BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1891


Chapter 1891 – Nice Seeing You Again

In the main hall of the Soft Water Sect were more than ten people. These people were masters of the sects in the Running Water Alliance. Sat on the seat of honor was the sect master of the Soft Water Sect.

The sect master of the Soft Water Sect looked at the others and said, “The condition that we put out was somewhat excessive. But I think this will allow us to talk with the Freedom Alliance. As long as we negotiate, we can lower our demands, but we would still receive a lot of benefits. Speaking of which, the return of the nine super sects helped us a lot. However, the nine super sects wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. Zhao Hai is just too strong. It’s impossible for them to regain control over the four northern provinces.”

The sect masters of the other sects nodded their heads. The reason they made an excessive request was to negotiate with the Black Tiger Gang. However, they were wrong this time. Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to play with them. Zhao Hai wasn’t going to negotiate with them.

At this time, footsteps could be heard outside the hall. Then a cultivator ran in from outside with a startled face. He reported, “Sect Master, it’s not good. The Freedom Alliance is attacking!”

The sect master of the Soft Water Sect stared, then his complexion changed. He stood up and said, “They really attacked?”

The cultivator nodded and said, “They have surrounded the sect and began attacking our guardian formation.”

The sect mater paled. Then he suppressed his fear as he said, “Zhao Hai, you’re really ruthless. You didn’t even give us a chance. Everyone, evacuate immediately!”

The Soft Water Sect also made advance preparations. With how chaotic the Northern Orthodox Province has been recently, nobody knows what would happen next. Small sects like the Soft Water Sect don’t know if they would survive or not. Therefore, they took their important manuals and resources along with the core members of their sect and got them ready to evacuate at any time. In the future, these people would find an opportunity to rebuild the sect and continue passing its legacy.

This situation wasn’t rare in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Small sects were always prepared for the worst outcomes. They have no other choice. This was the fate of the weak.

Following the order of the sect masters, core disciples of the Soft Water Sect immediately left with the resources and manuals of the sect. All of them went to different places. Some went to sects that they were secretly allied with while some went to deserted mountains to hide temporarily.

Just as the core disciples of the Soft Water Sect evacuated, the people in the sect heard a loud explosion before a war cry was heard. Their mountain guarding formation has been destroyed.

The people of the Soft Water Sect were also aware that they couldn’t salvage the situation. Therefore, all of them rushed towards the enemies with all of their might.

However, the first army has been suppressed for a long time. Now that they have the opportunity to move, they naturally wouldn’t hold back. Each and every one of them were ruthless in their actions. The Soft Water Sect was just a small sect, their cultivators were simply unable to block any attacks made by the army. It didn’t take long before the sect was destroyed.

The sect masters of the Running Water Alliance have already been sent off. They also took some of the Soft Water Sect’s core disciples. With the destruction of the Soft Water Sect, Zhao Hai’s methods began to spread throughout the Great Realm of Cultivation.

And Zhao Hai didn’t stop. After destroying the Soft Water Sect, Zhao Hai commanded the army to charge forward. Surprisingly, the sects along their path have evacuated ahead of time. They didn’t even get in contact with him.

Zhao Hai knew that this was because the nine super sects had arrived in the Northern Orthodox Province. So now these small sects have packed up and went to seek refuge with the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai was surprised by this situation. He knew that these small sects couldn’t be allowed to run away. Otherwise, once the Freedom Alliance conquers the Northern Orthodox Province, nobody would be left.

Because of this, Zhao Hai ordered the army to move slowly. Every sect they came upon that didn’t surrender were cleaned up. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai himself sped up and went straight towards the army of the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai knew that the reason the nine super sects returned wasn’t to recapture the four northern provinces. In fact, as long as Zhao Hai was alive, the nine super sects would never be able to occupy the northern provinces. Their purpose in coming here was to hold him back while Jian Wuya and the others attack the headquarters of the Black Tiger Gang. If Jian Wuya and the others succeed, then maybe they can re-establish their presence in the north and claim the three provinces. As for the Northern Divergent Province, they would never think of taking it back. With the province being Zhao Hai’s home nest, they wouldn’t have the ability to take it.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about the Black Tiger Gang at all. Without even mentioning the defenses of the base, Zhao Hai also left behind 500 immortal-level Undead. If those Undead made a move, Jian Wuya and the others wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Therefore, Zhao Hai would use this opportunity to go to the army of the nine super sects and drive them out. This way, the small sects of the north would completely give up.

