BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1890


Chapter 1890 – Second Plan

Zhao Hai was currently on the Hell King’s Ship along with two people. One was Wan Rong and the other was Wan Xiang. The two were respectfully standing in front of Zhao Hai with their heads lowered.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “I reckon you already know what happened in Wolf Fang City. The clan patriarchs tried to assassinate me, so I purged their clans. Their families have already evacuated in advance. Wolf Fang City will be left to you, manage it well. After you go back, re-establish the transmission formations and get in touch with the alliance. The alliance will tell you what to do next.”

Wan Rong nodded and said, “Mister can rest assured. We’ll take care of it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand and said, “You can go back.” Wan Wong and Wan Xiang complied and then left. Behind Zhao Hai was Li Kuangge. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, what do we do next?”

Zhao Hai looked at the distance, then he said, “The Northern Orthodox Province has been in chaos for long enough. I’ve given them enough time to quiet down. Prepare the army. We’re advancing into the province. If the sects we encounter don’t surrender, they will be destroyed.”

Li Kuangge nodded, then he passed the orders to the army. The Freedom Alliance army has been prepared for a long time. With Zhao Hai’s order, everyone formed behind the Hell King’s Ship as the army moved forward. Wan Rong looked at Zhao Hai’s army as it departed, then he sighed and said, “The Northern Orthodox Province will form rivers of blood.”

Wan Xiang looked at his father and said, “Father, Mister Zhao Hai looks so kind. Will he really do that?”

Wan Rong looked at Wan Xiang and said, “Xiang-er, you’re too young. Mister Zhao Hai is only kind to people on his side. As for the enemies, he has never been good to them. This is something you need to learn.”

Wan Xiang was still confused but he nodded. He naturally couldn’t believe Wan Rong’s words. Wan Rong was also aware of Wan Xiang’s thoughts. However, he didn’t say anything. Experience would teach Wan Rong.

While Zhao Hai was advancing into the Northern Orthodox Province, Jian Wuya also received the news. Upon reading the jade sword message, he looked at Jiao Hualong and the others and said, “We have failed. Elder Po was killed by Zhao Hai. He also eliminated all families in Wolf Fang City except the Wan Clan. Now he’s moving his army to attack the Northern Orthodox Province.”

Jiao Hualong and the others let out disappointed sighs. Jian Wuya looked at everyone and said, “Although we didn’t succeed, Zhao Hai would still have a hard time getting control over the Northern Orthodox Province. I think we can carry out our next plan.”

Jiao Hualong nodded, “Alright. I also think that the second plan is better than the first one. I’ll go and prepare.” Then he stood up and then walked out. Jian Wuya and the others also stood up and followed.

When they arrived outside, Jia Hualong ordered the army to move, exhibiting the intention of retaking the four northern provinces. But at the same time, Jian Wuya brought an elite army consisting of immortal experts. By using a spatial ability, they went straight towards the headquarters of the Black Tiger Gang.

This was the second plan of the nine super sects. They had Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi lead the army towards the northern provinces to deceive Zhao Hai. At the same time, Jian Wuya would lead his elite troops to eradicate the Black Tiger Gang.

The second plan of Jian Wuya and the others were actually inspired by Zhao Hai’s spatial ability. With Zhao Hai’s ability, he can use it to lead the army, escape from ambushes, and even support his sect.

Jian Wuya plans to use a spatial ability to deal with Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai wasn’t the only spatial ability user in the entire realm. Even if these spatial ability users weren’t as powerful as Zhao Hai, they were still resources that Jian Wuya and the others could use. With the power and reach of the nine super sects, it wasn’t impossible for them to find people who have spatial abilities. Then they used the spatial ability users to open a path directly towards the Black Tiger Gang’s domain.

Moreover, when Jian Wuya and the others began to move, besides the Northern Orthodox Province and the Northern Divergent Province, the other provinces also made a move. The sects in the Eastern Orthodox Province and the Western Demon Province used their armies to attack the Northern Orthodox Province. In addition to Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi’s armies, it can be said that a flood of troops were coming towards the Northern Orthodox Province. If Zhao Hai goes back and helps the Black Tiger Gang, the Freedom Alliance Army might be overwhelmed. If Zhao Hai doesn’t return, then the Black Tiger Gang would be in danger. 

