BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1871


Chapter 1871 – Unthreatened

It was easy for Zhao Hai to use the large artifacts of the Great Realm of Cultivation. Once the Undead understood how they operated, he would be able to use them freely.

Zhao Hai has no issues about the large artifacts. What he was focused on were the 500 people in front of him. These were the elders of the Heaven Sect. All of their flying swords could be turned into large artifacts. They were sent over by Jian Wuya for Zhao Hai to command.

Zhao Hai looked at the elders of the Heaven Sect. The elders were also looking at him with an arrogant expression. He couldn’t help but smile faintly as he cupped his fist towards them and said, “Everyone, I think you already know who I am. To deal with the Heavenly Demons, I asked the sect masters to gather all of the large artifacts for me to use. Since your flying swords can be turned into large artifacts, sect master Jian sent you to me. I hope that you can cooperate with me so that we can deal with the Heavenly Demons more effectively.”

The elders of the Heaven Sect nodded at Zhao Hai. Naturally, they also received the order. After some time, Zhao Hai continued, “I need you to listen to my commands and cooperate. Those who don’t want to cooperate can leave.”

The elders of the Heaven Sect didn’t speak. However, a hint of anger flashed through their eyes. Zhao Hai didn’t care about their thoughts, he said, “Since nobody left, you are now under the command of the Freedom Alliance’s first army. In the first army, we have a rule: My word is law. Nobody is allowed to disobey. If I give an order and you don’t do it, then you will be punished according to military law.”

The elders of the Heaven Sect stared, then they could no longer hide their anger. One elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Then what if you order us to die?”

Zhao Hai looked at the elder and said, “Then you must die. I will not make you die in vain. I will only order you to die if your death is required.”

“Hahaha. Zhao Hai, you dare talk to us like this? Aren’t you just trying to kill us?”

“When you are ordered to die will be determined by the state of the battlefield. If the battle requires you to die, you must die. Naturally, I hope that all of you will live. But if a sacrifice is needed, someone will be sacrificed.”

Zhao Hai looked at the speechless elders and said, “Your Heaven Sect has schemed against me. Naturally, I would hold grudges. But if I want to take revenge, I would do it after the Heavenly Demons are driven away. We’re now on the same boat. We have a common enemy. And I wouldn’t risk the future of the Great Realm of Cultivation for a grudge. Understood?”

“I don’t believe you. How can we trust you? What if you were lying and you doomed all of us to die?” One of the elders said.

Zhao Hai looked at the Heaven Sect elder and said, “If you don’t trust me, you can leave. I’m not planning to detain you. To be honest, although it would be good if you’re here, I don’t mind if you weren’t. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Although you’re elders of the Heaven Sect, I won’t make a move on you. This Zhao Hai is not from the Heaven Sect. I disdain using lowly schemes.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the complexion of the Heaven Sect elders changed. Then one of them sneered and said, “If I want to, I can still stay even if you drive me away. What can you do to me?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Heaven Sect Elder and then coldly snorted, “You’re going to cause trouble here? Hahaha. Alright, since you want to make a fool of yourself, don’t blame me for being impolite.” After he said that, he disappeared.

While Zhao Hai was talking, the Heaven Sect Elder was fully on-guard. Seeing Zhao Hai vanish, the elder immediately used his dao avatar and then paid attention to his surroundings.

Then at this moment, Zhao Hai appeared above the elder. Zhao Hai didn’t use his dao avatar but he had a huge blade in his hand. Then Zhao Hai slashed towards the elder’s dao avatar.

Pu! The elder’s dao avatar was like a soap bubble being pierced like a needle. It shattered immediately. Zhao Hai’s slash followed through and went towards the elder’s head. But as the sword was about to hit the elder, it suddenly stopped, causing the elder’s hair to flutter with the wind.

The elder stared at Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect this outcome. Zhao Hai looked at the elder and then coldly snorted as he said, “With your strength, I can kill you whenever I want. I don’t need to scheme. You can go, the army has no need for people like you. Go back and tell Jian Wuya that I have no need for you people in my army.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai took away his large blade. The elder glared at Zhao Hai, his eyes full of hatred.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the elder’s gaze as he said, “Go away while I’m still in a proper mood. The longer I see you, the more I want to kill.”

The elder snorted and then turned around and left. He knew that he could no longer remain. Zhao Hai didn’t even use his dao avatar but he was able to deal with him. If he continued to provoke Zhao Hai, he would just be courting death.

At this moment, another Heaven Sect Elder said, “Zhao Hai, don’t go too far. If he leaves, then all of us will leave. We’re not here to play around with you.”

Zhao Hai turned his head towards the elder and discovered that he was quite young. Although he had the same outfit as the other elders, his sword wasn’t ordinary. Zhao Hai understood his identity once he saw this person. This guy must be a descendant of a great family in the Heaven Sect.

Zhao Hai also understood what this person was doing. He wanted to protect the person who was driven away to improve his status in the hearts of the other elders. At the same time, he wanted to win over the person that Zhao Hai drove away.

However, Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “Is this opinion shared by all of you? If he leaves, will all of you leave?”

Although the person didn’t understand the meaning behind Zhao Hai’s smile, he still said, “Correct. If he leaves, we’ll leave.”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Alright, then leave. I will go to Jian Wuya myself and see what kind of explanation he will give me.”

