BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1879


Chapter 1879 – Firegod City Shows Its Power

Jian Wuya had a gloomy face as he looked at Zhao Hai. Then he coldly snorted and said, “Zhao Hai, you don’t know what’s good and bad. Your talent is wasted if you don’t know how to see the bigger picture. And do you think that you alone could stop our 100 million army?”

Zhao Hai sneered in response, then he said, “Stop wasting your breath, Jian Wuya. You should know that strength speaks loudest in the Great Realm of Cultivation. If your fist is hard enough, we will be convinced even if we are defeated.”

Jian Wuya took a deep breath, then he turned his head to his army and said, “Everyone, since Zhao Hai continues to believe his own lies, we no longer have to be polite. Begin!” The other nodded and then began to issue commands. Before long, the army of the nine super sects began to press towards the Freedom Alliance’s army.

At the same time, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Undead began appearing one after another. The Undead that appeared surpassed Jian Wuya’s estimation. The nine super sect army couldn’t help but stop. In front of them was an unbelievable 500 million Undead army. It was five times their army.

Jian Wuya’s expression changed. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have so many Undead. As he looked on, there weren’t only humanoid Undead. There were also massive Undead beasts. These massive beasts all had armor draped on their bodies. Moreover, their movements looked uniform. They looked like a trained army.

Besides the massive beast Undead, Zhao Hai also released a large number of flying beasts. Jian Wuya and the others haven’t seen these beasts before. However, all of them looked ferocious. These beasts even had the characteristics of Heavenly Demons. This caused Jian Wuya and the others to be suspicious of their identities.

The beasts that Jian Wuya and the others were looking at were the Bug Race. The Bug Race’s biggest strength was their ability to evolve. As long as they were given good genes, they would be able to continue evolving. The bugs that Zhao Hai released were highly evolved bugs. These bugs had absorbed the genes of the Heavenly Demon Realm. This caused them to have some of the characteristics of the Heavenly Demons. More importantly, these bugs have reached the core formation stage. Even if they couldn’t use dao avatars, their fighting strength was still greater compared to most cultivators in the core formation stage.

By this point, the nine super sects discovered that they were at a disadvantage. Whether in terms of number of momentum, they were behind. They only had 100 million people while Zhao Hai alone had 500 million Undead, 200 million Undead beasts, and 10 million evolved bugs. This caused the Freedom Alliance’s army to balloon to an astonishing 710 million troops. This caused the cultivators of the nine super sects to hesitate. Nobody dared to take another step forward.

Zhao Hai looked at the nine super sect army and laughed as he said, “What happened? Are you afraid? Hahaha. It’s time to teach you a lesson. The nine super sects aren’t invincible.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Then the Undead army began to press forward in a neat formation. The pressure caused by the approach of 700 million troops was suffocating. This caused the cultivators of the nine super sect army to quiver in fear.

At this time, Jian Wuya shouted, “Sky Breaking Slash!”

“Vajra Roar!”

“Soul-biting Melody!”

“Flood Dragon’s Dance!”

“Thousand-beast Charge!”

“Seven-string Killing Tones!”

“Black-White Order!”

“Imperial Killing Edict!”

“Endless Killing Fields!”

The nine sect masters called out the special attacks of their large artifacts. All of them knew that they would be defeated if they didn’t make a move. And they would lose miserably!

With the declarations of the nine sect masters, their large artifacts began to release their attacks towards Zhao Hai’s army. The attacks of their large artifacts were massive. If they reach Zhao Hai’s Undead army, tens of millions of Undead would definitely die. It should be known that the Undead were arranged in a cube formation, not a flat one. If they were really hit, the damage would be huge.

“Hahaha. I’ve been waiting for your attack for a long time. Do you really think that I haven’t made any preparations?” Following his voice, Zhao Hai appeared in front of the formation of the Undead. At the same time, he turned his hand and took out a small seal. Then he threw the seal in front of him and said, “Vermillion Bird Seal, release Firegod City. Burn the world and suppress evil!”

After Zhao Hai said that, the resonant cry of a bird was heard from the vermillion bird stamp. The cry could be heard over the entire battlefield. Then the vermillion bird’s spirit appeared and spat out a city from its mouth. As soon as the city appeared, it immediately grew. Inside the city, one could faintly see shadows of beings. Then the huge city collided with the large artifacts of the nine super sects.