As for the Freedom Alliance Army, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them. The army has 7 million troops, all of them elites of the Freedom Alliance. They would do fine even against the armies of the Western Demon Province and the Eastern Orthodox Province. Although the two provinces have quite a lot of troops, they weren’t as effective in combat as the Freedom Alliance army.

Zhao Hai also made some arrangements. He announced that Laura and the others were on the Hell King’s ship. Zhao Hai told Li Kuangge that Laura and the others would take command whenever a battle starts.

The people of the Freedom Alliance were already convinced of their skills. And with Laura and the others being Zhao Hai’s women, they would naturally follow their word.

Of course, Laura and the others weren’t on the Hell King’s Ship but instead inside the Space. Zhao Hai only made them reveal their presence on the ship before returning. They would pass their orders through the communication device. Nobody would know that they weren’t there.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Hai hurried towards the army of the nine super sects. At this time, the nine super sect army was still stationed in the Jade Belt River. However, there were already plenty of sects from the northern provinces that got in touch with them. In the hearts of these sects, the nine super sects still held more prestige than Zhao Hai and the Freedom Alliance.

Jiao Hualong looked at Meng Wudi and said, “Old Meng, we’ll advance a bit tomorrow. I think Zhao Hai should be aware of our arrival. With that fellow’s personality, he should be heading towards us.”

Meng Wudi replied, “That fellow would certainly come. This time we need to hold him back while Old Jian and the others attack the Black Tiger Gang. Let’s see what he will look like when that time comes.”

Jiao Hualong looked at Meng Wudi and sighed. He knows why Meng Wudi hated Zhao Hai. Elder Po who Zhao Hai killed was Meng Wudi’s Martial Uncle. The relationship between the two was very good. Now that Zhao Hai killed Elder Po, it was natural for Meng Wudi to hate him.

Speaking of which, Jiao Hualong didn’t hate Zhao Hai as much as Meng Wudi did. This was because Jiao Hualong was a demon cultivator who lived a life of cruelty. Demon Cultivators lived in a dog eat dog world. If you were strong, you would get everything. If you were weak, you would get nothing.

Zhao Hai was a stronger cultivator, so it was natural for him to claim the northern provinces. This was normal in Jiao Hualong’s eyes. If he wasn’t tied to the other eight super sects, Jiao Hualong wouldn’t have joined this plan. In Jiao Hualong’s opinion, schemes wouldn’t work for people as strong as Zhao Hai.

At this time, there was a sudden uproar. Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi immediately stood up. Just as they were to go out, they heard a voice from outside, “Reporting to the sect masters. Zhao Hai is here.”

Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi stared. Meng Wudi’s expression changed as he said, “Send the order, prepare to meet the enemy!” After he said that, Meng Wudi turned his head and said, “Old Jiao, it’s Zhao Hai. Let’s go.”

Jiao Hualong nodded and left the residence with Meng Wudi. When they came out, they immediately knew why the troops were certain that Zhao Hai had arrived. This was because there was a sea of Undead in front of them. Although this wasn’t the first time they saw this, Meng Wudi and Jiao Hualong still couldn’t help but feel their scalp tingle.

Their large artifacts were already prepared. The two got on their large artifacts and then flew out of the camp. The nine super sect army also flew up, arranging themselves into a large army formation. The army of the super sects was less than last time. Before, there were around 100 million troops but now there are 60 million.

Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi moved forward until they arrived a kilometer away from the Undead army. They focused their eyes on the Undead Army before seeing Zhao Hai standing on top of a huge Undead beast. The Undead Zhao Hai was riding on was Alien.

Seeing the two sect masters, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t expect to see you two again. Why did you return to the Northern Orthodox Province? You want to take it back?”

Meng Wudi coldly snorted and said, “Enough talking Zhao Hai. The Northern Orthodox Province isn’t yours. I can come here whenever I want.”


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