BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1885


Chapter 1885 – Humbling Yourself

Benefits would always make one agreeable. Sir Wang, who was the representative of the Northern Orthodox Province, was the one who gave Yan Liben a piece of the Northern Saint Academies domain. He gave Yan Liben this benefit so that he could issue orders to the Wordway Sect.

The reason Yan Liben listened to Sir Wang’s words was because these orders weren’t harmful to him. It could even bring benefits to the Wordway Sect. Driven by interests, Yan Liben would naturally follow.

Upon hearing that the Freedom Alliance was coming, Yan Liben wanted to negotiate with them. However, Sir Wang’s words made him think twice about it. If he can unify the entire Northern Orthodox Province with his own strength, then he would have more standing to negotiate with the Freedom Alliance.

Yan Liben wasn’t a fool. He knew clearly why the Northern Saint Academy withdrew from the Northern Orthodox Province. The Northern Saint Academy could no longer provoke the Freedom Alliance. So even if Yan Liben united the entire Northern Orthodox Province, he still couldn’t provoke the Freedom Alliance.

Moreover, Yan Liben doesn’t think that the Northern Saint Academy would have a chance to return in the future. Even if the Northern Saint Academy returns, as long as he has control over the sects in the province, the academy wouldn’t dare do anything to him.

Because of these considerations, Yan Liben agreed to Sir Wang’s proposal. After sending Sir Wang away, Yan Liben immediately invited all of the sect masters in his alliance and then stated his plan. The sect masters didn’t agree to it at first. However, after Yan Liben said that this was the plan of the Northern Saint Academy, in addition to the potential benefits they would gain, the sects finally agreed. Then the alliance gathered their elites and began to confront the alliance that was close to them.

But when Yan Liben began to attack the other alliance, the entire Northern Orthodox Province seemed to have blown up. There were now dozens of large and small alliances in the province. And almost at the same time, these alliances began to attack each other. The Northern Orthodox Province turned to a hot pot of porridge in an instant.

Zhao Hai understood the situation of the Northern Orthodox Province very well. The chaos in the province was also within his expectations. But Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention to the tricks of the Northern Saint Academy. Zhao Hai didn’t take the Northern Saint Academy seriously, let alone these small alliances.

These smaller sects being chaotic was in Zhao Hai’s favor. In any case, Zhao Hai was now in a murderous mood. No matter how chaotic these people become, they would all be flattened once the army arrives. He doesn’t believe that these cultivators were unafraid of death.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. The first army was also slowly approaching the Northern Orthodox Province. There was a clear boundary between the Northern Orthodox Province and the Northern Divergent Province. This boundary was a mountain range called the Wolf Fang Mountains. The mountains are very high with peaks numbering more than 1000. These mountains towered to the skies, looking like wolf fangs. 

However, this mountain range didn’t have any effect on cultivators. Cultivators could fly over the mountains, so the existence of this boundary didn’t matter.

The Hell King’s Ship slowly drove forward. Zhao Hai stood on the ship’s bow alongside Laura and the others. 

Li Kuangge looked at the Wolf Fang Mountains and then said, “Brother Hai, after passing the Wolf Fang Mountains, we will reach the Northern Orthodox Province. Do you want us to prepare?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Prepare? You think the sects in the Northern Orthodox Province would dare attack us? Don’t worry, they won’t dare. After crossing the Wolf Fang Mountains, we’ll first find a place to rest before acting.”

Li Kuangge nodded, “After crossing the Wolf Fang Mountains, there’s a city originally used by the Northern Saint Academy as a trading point. Then the city developed into a huge city. The city is named Wolf Fang City. It was under the control of the Northern Saint Academy in the past, but now it’s controlled by several cultivators clans. These clans are founded by disciples of the Northern Saint Academy. The Northern Saint Academy didn’t take them when they left. Fortunately these clans have Nascent Soul Experts. This allowed them to deal with the chaos and become rulers of Wolf Fang City.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. In any case, we’re going to rest in the city. Let’s not touch the cultivator clans in the city. I want to see how the sects in the province react.” Li Kuangge nodded. Then he went back and made the arrangements.

