BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1887


Chapter 1887 – Something Strange

Although the other clans in Wolf Fang City listened to the Northern Saint Academy’s instructions and were prepared to cause trouble, everyone understood that the Northern Saint Academy was no longer the ruler of the province. These clans made their calculations and decided to be obedient on the surface but were ready to ignore the Northern Saint Academy.

The difference between the Wan Clan and the other clans was the lack of ambition. The other families wanted to maintain a good impression with the Northern Saint Academy. They were afraid of being killed if ever the Northern Saint Academy returned. They wanted to give face to the Northern Saint Academy. This was the reason why they didn’t greet Zhao Hai like the Wan Clan. They wanted to ignore Zhao Hai for a couple of days before reaching out and giving their conditions.

However, none of these clans expected the Wan Clan to be different from them. From the Wan Clan’s point of view, the Northern Saint Academy could no longer return to the Northern Orthodox Province. As long as the Freedom Alliance has Zhao Hai, not to mention the Northern Saint Academy, the nine super sects wouldn’t dare touch the four northern provinces. 

Instead of threatening the Freedom Alliance, it was better to use this opportunity to get on their good side. So even if they cannot get any benefits, at least they can keep their current status.

Before Wan Rong decided to make a move, he made sure to understand Zhao Hai and the Black Tiger Gang. He knew very well that neither the Black Tiger Gang nor Zhao Hai were saints.

Moreover, the Black Tiger Gang has a characteristic of seeking revenge over the smallest grievance. The Black Tiger Gang was never a generous sect. Of the people who offended them, only a few have met a good end.

Since he was aware of this, Wan Rong decided to get in touch with Zhao Hai rather than embarrassing him. In his opinion, if the Black Tiger Gang wants to control the entire Northern Orthodox Province, then they would certainly eliminate the existing sects of the province and then move their people over. Only in this way can the Black Tiger Gang truly control the province.

Wan Rong doesn’t want to be eliminated by the Black Tiger Gang. Therefore, he could only do his best to keep his clan from being eliminated. However, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so easy to talk to. Zhao Hai even let Wan Hua join the Black Tiger Gang. Additionally, he gave Wan Rong medicine to increase his strength. It must be known that Wan Rong was already quite old. Normally, he would stay in the nascent soul stage until he dies. He wasn’t even thinking of breaking through to the transcending tribulation stage. But upon listening to Zhao Hai’s instructions, it seems like he would be able to break through by drinking the medicine. This was good news for Wan Rong and the Wan Clan.

It was at this point that Wan Rong knew that his decision was correct. They obtained immediate benefits the moment he joined the Black Tiger Gang’s side. Even if they no longer received benefits, his decision would still be worth it.

The other clans in Wolf Fang City didn’t know the benefits that the Wan Clan obtained. However, they weren’t happy that the Wan Clan was the first to make a move. By this point, their alliance has crumbled. If they kept giving a cold shoulder to the Freedom Alliance, they would certainly be cleaned up. Then Wolf Fang City would fall into the hands of the Wan Clan. And nobody would be able to say anything. After all, the Wan Clan was one of the controlling clans of Wolf Fang City. It wouldn’t be too far for the Wan Clan to obtain the entire Wolf Fang City.

Huge powers only need the smallest of excuses to act. And now that the Wan Clan has sided with the Freedom Alliance, the alliance would surely help them obtain Wolf Fang City. 

The other clans could no longer sit still. In any case, the representative of the Northern Saint Academy has already run away. There was no need for them to die for the Northern Saint Academy. Therefore, they immediately moved and paid Zhao Hai a visit. However, these people have been blocked by the first army. They were given the reason that Zhao Hai had closed up and he wasn’t to be disturbed.

These clans began to panic. Naturally they didn’t believe that Zhao Hai was closing up. It was clear that he didn’t want to see them. These clans could only change their target and went to the Wan Clan.

Wan Rong was prepared for these people to come. Zhao Hai already gave him an instruction the day before that the Wan Clan would be the ones receiving the other clans. 

Wan Rong was very grateful towards Zhao Hai. Not long after Zhao Hai left yesterday, cultivators from the Black Tiger Gang came over and picked Wan Hua up. Moreover, after drinking a cup of Zhao Hai’s medicine last night, Wan Rong felt his stagnant nascent soul move. He could feel that it wouldn’t take long before he would break through to the transcending tribulation stage.

The transcending tribulation stage was just a level above the nascent soul stage. However, the difference between the two was like heaven and earth. Not only would one’s strength increase rapidly upon breaking through, one’s lifespan would also be longer. To a cultivator, lifespan was the most important thing.

When Wan Rong heard that the patriarchs of the other clans were here to meet him, he wasn’t surprised. In a calm manner, he said, “Invite them over.” The servant complied and left.

