BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1889


Chapter 1889 – Gifts

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. In that time, Zhao Hai saw other alliance leaders and received more messages from Zhang Feng. As for the clan patriarchs of Wolf Fang City, Zhao Hai didn’t meet them.

After two days, Zhao Hai’s deadline for the sects in the Northern Orthodox Province has passed. Although Zhao Hai didn’t announce that he would give the sects seven days, the period was enough to reach him through various channels. Those who didn’t get in touch with him don’t need to do so anymore.

Zhao Hai stood on the bow of the Hell King’s Ship while looking at Wolf Fang City. Then he turned to Li Kuangge and said, “Brother, how is the army? Did they have enough rest?”

Li Kuangge forced a smile and said, “Brother, in my opinion they rested longer than they needed to. We could have moved a long time ago.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Good. Tell those guys who are waiting for me that I will see them.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge stared for a moment before he nodded and left. Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out a table and chairs. Zhao Hai sat down and took out a crystal glass filled with red wine.

Zhao Hai swung the wine class gently, making the red wine look the same as blood. At this time, Li Kuangge brought the patriarchs to the side of the Hell King’s Ship. Then he allowed only the patriarchs to embark, leaving their servants outside. Although these servants were bringing all sorts of gifts, they weren’t qualified to take a step on the ship’s deck.

When the patriarchs saw that the servants weren’t allowed to step foot into the ship, a flash of anxiety couldn’t help but appear in their eyes. However, it was quickly hidden by them.

Zhao Hai just sat there and looked at the patriarchs. His eyes slightly narrowed after seeing the anxious patriarchs. However, the smile on his face remained unchanged. Then the patriarchs arrived in front of Zhao Hai and then bowed as they greeted, “We have seen Mister!”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Everyone, you don’t have to be polite. Please stand up.” The patriarchs stood up. Then one of them said, “Mister, please accept our apology for not seeing you upon your arrival. As you can see, the Northern Orthodox Province isn’t in the best state. We’ve prepared some gifts for mister. We hope that you’ll accept them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine. You don’t have to do this. I’m already happy that you’re all here. And you even prepared gifts. Haha. Alright. Then let’s see what you brought me.”

The patriarchs didn’t know how to get their servants into the ship. But unexpectedly, Zhao Hai allowed them to enter. The patriarchs were overjoyed. Then they quickly waved their hands, calling the servants to the deck.

Then the patriarch from before brought a servant to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please take a look. We heard that you liked to collect unique items. I believe you will like this.”

In the servant’s hands was a jade box. When the patriarch opened the jade box, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. Inside the jade box was a bean.

No mistake, it was a small green bean. However, this bean was very unusual. Its body seems to be made of emerald. It was very beautiful. Zhao Hai was certain that this bean could turn into a plant due to the strong amount of life energy inside.

Zhao Hai looked at the patriarch for an explanation. The patriarch immediately explained, “Mister, approximately a hundred thousand years ago, there’s a sect in the Great World of Cultivation called the Puppet Sect. The puppets made by the sect were very powerful and held great combat strength. The puppets are their main troops. But the Puppet Sect also has another type of troops called the bean soldiers. Bean soldiers are born from bean soldier trees. When a bean soldier tree produces its beans, one could take them off and activate them using spiritual qi. This made the Puppet Sect feared in the realm. Moreover, because the spiritual qi needed to use a bean soldier was very little, they were very annoying to face in the battlefield.”

“When the Puppet Sect was destroyed, their techniques were obtained by some sects. However, their legacy had become incomplete. This is the reason why puppets in the Great Realm of Cultivation are very weak. As for the bean soldiers, they no longer exist. This was because the bean soldier tree of the Puppet Sect was destroyed during the battle. Although new bean soldier trees could be grown, nobody knows how. This is one of the beans from the bean soldier tree. I hope mister will accept this gift.”

Zhao Hai looked at the bean, his heart jumping with glee. However, he didn’t display his excitement on his face. Instead, he gave a nod and said, “Good. I’ll accept it.” Then he covered the jade box and then sent it to the Space. Zhao Hai believes Cai’er would know what to do.

Seeing Zhao Hai accept the gift, the patriarch relaxed. Then he waved his hand as another servant arrived. This servant was holding a tray with a piece of rock on top. The rock looked special. Its entire body was very black. It seems to be absorbing the light around it.

The patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and explained, “Mister, this is something all of us prepared. This is blackgold rock. It’s a special kind of material that can absorb light, transform it into energy, and then release it. Having a blackgold rock means that one could produce spirit stones as long as there’s light.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He picked up the blackgold rock to take a look. Then he nodded, “Alright, I’ll accept this as well.” Then he threw the rock to the Space.

The patriarch became happier. He waved his hand once more, calling another servant over. This servant was carrying a metal box. It was a box that could isolate spiritual force. Since the box was precious, the thing inside should be more valuable.

Zhao Hai seems to be attracted to the metal box, placing all of his attention on it. Killing intent flashed through the patriarch’s eyes as he said, “Mister, this is the third gift that we prepared for you.” After he said that, he opened the box. Then a black gas spewed towards Zhao Hai. Then the servant carrying the box moved and sent a palm attack.

