BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1875


Chapter 1875 – Poor Preparation

Jian Wuya and the others weren’t aware of the methods Zhao Hai used. At this time, they were facing Mo Like. Being able to clash against Zhao Hai multiple times, Mo Like’s ability to command has also risen. Now that he was commanding the elites of the Heavenly Demon Realm, he naturally wouldn’t lose against Jian Wuya and the others. Although he had less troops than his enemies, there was still no way for Jian Wuya and the others to defeat him.

At this time, Mo Like received the army leader’s order. Mo Like knew at this point that the army leader must have suffered a loss against Zhao Hai. He also knew that the army leader’s decision was the most correct one. Therefore, he immediately commanded his army to head straight towards the other army.

Although Jian Wuya and the others were unaware of what Zhao Hai was doing, they were able to notice the movements of the Heavenly Demon Army. The Heavenly Demons attacked like madmen trying to break through the Great Realm of Cultivation’s army.

Zhao Hai might be leading the Freedom Alliance’s army right behind the Undead, he was also paying attention to Jian Wuya and the others. He didn’t expect Jian Wuya and the others to be useless. They weren’t even able to deal with a halved Heavenly Demon Army.

But at the same time, Zhao Hai noticed some issues with the Heavenly Demon Army. From his point of view, it seems like they were planning to retreat. Zhao Hai didn’t plan to stop the Heavenly Demons. This would only expose his strength unnecessarily. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t intensify his attack. He even slowed the attack speed of the Undead. This gave the Heavenly Demon Army an opportunity to group up. Then they began to retreat from the battlefield.

Zhao Hai also received most of his Undead, especially the more formidable ones. Then he joined up with Jian Wuya and the others to pursue the Heavenly Demons.

However, although the Heavenly Demons were retreating, they were doing it in an orderly manner. This didn’t give Zhao Hai and the others any chance to take any advantage. The pursuit lasted until the spatial passage back to the Heavenly Demon Realm. 

Seeing the Heavenly Demons being beaten back to the Heavenly Demon Realm, the rage in their hearts dissipated and the intensity of their attacks decreased. The Heavenly Demons were able to easily defend the spatial passage. Then when all of the Heavenly Demons had passed through, the passage was closed.

It wasn’t only the spatial passage in the Myriad Demons Sect that closed. When the Heavenly Demons first invaded the Great Realm of Cultivation, they opened dozens of passages all throughout the realm. And when the Heavenly Demons retreated, all of these passages were sealed. Re-opening these spatial passages would be very difficult.

Most importantly, with the realm barrier’s ability to recover, it didn’t take long before the barrier recovered to its full strength. The only reason the passages were kept open was the formation that the Heavenly Demons have set up to prevent the realm barrier from healing. Now that the formation has been removed, the spatial barrier has begun healing.

Seeing the conclusion of the war, Jian Wuya convened everyone, including Zhao Hai. All of them met in the Heaven Sect’s camp.

Upon arriving at the temporary camp, Jian Wuya asked everyone to take a seat. Then he smiled and said, “Everyone, we have driven the Heavenly Demons back to the Heavenly Demon Realm. We have won the war. This is something worth celebrating. I called everyone over today to tell you that you can go back to your own sects.”

The sect masters of the smaller sects were naturally happy. If the Heavenly Demons didn’t retreat, they would all have to continue staying here. This meant that they would keep being under the command of other people. Which they were unwilling to be.

Jian Wuya looked at Zhao Hai and said, “According to our prior agreement, now that the Heavenly Demons have been driven back, all alliances would be dissolved. I hope that everyone can honor this agreement.”

The happy sect masters were stunned when they heard Jian Wuya. Then they turned their attention to Zhao Hai. They discovered that Jian Wuya’s words were intentionally targeting Zhao Hai and the Freedom Alliance. The reason why the Freedom Alliance were able to get an equal footing with the nine super sects was because they were united. If the Freedom Alliance was disbanded, then their power would be dispersed. Naturally, they would no longer be able to stand on the same level as the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai just sat there and didn’t say anything. It was as if he didn’t hear Jian Wuya’s words. Looking at Zhao Hai’s reaction, Jian Wuya’s eyes narrowed as he repeated, “Mister Zhao Hai, according to the agreement, your Freedom Alliance should disband.”

