BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1880


Chapter 1880 – Setting Up Heroic Monuments

The army of the nine super sects retreated, but Zhao Hai didn’t pursue. He received his Undead and ordered the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance to clean up the battlefield.

Although it was called a cleanup, there was practically nothing to clean. All of the enemies who were killed had been turned into Undead by Zhao Hai. Besides these cultivators, there was nothing else on the battlefield.

This battle wasn’t the same as the battle against the Heavenly Demons. In the final battle against the Heavenly Demon Realm, the Great Realm of Cultivation sacrificed a lot of large artifacts. Almost all of the large artifacts were turned into scrap. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t let this opportunity go and received the large artifacts of the Freedom Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Realm. Zhao Hai didn’t take the large artifacts of the nine super sects to avoid further angering them. 

In fact, Zhao Hai already has a lot of large artifacts in his hands. However, he couldn’t take them out. If he showed them to others, then he might attract their suspicion. Zhao Hai already had a lot of suspicious things around him. He couldn’t afford to add one more.

The cleanup of the battlefield was uneventful. The cultivators who were cleaning up even looked tragic. There was almost nothing left to clean. What should they do? Do they start planting flowers and trees?

However, the cultivators didn’t say anything and began to patrol the battlefield before returning to the camp. Then they gathered into twos and threes to discuss the battle.

Currently, the cultivators of the army have some understanding of Zhao Hai’s strength. To be honest, they were beginning to feel fear towards Zhao Hai. The sheer number of his Undead troops was simply unbelievable. Moreover, they weren’t just afraid of the strength of the Undead, they were also afraid of what their numbers represented. All of these Undead were once alive. This means that Zhao Hai has killed an unbelievable amount of creatures. Thinking of this, the hair on their bodies couldn’t help but rise.

Zhao Hai was unaware of these thoughts. After returning from the battlefield, Zhao Hai called Li Kuangge as well as the other sect representatives into his residence. 

After everyone arrived inside the meeting room, Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Everyone, I called you over to tell you the future plan of our Freedom Alliance.”

People were somewhat puzzled by Zhao Hai’s words. The Freedom Alliance’s future plan? What plan was left? Isn’t their plan repelling the nine super sects?

Zhao Hai continued, “Everyone, did you think that defending against the nine super sects is our goal? Let me tell you the truth. Repelling the nine super sects is just one of our plans. We have another goal to accomplish. And that is to swallow the four northern provinces!”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the cultivators couldn’t help but stare. Then the entire hall blasted out with discussion. They didn’t expect their goal to be so ambitious. It was frightening to a point.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “When I arrived, I believe the alliance leader had already summoned the sect masters. Our goal this time is to absorb the four provinces. Then we’ll use the four provinces as our base to divide the Great Realm of Cultivation into two with the nine super sects. When the time comes, the Freedom Alliance would no longer be afraid of the super sects.”

Everyone stared at Zhao Hai. They were still in shock. Then Zhao Hai added, “Everyone is shocked, are you thinking that I’m talking nonsense? I’m telling the truth. Everyone should be aware of what’s going on with the Great Realm of Cultivation. Our original goal is to bring down the nine super sects and have the Freedom Alliance lead the Great Realm of Cultivation. However, things have come up. We have encountered an issue with the Soaring Dragon Realm. Destroying the nine super sects would lower the overall strength of the Great Realm of Cultivation. This would risk us losing our qualification to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. In the end, we gave up with the original plan and settled on taking half of the realm. Which is four northern provinces.”

The four provinces that Zhao Hai mentioned were the Northern Divergent Province, Northern Orthodox Province, Western Demon Province, and the Eastern Orthodox Province. The location of these four provinces were positioned to the northern part of the Great Realm of Cultivation. There was also the jade belt river that divided the four provinces from the Central Orthodox Province, Eastern Buddhist Province, Western Orthodox Province, Southern Barbarian Province and the Southern Orthodox Province. Because of this, the four provinces in the north were called the four northern provinces.

The Jade Belt River that separated the four northern provinces from the rest was the Great Realm of Cultivations largest river. It had a width of a thousand li(500 km). It was enormous and powerful. Its might waves could topple ships.

Its name stems from the fact that it looked like a belt tied around someone’s waist which divided the body into two. The river also separated the Great Realm of Cultivation into two regions. 

Nobody really knows how big the Great Realm of Cultivation was. However, the area covered by the nine provinces was quite vast. Even the nine super sects couldn’t pinpoint the exact measurements of the land. This was because there were remote places that haven’t been explored yet. After all, with their dominant position over the realm, the nine super sects didn’t think it necessary to explore those areas.

Like the Black Tiger Gang, who had an issue with manpower when it expanded its domain, the nine super sects would also be stretched thin if they occupied the unexplored lands. 

Although there were immortal experts that could fly vast distances quickly, there wasn’t an immortal expert that was so bored that would do the job. If they had free time, they would close up and practice, hoping that they could extend their lives even a little bit.

In the past, the Northern Divergent Province was a northernmost part of the Great Realm of Cultivation. It used to be a paradise for beasts. Later on, cultivators who were forced out of the sects ran to the Northern Divergent Provinces and slowly established sects. These people were a mishmash of legacies. This christened the province with the name of Northern Divergent Province. It can be said that in the eyes of the other provinces, the Northern Divergent Province was a wild place.

Because of this, the rest of the provinces looked down on everyone in the Northern Divergent Province. The Myriad Demons Sect was the only sect that was respected in the province. However, this respect only exists on the surface. Deep inside, the other provinces also look down on the Myriad Demons Sect.

