BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1883


Chapter 1883 – Sect Classification

The four northern super sects retreated too quickly. The other sects simply had no time to respond. Only Zhao Hai knew what was going on. The sects in the same province as these four super sects didn’t know what was happening. When they got news of the incident, the four northern super sects had already moved to the south.

With the withdrawal of the four northern super sects, the alliances they set up in the north naturally disappeared. When they received news that the four super sects have retreated to the south, the first reaction of the sects under them was shock. Then they calmed down. These sects knew that it was now impossible to go against the Freedom Alliance. They can only wait for the Freedom Alliance to receive their territories. When the time comes, they’ll see how the Freedom Alliance plans to deal with them.

There were some sects that were fiercely loyal to the four super sects. So when the four sects retreated, these sects were also notified. If these sects stayed in the northern provinces, they wouldn’t have a good future. These sects quickly packed up and followed the four super sects to the south. But once they arrived in the south, these sects could no longer continue existing as independent sects, so they became branches of the super sects.

The rapid change in the northern provinces caught everyone off-guard. Even the sects in the Freedom Alliance were stunned upon hearing the news. When Zhao Hai and his army arrived at the Myriad Demons Sect, the sect was already empty. There was no trouble when they occupied the sect. After occupying the Myriad Demons Sect, Zhao Hai immediately sent a message to Zhang Feng asking him to organize people to take charge of the acquired territories. He also asked Zhang Feng to contact the small sects that followed the Myriad Demons Sect and tell them about their choices. Those who were willing could join the Freedom Alliance. But those who weren’t needed to get out of the way. Otherwise, they would be cleaned up.

The order was domineering, but it left the smaller sects with no other choice. The sects that were left in the Northern Divergent Province all joined the Freedom Alliance. Those who didn’t join had already relocated with the Myriad Demons Sect. Finally, the Northern Divergent Province fell smoothly into the hands of the Freedom Alliance.

With its successful acquisition of the Northern Divergent Province, the Freedom alliance was in a festive mood. From top to bottom, everyone received benefits. The Black Tiger Gang evenly divided the territories that were acquired. They took the Myriad Demons Sect’s territory and distributed it to the sects around the Myriad Demons Sect. Then these sects would have to reallocate some of their territory to the sects adjacent to them. It was essentially an adjustment of territory. The smaller sects didn’t suffer any loss.

Naturally, the Black Tiger Gang took the largest slice of the pie. The headquarters of the Myriad Demons Sect was completely claimed by the Black Tiger Gang. However, they also let go of the territory around the original Black Tiger Gang headquarters, leaving only the three bases. Naturally, the Black Tiger Gang gained more than they lost. The Black Tiger Gang was able to expand its territory once more.

The way the Black Tiger Gang exchanged territories gained the appreciation of the other sects. This was because the Black Tiger Gang was fair in exchanging territories. It must be known that such a system was open to a lot of  tricks. After all, a barren mountain was still a piece of land, albeit completely useless. Essentially, the land area it provided would allow one to exchange it with a land with a rich deposit of valuable ore. What would happen if this exchange were to be proposed? Naturally, the person who obtained the barren mountain would be unwilling to do so. However, the nine super sects have done such trades in the past. This was one of the reasons why the smaller sects were dissatisfied with the nine super sects.

However, the way the Black Tiger Gang did the exchanges was different. They would calculate the value of the lands to be exchanged. Then they would trade based on land value, not by land area. The trade needs to be as fair as possible. Even the Black Tiger Gang followed this rule when exchanging territories with the other sects.

The exchanges were fair and beneficial to all those involved. However, the one who benefited the most was still the Black Tiger Gang. Through these exchanges, the Balck Tiger Gang was able to acquire the rich mines and medicinal fields of the Northern Divergent Province. The sects managed to get their hands on similarly good resources. But the Black Tiger Gang knew that later on, it would become the richest sect in the province. This would reinforce their control over the Freedom Alliance.

