BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1873


Chapter 1873 – Thrilling

The leader of the Heavenly Demon Army looked at the Great Realm of Cultivation’s army and couldn’t help but sneer, “Now that their ten-army plan has failed, they switched to using large artifacts. Truly naive. Do they really think that large artifacts would work?”

Mo Like, who was right beside the Heavenly Demon Army leader, replied, “My lord. We shouldn’t lower our guard. Although large artifacts aren’t a threat with our current strength, I heard that Zhao Hai is now in command of the large artifact fleet. Zhao Hai isn’t only good at combat and command, his command over large artifacts is also unmatched. Of all the times I clashed with Zhao Hai’s large artifacts, I was never able to get an advantage. I can confidently say that his ability to control large artifacts is better than his ability to command troops.”

Hearing Mo Like, the Heavenly Demon leader knitted his brows as he said, “Speaking of which, this Zhao Hai has become the greatest threat to the Heavenly Demon Realm. Have you thought about dealing with him directly?”

Mo Like forced a smile as he said, “Going after him wouldn’t work. Without even considering his Undead, Zhao Hai has the strength of an immortal expert. He is also good at fighting multiple opponents. Most importantly, he’s a spatial ability user. He can run away whenever he wants.”

The Heavenly Demon Army’s leader frowned deeper, then he said, “Is it possible to remove him using the hands of the Great Realm of Cultivation?”

Mo Like nodded and said, “I have thought about it. The Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects have issues with each other. In fact, the nine super sects tried to remove Zhao Hai but they failed. But now that the nine super sects and the Freedom Alliance have been united, dealing with Zhao Hai has become even more difficult.”

The Heavenly Demon army leader frowned. He looked at the opposing army and said, “I can feel that this Zhao Hai will cause a lot of trouble. However, I believe in the victory of the Heavenly Demon Race. I don’t believe that a single person could change the outcome of a war.”

As he said that, the large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation began to charge. Without any tricks, the large artifacts just rushed straight into the Heavenly Demon Army.

Naturally, the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demon Realm refuse to be inferior. They also rushed over to meet the enemy. Both sides closed in on each other rapidly. Before long, loud crashing sounds were heard.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was standing on top of the Hell King’s Ship. The Hell King’s Ship didn’t participate in the charge. Behind Zhao Hai were the 500 Heaven Sect Elders. They were all looking at the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons.

Although the Heaven Sect Elders were experienced cultivators, they were still shocked by the clash of the large artifacts. The explosions were a truly magnificent sight.

Zhao Hai looked at the battle and lightly frowned. The Heavenly Demons had more large artifacts than he imagined. Even with Lizzy and the others commanding the large artifacts, they were still unable to gain an advantage. Zhao Hai knew that he had to do something.

 Zhao Hai turned his head to the elders of the Heaven Sect and said, “Stay here. I’ll go over and help. Remember, without my order, no matter who orders you to attack, don’t make a move. Even if it’s Jian Wuya.”

The Heaven Sect’s Elders nodded at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, which caused the elders of the Heaven Sect to get out of the ship. Soon after, Zhao Hai used the Hell King’s Ship to charge. The Hell King’s Ship looked like a horse that had broken out of its leash. 

Boom! The Hell King’s Ship collided with a large artifact of the Heavenly Demon Realm. It was a large artifact that looked like a dragon. After being hit by the Hell King’s  Ship, the large artifact was immediately destroyed. Meanwhile, the Hell King’s Ship didn’t stay and continued to charge towards the next target.

The large artifacts of both sides fought endlessly, which caused everyone’s attention to be focused on them. The cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation were understandably nervous. This was because they have less large artifacts than the enemy. If their large artifacts were to be defeated, then they would continue to lose.

As he looked at the dogfight between the large artifacts, Jian Wuya frowned. Jian Wuya was with Jiao Hualong and the other super sect masters. They were paying attention to the battle in front of them. Their complexions weren’t great.

After some time, Jian Wuya said, “What is Zhao Hai doing? Why couldn’t I see the elders of my Heaven Sect? If this goes on, the Great Realm of Cultivation would lose.”

Jiao Hualong turned his head and said, “You didn’t see? The elders of the Heaven Sect stayed behind while Zhao Hai charged ahead. Did they disobey orders again?”

The others were aware of the incident between Zhao Hai and the elders of the Heaven Sect. Because of this, Jiao Hualong couldn’t help but mention it.