Generally speaking, the four northern provinces were weaker compared to their southern neighbors. And it wasn’t just because the southern states had one more province. In terms of the strength of average cultivators, the four northern provinces were lacking. After all, the cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation originated in the five southern sects. The four northern provinces were only settled later on. Speaking of background, the north was lacking.

Despite this, it wouldn’t be easy for the Freedom Alliance to seize control of the north. After all, the Freedom Alliance was mostly nested in the Northern Divergent Province. Without Zhao Hai, the Freedom Alliance would just be as strong as the Myriad Demons Sect. With such strength, they would be destroyed if they declared that they wanted to swallow the northern provinces.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, though we intend to swallow the northern provinces, this doesn’t mean that we would destroy the other sects within it. We are only after the four super sects of the north. As for the smaller sects, we will allow them to join the Freedom Alliance. After all, the alliance is a congregation of smaller sects.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the sect representatives understood. They have misunderstood Zhao Hai’s previous words. It would be impossible to destroy all of the sects in the northern province besides those in the Freedom Alliance, even with Zhao Hai’s help.

Zhao Hai continued, “The four super sects have the largest land in the northern provinces. Moreover, they have a lot of loyal sects under them. These people are our enemies. As long as we get rid of these people, their domains would belong to us. When the time comes, the sects in the Freedom Alliance would benefit. For us, this is a rare opportunity to expand. If we miss this opportunity, we might lose it forever.”

Everyone’s eyes turned brighter. Then Zhao Hai said, “I think you should be receiving your orders in the next few days. I’m just telling you in advance to inform you that we have a great goal. And you will be in the front seat when we achieve it.”

Excitement could be felt from the room. This was a moment that would go down in history. It was a dream that has the potential to become reality. Some of them might not reach the immortal stage, or even the transcending tribulation stage, but when they die, their names would still be passed down in history. They were the first people who joined the Freedom Alliance. They were present when everything began.

Seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai said, “Although I have a lot of Undead, there will be times where I cannot take it out. Therefore, you must all be prepared. Don’t expect to watch from the sidelines just because I have my Undead. If I catch you slacking, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, everyone calmed down. Then they nodded and replied, “Commander can rest assured. We won’t let this opportunity go!”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. As long as you perform well, once all of this is done, I will ask the alliance leader to erect a monument with all of your names in it. Your names will be known to all as long as the Freedom Alliance exists.”

The cultivators present couldn’t help but shake. These people were merely ordinary people when compared to the entire Great Realm of Cultivation. Even if they become immortal experts, they would still be among the thousands that exist. From the ancient times up to the present, how many immortal experts were present? How many of them had their names passed down? No to mention other sects, these cultivators couldn’t even remember the names of their past immortal experts.

Cultivators were also people who sought fame and fortune. The things they fought for might not be the same as the others, but they were still very fond of their own names. This could be seen from how cultivators regard face very much.

In addition to their reputation, cultivators also paid attention to their legacy. Having their names remembered by the successive generations was the greatest glory they could receive. 

Zhao Hai looked at everyone but didn’t say anything. He just smiled faintly. He knew that this was a crucial moment. In the future, he would no longer be afraid of these cultivators not putting their all during battles. Most importantly, he was going to use the mouths of these cultivators to inform the nine super sects of their plan.

The nine super sects would certainly make preparations to deal with them. But Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid. In his eyes, the nine super sects were nothing to be scared of. If he defeated them despite their preparations, the Freedom Alliance would have the entire northern province on the palm of their hands.

The cultivators calmed down after some time. But all of them had a bright light in their eyes as they looked at Zhao Hai. Seeing their response, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I will fulfill this promise when the time comes. But now, everyone should go back and prepare. Remember to tell everyone about this.” The sect representatives complied and then left. Only Li Kuangge was left inside the room.

Li Kuangge also had an excited expression when he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, are you telling the truth? Will you really set up a monument for everyone?” Li Kuangge was beside Zhao Hai for the majority of the time. So the two have developed a good relationship with each other.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course it’s true. There’s no need for me to deceive everyone. When the time comes, hills would be leveled to accommodate everyone’s name monuments.”

Li Kuangge took a deep breath. Then he bowed down and said, “Let me thank Brother Zhao Hai on behalf of everyone. This Li Kuangge is honored to be your subordinate.”

Zhao Hai patted Li Kuangge’s shoulder and said, “Alright, go take a rest. Tomorrow we march towards the Myriad Demons Sect. We’ll be taking the Northern Divergent Province first to see the response of the nine super sects. It would be good if they behaved and handed the northern provinces over peacefully. Otherwise, they can’t blame us for being impolite.”

Li Kuangge complied and then cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai before leaving. After Li Kuangge left, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. As Zhao Hai rested inside the Space, the entire camp of the Freedom Alliance army burst with excitement.

The sect representatives told everyone about the Freedom Alliance’s future plan. These cultivators have unconditional trust in Zhao Hai. So upon hearing that the alliance would erect a monument for them, everyone was excited. Everyone can’t wait to rush out and drive the nine super sects away from the four northern provinces. Recording their names for future generations was a glory that they didn’t expect they would receive.

Zhao Hai sat inside the Space as he looked at everyone’s reaction. This was the result that he wanted. These people were the elites of their sects. Through this matter, these people would be more loyal to him. This would become a great advantage for the Black Tiger Gang.


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