abilities. There were some techniques that he used one or two times before such as spiritual techniques, variation techniques of metal and fire elements, water element techniques, and wood element techniques. 

But there were also some unpopular techniques. For example, there’s a technique that can make the user’s body emit a very strong light. Zhao Hai never used this technique. He could use light magic, so this ability seems redundant.

However, if this ability was used well, it could present a good opportunity at the right time. The only reason this technique wasn’t used in the past was because Zhao Hai was too strong. He has no need to use tricks to win against his enemies.

Under Cai’ers guidance, Zhao Hai used all kinds of divergent abilities. Naturally, he would use his abilities inside the villa. If something goes wrong, he might destroy it. Therefore, they found a place where he could experiment all he wanted.

Only after doing experiments could Zhao Hai get a grasp on the different abilities that he has. All of these abilities were taken from the people of the Divergent Realm by the Space.

There were even techniques that Zhao Hai didn’t know that he had. When using them, Zhao Hai has to explore how to use them and then how to control them so that he could use them better.

For a month, Zhao Hai familiarized himself with all kinds of divergent abilities. There were also some supporting abilities that he needed to learn. It was a month of hard work.

And in this month, Zhao Hai didn’t forget to collect information from the Soaring Dragon Realm. For more than a month, Tie Zhantian and the others started their activities. The Soaring Dragon Realm was very large. It wasn’t any smaller than the Great Realm of Cultivation. The camp Tie Zhantian and the others appeared in was in a remote part of the realm. Its spiritual density was the closest to the Great Realm of Cultivation. There was also nothing good around the camp. It was practically a barren land.

From this point alone, one could see the Great Realm of Cultivation’s position in the Soaring Dragon Realm. The Great Realm of Cultivation wasn’t good. Its power was comparable to a small sect in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Moreover, Tie Zhantian and the others began to understand the dangers of the Soaring Dragon Realm. The first time they went out of the camp, they were met with several beasts. These beasts looked like rabbits which were eating grass. Tie Zhantian and the others haven’t eaten food for a long time, so they have no hunting abilities. Naturally, they also wouldn’t provoke the rabbits. But when they flew over the rabbits, they were suddenly attacked, which caught them off-guard.

What surprised Tie Zhantian and the others even more was the fact that the rabbits were formidable. All of them had the strength of the transcending tribulation expert.

As they fought back, more and more rabbits came from all directions. Looking at the amount of rabbits, Tie Zhantian and the others immediately escaped. They were afraid that they would be killed by these rabbits. If they were killed by rabbits, their souls wouldn’t be able to withstand the humiliation.

However, this encounter also gave Tie Zhantian and the others a wake-up call. They were reminded that the Soaring Dragon Realm was a dangerous place. Every single beast present wasn’t simple. They couldn’t lower their guard or else they would perish. If Tie Zhantian and the others delayed for a while, they would be surrounded by the rabbits. A rabbit might not seem scary, but thousands of them would be terrifying. Even their immortal stage cultivation wouldn’t be able to save them from the rabbit attack.

It might seem absurd to think that immortal experts would be besieged to death by rabbits. But this was a possible outcome for Tie Zhantian’s group. After this, they became even more careful with their actions.

Fortunately, the camp of the Great Realm of Cultivation was as barren as it gets. Nobody would come over, not even beasts. This allowed the Great Realm of Cultivation to keep their land.

Ouyang Yu would also come from time to time to get a look and remind Tie Zhantian and the others about the things to look out for in the Soaring Dragon Realm. The camp of the Great Realm of Cultivation was located on a very remote location. If they want to develop, or attract the attention of the higher realms, then they would need to visit the cities built by the cultivators of the True Spirit Realm. Only in those cities could one make a name for themselves. 

Naturally, the True Spirit Realm had a lot of sects. Ouyang Yu’s Jade Sword Sect was a medium-grade sect of the True Spirit Realm. Sects like the Jade Sword Sect don’t have any cities in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Instead, they established branch halls in the cities to recruit people and supplement the experts of the sect.

Only the true powerful sects could build cities in the Soaring Dragon Realm. These sects were equivalent to the nine super sects in the Great Realm of Cultivation. But in the True Spirit Realm, there were more than nine powerful sects. There are a total of 81 big cities in the Soaring Dragon Realm, around 400 medium-sized cities, and more than 2000 small cities. These small cities could either be established by a high-grade sect or a collection of sects.

There are a lot of cultivators in the Soaring Dragon Realm. But there were even more beasts. And once in a while, a beast tide would happen. The realm pressure in the Soaring Dragon Realm was also greater compared to the Great Realm of Cultivation. For Tie Zhantian and the others, the most they could fly was 100 meters. There were beasts that could fly higher than them. Because of this, the cities in the Soaring Dragon Realm didn’t just look good, they were also built to block the beast tides that would happen.


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