BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1888


Chapter 1888 – Secret Plan

Upon Hearing Wan Rong, Wang Xiang couldn’t help but stare. Then he frowned and said, “We know how strong those clans are. Just based on their strength, what can they do to Mister Zhao Hai? Father, aren’t you being too anxious?”

Wan Rong shook his head and replied, “It’s better to be more careful. In this world, killing wasn’t necessarily done with knives and swords. Especially for people as strong as Mister. Mister has given the Wan Clan a great kindness, we have to warn him.”

Wan Xiang nodded and said, “Yes, father. I’ll immediately send people to inform the first army and pass the message to Mister Zhao Hai.” Wan Rong nodded. Then Wan Xiang turned around and left.

At this time, Zhao Hai was in the Space looking at the events in Wolf Fang City. He was aware of the plan of these clan patriarchs. They were truly courageous. They dared to disrespect Zhao Hai because there’s an immortal expert in the city.

Most immortal experts weren’t able to do anything to Zhao Hai. However, the immortal expert in the city was capable of assassination. He could hide his aura and pretend to be a core formation cultivator. Then when they get close to the enemy, they would attack.

Additionally, this person knows how to use poison. This person wasn’t actually from the Northern Orthodox Province. Instead, he was an expert of the Southern Barbarian Province. This person was sent over by the nine super sects to assassinate Zhao Hai.

Moreover, Zhao Hai was also aware that the people of these other clans have already relocated. The only people left inside the clan residences were the servants and the patriarchs.

These people didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have the entire city under his surveillance. Each of their actions were carefully monitored. It was impossible for them to hide the truth from Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also made his preparations. The Freedom Alliance needed an excuse to unify the entire Northern Orthodox Province. This assassination would be a good excuse.

However, now was not the time to move. Zhao Hai would wait for a while to see if there would be another group that would approach him like the Wan Clan. If there was, then he would save their lives during the purge. If not, then the purge would certainly leave Wolf Fang City nearly empty.

Zhao Hai was satisfied with the Wan Clan’s actions. However, he also understood that Wan Clan didn’t remind him out of pure kindness. He was also thinking about the Wan Clan. Wan Rong wanted to leave a good impression on Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the Wan Clan’s actions. If an opportunity comes, one would be a fool if they didn’t grasp it. Zhao Hai follows this rule, so naturally he would commend anyone who did the same.

But this time, Zhao Hai didn’t go and meet Wan Xiang. He just let the people of the first army send him away. He continued to stay inside the Space to monitor the immortal expert in Wolf Fang City as well as the entire Northern Orthodox Province.

The Northern Orthodox Province was now a place filled with random alliances that fought against each other under the instigation of the Northern Saint Academy. As the battles continued, both sides began to forget the initial reason they fought.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these battles. They can fight all they want. In any case, if they didn’t kill each other, Zhao Hai would.

Zhao Hai stayed inside the Hell King’s Ship for three straight days. Although the Wan Clan doesn’t understand why Zhao Hai was doing this, they didn’t disturb him. In fact, with their status, the Wan Clan has no qualifications to approach Zhao Hai.

The troops of the Freedom Alliance’s army also behaved themselves in these three days. This caused the alliances in the Northern Orthodox Province to turn mad. The battles between themselves became even more intense.

It has been three days but nobody paid Zhao Hai a visit. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. He thought that some alliances would meet him, but there was none. It seems like the alliances in the Northern Orthodox Province didn’t treat Zhao Hai seriously.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t angry. He plans to give these alliances seven days. After seven days, no matter who pays him a visit, the purge would begin.

At this moment, inside Jian Wuya’s study in the Heaven Sect, the nine super sect masters were meeting. Jian Wuya turned to Meng Wudi and asked, “Old Meng, can Elder Po really deal with Zhao Hai?”

Meng Wudi replied, “It should be possible. Elder Po isn’t only good at disguise, his strength is also quite good among immortal experts. Additionally, his special technique can hide his strength. If he can get close to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have the time to use his spatial ability.”