The Heaven Sect Elder didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would really drive them out. He didn’t budge at all. But upon hearing Zhao Hai’s last sentence, the Heaven Sect elder laughed, “Hahaha. You want the sect master to give you an explanation? Are you qualified?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “I am. Sect Master Jian told me that you would abide by my rules when you arrive. If you don’t intend to follow, then you can leave. I really want to see what explanation Sect Master Jian would give me. Let’s see how the nine super sects intend to deal with the Heavenly Demons once the Freedom Alliance leaves.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand, stopping the training of the large artifacts. Then he gave a command, “Everyone, get on our large artifact and prepare to leave!”

Although the troops of the first army didn’t know what was going on, they didn’t hesitate and entered the large artifacts belonging to the Freedom Alliance.

Zhao Hai looked at the Heaven Sect elders and said, “You want to know if I’m qualified? Tell Jian Wuya that I will give him two hours to give me a satisfactory explanation. If he doesn’t, then the first army of the Freedom Alliance will immediately leave.” After he said that, Zhao Hai returned to the Hell King’s Ship.

At this moment, the elders of the Heaven Sect finally realized that they weren’t facing the sect masters of the smaller sects. They were facing Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai really withdrew from the war because of them, then Jian Wuya wouldn’t let them off. The Heaven Sect simply didn’t have the strength to threaten Zhao Hai.

The elders of the Heaven Sect looked at each other in dismay. They don’t know what to do. The elder who defended the others had an ashen expression. He looked at the others and said, “Alright, let’s go back. I don’t believe the sect master will do anything to us.” Then he led the other elders back to the Heaven Sect’s camp.

Jian Wuya has no idea what just happened. He was currently handling the matters of the Heaven Sect. The losses of the Heaven Sect were very heavy. If he didn’t take care of it, their fighting strength would be greatly affected.

While Jian Wuya was going about his tasks inside his room, a voice was suddenly heard from outside, “Sect Master, Elder Zheng asks for an interview.”

Hearing this, Jian Wuya couldn’t help but frown. Although the report didn’t say which Elder Zheng it was, he could already guess. This Elder Zheng was Zheng Zimin of the Heaven Sect’s Zheng Clan. It hasn’t been long since he became an immortal expert. Although he was still an elder with no power, he has the potential to be a high-ranking member of the sect.

The Zheng Clan sent Zheng Zimin to gain military merit in the war. So when he goes back, they could prepare for his promotion.

The Heaven Sect’s situation was quite similar to the Black Tiger Gang. The sect has various families that were part of its foundation. Even if Jian Wuya was the sect master, he couldn’t do anything to them. If the Zheng Family insists that Zheng Zimin has the potential to hold power, then Jian Wuya has no choice but to agree.

Everything was going well, so Jian Wuya decided that sending Zheng Zimin to Zhao Hai’s side would allow him to gain more military merits. This was because Zhao Hai would be placed at the frontlines along with the large artifacts. Although it has its dangers, it was also a position that could give rich merits. Moreover, Jian Wuya believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t mistreat the elders of the Heaven Sect. There’s no advantage to Zhao Hai if the elders weren’t treated well.

Hearing that Zheng Zimin was back, Jian Wuya couldn’t help but have an ominous premonition. Jian Wuya was well aware that Zhao Hai’s army had the most strict discipline among the ten armies of the Great Realm of Cultivation. This Zheng Zimin was a spoiled young master of his clan. It’s highly probable that he would offend Zhao Hai. Thinking of this, Jian Wuya couldn’t help but have a headache. At the same time, he said, “Have Zheng Zimin come in.”

The person outside complied and then pushed the door open. Then the elder that was threatened by Zhao Hai entered. His face was red with anger as he cupped his fist towards Jian Wuya and said, “I have seen the sect master. Sect master, Zhao Hai is going too far. I ask the sect master to uphold justice for us.”

Hearing Zheng Zimin, Jian Wuya secretly sighed and then said, “Zimin, what’s wrong? Tell me what happened.”

Zheng Zimin angrily explained what happened in the first army. Naturally, he added a few extra details to picture Zhao Hai as a mindless and arrogant person. He mentioned that Zhao Hai didn’t give face to the Heaven Sect and that he wasn’t afraid of them.

Jian Wuya wasn’t a three-year old child. It’s impossible for him to believe everything that Zheng Zimin said. Although he wasn’t on friendly terms with Zhao Hai, Jian Wuya knew what kind of person he was. At the same time, he knows Zheng Zimin’s personality. Out of ten points that Zheng Zimin said, six of them would be true while the rest were lies.

Although Jian Wuya secretly hated Zhao Hai’s overbearing attitude, he could see that this overbearing attitude was what allowed Zhao Hai to have strict control over the first army. This also caused the Freedom Alliance’s army to be very strong. Jian Wuya was sure that even without his Undead, Zhao Hai’s army would be able to kill twice the amount of enemies compared to the other armies. He might not like Zhao Hai’s attitude, but Jian Wuya wouldn’t dare deny that it produced results.

After Zheng Zimin finished talking, Jian Wuya sighed and said, “Zimin, you must know that we’re currently at a critical moment in our battle against the Heavenly Demons. If Zhao Hai leaves us at this time, the impact to our strength would be very big. So, this time, no matter what, we need to give Zhao Hai face. How about this, I’ll transfer you out while the others return to the first army. Don’t worry, we’ll settle this debt sooner or later.”

Zheng Zimin wasn’t stupid. He also knew that he wouldn’t get results this time. But he had no choice but to come because there were plenty of elders who were watching him. In reality, he didn’t want to be a subordinate of Zhao Hai, so he caused trouble. Now that his goal has been achieved, he naturally wouldn’t make a sound.


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