BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1878


Chapter 1878 – Supreme Treasures

With Zhao Hai’s and the first army’s arrival, the entire camp of the Freedom Alliance livened up. By this point, nobody was more popular than Zhao Hai in the Freedom Alliance.

His numerous victories as well as his overwhelming strength made Zhao Hai the hero of the Freedom Alliance. This gained him a large following of admirers within the alliance.

Cultivators worship the strong, especially those who have fought with Zhao Hai. Their worship towards him was unparalleled. Therefore, upon word that Zhao Hai has arrived, the mood of the base immediately lifted. The morale issue that Li Kuangge was worried about had been solved in an instant.

Li Kuangge finally saw the enormity of Zhao Hai’s influence. With this kind of popularity, even if Zhao Hai died in battle, its effect on the troops would still exist. Naturally, Li Kuangge knew that it was impossible for Zhao Hai to die so easily. 

Now that Zhao Hai arrived, the attack of the nine super sects finally stopped. Not only did they stop, they also retreated some distance. They didn’t dare face Zhao Hai.

One couldn’t blame the enemy. The main army of the nine super sects has yet to arrive. At this moment, they only numbered around 3 million. They would be courting death if they attacked the 7 million army of the Freedom Alliance. Moreover, this was a Freedom Alliance army with Zhao Hai in command.

However, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t peaceful for long. On the fifth day after Zhao Hai arrived, the main army of the nine super sects had caught up. Now, despite having fought against the Heavenly Demons, the nine super sect army still numbered nearly 100 million people. It was a terrifying number of troops.

Zhao Hai was currently standing on the Hell King’s Ship, looking at the army of the nine super sects busily pitching their camp. The corners of his mouth lifted in a smile. He turned his head to Li Kuangge and said, “Kuangge, do you think the nine super sects would leave us alone if we manage to drive them back this time?”

Li Kuangge’s relationship with Zhao Hai has improved in the past few days. Therefore, Zhao Hai was able to call him by his given name. Li Kuangge smiled faintly and said, “I think so. If the nine super sects couldn’t deal with us even with 100 million troops, I’m afraid they would no longer have any courage to face us.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “I want to eliminate the nine super sects right now, but that can’t happen. With the Soaring Dragon Realm’s inspection fast approaching, this is a critical time for the Great Realm of Cultivation. If we’re too ruthless to the nine super sects, the Soaring Dragon Realm might kick us out. That would be troublesome. So we can only give them a lesson.”

Li Kuangge smiled bitterly. In the entire Great Realm of Cultivation, perhaps Zhao Hai was the only one who had the qualifications to say such words. Attacking the Freedom Alliance without dealing with Zhao Hai was the biggest mistake of the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Let’s go back. The enemy just arrived, I reckon they wouldn’t have time to attack us. They still need to repair their artifacts for a couple of days.”

Li Kuangge nodded, “They just fought against the Heavenly Demons. Their troops should still be tired and want to recuperate. However, the nine super sects are fools at managing their troops, they aren’t aware of this.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Have people stand guard. Once the nine super sects attack, we’ll give them a lesson they won’t forget.” After that, Zhao Hai returned to his cave residence.

One side has nearly 100 million troops while the other only has 7 million. It was a disproportionate confrontation between the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects. However, the nine super sects wouldn’t dare take the Freedom Alliance lightly. This was because they were also facing Zhao Hai. The nine super sects were witness to Zhao Hai’s strength when they fought against the Heavenly Demons. Zhao Hai alone can block tens of millions of Heavenly Demons. He was a nightmare to be as an enemy.

Finally, after three days of conditioning, the nine super sects began to move. A 100 million troop army marched towards the Freedom Alliance. Zhao Hai was naturally aware of this. He stood on the Hell King’s Ship with the 7 million troops of the Freedom Alliance behind him. Seven million was still very large as armies went, but it was far from the 100 million troops of the enemy. It was a comparison between a walnut and a watermelon.

However, none of the Freedom Alliance cultivators were scared. All of them have faith in Zhao Hai’s strength.

The nine super sects continued to press towards the Freedom Alliance army, but the two sides stopped when they were about a kilometer away from each other. The nine super sects didn’t have a lot of large artifacts left since most of them had been destroyed in the battle against the Heavenly Demons. They also didn’t have time to replenish them. At the same time, the Freedom Alliance didn’t have a lot of artifacts to begin with. 