This servant was only at the Foundation Establishment Stage. But when he sent his palm attack, his aura suddenly reached the immortal stage. At the same time, the patriarchs threw themselves towards Li Kuangge, intending to kill him as well.

But at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly disappeared. Then the patriarchs as well as their servants were covered by a cage, this included the immortal expert.

It was also at this time that Li Kuangge responded. These people were actually here to kill Zhao Hai. Moreover, they brought an immortal expert with them.

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s figure reappeared on the deck. He looked at the patriarchs as well as the immortal experts. Then he laughed and said, “You want to kill me? Do you know why I allowed you in? It’s because I already know your plans. You’re an elder of the Southern Barbarian Province, correct? Hahaha. No matter who you are, since you dared assassinate me, you will die!”

After saying that, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Then the patriarchs as well as their servants were stabbed in the throat by flying swords. As for Elder Po, he wanted to get out of the cage. However, he soon found out that he couldn’t escape. At this moment, several flying swords shot towards him. He wanted to block the swords, but he discovered that the swords were as strong as him. Moreover, there were more than one. He knew that his life would end soon.

However, the life force of an immortal expert was very strong. Although he was dying, he wasn’t immediately killed. He glared at Zhao Hai and roared, “How did you detect me? Nobody can see through my disguise.”

Zhao Hai looked at Elder Po and said, “What? You want to know before you die? Hahaha. It’s too late. Just die without knowing.” He waved his hand, taking the flying swords away. Before long, Elder Po’s life force ran out.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took all of the corpses away. Li Kuangge went to Zhao Hai, his face was pale as he bowed and said, “Brother, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that they were here to kill you.”

“It’s fine. I already know that they’re scheming against me. Their families have already left, only the patriarchs and the servants are left. They’re just waiting for an opportunity to kill me. But this is also good. This gives us an excuse to do a cleanup of the Northern Orthodox Province. Send the orders, the first army is moving.” Li Kuangge nodded and then left to transmit the orders.

Zhao Hai summoned large quantities of Undead around Wolf Fang City. People living in Wolf Fang City were shocked. Most of the people left in the city were from the Wan Clan. There were only very few people in the other clans.

The people of the Wan Clan were also shocked with the sight of the Undead. Then at this moment, a voice sounded in the minds of the Wan Clan, “Everyone from the Wan Clan, go inside your residence. Don’t come out until you’re ordered to do so.”

Although the Wan Clan doesn’t know whose voice this belongs to, they didn’t hesitate and immediately went inside their residence. The members of the Wan Clan who were slower to return witnessed the Undead slaughtering the people of the other clans. Then after these people were killed, they stood up and became Undead.

The Undead didn’t touch anyone from the Wan Clan as if they knew them. However, these people didn’t dare stay outside for long. They quickly ran to the Wan Residence at their fastest speed.

Wan Rong didn’t know what happened. Seeing all the servants that he sent out had returned, Wan Rong immediately called some of them over and asked, “What happened?”

Naturally, the servant has no complete grasp of the situation. But they still replied, “Replying to the patriarch. While we were returning, we suddenly discovered a lot of Undead. They were killing the people from the other clans.”

“Undead? Are you sure it’s Undead?” Hearing that they were Undead, Wan Rong wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, excitement appeared on his face.”

The servant nodded and confirmed, “Yes, Patriarch. I’m sure they’re Undead.”

Wan Rong nodded, “Good, the Undead are good. You go back. Don’t leave the residence in this period of time, not even half a step. Tell the gatekeeper to shut the gates. Don’t allow anyone to leave.” The servant complied and then left.

At this time, Wan Xiang appeared beside Wan Rong. He didn’t go out, so he didn’t know what was happening. He only ran over upon hearing Zhao Hai’s voice. Seeing Wan Rong, he quickly rushed over and asked, “Father, what’s happening? I just heard Mister Zhao Hai’s voice.”

Wan Rong nodded, “It’s Mister Zhao Hai. Just stay inside for the rest of the day. Mister has begun dealing with the other clans. A servant from the outside just told me that there are Undead killing the people of the other clans. You should know that Mister Zhao Hai is known for his Undead Army. These Undead should belong to Mister.”

Hearing Wan Rong, Wan Xiang couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression lightened up as he said, “Good. Mister has finally begun. Father, do you want me to send people to help him?”

Wan Rong shook his head and said, “There’s no need. Mister can destroy those clans as easily as flipping a hand. Don’t worry. Mister will contact us when he’s done.”

At this time, cultivators of the Freedom Alliance Army also began to move and charged towards Wolf Fang City. The people of the army were angered. They didn’t expect the nine super sects to scheme against Zhao Hai at this time. If Zhao Hai was assassinated, the Freedom Alliance would certainly end. In addition to their admiration of Zhao Hai, these cultivators were enraged upon hearing that someone tried to kill him.

However, when the cultivators reached the city, they discovered that the Undead had almost finished cleaning up. Because the important people of the clans had evacuated in advance, only servants were left in the residences of the clans. Now that the people of the clans have been eliminated, there was nothing left for the cultivators to do.


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