BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1898


Chapter 1898 – Soaring Dragon Summons

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the people of the first army couldn’t help but stare. Then they all laughed. Li Kuangge replied with a smile, “Alright, we’ll listen to the army commander. We have seven million people here. I’m afraid one sip per person would dry up the Jade Belt River.” Everyone laughed with him.

Zhao Hai also laughed. Then he moved and appeared above the Jade Belt River. He took out a jar of liquor and poured it into the river. After pouring a hundred jars, he stopped.

Naturally, it’s impossible for all these jars to come from the Hundred Flowers Valley. A lot of them were created by the Space. If he really considered it, Zhao Hai could provide enough spirit wine for 7 million people. However, he cannot do that. Spirit wine was a valuable good. There’s no way to explain if he took out a large quantity of it. 

After pouring wine into the river, Zhao Hai took out one more wine jar and then flew towards the monument. He took out three cups and then filled them to the brim with wine. Then he looked at the monument and said, “Brothers, drink wine with us.”

Li Kuangge followed beside Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, he couldn’t help but be moved. In the Great World of Cultivation, people rarely paid respects to the dead. Only the clans would worship the dead, but it only involved their patriarchs and important elders. As for the ordinary people, nobody remembered them.

Zhao Hai paying tribute to those who died in the war moved Li Kuangge. Even if they died, they would still be remembered. He was happy for those who perished.

After paying respects to the monument, Zhao Hai and the others went to the Jade Belt River. After looking at the crowd, Zhao Hai said, “Brothers, before we part, let’s drink together. Let’s celebrate our brotherhood.”

Everyone replied, “For our brotherhood!” Then everyone took out a jade cup and then cooped up some river water to drink. After putting their cups away, they cupped their fists before leaving. It was said that on that day, beasts on the Jade Belt River rushed out of the water like drunken madmen. This shocked the people of the nine super sects who were on the opposite side.

The people of the army knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t a fussy person, so they left after drinking a cup of river water. It has been some time since they returned to their sects, they also wanted to see their fellow disciples. Only a hundred thousand people were left on Drinking Elephant Mountain to guard it. Li Kuangge was among the hundred thousand people who would be the first batch to guard the monument.

There was also no need for Zhao Hai to remain. He’s the commander of the Freedom Alliance Army, so there’s no need for him to guard. In any case, if anything happens to the army, he would be the first one to be informed. 

After exchanging a few words with Li Kuangge, Zhao Hai returned to the Black Tiger Gang. The Black Tiger Gang’s territory was now quite large. Now that Zhao Hai has pacified the entire north, the Black Tiger Gang’s territory spanned until the Myriad Demons Realm’s territory. 

It must be known that the Black Tiger Gang and the Myriad Demons Sect were quite far from each other. A domain spanning such distance was certainly huge. The Black Tiger Gang’s territory also included a huge section of the Green Plains Mountains. The Green Plains Mountains was the largest mountain range of the Northern Divergent Province. However, it was a place with a lot of dangerous and powerful beasts. Although it also contained a lot of plants and minerals, nobody was really able to conquer the mountain range. Even the Myriad Demons Sect only conquered a part of it. The small section they conquered was used as the sect’s main hall.

The Black Tiger Gang now owns a large part of this mountain range as its territory. Naturally, the Black Tiger Gang used a lot of methods to exchange for its current territory. After all, the Black Tiger Gang and the Myriad Demons Realm were truly quite far from each other. If the sects in between didn’t exchange their territory, the Black Tiger Gang would have no way to connect to their lands with the Myriad Demons Sect.

The place Zhao Hai returned to was still the Inferno Valley Base. With the four northern provinces conquered, the Black Tiger Gang officially became the leader of the Freedom Alliance. 

After Zhao Hai appeared on the Black Tiger Gang, the person in charge of the transmission formation immediately ran over and cupped his fist before saying, “I have seen Martial Uncle Zhao. Martial Uncle, you’re finally back.”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked at the person and said “What’s wrong? Did something happen to the gang?”

The disciple stared, then he immediately realized that Zhao Hai misunderstood his greeting. He quickly shook his head and said, “There’s nothing wrong. The gang is very normal. But the gang leader has been busy lately because of the sect classification.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at the disciple and then said, “Are you Zhang Lei from the Handyman Hall? Did you slack in your cultivation? Last time I saw you, you’re at the Foundation Establishment. Why did your cultivation remain stagnant?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Lei forced a smile and said, “Martial Uncle, I didn’t neglect my cultivation. But whenever I cultivate, for some reason my cultivation doesn’t increase. My spiritual qi increases very slowly.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “How long have you been watching the transmission formation?”

Zhang Lei replied, “Nearly three months. The mission I accepted is watching the transmission formation for three months. I’m almost done.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “After you’re done with this task, take a mission outside the sect. It’s best to go to the outskirts of the Green Plains Mountains. This will be very good for your progress. Cultivation isn’t staying inside every day. Because you haven’t tempered your spirit, your cultivation has become slow.”

 Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but stare. Then he immediately bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Thank you, Martial Uncle. We understand.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he took out a potion and a jade token and then handed it over to Zhang Lei before saying, “This potion can help you recover your injuries in a short time. At the same time, it will restore your spiritual qi. The jade token will help you block one attack from a Nascent Soul Expert. Cultivate well and pay attention to safety.” After that, Zhao Hai patted Zhang Lei on the shoulder before leaving.

Zhao Hai did this a lot of times before. There were plenty of disciples who were aided by him. Because of this, the disciples of the Black Tiger Gang liked Zhao Hai a lot.

