BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1906


Chapter 1906 – Summoning Token

The major forces of the Great Realm of Cultivation obtain jade slips from Lin Ling. These jade slips contained precautions for the Soaring Dragon Realm as well as the method to create transmission formations for the realm.

Because the Great Realm of Cultivation was already qualified before this, it could be said that there was no need for these jade slips. However, this time the Great Realm of Cultivation’s state was different compared to before. These precautions as well as the method to create transmission formations needed to be distributed. 

 Actually, Jian Wuya and the others knew that the jade slips were specifically made for the Freedom Alliance. This was because they were already aware of the contents of the jade slips. It was only the Freedom Alliance that needed to know these matters. At the same time, they understood Lin Ling’s meaning by distributing the jade slips.

The jade slips were a warning for the nine super sects. They practically said that the Soaring Dragon Realm was aware of the matters that they did before.

However, the nine super sects weren’t afraid of Lin Ling’s warning. This was because they knew that even if Lin Ling was aware of their previous actions, the people of the Soaring Dragon Realm wouldn’t do anything. It was made clear that the people in charge of the Soaring Dragon wouldn’t interfere with the matters of the lower realms.

But at the same time, the nine super sects have another difficult problem. Although the nine super sects could also send people to the Soaring Dragon Realm, they have nobody to send. This was because they sent too many people in the past. And when the Heavenly Demons attacked, they had to bring these people back. But those who voluntarily left the Soaring Dragon Realm could no longer return. They still have immortal experts that they could send, but the number of these people was below what they’re comfortable with.

On the other hand, the Freedom Alliance has a lot of immortal experts qualified to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. But due to being first-timers to the Soaring Dragon Realm, the Freedom Alliance had to select ten people to act as the vanguard and enter the realm first. The person leading this team would be Tie Zhantian.

It must be mentioned that Tie Zhantian wasn’t the strongest of the group. After all, Tie Zhantian was the most recent person who entered the immortal stage among everyone. However, behind Tie Zhantian was the Black Tiger Gang. At this point, nobody would dare ignore the face of the Black Tiger Gang. Tie Zhantian was the previous Gang Leader of the sect. Having him as the leader would be a good idea judging by his background. Therefore, it was decided that he would be the team leader.

Besides Tie Zhantian, the other immortal experts weren’t very young. However, each one of them was very strong. These people never expected to attract the attention of the higher realms. Their main purpose was to be the vanguard for those who would be following behind. They would be the people who would establish a foothold for the Freedom Alliance in the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Zhao Hai was aware of this. So he specially came out of the Space to see Tie Zhantian. Since he was going to the Soaring Dragon Realm, Tie Zhantian had a lot of things he needed to take care of. However, upon hearing that Zhao Hai was looking for him, he immediately invited him in.

When Zhao Hai entered his residence, Tie Zhantian immediately said, “Little Hai, why did you go out of your seclusion? Did something happen?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I heard that Martial Uncle is going to the Soaring Dragon Realm. So I came out to see you. Martial Uncle, this is something I prepared for you. Keep it on you all the time.” After he said that, Zhao Hai handed a silver token to Tie Zhantian. The token took the shape of a small shield with a carving of a skull in front. 

Tie Zhantian stared at the small shield. He looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “What’s this? A defensive talisman? I have things like these.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This isn’t a defensive talisman. It’s a summoning token. This token allows you to summon 10 immortal-level Undead to help you during battles. The Soaring Dragon Realm is a dangerous place. This will make you safer.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. He took the summoning token and inspected it for some time. Then he received the token and said, “Alright. I’ll listen to you. I’ll bring this token with me.” Tie Zhantian was naturally aware of the dangers in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Having this token meant that he would have ten immortal experts under his command. Only a fool would reject it.

Seeing Tie Zhantian accepting his gift, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Martial Uncle, I’ll be heading back. Also, the summoning token has a communication function. But I don’t know if it would work once you’re in the Soaring Dragon Realm. If it can be used, you will have a line of communication with First Senior Brother. I also gave a similar token to him.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian stared for a moment before his eyes lit up. He immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant. If this communication function could be used, then the Black Tiger Gang would get first-hand news from the Soaring Dragon Realm. This would be important for the future of the sect.

Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but treat the token with more importance. He nodded and said, “Alright, you go back and continue your seclusion. You already did enough. Later on, I’ll leave the sect to you and Little Feng.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he cupped his fist towards Tie Zhantian before turning around and leaving. Looking at Zhao Hai’s back, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but sigh as he muttered, “Little Feng, your vision is terrifyingly good.”

