BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1884


Chapter 1884 – Ambition During Chaos

Zhao Hai’s revelation of the sect classification system caused an uproar. It must be known that the sect representatives present were all from sects who joined the Freedom Alliance from the very beginning. If their sects were classified, they would all belong to first-class sects. They would be getting more benefits than the others in the future.

Therefore, when Zhao Hai finished talking, one of the sect representatives couldn’t help but ask, “Commander, are you telling the truth? Is there going to be a sect classification?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “The sect masters of the alliance might have already been informed by the alliance leader. The grading of each sect is required, and it will be reassessed every few years. The first grading would be done according to the time the sects joined the alliance, but it will be different in the future. Later on, the classification would be made according to the sect’s contribution to the alliance. If a sect doesn’t contribute to the alliance, they would be demoted. Even if they are a first-class sect, they would still be downgraded. But I still don’t know about the specific rules. The sect masters will discuss this among themselves.”

Everyone nodded, but their faces showed a happy expression. Zhao Hai just smiled at their reaction and didn’t say anything more. This sect classification system would lead to a positive look towards the Freedom Alliance. Only through such methods could the alliance remain united and rise up.

After a while, Zhao Hai said, “Alright, the final arrangements are still up to the alliance leader and the others. It has nothing to do with us. Our current task is to pacify the three provinces and have the entire north under the control of the Freedom Alliance. Does anyone have an idea how we could do that?”

The sect representatives began to discuss with each other. After some time, one of them said, “Commander, you mentioned before that we need to solve this problem as soon as possible. I think we should follow this plan. We’re going to swiftly occupy the three provinces. If someone dares to refuse, then we’ll kill!”

The others nodded. This was Zhao Hai’s idea from before. Moreover, these sect representatives were somewhat selfish. They were fully supportive of destroying sects that cause trouble. After all, the more sects they destroy, the more territory there would be to divide among themselves. When the time comes, their sects would benefit more. 

Zhao Hai nodded, “Very good. If we want to pacify the three provinces as soon as possible, then we need to make them fear us. And killing is the best way to accomplish this. We’re going to the Northern Orthodox Province first. They’re the first ones to cause trouble.” Everyone responded in unison. They knew that a river of blood would be formed in the three provinces.


Yan Liben sat in his study with a smug look on his face. There was a reason why he felt so proud. His sect has been developing quite well. Naturally, he was feeling great.

Yan Liben’s sect was the Wordway Sect. The Wordway Sect was a special sect. Their main product were talismans. Paper talismans, jade talismans, wood talismans, gold talismans, all of them were produced by the sect. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the sect was the best talisman makers in the Northern Orthodox Province.

The Wordway Sect also has another identity. They were very close to the Northern Saint Academy. The Northern Saint Academy even sent some of their students to the Wordway Sect to learn the path of talismans. The Wordway Sect also sent disciples to the academy to learn. The Wordway Sect could be considered as an arm of the Northern Saint Academy.

When the Northern Saint Academy suddenly relocated, the Wordway Sect panicked. They originally wanted to go with the Northern Saint Academy. But later on, the academy sent someone to get in touch with the Wordway Sect, telling them to cause chaos in the Northern Orthodox Province, leaving the Black Tiger Gang unable to do anything. Then the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t be able to get complete control over the Northern Orthodox Province.

To be honest, when he received the order, Yan Liben was somewhat worried. He heard that the Freedom Alliance wasn’t a kindhearted folk, especially Zhao Hai. This was a person that even the nine super sects didn’t dare to touch. If Yan Liben really caused chaos in the Northern Orthodox Province, then the Freedom Alliance certainly wouldn’t let him off.

However, the Northern Saint Academy said that the Wordway Sect wasn’t the only sect that would cause chaos. There were plenty of sects that would do the same thing. Then these sects would stick together and get the attention of the Black Tiger Gang. Once they join together, they would get some power to face the Freedom Alliance.

Hearing this, Yan Liben was moved. He knows that it was already impossible for the Wordway Sect to leave the Northern Orthodox Province. If they remain, then they would have to get a bigger benefit for themselves. So the proposition of the Northern Saint Academy was the best method. They would stick together and threaten the Freedom Alliance into giving them more benefits.