Before long, the servant led a group of people into the room. These people were the patriarchs of Wolf Fang City’s clans. Seeing these people, Wan Rong cupped his fist and said, “Everyone, welcome. Forgive me for not greeting you outside.”

The other patriarchs also cupped their fists towards Wan Rong. After exchanging greetings, the guests and host sat down. After sitting down, one of the patriarchs looked at Wan Rong and said, “Brother Wan, we came over to ask for your help. We hope that you can look back on our years of friendship and help us.”

Wan Rong smiled and said, “Brothers are really polite. We’re all clans of Wolf Fang City. We’ve known each other for so many years. I’ll definitely do my best to help you.”

Wan Rong’s words were naturally lies. Being from Wolf Fang City wasn’t wrong. However, saying that they were brothers was nonsense. The relationship between the clans were far from harmonious. There were friction between opposite sides. The only reason they didn’t turn Wolf Fang City into a battlefield in the past was because of the pressure coming from the Northern Saint Academy.

However, sedan chairs were carried by multiple people. So politeness was still required for all of them. Moreover, they were indeed one under the Wolf Fang City’s name, so there was nothing wrong with what Wan Rong said.

But the other patriarchs didn’t think the same way. They knew the reason why Wan Rong was talking nicely to them. Whether Wan Rong would grant them their request or not was still unclear.

This time, Wan Rong sent people to meet Zhao Hai and didn’t inform the others in advance. This meant that Wan Rong had his own schemes. Although the patriarchs were dissatisfied, they couldn’t offend Wan Rong at this time. Therefore, they just laughed it off. Then one of them said, “If Brother Wan says so, then we’re relieved. We came to see Brother Wan in hopes that you can help introduce us to Mister Zhao Hai. Brother Wan invited Mister Zhao Hai over to his residence yesterday, so we also want to pay our respects to him. I hope you can grant our small request.”

Wan Rong wore an awkward expression as he said, “Everyone, I won’t hide it from you. I didn’t invite Mister Zhao Hai. I just sent Little Xiang to pay respects. Everyone should know that we’ve been instructed by the Northern Saint Academy’s elder to unite and cause trouble before negotiating with the Freedom Alliance. But with the strength of our city, how could we face the Freedom Alliance? Therefore, I sent Little Xiang over to meet them hoping that they won’t be offended too much. I didn’t expect that Mister Zhao Hai himself would come over. We didn’t exchange too many words. He just wanted to get familiar with the city. You want me to introduce you to him, but I really don’t have the qualifications. Compare my status to Mister Zhao Hai, it’s the same as the difference between heaven and the earth.”

Looking at Wan Rong’s appearance, the other patriarchs looked at each other in dismay. Their complexions were beginning to turn bad. Then one fat patriarch stood up and pointed at Wan Rong’s face as he said, “Wan Rong, stop looking so pitiful. You ignored us and went to see Zhao Hai for yourself. What are you planning? We’re just asking you to introduce us to Mister Zhao Hai. Why are you pushing us here and there? Did you destroy our image in front of Mister Zhao Hai?”

Wan Rong calmly looked at the fat patriarch and then coldly snorted as he said, “Everyone, you can believe me or not. I have nothing else to say. Someone, please escort the visitors out.”

Hearing Wan Rong, the other patriarchs also stood up. Then the previous patriarch that talked to Wan Rong said, “Wan Rong, don’t be too confident. Even if you take refuge under Zhao Hai, what can Zhao Hai really do to us? Everyone, let’s go.”

Wan Rong coldly snorted and said, “I won’t be sending you out.”

When the patriarchs left, Wan Rong immediately ordered, “Someone, call Wan Xiang over.” The servant immediately left and before long Wan Xiang arrived.

Wan Rong had the servant leave. Then he looked at Wan Xiang and said, “Little Xiang, you’ve drunk the medicine. How do you feel?”

Hearing Wan Rong, Wan Xiang’s face couldn’t help but turn red with excitement as he replied, “It’s fantastic. Father, I could feel that I would reach the nascent soul stage upon drinking two more cups.”

Wan Rong’s face lit up with joy. Then he said, “Alright, that’s good. But you need to stabilize yourself first before you drink more. However, I didn’t call you over because of this. Are you aware of what happened with the Patriarchs?”

Wan Xiang nodded. Then Wan Rong continued, “The patriarchs came over to ask me for help introducing them to Zhao Hai. However, Mister Zhao Hai ordered me to block anyone from seeing him. The patriarchs should be angry right now. However, they were less angry than I expected them to be. This is very strange. It seems like the patriarchs still have something else. Do you think we should inform Mister Zhao Hai about this so that he could prepare?”


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