BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1900


Chapter 1900 – Forestsea Realm

Two days quickly passed by and Zhao Hai was once more inside the main hall of the Heaven Sect along with Jian Wuya and the others.

Although they don’t want to acknowledge it, they have no choice but to recognize Zhao Hai as the strongest cultivator under the immortal stage. Even most immortal experts don’t have the means to deal with him. Moreover, Zhao Hai has immortal-level Undead.

Because of this, Jian Wuya and the others didn’t even think about it and decided to send Zhao Hai for the assessment of the Soaring Dragon Realm. 

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the group relaxed. They were afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t come. If Zhao Hai didn’t go, then only their people would be sent to the trial. Although these people were disciples of their sects, they weren’t confident that they would win without Zhao Hai.

Upon arriving at the main hall, Zhao Hai greeted Jian Wuya and the others. Jian Wuya looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, the Great Realm of Cultivation will have to depend on you for the trial.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Sect Master Jian can rest assured, I’ll take care of it.”

Jian Wuya nodded, then he said, “I’ve been thinking about this matter for two days. It is very likely that the Heavenly Demon Realm would also be among the people to participate in the trial. The Heavenly Demons aren’t any weaker than us. If Mister sees them in the trial, I hope that you won’t hold back in teaching them a lesson.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he didn’t say anything. At this time, Lin Ling’s powerful aura appeared once more. Zhao Hai and the others hastily walked out and headed towards the transmission formation plaza. Before long, they saw Lin Ling standing on the transmission formation.

The group cupped their fists and said, “We have seen Mister Lin Ling.”

Lin Ling waved his hand and said, “Where’s your representative? Have them come.”

Zhao Hai took a step forward and then cupped his fist, “Mister Lin, this one will be participating in the trial.”

Lin Ling looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “Alright, let’s go.” Zhao Hai followed and stood beside Lin Ling in the transmission formation.

Lin Ling nodded towards Jian Wuya and the others before activating the transmission formation. After a flash of white light, Zhao Hai and Lin Ling vanished. From his arrival to departure, Lin Ling said very few words. 

Looking at the empty transmission formation, Jian Wuya let out a long breath and said, “I hope it goes well.”

Although Abbott Numu and the others have a grudge against Zhao Hai, they also hoped that Zhao Hai would succeed. This matter is very important for the Great Realm of Cultivation.


Once he recovered from the flash of light, Zhao Hai could finally see where he ended up. He was inside a boundless forest. He could see birds flying as well as vague mountain shadows in the distance.

Lin Ling looked at Zhao Hai and said, “This is the location of the trial. It’s called Forestsea Realm. It’s about half as big as the Great Realm of Cultivation. Naturally, the realm isn’t all forest. The trial has officially started. The others have already entered this realm. When there’s only ten people left, we will come over and inform you that the trial is over. Of course, that is if you survive until the end.” After he said that, Lin Ling disappeared.

Zhao Hai was stunned when he saw Lin Ling disappear. He could feel that Lin Ling used a transmission formation to leave, but there was no transmission formation present.

When he arrived at Forestsea Realm, he felt that something wasn’t right. Instead of appearing in a transmission formation, he appeared in mid-air. Transmission formations needed foundation to be built on, which was mostly on the ground. Under normal circumstances, Zhao Hai should appear on the floor of the forest with a transmission formation under his feet.

However, this wasn’t the case this time. He actually appeared in the air above the forest without a hint of a transmission formation around him. Then when Lin Ling disappeared, Zhao Hai could feel the space fluctuate. Zhao Hai was sure that Lin Ling doesn’t have a spatial ability because the fluctuation was the same one that transmission formations usually made.

Zhao Hai has the Space, so he could pretend to have a spatial ability using it. However, this doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai doesn’t have spatial abilities. In fact, in addition to his other abilities, he also absorbed spatial abilities from other people. He just rarely used them because the Space was more convenient to use.

There are a lot of inconveniences when using spatial abilities. Moreover, it requires a lot of spiritual force to use. Zhao Hai would rather not use them if he has the Space. Naturally, the Space itself has no offensive abilities. But among the myriad of spatial abilities, there’s a spatial tearing ability that could cut almost anything. This ability cuts the space itself, so no matter how hard the target is, it would be cut into two.

Because Zhao Hai has experience with spatial abilities, he knew clearly what kinds of fluctuations these abilities made. He could differentiate whether the spatial fluctuation was caused by an ability or a transmission formation. Therefore, Zhao Hai was certain that Lin Ling used a transmission formation to leave.

Additionally, when Lin Ling left, there was no flash of white light. Lin Ling just disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Zhao Hai was stunned by this. It was an invisible transmission formation. It was as if it didn’t exist at all. He wondered what kind of technique it was. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be more curious about the Soaring Dragon Realm.

At this time, the sound of humming could be heard. Zhao Hai turned his head to see that there was a dark cloud coming over from a distance. Seeing the dark cloud, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. Then he immediately vanished.

Zhao Hai left because he knew what the dark cloud was. It was a swarm of beasts that looked like bees. However, these beasts were much more terrifying compared to bees. Their stingers could not only break through most shields, they could also release toxins. These bees were called Poison Dragon Bees.

Zhao Hai’s Space also has Poison Dragon Bees. Therefore, he knew that he couldn’t recklessly provoke a swarm of them. However, Zhao Hai was also quite curious. This realm might have beasts that he didn’t know about. As for the plants, they look the same as those present in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Zhao Hai would need to spare some time to see if there were any differences. At this time, he doesn’t want to fight with those Poison Dragon Bees, so he chose to leave immediately.

Zhao Hai couldn’t enter the Space while being inside the Forestsea Realm. He was afraid that his actions would be detected by the people of the Soaring Dragon Realm. He knew that the people in charge of the Soaring Dragon Realm were powerful, and he was still unaware of their methods. 

Take Lin Ling’s disappearance for example. He has a method to teleport without a transmission formation. There’s also the spiritual force that could scan an entire realm without being discovered. These were all methods that Zhao Hai didn’t know. Until he has a grasp on these methods, Zhao Hai wouldn’t enter the Space.

Zhao Hai flew for quite a distance to evade the Poison Dragon Bees. Then he went to the forest below. He heard Lin Ling say that the other participants were already in the realm. But the realm was half as large as the Great Realm of Cultivation. Zhao Hai doesn’t know where the other participants were dropped off. Because of this, Zhao Hai planned to refrain from flying in the air unless necessary.

Although flying was faster, it would also expose you to the sun. This would make you more visible to both beasts and other participants. If the other party mounts a sneak attack, then the situation might become dangerous.

Zhao Hai never underestimated his enemies. Lin Ling mentioned that the forest contained a lot of powerful beasts. How powerful would these beasts be? Zhao Hai didn’t know, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

After restraining his aura, Zhao Hai carefully meandered through the forest. At the same time, he used silver needles to scan the area around him. 

The realm was very big. Finding one of a thousand people in such a huge area was like looking for a needle in an ocean. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t actively looking for other people. Since there was no time limit, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious. The more anxious he was, the more mistakes he would make. 

Although Zhao Hai was confident in his strength, he wouldn’t dare be careless. Just in the Great Realm of Cultivation, he already saw a lot of people with special abilities. The trial involves 1000 realms of the same caliber as the Great Realm of Cultivation. The people they sent over wouldn’t be weak. 


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