Jian Wuya shook his head and said, “Impossible. I already told them to listen to Zhao Hai’s orders. Even if Zhao Hai ordered them to die, they have to follow. If they disobeyed, they would be punished according to the rules of the alliance. They definitely wouldn’t disobey. I have to ask.” After he said that, Jian Wuya took out a jade sword message and released it.

Before long, a reply arrived in Jian Wuya’s hand. After Jian Wuya received the message, his expression couldn’t help but turn ugly.

The others looked at Jian Wuya’s change and were stunned. Confused, Jiao Hualong asked, “What happened? Did Zhao Hai order them to stay behind?”

 Jian Wuya nodded, “Yes. Zhao Hai told them to stay behind and prepare to attack. The battle has already reached this point, and they still haven’t been dispatched. Should they attack once the fight is over?”

One couldn’t blame Jian Wuya’s worries. By this point, only half of the large artifacts were left from both sides. It wouldn’t take long before one side runs out of large artifacts. However, Zhao Hai hasn’t shown any intentions to retreat. He continued to command the large artifacts to attack recklessly. The large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation have been reduced to less than half. There were only more than 700 left. The Heavenly Demons were doing much better, they still had more than 1000 large artifacts left.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai’s ability wasn’t good. In fact, Zhao Hai’s control over the large artifacts was very formidable. Without his control, the large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation would have been annihilated by now. At the start, the Heavenly Demons had around 3000 large artifacts, 1000 more than the Great Realm of Cultivation.

The fight went on and the number of large artifacts continued to decrease. And yet, Zhao Hai has no intentions to retreat. Fight! Fight! Fight! If people were controlling the large artifacts, they would have long since retreated in fear. Unfortunately, the large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation were controlled by the Undead. These were creatures that didn’t know fear.

At this time, the Heavenly Demons continued to grit their teeth and fought. If it wasn’t for their aggressive nature, the Heavenly Demons would have retreated. Right now, the only thing in the eyes of the Heavenly Demons was the dwindling number of large artifacts in front of them. Their present goal was to turn that number to zero.

The battle between the large artifacts was too horrifying. Nobody thought that a battle between large artifacts would be this frigid.

Jian Wuya felt impatient as he saw his allied large artifacts continuing to fall. He felt that if the elders of the Heaven Sect weren’t sent out at this time, then they would definitely lose the war. Therefore, Jian Wuya immediately took out a jade sword message and issued an order to the elders of the Heaven Sect. 

However, not long after he released his message, a reply came. Upon reading the reply, Jian Wuya’s face sank. As he held the jade sword message he cursed, “This bastard. What is he doing? Does he want to lose the war?”

Jiao Hualong looked at Jian Wuya and asked, “What happened?”

Jian Wuya looked at Jiao Hualong and said, “Luo Wei said that Zhao Hai ordered them to listen to no one other than him. Without Zhao Hai’s permission they wouldn’t attack. That includes orders coming from me.”

Jiao Hualong knit his brows, “Perhaps Zhao Hai has other plans. Let’s take a step back. Zhao Hai has nothing to gain if we lose this war. There’s nothing that could benefit him by losing intentionally.”

Without waiting for Jian Wuya to reply, Abbott Numu said, “But if you look at the situation, the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons have the upper hand. It wouldn’t take long before our side gets defeated. If we don’t support our large artifacts, how could they win? If Zhao Hai mobilizes the elders of the Heaven Sect at this time, we would have a chance to win. We would have more large artifacts then.”

“Right, Jiao Hualong, I noticed that you have been speaking up to Zhao Hai recently. What’s going on? Don’t forget, the Freedom Alliance has a huge enmity against the Myriad Demons Sect.”

Jiao Hualong gave Abbott Numu a glare as he coldly snorted and said, “You have no business with how I treat Zhao Hai. Whether you want to admit it or not, Zhao Hai is better than everyone here when it comes to command and battle. So before we defeat the Heavenly Demons, I’ll believe in Zhao Hai’s skill. Only he can allow us to repel the Heavenly Demons in a short period of time.”

Jian Wuya snorted and said, “Alright, stop quarreling. There’s no use fighting at this time. Let’s just wait and see what Zhao Hai plans to do.”

While the sect masters were talking, the battle between the two sides had come to an end. Naturally, the Great Realm of Cultivation’s large artifacts have been wiped out. The Heavenly Demons weren’t doing any better. Of their 3000 large artifacts, only 100 of them were left. Moreover, although these large artifacts could still move, their combat strength was only 60% of their original.

And with the end of the clash between the large artifacts, the curtain for the first act has drawn close. Now the real battle would begin.


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