BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1896


Chapter 1896 – Monument Accident

Zhao Hai also felt his own spiritual force becoming purer. Then all of a sudden, Zhao Hai felt a chaotic fluctuation of spiritual force. The fluctuation wasn’t very powerful and was quite disorderly. It seems like it was released by a group of people.

As Zhao Hai was puzzled, he felt the spiritual force fluctuation rushing towards the battle monument, like lost children that finally found their home.

Zhao Hai frowned. He didn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t know why these spiritual forces were attracted to the monument. They were extremely disorderly. Although the accumulated spiritual force was stronger than his own, their chaotic nature made them unthreatening. It wouldn’t be able to do any damage to the monument. The monument was made with stone, it didn’t have any spirit.

Although a spiritual force attack was quite formidable against cultivators, it only worked because their target has souls. Spiritual force attacks were pretty useless against inanimate objects. So why did the monument attract this chaotic mass of spiritual force?

It was also at this moment that Li Kuangge and the others noticed the mass of spiritual force. The sheer amount of spiritual force flooding towards the stone monument caused them to be anxious. A lot of cultivators immediately became alert.

At this time, the spiritual forces touched the stone monument. Then upon contact, the spiritual forces were being absorbed.

Zhao Hai also noticed that as soon as these spiritual forces fell on the stone monument, the monument began to light up with a golden hue. This situation continued for a long time until all of the spiritual forces were absorbed by the monument.

Once the spiritual forces were absorbed by the monument, the monument emitted a thick golden light. The golden light only flashes for a moment before vanishing completely.

Zhao Hai and the others looked at the monument and saw that it had undergone a huge change. All of the names of the dead people were now golden. The article that Zhao Hai wrote on the back had also turned gold. The golden fonts seemed to shimmer, looking alive. 

With the changes brought by the golden light, Zhao Hai and the others could feel the surrounding spiritual qi gathering towards the stone monument. It was as if the stone monument had become a cultivator.

Zhao Hai looked at the golden names and suddenly understood. The change on the monument wasn’t caused by him, but by the cultivators who died.

Those who perished fighting against the Heavenly Demons and the nine super sects held an obsession in their hearts. This obsession was the protection of their sects and the Freedom Alliance.

Because of this obsession, their spirits didn’t immediately disappear when they died in battle. Instead, it accumulated into a chaotic consciousness that continued to exist. It might vanish, but it would take a long time.

Zhao Hai created a monument for everyone in the army, which included those who died in battle. Zhao Hai also wrote down the history of the Freedom Alliance army. With how attentive Zhao Hai was in carving, the accumulated consciousness was attracted. In the end, when Zhao Hai was finished, the consciousness of those who died regarded the monument as their final goal. Therefore, the remnant souls funneled towards it.

When Zhao Hai engraved each name on the monument, he would unconsciously think of the person and their deeds. This allowed a connection to the remnant consciousness that the dead cultivator left behind. In turn, this attracted the remnant spiritual force to their respective names.

Because of their obsession, even if these consciousness were only remnant spirits, they would still want power to protect their sects. So using the monument as a medium, they began to slowly absorb spiritual qi to strengthen themselves.

Although he didn’t know if he was right or wrong, Zhao Hai surmised that this was the case. Otherwise, these changes wouldn’t have occurred to the monument. There was no other explanation.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately asked Laura and the others to create the highest grade incense the Space could produce. 

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out three huge incense sticks. He went in front of the monument and then took out a stone cauldron filled with sand. 

Zhao Hai lit the incense sticks with a snap of his fingers. Holding the three incense sticks in his hand, Zhao Hai turned his head to Li Kuangge and the others and said, “Everyone, line up!”

Li Kuangge and the others were stunned for a moment, but they didn’t dare delay. They immediately went into a formation as soon as they could. Zhao Hai stood with his back facing everyone. Then with the incense in his hand, he said, “Brothers, you have protected us and your sects. You have sacrificed for the survival of the Freedom Alliance. We, your fellow brothers, will remember your names forever. I hope that your spirits will continue guarding the Freedom Alliance. Zhao Hai asks you.”

