BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1901


Chapter 1901 – First Battle in the Forestsea Realm

As Zhao Hai was carefully moving forward, Laura and the others were collecting information about the surroundings while inside the Space. Lin Ling wasn’t wrong, there were truly a lot of powerful beasts inside the realm. There were even beasts in the immortal level. If Zhao Hai didn’t have silver needles, he would have already encountered them.

Surprisingly, Zhao Hai has yet to run into another person. It has been some time since he began moving around the forest, but he has yet to meet anyone. This caused him to be confused.

There were 1000 participants in the trial. Although it wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t little either. Moreover, these cultivators wouldn’t be standing still. They would certainly move around as well.

Although these 1000 participants haven’t reached the immortal stage, they were no doubt the top experts of their realms. They shouldn’t be passive. But despite walking around the forest for several hours, Zhao Hai has yet to meet another participant. 

However, this didn’t stop Zhao Hai from moving forward. He didn’t provoke any beasts either, this included the low-level beats. Although the realm shared some similarities with the Great Realm of Cultivation, there were still differences. Zhao Hai also collected plants along the way, and they seem to have different properties compared to those in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Because of the uncertainties, Zhao Hai didn’t cause any disturbances. He didn’t want any complications to happen before he was fully prepared. In any case, hunting beasts wasn’t his goal. His goal was to be among the final ten people in the trial.

As Zhao Hai was thinking, Cai’er’s voice was heard, “Young Master, there’s another cultivator around a thousand li (500km) away. They look quite strong.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he nodded and said, “Show me their image.”

Cai’er complied and then a small projection appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Displayed on the projection was a person moving in the forest. From their movements, the person seems to be rich in experience. They also chose to move inside the forest and didn’t fly in the air.

The person wasn’t very tall. They had black hair and their skin was a bit yellow. They wore ordinary cultivator clothing and didn’t look special at all. However, Zhao Hai could notice that the person was bringing two artifacts. One of which was a set of gloves.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what the gloves were made of. It looks like it was made of black cotton and revealed the fingertips. Regardless, Zhao Hai was certain that this pair of gloves was a high-level artifact.

The other artifact was a pair of boots. They seemed to be made of leather and didn’t look eye-catching. However, Zhao Hai could see that  whenever the boots touched the ground, it would produce wind that erased all traces. It was certainly a high-level artifact.

Zhao Hai could also see that although the person wasn’t tall and their body didn’t look strong, there was a sheen on their skin. Zhao Hai was certain that they practice a powerful body cultivation method.

Zhao Hai hesitated for a moment before heading towards the person. The trial involved killing other people. If you encounter someone, you need to kill them.

As Zhao Hai approached the person, he was also monitoring their actions. This person seems to have not encountered a battle before. There were no traces of battle on his body. It was clear that they had been very careful.

Zhao Hai could also feel a strong killing aura on this person. He was clear that this person wasn’t a good person in their realm. However, this has no relationship with Zhao Hai. All he wanted right now was to turn this person into an Undead.

As the two approached each other, the other party didn’t notice Zhao Hai until they were ten kilometers from each other. When he noticed Zhao Hai, the person’s expression couldn’t help but turn nervous. However, they didn’t stop and continued heading towards Zhao Hai. At the same time, a murderous look flashed in their eyes.

Seeing the enemy’s reaction, Zhao Hai smiled. It seems like the Forestsea Realm was about to become a bloody battlefield. Everyone present has a reason to survive.

Zhao Hai didn’t change his direction and continued going forward. Both sides were already aware of each other but neither changed directions. It was clear that they wanted each other dead.

Before long the two were less than two li away from each other. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just flew in the air, revealing himself.

The body cultivator didn’t expect Zhao Hai to do that. But he immediately understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Even though the forest was relatively quiet, making a huge noise would only attract beasts.

But if they were in mid-air, they would make less of a disturbance even if they make a noise. Their fight wouldn’t destroy a lot of trees and the sound would be easily dissipated.

Thinking of this, the person also flew up. The two looked at each other. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. But he released his dao avatar and then sent a fist towards the enemy.

The other party also didn’t waste any breath. He released his dao avatar as well and threw a fist towards Zhao Hai.

The two exchanged a few moves to test the opponent’s strength. Speaking of strength, Zhao Hai was much stronger than the other party. His ability was also very good. He could destroy the enemy in a very short time.

Zhao Hai also discovered that although the other party was at a disadvantage, he was still very calm. It was clear that he has yet to go all out. He still has cards left to play. This caused Zhao Hai to be somewhat curious. He wanted to know what other methods the enemy had.

The two exchanged for about a hundred moves. The other party was certainly falling behind to the point of being reduced to defending. The person’s face became more and more serious. After the hundredth move, he suddenly shouted. Then a sword flew out of his mouth and aimed straight towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately understood that this sword was a life source artifact. This person usually fought using his fists, but when he was about to lose, he would suddenly release his sword to attack the enemy. This would catch the enemy off-guard.