The moment the nine super sects made their move, Zhao Hai immediately acquired the information. But the first news he received wasn’t the attack of the Black Tiger Gang. Instead, it was the large armies heading towards the Northern Orthodox Province. There were essentially three armies heading towards him.

After Cai’er gave this information, Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He didn’t understand what the nine super sects were trying to do. Why would they make such a huge sound at this moment? Do they really think that they could deal with him with these armies?

Then the answer to these questions came in quickly. Zhao Hai didn’t react immediately. He continued to lead his troops into the Northern Orthodox Province. He was now close to the first sect in his path.

The plan of Jian Wuya and the others have been doing quite well so far. They sent Jiao Hualong and Meng Wudi to attack Zhao Hai’s army. And then once they entangle with Zhao Hai, the elite army would attack the Black Tiger Gang. Only then will Zhao Hai be torn with his decision. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would return to the Black Tiger Gang using his ability. Their plan needs to be coordinated well.

Zhao Hai also discovered what Jian Wuya and the others were planning due to Cai’er reporting that there weren’t a lot of experts in the army that was coming towards him. 

Cai’er also mentioned that there was an elite team from the nine super sects that weren’t heading towards the Northern Orthodox Province. This caused Zhao Hai to be more confused. They saved the experts and only sent ordinary cultivators after him. Weren’t they just sending these people to the grinder?

As Zhao Hai was confused, Lizzy suddenly said, “Brother Hai, they look like they’re trying to tie you down here while they attack the headquarters.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, “Isn’t that stupid? Attacking the headquarters? I left a lot of Undead behind. Moreover, the defenses of the headquarters are very good. How could they possibly attack it?”

Lizzy smiled, “Brother Hai, you’re confused. You’re aware of this, but they don’t. They think that with you being here, the Black Tiger Gang would be weak. They expect that they could swiftly deal with the Black Tiger Gang. If we lost our headquarters, how would the other sects see us? When the time comes, the Freedom Alliance would be in chaos. Even if you’re very strong, it would still be good to be able to defend the Black Tiger Gang.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but then he shook his head and said, “That’s not right. If that’s the case, how are they going to reach the Black Tiger Gang? The headquarters is still quite a distance away. It’s impossible for them to use a transmission formation. And if they only send a few people, there would be no use.”

Lizzy knit her brows and said, “I’m still unclear about this. Perhaps they want to send a few people first to take control of the transmission formation and then send their troops after?”

Zhao Hai thought about it, then he nodded, “That’s possible. But they might not know that the transmission formations of the Black Tiger Gang could be sealed remotely. As long as the transmission formation is sealed, they’re finished.”

Laura opened her mouth and said, “Brother Hai, should we tell First Senior Brother about this?”

Zhao Hai thought about it, then he shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s not. Let’s see how First Senior Brother and the others would defend the base. We’ve already made the base as strong as we could. Even immortal experts wouldn’t be able to destroy it. As long as the base was controlled well, they would be trapped inside.”

At this time, Li Kuangge arrived and then reported, “Brother, we’ve arrived at the Soft Water Sect. They have already activated their mountain guarding formation. What should we do?”

Zhao Hai’s eyes were closed while he was talking with Laura and the others. So when Li Kuangge arrived, Zhao Hai’s consciousness returned from the Space. Then he opened his eyes and said, “Send people over and give them an ultimatum. If they dared to resist, we would destroy them.”

Li Kuangge nodded, then he immediately sent people to send the message. But when the messenger came back, his expression wasn’t good. He arrived in front of Zhao Hai and then gave a salute before saying, “Commander, the Soft Water Sect and the other sects have formed an alliance called the Running Water Alliance. They replied with a condition. They said they want to join the Freedom Alliance, but their alliance needs to be on an equal footing with the Freedom Alliance.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Be equals with the Freedom Alliance? Are they insane?”

The cultivator replied, “They also said that the army of the nine super sects have returned to the Northern Orthodox Province. If we don’t agree to their condition, then they would take refuge with the nine super sects.”

When Li Kuangge heard this, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he said, “The nine super sects are back? Is that what they said?”

The messenger replied, “It is what they said. It should be the truth. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so daring. Moreover, I can see that they aren’t afraid at all.”

Li Kuangge looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, what now?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “What can the nine super sects do? I won against them in the past. This small alliance merely comprised small sects. And they still dared to issue demands. Order the army to attack the Soft Water Sect. Leave nothing alive!”


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