After saying that, Zhao Hai made three bows towards the monument and then inserted the incense sticks into the stone cauldron. After the incense were inserted, the monument shone with golden light. Then a figure of light began to appear. The face of this figure flickered, showing the faces of those who died in battle.

Then the figure bowed towards Zhao Hai before entering the stone monument. Although there weren’t changes on the surface of the monument, all who were looking at the monument were shocked. They could feel a heavy aura coming out of the monument. It was as if it became a huge pillar that could support heaven and the earth.

Seeing the changes to the monument, Li Kuangge and the others finally understood what was going on. Their faces turned solemn as they also offered three bows towards the monument. 

After paying his respects, Zhao Hai turned his head to the army and said, “I will set a tradition. The stone monument will be cleaned every seventh day. And as long as the Freedom Alliance exists, the incense sticks will never be extinguished. This task will be handled by the Freedom Alliance army.”

Li Kuangge and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai continued, “Alright, all of you can go back. We’ll stay here for ten days. If nothing happens during that time, the other side should have stopped their plans of attacking. After that, we’ll leave a small group of people to guard the monument while the rest shall return to their respective sects. Also, a storehouse needs to be built nearby to store all of the incense.” After he said that, Zhao Hai pointed towards a point in Drinking Elephant Mountain which wasn’t far from the monument.

Li Kuangge nodded, “Alright, Brother. I’ll take care of it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Go back and rest.” Li Kuangge proceeded to command everyone to return. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai looked at the monument once more and then sighed before leaving.

Li Kuangge moved quickly. Not long after, he organized people to build a stone building on the place that Zhao Hai pointed towards. The building was quite large, but it was empty inside.

After the building was constructed, Zhao Hai put large amounts of incense inside. This incense was specially made. No matter how strong the winds or how long it rained, they would never be extinguished. Each incense would last for exactly seven days. The incense inside the building should last for a very long time.

The incense was created by the Space using the highest-end resources. There won’t be problems with storing it. After dealing with these matters, Zhao Hai returned to the Space.

After carving for ten days straight, Zhao Hai’s spirit has become highly fatigued. Even in his current strength, he couldn’t help but feel tired. After returning to the Space, he relaxed in the hot springs first before sitting underneath the Hundred Spirits Tree and drinking some tea.

As he was relaxing, Zhao Hai also recalled the changes that happened to him. After completing the promise he made with everyone, the shackles on his soul have disappeared and his spiritual force has become purer than before. Most importantly, Zhao Hai could feel that there’s something different in his soul, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

Zhao Hai’s spiritual force has always existed in a crystal form. As he progressed, the silver crystal kept getting bigger and bigger. After this incident, there was a hint of gold on the crystal. Meanwhile, the crystal actually shrank. This doesn’t mean that the faces on the crystal have become smaller, the size of the crystal had just reduced. At the same time, Zhao Hai felt that his spiritual crystal had become more solid.

Zhao Hai hasn’t met this situation before, so he didn’t know what it meant. He didn’t even know what the golden part of the crystal could do.

Although Zhao Hai had a lot of Undead in the Space, most of them were below the immortal stage. Meanwhile, his immortal-level Undead didn’t know what the golden spiritual force represented.

Even if Zhao Hai doesn’t know the use of the golden spiritual force, he could feel that it wouldn’t bring him any harm. He tried to move it somewhere and it followed just like any other spiritual force. 

After resting for several days inside the Space, Zhao Hai walked out and inspected the Drinking Elephant Mountain. A permanent encampment has been built in the mountain. It wasn’t a huge camp, but it could allow 100 thousand troops to be stationed all year round. This was also Zhao Hai’s request. It wouldn’t be suitable for the entire army to guard the monument all the time.


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