At this time, a large sword departed from the nine super sect army. Then it was followed by a huge boathouse. All four corners of the boathouse were filled with metallic flowers that acted like small bells. As the boathouse moved, the bells gently swayed, giving out a melody of chimes.

Then a huge wooden fish appeared. A monk stood on top of this wooden fish, bowing his head and chanting. His expression was neither happy nor sad.

Next to the wooden fish was a huge horn that looked like it was made from the horn of an ox. 

Then right next to the boathouse was a flood dragon. The flood dragon had moved threateningly forward, showing its formidable might. On the head of this flood dragon was another person.

Then besides the flood dragon was another large artifact. The large artifact was quite special. It was a zither. Standing on the large artifact was a cultivator that wore scholarly clothing.

Right next to the zither was a giant checkerboard. Above the black and white tiles were pieces that moved as though two people were playing chess. There’s also a scholarly person on top of the checkerboard.

On the other side, right beside the horn, were another two large artifacts. One of them was a brush with ink on it. It was a brush one would use when writing.

The other large artifact was a painting that kept changing. It might show an old general at one time but then it would change into a landscape the next.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “Funny. When we were fighting the Heavenly Demons, they didn’t take these things out. But now that they’re fighting us, they finally showed it. I’m disappointed.”

Standing beside Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge looked at the nine super sects with indignation. Then he said, “Heaven Sword, Wonderful Sound Boathouse, Buddha-praising Fish, Beastking Horn, Flood Dragon Avatar, Seven-stringed Guqin, Warlord’s Treasure Chess, Heavenly Brush, and the Endless Painting. It’s the Nine Great Treasures. They didn’t reveal these treasures when fighting the Heavenly Demons, and yet they took it out to deal with us. They’re a disgrace to the realm.”

Zhao Hai smiled. As he looked at the nine super sects, he said, “I didn’t expect everyone to take out their valued treasures to deal with my Freedom Alliance. It’s really amazing. It seems like you hate the Freedom Alliance more than the Heavenly Demons. You used your treasures on us but not the Heavenly Demons. I don’t know what sin the Freedom Alliance did to make you work so hard.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, some of the nine super sect cultivators couldn’t help but blush. The nine super sects had no choice but to take their great treasures out because they knew that they couldn’t win against Zhao Hai with their current strength. In order to get rid of Zhao Hai as soon as possible, they could only take their treasures out.

Even if the nine super sects were thick-skinned, Zhao Hai’s words still caused them to turn red in embarrassment. They have no choice. After all, the Freedom Alliance was also from the Great Realm of Cultivation. And strictly speaking, the alliance didn’t do anything wrong. Yet, the nine super sects took out treasures that they weren’t even willing to take out when dealing with the invading Heavenly Demons. If everyone were to think about it, it was very unreasonable.

However, the nine super sects were also shrewd and crafty folks. They wouldn’t be affected by Zhao Hai’s words. Within two breaths, they were able to adjust their thoughts. Jian Wuya looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I admire your strength, but the Freedom Alliance cannot exist. We cannot allow such an unstable factor to exist when we’re in a critical moment for the Soaring Dragon Realm’s inspection. The Great Realm of Cultivation needs to be stable and we cannot allow any instability to exist. Zhao Hai, if you dismiss the Freedom Alliance right now, we will immediately return. At the same time, the nine super sects will give you the position of elder in our sects. What do you think?”

“Hahaha. Jian Wuya, you’re still too naive. I don’t care about the elder position of the nine super sects.” Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya and said, “You nine super sects really know how to use words. The most unstable factor in the Great Realm of Cultivation is the nine super sects. We smaller sects no longer wanted to be suppressed by you, so we formed an alliance. You found out that we have become a threat, so you came up with an excuse. Do you really think that the elders of the nine super sects are so great? I, Zhao Hai, scoff at such a position. You nine super sects are only good at infighting, you can’t even deal with the Heavenly Demons properly. You don’t deserve to be at the peak of the Great Realm of Cultivation!”

“Good!” Zhao Hai’s scolding made the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance to cheer. These people have bottled up their resentment towards the nine super sects. They didn’t have the courage to voice them out like Zhao Hai did. Seeing Zhao Hai scolding the nine super sects, these cultivators felt satisfied in their hearts.


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