Zhang Lei stood in place with a look of excitement. It must be known that the mission for guarding the transmission formation has been snatched by him with the specific intention of meeting Zhao Hai and getting his guidance. Zhao Hai was famous for his generosity. Zhang Lei just didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so generous as to give him two things.

It was only when Zhao Hai’s figure disappeared that Zhang Lei recovered. He quickly bowed in Zhao Hai’s direction.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived in Zhang Feng’s study. Although the Black Tiger Gang obtained a large territory, including the headquarters of the Myriad Demons Sect, Zhang Feng’s office remained the same. The Inferno Valley Base has become the root of the Black Tiger Gang. Although the base was underground and wasn’t eye-catching, its combat strength was much more powerful compared to the headquarters of the Myriad Demons Sect.

There were also people taking charge of the Myriad Demons Sect’s headquarters. The person leading them was Hu Liangchen. Fortunately, the Black Tiger Gang absorbed a lot of rogue cultivators before the Heavenly Demon invasion arrived. This allowed the sect to not worry about manpower. And with the addition of the Hundred Flowers Valley disciples, the Black Tiger Gang has enough people to manage its affairs. 

After arriving inside Zhang Feng’s room, Zhao Hai discovered that there were two inner disciples guarding the door.

When the guards saw Zhao Hai, they stared for a moment before their expressions lit up. Then they cupped their fists and said, “We have seen Martial Uncle Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Is the Gang Leader in?”

One of the inner disciples replied, “The Gang Leader is almost always inside his room. He has a lot of matters to deal with.” Just as he said this, Zhang Feng’s voice was heard, “Little Hai is back? Let him in, quick.” Zhao Hai nodded and then pushed the door open and entered.

Zhang Feng was currently holding a jade slip when Zhao Hai came in. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng waved his hand and said, “Come and sit. How is Drinking Elephant Mountain?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It’s done, don’t worry. How about you? I heard that you have a lot of things to deal with.”

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “Some sects aren’t satisfied with their classifications, they want their class to be higher. It’s a huge headache. I also received a jade sword message from Jian Wuya. He wants to make peace with us. He said that the Soaring Dragon Realm will soon come to evaluate. We need to make preparations.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Those nine super sects. If they aren’t deceived by the Soaring Dragon Realm, then they’re deceiving us. The evaluation of the Soaring Dragon Realm has already begun. I’m afraid it’s even finished.”

Zhang Feng stared. He put down the jade slip and said, “How did you know? I heard that nobody knows when they start and when they end.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I came to know by accident. Did the nine super sects say anything else? How do they want to make peace?”

Zhang Feng shook his head and said, “They didn’t say much. But I can see that they’re worried about the evaluation. Jian Wuya wants to enter a non-aggression pact with us. At the same time, they want to open transmission formations to both sides for trade. After all, there are resources unique to the north. There’s also resources we need from the south. Neither of us can progress on our own.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We can agree to this. After all, we need to communicate with each other. As long as I’m here, they wouldn’t dare mess around. And we’ll also keep developing. There will come a time that the Freedom Alliance wouldn’t be weaker than them even without me.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “I wonder what the evaluation of the Soaring Dragon Realm will be. If we lose our qualifications to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm, there would be a lot of trouble.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “This is something we cannot be certain about. We can only accept whatever result there is. The Heavenly Demons are truly stupid. The Great Realm of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm aren’t the only ones that could enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. There are still other realms that could enter. Even if they win against us, their strength has also been greatly damaged. They would no doubt lose their chance to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. I really don’t know what they were thinking.”

Zhang Feng sighed and said, “The attack of the Heavenly Demons isn’t only to help them qualify for the Soaring Dragon Realm. It’s also because of their hatred towards us. I heard that the reason the Heavenly Demon Realm got kicked out of the Soaring Dragon Realm was the invasion of the Great Realm of Cultivation. After that, the Great Realm of Cultivation replaced them in the Soaring Dragon Realm. Therefore, the Heavenly Demons used the invasion to retaliate against us. Fortunately, we have you. Otherwise, the qualifications of the Great Realm of Cultivation would be in danger.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “The nine super sects should know more about the Soaring Dragon Realm than we do. Senior Brother, should we use this opportunity to get information from them?”

Zhang Feng thought for a while and said, “The nine super sects are still wary of us. I think we should wait for a while. You have been out for so long, you should take a rest. I heard that you made a monument in Drinking Elephant Mountain. This will make us closer with the other sects.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “How is the Hundred Ghosts Sect? Did you go with what I suggested? I think we should support other weaker sects to balance out those who are already strong. Moreover, we could get the support of these sects, making our position in the alliance more solid.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “We’ve already sent the resources to the Hundred Ghosts Sect. I heard that their sect master, Zhong Wuhun, has reached the immortal stage. However, he kept his position as sect master. Moreover, he wants to become eternal allies with the Black Tiger Gang.”

Zhao Hai replied, “That’s good. Our help didn’t go in vain.”

As Zhao Hai said that, a jade sword message appeared in front of Zhang Feng. Upon receiving the jade sword message, Zhang Feng scanned it with his spiritual force. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “It seems like the nine super sects don’t know that the evaluation is done. They want us to send a representative because the Soaring Dragon Realm wants to meet the nine super sects and the Freedom Alliance.”

Zhao Hai raised his brow and said, “The Soaring Dragon Realm knows about the Freedom Alliance? It seems like they’re more formidable than I thought. Who do you think we should send?”


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