A direct attack! They were seizing this opportunity to attack! Everyone understood that this meeting was called specifically to target Zhao Hai. The nine super sects were going after the Freedom Alliance.

Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya and sneered. Then he said, “Agreement? When did we agree to it? The Freedom Alliance didn’t participate in the agreement made by the nine super sects. What authority do you have to force us to disband?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Jian Wuya’s complexion sank as he said, “The Freedom Alliance isn’t planning to disband? This is a violation of the rules. If that’s the case, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya and then laughed, “Impolite? So what? Jian Wuya, let’s stop pretending here. Even before the Heavenly Demons were driven away, the nine super sects have already mobilized troops to my Freedom Alliance. You even sent out immortal experts. Do you really think that the Freedom Alliance doesn’t know anything? Jian Wuya, you’re too naive.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Jian Wuya’s expression changed. Then he coldly snorted and said, “Since you know, do you really think that your alliance can stop the nine super sects? The Freedom Alliance’s strongest power isn’t its army, but you, Zhao Hai. But now that you are here, the Freedom Alliance will face our army on its own. Even if you want to save it, it’s already too late.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Save it? Why do I need to save it? Jian Wuya, just like I said, you’re too naive. I already expected the nine super sects to act. When I left, the arrangements had already been made in the Freedom Alliance. Moreover, how many troops could the nine super sects spare for the Freedom Alliance? The Freedom Alliance only sent 5 million troops for the battle, there’s still a lot of troops left. Also, the Freedom Alliance still has its immortal experts. Don’t forget, I only brought my immortal-level Undead. Not only that, I also left the other immortal-level Undead in the Freedom Alliance. Do you think your army can deal with them all? Stop dreaming.”

Jian Wuya paled. He didn’t think of this before. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but lose some confidence.

At this time, Abbott Numu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Even if the Freedom Alliance blocks our army, what can you do? As long as we keep you here, nobody can stop our attack on the Freedom Alliance. You’re the greatest support of the Freedom Alliance. Without you, it would be easier to deal with the Freedom Alliance.”

Zhao Hai looked at Abbott Numu and said, “Keep me here? And where did you get the confidence that you could stop me?”

Jian Wuya snorted and said, “We know that you’re a spatial ability user. In order to stop you, we dispatched another spatial ability user to confine the surrounding space. You wouldn’t be able to use your ability to escape. Your first army has also been surrounded. If you dared to leave, none of your troops would survive. Zhao Hai, you will die today.”

Zhao Hai laughed at Jian Wuya’s face and said, “Me, die? Under whose hand? You?”

Jian Wuya snorted, “Zhao Hai, I know that you’re strong, but did you notice something special about this hall?”

Zhao Hai stared, then his expression changed. He felt that the spiritual qi in this hall had become very thin. Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya and said, “Spirit restriction formation?”

Jian Wuya had a wide smile on his face as he said, “Correct. In addition to the space being confined, the surrounding area is also devoid of spiritual qi. Moreover, immortal experts have surrounded this hall. Zhao Hai, even if you have wings, you wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Then at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly laughed, “You really spent a lot to keep me here. Don’t you know that I have a lot of immortal-level Undead? Can you block all of them?”

Jian Wuya sneered, “Zhao Hai, there’s no need to buy time. It’s useless. With the surrounding space being confined, how could you summon your Undead? Without the means to access your summoning space, your Undead couldn’t come.”

Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya and said, “I must say, you have planned well. However, you underestimated me. Before I came, I already summoned all of my immortal-level Undead inside the Hell King’s Ship. The immortal experts should have clashed at this moment. Moreover, you might not know, but my Hell King’s Ship has a transmission formation installed inside. The first army can return to the Freedom Alliance anytime they want. Jian Wuya, even with all this preparation, do you really think that you could stop me?”

Hearing this, Jian Wuya’s expression sank. Then at this time, rumbling sounds could be heard from outside. Analyzing the noise, Jian Wuya and the others knew that there was a huge battle happening outside. Moreover, both sides should be very powerful. It was at this point that Jian Wuya was convinced that Zhao Hai wasn’t bluffing. The people battling outside were Zhao Hai’s immortal-level Undead and the immortal experts of the nine super sects.


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