So after that, Yan Liben, with the help of the other people in the Northern Orthodox Province, formed a small alliance and occupied a small piece of the land. This territory was land that originally belonged to the Northern Saint Academy. In the past, they didn’t have any courage to occupy this land. But with the confirmation of the Northern Saint Academy, they immediately moved in.

This small alliance was naturally more united. But to Yan Liben’s surprise, several small alliances began to appear in the province. These small alliances were the same as them. They looked at the original territory of the Northern Saint Academy as a huge fat slab of meat. Everyone took a bite out of it.

This caused Yan Liben to be depressed. But he couldn’t do anything. He knew that the Northern Saint Academy was also behind these small alliances. Otherwise, they also wouldn’t dare covet the lands of the academy.

Although the Northern Saint Academy has left the Northern Orthodox Province, none of these small sects dared to underestimate their influence. So even after the academy left the province, nobody dared to touch their land. Now, these small sects suddenly wanted the academy’s land for themselves. This could only mean that the academy allowed them to do so.

Although Yan Liben wasn’t happy with this situation, he did indeed obtain some benefits for his sect. The Wordway Sect now has two mines and a huge medicinal field. This was a huge gain for the sect.

While Yan Liben was calculating his potential earnings from those mines, a voice was suddenly heard, “Sect Master, this subordinate has something to report.

Yan Liben couldn’t help but frown. He doesn’t like people disturbing him. But since he was the sect master, he has to process these reports. Therefore, he took a deep breath and said, “Come in.” The person outside the door complied and then pushed the door open.

Upon seeing this person, Yan Liben couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion changed as he said, “What’s going on with the Freedom Alliance?” This person was the one he ordered to watch the border of the Northern Divergent Province. He was monitoring the movement of the Freedom Alliance.

The person nodded and said, “Sect Master, the Freedom Alliance has sent their army out with Zhao Hai as the commander. There are 7 million troops moving towards the Northern Orthodox Province. It is estimated that they will be entering the province in two days.”

Yan Liben nodded, then he said, “Continue monitoring Zhao Hai’s army. I need three reports per day.” The cultivator complied and then walked away.

As he watched the cultivator leave, Yan Liben suddenly said, “Someone, invite Sir Wang over.” A person outside the door responded and then walked away. After a while, footsteps were heard before a voice came, “Sect Master, Sir Wang is here.”

Yang Liben immediately replied, “Invite him over.” After he said that, the person outside opened the door and then another person walked in. This person looked over 30. He wore dark blue scholar’s robes and had a scarf on his neck. He looked more like a well-educated scholar than a cultivator.

Seeing this person, Yan Liben hastily stood up. Then he cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Sir Wang. Please take a seat.”

Sir Wang also cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Sect Master Yan. Sect Master, may I know why you called me over?”

Yan Liben immediately replied, “I’m here to ask Sir Wang for advice. I just received reports that the Freedom Alliance’s army is moving towards the Northern Orthodox Province. It’s an army of 7 million troops led by Zhao Hai. I want to ask Sir Wang about his opinion about this.”

Hearing Yan Liben, Sir Wang’s expression brightened, “Oh, they’re finally here. Even if Zhao Hai arrives earlier, the Sect Master doesn’t need to worry. The Northern Orthodox Province is now very chaotic. The Freedom Alliance wouldn’t be able to do anything about this. It might even be best if Sect Master causes more chaos.”

Yan Liben was confused at Sir Wang’s statement, “What does Sir want to say? Do you want me to attack the other sects?”

Sir Wang smiled faintly and said, “Correct. That’s what I mean. Sect Master should attack the other sects now. When the time comes, the Northern Orthodox Province would become a hopeless mess. If the Freedom Alliance wants to meddle, you can all unite against them. If they don’t, then you can continue surviving like this.”

Yan Liben was still puzzled, “If we want to unite, then we should unite. Why the need to fight the others?”

Sir Wang smiled at Yan Liben and said, “Doesn’t Sect Master Yan want to unify the Northern Orthodox Province like the Freedom Alliance? Sect Master, when you send troops, you will use the banner of unifying the entire province. If the Freedom Alliance intervenes, then you will say that this is a matter of the Northern Orthodox Province. If the Freedom Alliance still wants to make a move, then they would be labeled as foreign invaders.”

Yan Liben stared. Then he understood Sir Wang’s idea. To be honest, this causes no harm to him. No matter what, he was a leader of a small alliance. If he could really mimic the Freedom Alliance, then he would have more chips during the negotiations.


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