Moreover, this person loudly shouted before using his life source weapon. This wasn’t the first time he shouted throughout the exchange. In fact, he has been shouting from the start of the battle. Therefore, shouting right now wouldn’t seem special. And with how he was in close combat with Zhao Hai, the surprise attack would definitely have a good effect.

Unfortunately, this person was facing Zhao Hai. As soon as the sword reached Zhao Hai, a small shield suddenly appeared. A sound was heard as the sword was blocked.

The person didn’t expect his surprise attack to be blocked. As he was stunned, a sword appeared at his back and stabbed into his body. Then the sword twisted, crushing the heart.

The person vomited blood as he looked at Zhao Hai in shock. Zhao Hai just smiled at him. Then he waved his hand and retrieved his sword. The man’s eyes slowly lost their light before they fell down. Then they were covered by a black gas before disappearing. Zhao Hai also disappeared.

Not long after Zhao Hai vanished, beasts began to concentrate on the scene of the battle. After investigating the location for some time, the beasts left to scour the surroundings.

The movements of the beasts were also seen by Zhao Hai. Even if the body cultivator didn’t use his life source weapon, Zhao Hai would still kill him. He didn’t want to get the attention of the beasts. These beasts were at the immortal-stage, they were all very powerful.

This doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai was afraid of the beasts. However, one of his goals was to inspect the realm. He doesn’t have the time to get in trouble with the beasts. Moreover, he doesn’t want to make too many moves under the gaze of the Soaring Dragon Realm’s people.

Lin Ling said before that when there are only 10 people left, the trial would be over. This meant that the participants were under surveillance while being inside the Forestsea Realm. 

Zhao Hai has a lot of secrets that he wanted to keep hidden. He was certain that even the people in charge of the Soaring Dragon Realm would be greedy if they found out about the Space. This was because the Space was just too heaven-defying.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai still has the Vermillion Bird Seal as a cover. However, if he used the Space’s abilities frequently, there might be a chance that it would be discovered by Lin Ling and the others. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to swiftly finish his battle with the body cultivator.

As for turning the body cultivator into Undead, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about it. This was because Zhao Hai was already known to use Undead in the Great Realm of Cultivation. 

After Zhao Hai killed his enemy, he immediately returned to hide in the forest. At the same time, he hid his aura and stayed still. He also used his wood-element ability to integrate into a huge tree. Even immortal experts wouldn’t be able to find him.

It took a while before the immortal level beasts retreated. These beasts didn’t fight among themselves. They didn’t speak but they seemed to use spiritual force to communicate. Zhao Hai didn’t know what they talked about, but it seems like these beasts were territorial. Unless necessary, they wouldn’t go into fights.

It was only after the beasts left that Zhao Hai moved. He carefully left his hiding place and then went further into the forest. By seeing the actions of the immortal-level beasts, Zhao Hai knew that he had overestimated their intelligence.

Liquid silver continued to scan the surrounding area. Unfortunately, besides the body cultivator, Zhao Hai didn’t meet another participant.

The skies slowly turned dark. No matter which realm, beasts would still keep their nature. Beasts generally became more active at night, the same was true for the beasts in the Forestsea Realm. When night came, Zhao Hai immediately felt the forest around him wake up. Beasts began to come out to hunt. This also made it more difficult for Zhao Hai and the others to move at night.

Seeing the situation around him, Zhao Hai decided to take a rest. In any case, he wasn’t in a hurry. He glanced around and appeared in front of a tree. Then a faint green light appeared on his body as he slowly entered the tree. 

After Zhao Hai integrated into the tree, he felt that he himself had become a tree. He could feel the roots of the tree absorbing the spiritual qi of the ground. He could also sense the leaves releasing spiritual qi into the air.

The tree absorbs spiritual qi but also releases spiritual qi into the air. It seems to be channeling the qi of the surroundings and circulates it, not absorbing any of it. However, Zhao Hai could feel that the tree contained a lot of spiritual qi that circulates in a strange pattern. Perhaps this was the tree’s method of cultivation.

Sensing the flow of spiritual qi throughout the tree, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh at the mysteries of creation. The cultivation method of the tree was different compared to cultivators. Cultivators use ores to create weapons and harvest plants to make pills. It was an act of always taking. It could be considered as going against heaven’s will. 

On the other hand, the tree not only takes, it gives as well. It absorbs spiritual qi but releases some of it back. This achieves a balance of spiritual qi between absorption and release. It was compliant to the rules of the world. It was a complete opposite of the selfish way that cultivators cultivate.

After sensing the cultivation method of the tree, Zhao Hai was somewhat confused. He seemed to recall treants (tree demons) existing in the Great Realm of Cultivation. According to what Zhao Hai knew, with the amount of spiritual qi inside the tree, it should have become sentient a long time ago. And yet, it remained as a tree. 


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