Naturally, none of these things have anything to do with Zhao Hai. This was Zhang Feng’s doing. Zhao Hai was currently bringing the first army to the Northern Orthodox Province to prepare for the occupation.

The Northern Orthodox Province was dominated by the Northern Saint Academy. The Four Saint Academies were once a huge entity that split later on. Moreover, these four academies have existed longer than the Heaven Sect. Among the nine super sects, the four Saint Academies had the most firm grasp over the provinces they were located in.

Of the four northern provinces, two of them belonged to Saint Academies. Even if the Northern Saint Academy and the Eastern Saint Academy left the provinces, it would still take some effort to control the Northern and Eastern Orthodox Provinces.

The reason Zhao Hai didn’t immediately go to the other provinces after occupying the Myriad Demons Sect’s territory was because he was preparing and collecting information. He also wants to give the sects of the three provinces a time to react.

To Zhao Hai’s surprise, the sects in the three other provinces were bolder than he thought. After the four super sects withdrew, these sects quickly established alliances and began fighting among themselves. It can be said that besides the Northern Divergent Province, the three provinces were now in chaos.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that these provinces would turn out like this. When he received the news, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “This is getting more and more interesting. It seems like these people really think that I wouldn’t wipe them all out.”

The Northern Divergent Provinces have been completely controlled by the Freedom Alliance. The sects that originally followed the Myriad Demons Sect have already joined the Freedom Alliance. They also received some benefits. These sects discovered that the Black Tiger Gang’s way of doing things was completely different compared to the Myriad Demons Sect. This made them more relieved in joining the alliance. After all, the Myriad Demons Sect have already run away. If they don’t follow the Black Tiger Gang, they wouldn’t even have the time to cry.

The Northern Divergent Province was tranquil and calm. Naturally, Zhao Hai needs to find a way to settle the situation of the other three provinces. Zhao Hai believes that the reason the three provinces were so chaotic was because of the schemes left behind by the three super sects. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare cause trouble with Zhao Hai breathing down their necks. Zhao Hai also understood the plan of these super sects. They want to cause chaos among these sects so that if Zhao Hai wipes them all out, these sects would have a reason to band together to deal with the Black Tiger Gang. When the time comes, the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t be able to get a firm hold on the three other provinces.

The three provinces were different from the Northern Divergent Province. The Northern Divergent Province knew the Black Tiger Gang and recognized Zhao Hai’s strength. So when the sects in the Northern Divergent Province heard that the Black Tiger Gang had acquired the province, they didn’t have much of an opinion. But for the three other provinces, things weren’t the same. The Northern Saint Academy, Eastern Saint Academy, and the Wonderful Sound Pavilion were the absolute kings of their provinces. Their control over the province was very strict and they were able to instill obedience to these smaller sects. Because of this, the three provinces were now in chaos.

Zhao Hai sat in the Hell King’s Ship’s deck. There were several people present. These people were the various sect representatives, including Li Kuangge.

Li Kuangge was currently holding a jade slip and reading its contents. After looking through the contents, a flash of anger appeared on his face as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Commander, is this really the situation of the other three provinces? If this is the case, someone must be behind this matter. I think it’s the three super sects that did it.”

As he said that, Li Kuangge passed the jade slip to the sect representatives. Inside the jade slip was a report on the three provinces. It was made by Zhao Hai to inform Li Kuangge and the others.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Kuangge and said, “The three super sects should have instigated these people to cause trouble. If they weren’t instructed by the super sects, they wouldn’t have dared to be noisy. How do you think we should deal with them?”

Li Kuangge stared. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to ask about his opinion. He hesitated for a moment and said, “This needs to be dealt with slowly. These sects might be causing chaos in their provinces, but I reckon only some of them were controlled by the super sects. The innocent ones were just swept by the currents. If this is the case, we can let these sects off.”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Kuangge and then he suddenly laughed as he said, “Kuangge, you’re too kind. We cannot drag this matter. The quicker we resolve it, the better. These sects are causing trouble? We’ll kill them. We’ll kill until they behave themselves. Hehe. Recently, there have been people in the Freedom Alliance who have made some moves. Do they really think that I won’t dare cause a massacre? This Zhao Hai acquired his millions of Undead by his own hands. I just didn’t want to kill too many people because of the Soaring Dragon Realm. But if they force my hand, they would have to bear the consequences.”