The reason Tie Zhantian said this was because Zhao Hai’s entry into the Black Tiger Gang as well as his discipleship were all because of Zhang Feng. And ever since Zhao Hai appeared in the sect, the Black Tiger Gang experienced a huge turnaround. The Black Tiger Gang’s position was all because of Zhao Hai. And this was due to Zhang Feng accepting Zhao Hai into his umbrella. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of Tie Zhantian’s thoughts. His goal in seeing Tie Zhantian was to give the summoning token to him. Tie Zhantian’s safety was only one of Zhao Hai’s goals. The second goal was to have Tie Zhantian carry the summoning token to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

The summoning token’s name and form was just a formality for Tie Zhantian. In reality, the summoning token was just a part of liquid silver that Zhao Hai remolded to become a token. As long as Tie Zhantian brings the token to the Soaring Dragon Realm, Zhao Hai would essentially have a way to connect to the realm. He would be aware of the situation around Tie Zhantian all the time. This was Zhao Hai’s goal.

Moreover, with the command token in his hand, Tie Zhantian’s safety was practically guaranteed. Using the command token, Zhao Hai would be able to send immortal-level Undead to rescue Tie Zhantian.

After giving the command token, Zhao Hai went to see Zhang Feng and gave him a similar command token. He also told Zhang Feng about the token’s ability to summon 10 immortal-level Undead as well as being able to communicate with Tie Zhantian.

Zhao Hai always wanted to give Zhang Feng a means to defend himself. Being the Gang Leader of the Black Tiger Gang, Zhang Feng doesn’t have to leave the base. In fact, he doesn’t have a lot of chances to leave. And with the Freedom Alliance needing to be managed, Zhang Feng still has a lot of things he needs to deal with. Once the Freedom Alliance was settled down, only then would Zhang Feng be able to leave.

However, one shouldn’t think that Zhang Feng’s status wasn’t dangerous. If the nine super sects think that the time is ripe, their first target would be Zhao Hai. But right next to Zhao Hai was Zhang Feng. Therefore, Zhao Hai thought about giving Zhang Feng something that could protect him.

But before this, Zhao Hai didn’t know what he should give Zhang Feng. Tie Zhantian’s assignment to the Soaring Dragon Realm gave Zhao Hai the idea of creating the summoning tokens. And while he was at it, he made two, one for Tie Zhantian and the other for Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng understood the importance of the summoning token. He naturally wouldn’t decline it. After exchanging a few words, Zhao Hai returned to his residence and then entered the Space.

After entering the Space, Zhao Hai looked at the screen. Shown on the screen was Tie Zhantian. Although Tie Zhantian already placed the summoning token inside his spatial bag, the Space could still monitor him. In fact, Zhao Hai’s liquid silver can go in and out of spatial equipment. 

Tie Zhantian was currently preparing for the Soaring Dragon Realm. He needs to bring enough artifacts and pills for the trip. It might take some time before the second batch enters the Soaring Dragon Realm, so Tie Zhantian needs to have adequate supplies. 

Three days later, Tie Zhantian was finally finished preparing. The other immortal experts have already arrived in the Black Tiger Gang. Tie Zhantian and the rest of his team stepped on the Soaring Dragon Realm’s transmission formation. After cupping their fist to everyone, they activated the formation.

The various sect masters of the Freedom Alliance came to the Black Tiger Gang to send Tie Zhantian and the others off. The sect masters knew what Tie Zhantian and the others symbolize. They were the representatives of the Freedom Alliance in the Soaring Dragon Realm. This was the alliance’s first time entering the Soaring Dragon Realm, it was a significant feat.

Seeing Tie Zhantian and the others disappear from the transmission formation, Zhang Feng turned to the cultivator in charge and said, “This transmission formation needs to be watched over all the time. It cannot be left with nobody standing watch. Without my order, nobody is allowed to get close to it. Understood?”

The Black Tiger Gang disciple quickly nodded. After this, Zhang Feng looked at the sect masters and said, “Everyone, let’s discuss in the meeting hall.” The sect masters nodded. Before long, the group entered the Black Tiger Gang’s meeting hall.

After everyone sat down, Zhang Feng said, “Everyone, the ten people we sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm will be building a base for us. This is a very dangerous task, so we didn’t send a lot of people. However, everyone can rest assured. In the future, no matter who, as long as they reached the immortal stage, they would be able to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm.”


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