Although the city was very huge, it was actually quite fast. The city seems to be spewing flames, like a meteor entering the atmosphere. As it moved towards the large artifacts of the nine super sects, it left behind a trail of flames.

Boom! Just like a meteor hitting the earth, Zhao Hai’s Firegod City collided with the large artifacts of the nine super sects. Firegod City was quite huge, so it was able to collide with all nine large artifacts.

It should be recognized that the treasures of the nine super sects were truly powerful. The clash caused Firegod City to shake. Although Zhao Hai has yet to integrate Firegod City to Liquid Silver, the city was already very sturdy. Moreover, Zhao Hai was able to capture multiple injured Heavenly Demons during the war. After surrendering to Zhao Hai, they were all sent to Firegod City. The current Firegod City has no less than ten million Heavenly Demons residing inside. The amount of faith power they provided allowed the city to become stronger while also improving the lives of its inhabitants. It was a symbiotic relationship.

Because of the presence of the Heavenly Demons, the combat strength of Firegod City was much better than before. This extended to the Vermillion Bird Seal. Originally, the seal didn’t look very special. But now, the seal looked more alive. It looked more like a treasure compared to before. Firegod City seems to be recovering slowly, restoring itself to its true form.

The treasures of the nine super sects were indeed very powerful. Unfortunately, they met Zhao Hai. Firegod City was a treasure brought down from the upper realms. Although this treasure was in a weakened state, it was still superior to large artifacts. This was evident in the fact that it merely shook from the collision. Meanwhile, the large artifacts of the nine super sects were immediately thrown back. Jian Wuya and the others also paled as they vomited blood. All of them had terrified expressions as they looked at Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have a powerful artifact in his hand. It was a miscalculation on their part, which caused them to suffer a huge loss.

Due to their injuries, the nine sect leaders could no longer command their large artifacts to perform another attack. Naturally, they don’t want their treasures to fall into Zhao Hai’s hands. Therefore, they immediately withdrew the treasures. Fortunately, they were able to receive it in time. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would have grabbed them. To be honest, Zhao Hai coveted these treasures.

Seeing the enemies storing their large artifacts away, Zhao Hai waved his hand and ordered, “Attack!” 

As the Freedom Alliance’s army pressed forward, Firegod City also released a downward pressure as it charged into the nine super sect army like a tank. This caused the nine super sects to be more panicked. They just saw the power of Firegod City. All of these cultivators knew that they couldn’t block this huge city. They gave a strange cry as they dashed to the side. Some smart cultivators didn’t dash to the side. Instead, they dug straight down. Firegod City was very huge, they wouldn’t be able to escape even if they dodged to the side. Compared to running to the sides, digging down was a much safer method.

The army of the nine super sects immediately became chaotic. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s Undead army proceeded in an orderly manner. Like a well-oiled machine, it charged towards the flurried cultivators and killed everyone they came upon. The nine super sects didn’t send their immortal experts out. They were aware that Zhao Hai had a large quantity of immortal experts. If the nine super sects forced their immortal experts to enter the war, they would just be delivered to Zhao Hai to be turned into Undead. 

Zhao Hai also didn’t send his immortal experts to the battle. Immortal experts were the ultimate fighting force of the Great Realm of Cultivation. As long as the Great Realm of Cultivation has enough immortal experts, its strength wouldn’t be looked down on. Therefore, Zhao Hai refrained from sending his immortal experts. Zhao Hai used Firegod City for a while before taking it away. Firegod City was just too strong. Every enemy it met would be turned to ash.

Although Zhao Hai took Firegod City away, the nine super sects have already collapsed. Among the nine super sect army were cultivators who didn’t want to participate. On the outside, they were going against the Freedom Alliance. But in reality, these people had no grudges towards Zhao Hai and the others. There were a lot of smaller sects under the nine super sects who were uncomfortable with this battle. This caused the 100 million army of the nine super sects to have an initially low morale. So when Zhao Hai began destroying them using Firegod City and the Undead, it didn’t take long before the nine super sect army collapsed.


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