At this time, Laura arrived beside Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, it’s been some time since you released your killing intent. What do you plan to do this time?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What other plan is there? We’ll use the method that can deal with the situation as soon as possible. And killing people is the best method there is.”

Laura nodded, “After the four northern provinces are pacified, you can also take a rest. What do you want to do next? Are you going to visit the Heavenly Demon Realm?”

Zhao Hai stared, he hadn’t thought of that. Now that Laura brought it up, he stared for a moment before he turned to Laura and said, “You want me to send all of the Heavenly Demons to the Space? Well, this race is really interesting. They provide you with faith power immediately after you subdue them.”

Laura replied, “The Heavenly Demons are indeed interesting. It’s good to have them in the Space, but having more of them wouldn’t bring more benefits.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He has no plans regarding the Heavenly Demons. He already has quite the population of them living in Firegod City. Moreover, these Heavenly Demons have begun to form families. Later on, Firegod City would become their home. Zhao Hai has no interest in adding more Heavenly Demons to the Space.

Laura told Zhao Hai to stroll in the Heavenly Demon Realm to see the realm itself. They followed Zhao Hai for a long time, so they have seen all sorts of things. The Heavenly Demons weren’t really interesting to them.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s Space has become a small universe. It had all kinds of races inside living on their own planets. They provided an inexhaustible amount of faith power to Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai wasn’t opposed to going to the Heavenly Demon Realm, mainly because he wanted to see if there are some special beasts and plants that he could add to the Space. 

Also, because the Heavenly Demons that Zhao Hai captured were from the Heavenly Demon Army, most of them were male. Therefore, Zhao Hai could use this opportunity to catch some female Heavenly Demons so that Firegod City would have a more balanced population.

Although the Space could level up on its own, Zhao Hai’s collection of various things hasn’t changed. Zhao Hai still liked to collect. And once these resources were sent to the Space, they would be produced constantly. 

Zhao Hai was unaware of it but what he was doing was correct. The Space was truly amazing, especially when it could level up on its own. If other people reach this point, they might not go out of their way to level up the Space. But Zhao Hai continued collecting unique resources. Although it might not speed up the upgrade of the Space, it allowed the Space to undergo unique changes. Among these changes were the transformation of the planets inside the Space. This would prove crucial to Zhao Hai’s future development.

Zhao Hai didn’t know this. He has yet to reach the level to be aware. His collection of things for the Space has now been turned into a hobby. He liked to see the Space becoming its own unique universe. Therefore, he would collect anything that would achieve that goal.

As Zhao Hai was thinking of these things, the Hell King’s Ship passed over the Wolf Fang Mountains and officially entered the Northern Orthodox Province. At this time, Li Kuangge walked over and said, “Brother Hai, the order has been passed down. We will rest in Wolf Fang City. I also told everyone to not cause trouble.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Let’s act humble first. We’re here to see if someone from the Northern Orthodox Province gets in contact with us and what attitude they would bring. If they come with the intention to join the Freedom Alliance, then they would be part of us in the future. But if they dared to be arrogant in front of me, then there’s no need for us to be polite.”

Li Kuangge nodded, “I think the sects that were suppressed by the Northern Saint Academy will want to join the Freedom Alliance. These sects have been under pressure for so long. They would want any opportunity to breathe.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That’s not certain either. Sometimes, people get confused when there’s benefits in front of them. After all, the Freedom Alliance has only been in the Northern Divergent Province, a province that others look down on. Perhaps these sects in the Northern Orthodox Province are also looking down on us.”

Li Kuangge coldly snorted and said, “A group of arrogant idiots. Siding with the nine super sects and looking down on the Northern Divergent Province. Hmph. If it weren’t for Brother Hai, we would have already been occupied by the Heavenly Demons.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, it’s useless to talk about those matters. We dealt with the Heavenly Demons for our own sake. It has nothing to do with them. Have everyone keep a humble profile for now. There will come a time where we’ll kill people.”

Li Kuangge nodded. To be honest, he hasn’t seen Zhao Hai kill people. Although Zhao Hai has a lot of Undead, Li Kuangge couldn’t really see how Zhao Hai was related to them. He couldn’t believe that Zhao Hai was ruthless. He couldn’t imagine killing so many people and turning them into Undead. Li Kuangge was still in a state of denial.


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