Zhao Hai said those words with indifference. However, the sect representatives on the Hell King’s Ship began to sweat. Zhao Hai was using this opportunity to warn the sects in the Freedom Alliance who have too much free time on their hands and were making moves in the dark. Although it won’t threaten the rule of the Black Tiger Gang, these schemes disgusted Zhang Feng. Therefore, Zhang Feng asked Zhao Hai to warn the sects.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t decline, there was no need. These sects were useless and still dared to cause trouble to the Black Tiger Gang. If it was before, Zhao Hai would have already slaughtered them. Yet they were allowed to be idle in the Freedom Alliance.

The Black Tiger Gang treated everyone in the Freedom Alliance with fairness. If the Black Tiger Gang begins to remove troublesome sects, the internal state of the Freedom Alliance would be shaken. Therefore, Zhao Hai was asked to warn these sects. If these fellows kept causing trouble, then Zhao Hai would have no choice but to deal with them.

Li Kuangge was the least affected by Zhao Hai’s words. The Great Axe Sect has a great relationship with the Black Tiger Gang. Now that the Black Tiger Gang was beginning to rise up, the Great Axe Sect was naturally following behind them. The Great Axe Sect now has a larger domain compared to before. With their relationship, the Great Axe Sect didn’t cause any trouble to the Black Tiger Gang. Additionally, Li Kuangge admired Zhao Hai’s conduct. Therefore, Li Kuangge didn’t know about what was happening.

Upon hearing that there were sects that were playing tricks inside the Freedom Alliance, Li Kuangge’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink. Then he said, “Who dares to be so bold? They dare to scheme at this time? Don’t they have any conscience? The Freedom Alliance’s current position is largely thanks to Mister Zhao Hai. How shameless could they be? Have their dignity been eaten by dogs?”

As Li Kuangge said this, he swept the sect representatives with his gaze. These sect representatives couldn’t help but lower their heads in shame.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Kuangge and said, “Alright, Kuangge. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for more benefits for your sect. However, this is a bad time to do that. The Northern Orthodox Province, Eastern Orthodox Province, and Western Demon Province are still not under our control. It is too early to battle for benefits. At the very least, we should pacify the three provinces first. Once we have the entire northern provinces, the benefits all of us would gain would be greater.”

Speaking of this, Zhao Hai turned to the sect representatives and said, “As long as we pacify the four northern provinces, the benefits we would get would be greater. The Freedom Alliance would gain more resources. The sects will also be classified.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge couldn’t help but stare. Then he asked, “Classified? Brother Hai, what do you mean?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “The Freedom Alliance is not a charity. We can accept anyone to join in. However, there are sects that used to follow the nine super sects. They were once our enemies. Most importantly, not everyone who joined the Freedom Alliance in the beginning is stronger than these sects. What if those sects bully those who joined the alliance at the start? So in the future, the Freedom Alliance will rank the sects according to when they joined. The sects that are with the alliance since the beginning will be first-class sects. They would get more resources in the future. The other sects will be divided into second and third-class sects. Each class will have different treatments. This way, those guys who offended the Freedom Alliance wouldn’t get resources for cheap.”

Zhao Hai’s words weren’t made on a whim. This has been discussed with Zhang Feng and the others in the past. Like its name, the Freedom Alliance was a fairly loose organization. In such an organization, the Black Tiger Gang couldn’t possibly befriend everyone. It was better to win one group and suppress another. Only in this way can the Black Tiger Gang get a firm hold on its leading position in the Freedom Alliance.

As a leader, it was sometimes required to be domineering. If a leader doesn’t intimidate others, those below them would think that they’re weak. So after discussing with Zhang Feng and the others, they had come up with such a system of classification.


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