Jian Wuya nodded, “I hope that we can succeed this time. As long as Zhao Hai is gone, the Freedom Alliance is finished. Brother Wu, have you prepared your people in the Northern Orthodox Province?”

Wu Youdao confidently answered, “Don’t worry. The Northern Orthodox Province is in complete chaos. Even if Zhao Hai has his Undead, he would find it very difficult to unite the entire province. Moreover, with how busy the province is, Zhao Hai wouldn’t expect that we would send an assassin after him.”

Jian Wuya nodded, then he said, “The army has almost been assembled. Once something happens to Zhao Hai, we will immediately move and wipe out the Freedom Alliance.”

Zhao Hai didn’t know about the plan of the nine super sect masters. He was currently meeting someone at this time. It has been five days since Zhao Hai arrived in the Northern Orthodox Province. Someone finally came to see him. It was the leaders of three small alliances. These three allied with each other because the others were also forming alliances. Unlike the others, they didn’t group up to negotiate benefits with the Freedom Alliance. If they didn’t ally with each other, they would only be eaten up by the others. 

In the past, the sects of these alliances had a very common relationship with the Northern Saint Academy. Because of this, the Northern Saint Academy didn’t approach them. They also weren’t planning on listening to the order of the academy. So when they heard that Zhao Hai had arrived with his army, they immediately flew over to pay him a visit.

Because the province was in absolute chaos, transmission formations only existed between sects allied with each other. Therefore, these people could only fly over. This explains why they were late in meeting Zhao Hai.

Besides these three small alliances, Zhao Hai also received a message from Zhang Feng. He told Zhao Hai that several smaller alliances in the Northern Orthodox Province had approached him because they couldn’t contact Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng sent Zhao Hai a message telling him to spare these sects once he begins his purge.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this to happen, but he thought about it carefully and understood that this was truly the case. The transmission formation network of the province has become useless. Even if these people wanted to, they would be too far from Zhao Hai to send him a message. Moreover, it was easier to contact the Freedom Alliance itself than Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai sat in a room in the Hell King’s Ship. Standing in front of him were three cultivators. These cultivators were at the transcending tribulation stage. All of them were sect masters as well as alliance leaders, and yet they looked like children in front of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t embarrass them, so he quickly went to the point, “I understand your intentions in coming here. There’s no problem in joining our side. However, you need to dissolve your alliances. You can only join the Freedom Alliance as individual sects. Are you alright with that?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the three cultivators relaxed. Then one of them quickly replied, “Mister can rest assured. Our alliances are only temporary. We also agreed to dissolve it as soon as we join the Freedom Alliance.” The other two nodded.

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s great. Write down the sects in your alliances and give it to me. From now on, you are members of the Freedom Alliance. The situation of the Northern Orthodox Province will be resolved in a few days. You’ll be able to use transmission formations then.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, the three alliance leaders hastily complied. Then they took out jade slips they prepared long ago and gave them to Zhao Hai. One of them said, “Mister, this is the list of the sects in our alliance. Please take a look.” After he said that, he handed the jade slip over to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai nodded. He received the jade slip and looked at the contents. Then he said, “Good. Now you can go back and stabilize your territories. Don’t initiate any attack. Leave the rest to me.” The three nodded before leaving.

At this time, Li Kuangge walked in from the outside and said, “Brother Hai, the patriarchs of Wolf Fang City’s clans have arrived. They’re kneeling outside. They want to see you.”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Kuangge and said, “What? Are you beginning to pity them?”

Li Kuangge gave an embarrassed smile and said, “Brother Hai, I think they’re being sincere. You should go see them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright. Tell them that I’ll see them in two days.”

Although Li Kuangge didn’t understand what Zhao Hai was planning, he didn’t ask and just nodded. Then he transmitted the orders. But he failed to see a cold light flashing in Zhao Hai’s eyes.


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