BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1905


Chapter 1905 – Peaceful Development

Zhao Hai was currently sitting in the Space with a calm expression on his face. He already announced his seclusion. When he entered his residence, he immediately entered the Space. Zhao Hai secluded himself to make the Black Tiger Gang get used to his disappearance. At the same time, he was planning to study how to use his divergent abilities in battle.

His battle with Tu Qian gave Zhao Hai a lot of hints. Tu Qian has developed the usage of his ability to the extreme. This showed Zhao Hai how much help his special abilities could provide during battle.

Zhao Hai also discovered another use of divergent abilities. Abilities can allow its user to integrate into objects, letting them feel the nature of the object. When Zhao Hai integrated into the tree, he was able to feel what the tree was like. Abilities could also allow Zhao Hai to blend himself to the land or the rocks to understand their nature.

The universe was full of mystical properties. The Infinity Technique allowed Zhao Hai to communicate with inanimate objects using his spiritual force. However, it didn’t make Zhao Hai feel what that object was like. Divergent abilities could do that.

One shouldn’t think that this was a useless ability. In fact, this was an ability that a lot of people wanted. Because if a transcending tribulation expert wants to reach the immortal stage, then they would need to grasp a certain path.

A path was extremely important to reaching the immortal stage. A path is the understanding of a certain nature. Examples of these paths are the path of mountains, path of the sea, path of the wind, and many others. Grasping a certain path would make one’s actions mirror the nature of that path. 

It can be said that the biggest difference between immortal experts and transcending tribulation experts was the mastery of a path. Tu Qian realized this when he fought against Zhao Hai, which allowed him to break through to the immortal stage. Zhao Hai could also use this discovery to discover multiple paths. This will be important for Zhao Hai in breaking through to the immortal stage.

In addition to learning different paths, as well as using divergent abilities in battle, Zhao Hai also has one more thing he needed to do. And that was to study the use of his golden spiritual force, as well as find out where it came from.

But before doing all of these, Zhao Hai plans to take a rest. A break was very important for all cultivators. If they stress themselves out, their spirit would eventually collapse. Alternating tension and relaxation was an important aspect of cultivation.

Laura and the others were similarly relaxed. They accompanied Zhao Hai and enjoyed a leisurely lifestyle. Although Zhao Hai seems like he wasn’t doing anything, he didn’t go too far in his relaxation. From time to time, he would monitor the nine super sects. He would also pay attention to any news regarding the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Before leaving the Forestsea Realm, Zhao Hai made sure to leave silver dust on the 9 remaining participants, this included Tu Qian. He wanted to know what realm they were from.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare put any silver dust on Lin Ling. This was because it is still unclear to Zhao Hai how strong Lin Ling really is. But with Lin Ling’s origins, he would definitely notice if a foreign dust clings to his body. And Zhao Hai was certain that Lin Ling was in a realm that was higher than the immortal stage.

Zhao Hai was able to know this realm because of Hu Shan. Although Hu Shan lived in the Great Realm of Cultivation for the majority of his life, his clan was still from a higher realm. Dust cannot fall from nothing. It was said that this higher realm has people much stronger than immortal experts.

Another reason why Zhao Hai didn’t attach silver dust to Lin Ling was the powerful spiritual force from before. He was afraid that his actions would be discovered. If it causes any misunderstandings, the trouble that comes would be something Zhao Hai couldn’t afford to face.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know how strong Lin Ling really is. However, he could see from his aura that most immortal experts wouldn’t be able to contend against him. If Zhao Hai gets discovered, then Zhao Hai would be subjected to the destiny of hiding inside the Space without coming out.

Although he didn’t put any silver dust on Lin Ling, Zhao Hai was already satisfied with monitoring the other 9 participants. He already mapped the Heavenly Demon Realm, so he only has eight realms to look at. Zhao Hai also wants to see if these 8 realms have something that the Space needs.

Before long, Zhao Hai became aware of the situation of the 8 other realms. All of them were quite different from each other. Tu Qian’s realm was quite huge. However, it was hard to monitor the realm. This was because Tu Qian’s realm wasn’t filled with land nor water, it was all sand.

Tu Qian’s realm had sand everywhere with little to no water and fertile land. The realm didn’t have a lot of people. However, its inhabitants were very strong. Most importantly, in this realm, 9 out of ten abilities would be an earth-element ability while the rest would have a wind or fire element. Those who have water-element abilities were very rare.

It was a strange and ruthless place. However, it was rich in resources. There were all kinds of metals as well as herbs that could only be found in the desert. With its harsh environment, the herbs that grew in the realm were more potent than the ones found in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Besides Dragon Soul Realm where Tu Qian was from, the realms of the other participants also contained various resources. Cai’er was currently busy integrating these resources to the Space.

There was also the Forestsea Realm. Although Zhao Hai spent ten days or so inside the realm, he wasn’t able to travel to a lot of places due to the trial. He has never been outside the forests of the realm.

But because of the Space, Zhao Hai was aware that there were valuable resources in the Forestsea Realm. However, Zhao Hai didn’t dare collect any resources.

With the Forestsea Realm being the stage of the trial, the people of the Soaring Dragon Realm would definitely be very familiar with it. If Zhao Hai uses the Space to get materials from the Forestsea Realm, then there’s a good chance that it would be discovered by the Soaring Dragon Realm.

As for the realms of the other participants, such a problem didn’t exist. After all, these realms have the same status as the Great Realm of Cultivation. 

Because of all the things he needed to do, Zhao Hai announced his seclusion. In any case, the Great Realm of Cultivation would be in a peaceful period in the near future.

And Zhao Hai’s prediction wasn’t wrong. The Great Realm of Cultivation truly entered a peaceful period. During the invasion of the Heavenly Demon Realm, the Great Realm of Cultivation’s losses were quite heavy. Mines and medicinal fields have been destroyed. Manpower has been greatly reduced. This would reduce the overall productivity of the realm.

The Heavenly Demons and the internal conflict between the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects caused a lot of losses to the Great Realm of Cultivation. Both the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects needed time to recover. And now that the realm has obtained qualifications, the sects began to train immortal experts to be sent to the Soaring Dragon Realm.

For these reasons, the Great Realm of Cultivation became quiet. Conflicts might occur, but all of them were at a small scale. Moreover, the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects began to trade with each other. 

Zhao Hai’s announcement to seclude himself didn’t cause any waves in the realm. Experts like Zhao Hai would only be well-known during wars. But once peacetime comes, their names would begin to be forgotten.

In fact, upon hearing that Zhao Hai was going to seclude himself, the nine super sects were happy. They were very clear about Zhao Hai’s strength. If Zhao Hai really wanted to deal with them, then he could just command his Undead to cross the Jade Belt River. When that happens, the fires of war would be reignited.

In the eyes of the nine super sects, there was no longer anything holding Zhao Hai back from attacking. The reason Zhao Hai didn’t attack them before was due to the Soaring Dragon Realm. And now that the qualifications have been determined, even if the Great Realm of Cultivation was overturned, the experts of the realm could still enter the Soaring Dragon Realm.

The nine super sects were anxious when Zhao Hai returned from the Forestsea Realm. The entire south was on high-alert. They were paying attention to any news that involved Zhao Hai. So upon hearing that Zhao Hai plans to seclude himself, they were relieved.

The Great Realm of Cultivation returned to normal. The Freedom Alliance was also developing quickly. Zhang Feng has even constructed a transmission formation heading towards the Soaring Dragon Realm. At the same time, the alliance began choosing which immortal experts to send. This time, they didn’t choose a lot of immortal experts, only ten. And among these ten was Tie Zhantian.


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